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SIMPLE LIFE HACKS FOR EVERY DAY These life hacks and tricks are gonna be unexpectedly helpful in numerous life situations. If you often use eyewear you'll like these hacks. If your glasses often fogging up, I advise you to rub some plain soap into the glasses and then wipe it up with a napkin as usual. When your eyeglasses keep slipping down, take two rubber bands, tie them round the temples of the glasses. That's it, no more slipping down! If you're just trying to pick up a new pair of glasses or buying eyewear for the first time, don't forget to take the table test. Simply put the eyeglasses right on the table and then carefully look at the glasses' temple tips, whether they both reach the table surface or not. If not, it means the temple tips are of different length! It may cause a lot of discomfort while wearing them. In case you have high myopia of −6.00 diopters or more and accidentally lost your eyewear on the working desk. Grab your phone, turn on the camera and zoom in on the table surface until you see your glasses. Another nasty problem every four-eyed probably faced - scratches on the lenses. Put some toothpaste on the lens and rub it in. Did you know how handy plastic bags can be? You can use them as a smartphone case to protect your gadget from the damp and sand when you take it to the beach with you. You can cook an awesome puffy omelet using plastic bag as well! TIMESTAMPS: 2:11 Dripping tap sound? 4:12 Too loud? 7:24 How to see without eyeglasses 11:05 Cola cake ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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5-Minute Crafts (8 months ago)
Do you know how to make an open pack of chips unshakable? So simple! You only need half a minute's time and iron 🙂 See how to do it at 12:30! 😯 By the way, which hack do you like the most from this video?
James Briones (1 day ago)
5-Minute Crafts you don’t wear WET SOCKS when you’re going to bed
Majaila Ipad (9 days ago)
I don’t like any of them
My Recordings (9 days ago)
Wrong link. Right one: 13:20
Racheal Scott (13 days ago)
Not the first one. I AIN'T GONNA RUIN MY PHONE!! I'M NOT AN IDIOT!!!!!!
Tony Greene (13 days ago)
RoHit ReCeRcEr (7 hours ago)
If you are human Subscribe our channel #rohitresercer
Crafting playlists (22 hours ago)
Crafting playlists (22 hours ago)
Just rub the toothpaste against the counter edge...
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (1 day ago)
Why do they have to click bait?!!!!!! UGH SOOO ANNOYING.
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (1 day ago)
I thought this was a Bright side video but no 😂😂😂
goodemily1977 (1 day ago)
Love how they show doing an eyeliner hack w floss, but in another video where they test hacks, it’s one they say doesn’t work. 😒😒😒
rocketsummer (1 day ago)
i will never wear wet socks, period. they are a sin.
yes except PLEASE no PLASTIC!! washing your dish > plastic landfill mass
Kawaii Cupcake (1 day ago)
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WONDERING ABOUT THE THUMBNAIL, THE REAL EXPLANATION IS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipr_96435OM&feature=youtu.be
Richard Mann (2 days ago)
bate click. 5-minutes craft sucks.
jberger1988b1 (2 days ago)
THIS IS JUST A BUNCH OF LIES (MOSTLY THE THUMBNAIL) HELP ME I'M FREAKING OUT 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Dreydog Williams (16 hours ago)
Yo.....chill with the emojis m8
G Rush (2 days ago)
One thing. Uh I didn't need your ring trick cuz meh friend had a ring stuck on her finger for one week and da next week the ring suddenly came off and go she's not married it was those toy plastic rings -.-
Its_ Afi_gameryt (2 days ago)
Who else came for the wet socks thumbnail?
Its_ Afi_gameryt (2 days ago)
7:50 its better to get a hot glue gun to make it less noticeable
Its_ Afi_gameryt (2 days ago)
4:48 imagine if the lighter burnt your money or you lose it?
Sarasplayz (2 days ago)
Normally will change my life in the BAD way
Wyatt Rhodes (2 days ago)
None of those worked
LeSpaghet (2 days ago)
How can 5 min crafts be soo annoying?
LOL MEMES (3 days ago)
Imagine the chewing gum plastic tablet container can be a ice cube container you will taste the ice a minty flavor
Hendrik Lok (3 days ago)
Wear wet socks to bed..... of you want blatter issues
Luna Nicole (3 days ago)
Wet socks will mildew while you sleep... Ew
CloudGames (3 days ago)
0:17 Im GoNnA uSe HoT gLuE oN mY pHonE!1!1!
