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ASC E-Class EC4 Ambiances

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Again, with the echo. Alright, so I had to film this on two separate days to get two distances. One which is 2 blocks away, and one in which it was recorded at my home, about 6 blocks away. It really sounds good at a distance, and since I live so close, I get to hear it every weekend. Hope you enjoy!
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SirenDude1003 (1 year ago)
That last one sounds so pretty
MEGATRON239 (2 years ago)
my profile on minecraft got hacked again
cool 64 (2 years ago)
daily Western chimes? and why did you get it from a distance?
Creaky C. (2 years ago)
Westminster Chime, and yes, daily. I got it from a distance, because I could. I don't live too far from it, so I could easily record it. It sounds really great from my house.

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