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Text Comments (28)
Kari Foust (2 days ago)
Hi my sun is DJ is you a DJ
Sethahr (3 days ago)
Some girls here want answer o my questions about pee?
Sethahr (3 days ago)
+Rosery Watson You want one question?
Rosery Watson (3 days ago)
Idk what about them u have the question
Sethahr (3 days ago)
+Rosery Watson Cool. So what with questions?
Rosery Watson (3 days ago)
Sethahr (3 days ago)
+Rosery Watson You are girl?
88 88 (3 days ago)
Hokies/Cavs At Best (3 days ago)
I'd love to see you in a bikini one spring comes
Jessica Alcala (6 days ago)
Just please make a better video
Jessica Alcala (6 days ago)
Jessica Alcala (6 days ago)
Laxatives makes you poop
Callee Lynn (6 days ago)
Callee Lynn (6 days ago)
Pkken 1 (8 days ago)
Poop in your panties or poop and let us see yo butt
Anthony Jones (8 days ago)
Black big booty keep punishing them toilet any where you go to work out a toilet and don't care about you have a laxatives
현준표 (9 days ago)
Did you hold the dungs in your stomach?
LizzyThe Neko (9 days ago)
Poop in your panties pls
krr gee (9 days ago)
another laxative that is good is magnesium citrate
k s (8 days ago)
krr gee facts
krr gee (9 days ago)
its healthy it will just make you have diarrhea
rd g (9 days ago)
rd g (9 days ago)
take a exlax
kayleigh newby (9 days ago)

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