Jason Howard (3 days ago)
apparently not cause i guess somebody smokes REALLY PEOPLE REALLY
Jason Howard (3 days ago)
Why Did she put a lighter in the gum thing i thought this show was kid friendly
The Lit Bros (3 days ago)
3:26 use a knife
TomiTV 1 (3 days ago)
0:35 wouldn't you just loose it
Little Miss Mystic (3 days ago)
0:18 Or just get a pop socket... 😂
Lady Lorena (3 days ago)
9:09 jelly.
Spicy guacamole (3 days ago)
Nobody: 5-Minuts craft:WaNnA KnOw HoW tO Get fOOt fUnguS
Scythz (3 days ago)
What we'll I tried it .it didn't work
Lady Fudge (4 days ago)
Thanks have picked a lot from this video
Focus Your Audio (4 days ago)
And it's also safe to drink Coca-Cola...
KUYA RAYKZ (4 days ago)
https://youtu.be/N4JdkMRLMyM #Marvel intro
EmulatorGabriell 11 (4 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I don't like portait And so do you.
Caricature (4 days ago)
Some good hacks here. Thank you.
Xashaa Hashaa (4 days ago)
dont wear wt socks to bed or else you will be sick
Brother 911 (4 days ago)
1:20 how to waste plastic
Zabair Iqbal (4 days ago)
Sitting down in the toilet one is fake. Just keep your shoes or slippers on
tommy reed (4 days ago)
dean robertson (4 days ago)
can I have some gum? Gets handed a lighter.
dean robertson (4 days ago)
4:13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZIpFytCSVc
dean robertson (4 days ago)
0:54 when your 32 and too lazy too iron you're shirt
•Elispesleeps • (4 days ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue, I see stolen comments, how about you? Edit: i made this comment dont steal ;)
triz313 (5 days ago)
What a load of trash most of these are. Who the F&%$ puts plastic wrap on a plate? How wasteful.
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Wen you have dirty dishes😲😲
Holly Austin (5 days ago)
why r u guys being so mean 2 5-minute crafts?
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Caise there fake
Carmen Dziegielewska (5 days ago)
Thanks! I wear glasses and found the hacks very use full !
The Digital Me (5 days ago)
1/3 of this is useful 1/3 of this is useless 1/3 of this is just plain common sense And yet I still watch it
It's Wøłffy (5 days ago)
1:24 eat the food on the plate normally you can wash it, besides your creating more plastic waste yourself.
Lynn T (5 days ago)
Who keeps an OPEN bag of chips in their backpack? That chip bag doesn't open itself!
Chris Sena (5 days ago)
There something called glass cleaner
Viktminskning Dietist (5 days ago)
Everything in this Video is great
Mindya Bizniz (5 days ago)
Ugh, I stopped watching at 1:06 when I noticed the dirty toilet bowl base and tile. I guess I'll never know about the wet socks. Edit: Read everyone's comments that there is no explanation for the wet socks.🤷
Fairlight CMI (5 days ago)
2:01 Sure, all guys have a hair flat iron in handy.
pineapple horse (5 days ago)
Molly O Sullivan (6 days ago)
Who watchs these videos but never do the things in it
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Me😲😲😲😲😲 OoooOoooOoooOOoooOoo
Vancouver Guy (6 days ago)
all these life hacks video are made in less than first world countrys. not quite third world, but places like russia or eastern europe. wonder why that is
Meliah Draws (6 days ago)
i don't even know if i am breathing right anymore.
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Jajajaja same
Misha Kapadia (6 days ago)
@10:19 I think I left my passport in my suitcase... *looks down* oh.
Lick Gabrielle (6 days ago)
No just no
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Why not???😲
brandon holden (6 days ago)
What happens if someone kicks my rock with the key in it😐😐😐😐
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Ummmmmmmm The owners of the house become homeless
iialixayni (6 days ago)
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
Ohh ok dad Me:drinks bleach yum.......dies 5 minutes later💀
blzalen a (6 days ago)
These are not life hacks, rather LAZY HACKS 😹😅😪😪😪😪
dnlys the singer 2.0 (4 days ago)
lester fiel (6 days ago)
Youre so plasic much
Romchy (7 days ago)
1:20 Please don't do that people, we already use too much plastic in this world, just rinse with hot water after you're done and the stains are still fresh
ace5762 (7 days ago)
Some of these are okay, but the majority are borderline insane.
fink42 (7 days ago)
1:17 *_New Invention! More plastic will be used in your everyday life!_*
Glue life hacks glue ur head to pillow while sleeping
라리사 (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Stop uploading the same content This is not related but BTS is better than you
mikestar21 mikestar21 (5 days ago)
No stop. Just stop
너를 사랑해Kriz (7 days ago)
C Cl Cli Clic Click ClickB ClickBa ClickBai ClickBait Bye B
Mercury (7 days ago)
hot glue and thing... popsockets maybe?
Syd Squid (7 days ago)
There is something called a popsocket
Nobody: 5-minute crafts: hOw To SnEaK cIgArEtTeS iNtO sChOoL 1. BrInG a GuN tO sChOoL sO yOu DoNt LeT aNyBoDy NoTiCe
Ms.MonicaPyle (7 days ago)
Although this video did not touch on the benefits of wearing wet socks to bed, in another video, it states that wearing cold wet socks to bed (not dripping wet or drenched, but run the socks under cold water and squeeze as much of the excess water out of them before placing them on your feet). Then go directly to bed. Yes, it will feel uncomfortable for a few mins but as the socks warm up throughout the night, it draws toxins from the body. Take them off when you wake up and make sure to wash them. Don't think that after they air dry they're technically clean. They're holding toxins.
16:34 or ya know... you could buy a shoe rack...
Axolotl Gelato (7 days ago)
When I feel sad I watch these videos. They don't help at all.
Leticia Monrroy (7 days ago)
2:37 Their finger was PURPLE.
Becca Cala (7 days ago)
well 4 real? even though there was click bait there I wanted 2 see the advertised trick about wet socks yoL jerks! im glad I did see alot of those, 1 of my favorites was the baking soda lemon juice 1 @ 5:50
savanna gacha (7 days ago)
*where wet socks* 11:00 pm *Takes off* Dang this sock is tareble *Throws in Garbage* Gonna forever
Hidethecheesecake (7 days ago)
Nice. Cool hacks cant wait to try them.
SitDogYay (7 days ago)
Shelly Simmons (7 days ago)
I also love how 5-minute crafts can take up to 20 minutes
pigpen pen (7 days ago)
Lter was für ein schmarn
Rowena (7 days ago)
Cling wrap one is a waste!!! (But cool)
Chipo Maupa (8 days ago)
In conclusion, put cling wrap on everything it makes things better. 😂😂
I think not (8 days ago)
Just wait till someone walks by and kicks the rock with the key in it
DomBlitz (8 days ago)
First tip, use HOT GLUE on your iPhone. Me: JUST GET A POP SOCKET.
Dreydog Williams (16 hours ago)
@Kelvin Brooks ......you still don't get it, do you? Think about it: HOT glue on the back of an iPhone. With NO CASE.
Kelvin Brooks (4 days ago)
That's the whole point of the video, to do it yourself
Lucimar Alves (6 days ago)
Its..its on the case.
Dexter Parkman (8 days ago)
5 minute crafts sponsored by Orbit chewing gum
Topazzgirl AJ (16 hours ago)
Roses r red, Violets are blue, I came for the thumbnail, And you did too. 😜😜 Edit: Them for the likes! Most I've ever got!
Dreydog Williams (16 hours ago)
Roses are violets This comment is unoriginal I wanted wet socks tho Donuts are good
Jane Doe (8 days ago)
Just in case anyone takes these things serious. Most of these sort of videos should be named; How to waste resources on feeling crafty or smart, while also wasting your time. (please whatever you do, don't smear toothpaste on a glasses surface like that unles your goal is to file on it and ruin them xD or add dishwashing liquid to them either, however you can try and look into the benefits of polishing with very little beeswax to prevent the fogging up. Remember inserting foreign objects into any bodyopening should be secured in a way in which you can remove it again without damage to the body or the object getting stuck on the way out.) ~ you're most welcome ^-^
Hannah Bernardi (8 days ago)
Riley Moreno (8 days ago)
Me: sees video and decides to put on a tight ring Mom: WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUR GONNA STAB YOUR SELF! Me: the video only showed her finger turn really purple
BabyPowderGamer 2006 (8 days ago)
when i war socks to bed\, i gert COLD
Nerdy da Gamer lol (9 days ago)
What the heck i thought i was gonna see why to wear wet socks to bed..
sophie anderson (9 days ago)
I wish my room would actually get clean by just closing the door
CSXRailfan3012 (9 days ago)
10:54 How to get ants
HappyGamer3600 (9 days ago)
Salman Mohamoud (9 days ago)
Why where we're wet socks to bed? So weird!
Made By Kids (9 days ago)
Those are cheap glasses
Gacha Lily (9 days ago)
2:37 *when I get to the hospital from that* Nurse: how did this happen? Me: well, this YouTube video said to do it...

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