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*Website* 📱 https://mindseyeyoutube.com *Mind's Eye Amazon* 🛒 https://amazon.com/shop/mindseyedesign Are water bikes and these other personal watercraft the new craze in 2018? Here is our list of 15 innovative watercraft great for summertime fun 2018. 📢 *Featured in this video as our choice for#1* The Flyride! 🏆 https://aquaticaviation.net/ 👍 Check out our playlists! ⭐ https://goo.gl/nuwdqD CRAZY VEHICLES https://goo.gl/CU8bTY MOTORBIKES and E BIKES https://goo.gl/LGmZ5V AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES https://goo.gl/re7Une CAMPERS + CARAVANS https://goo.gl/u9TDhg FUTURE AIRCRAFT https://goo.gl/jgF6gR Featured Personal Watercraft ⭐ #15 Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 Water Bike www.manta5.com #14 Aeon Explorer Watercraft /www.facebook.com/AeonExplorerOfficialPage/ #13 Seazet Watercraft www.seazet.com #12 Mako Slingshot Jet Board www.makoboardsports.com/ #11 Seakart 335 PWC Watercraft www.seakart.com/ #10 Gratis X1 Electric PWC www.electrek.co #9 Trak 2.0 Collapsible Kayak https://amzn.to/2IZUPuC #8 G2X Jetboard - Electric Wakeboard https://amzn.to/2zjJLIV #7 SCUBAJET Underwater Scooter https://amzn.to/2u2dAZq #6 Supflex's BigSup Watercraft www.supflexboards.com/ #5 Waterwolf MXP 3 - Waveless Surfboard www.waterwolf.de #4 Jetovator Watercraft www.jetovator.com #3 Flyboard Personal Watercraft https://amzn.to/2J2BbOh #2 Hoverboard By ZR Personal Watercraft https://amzn.to/2zhs50y #1 Flyride Personal Watercraft https://aquaticaviation.net/ https://amzn.to/2KWoXZw Royalty Free Music 🎧 Adventures - A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+mindseyedesign YouTube https://youtube.com/mindseyedesign 15 INNOVATIVE WATERCRAFT GREAT FOR SUMMERTIME FUN 2018 #design #innovation #inventions #technology #mindseyevideo
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Minds Eye Design (10 months ago)
📢 Check out our most popular Playlists! ⭐ HOME DESIGN | Amazing Architecture https://goo.gl/nuwdqD CRAZY VEHICLES https://goo.gl/CU8bTY AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES https://goo.gl/LGmZ5V NEW OUTDOOR GADGETS & Equipment YOU WILL LOVE https://goo.gl/8cOLcn AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES https://goo.gl/re7Une CAMPERS + TRAVEL TRAILERS + CARAVANS + MOTOR HOMES https://goo.gl/u9TDhg FUTURE AIRCRAFT https://goo.gl/jgF6gR Most Recent Upload 👈 https://goo.gl/lMqKiX
jTarry Oh Peng Yew (12 days ago)
Love all the wonderful design and invention. Would love to own one  water craft which I can afford.
Krae Van Sickle (16 days ago)
dont think the tops of the list that are tied to a jet ski are nearly as interesting as the one's that are independent like the electric surfboards that you can add a foil set up to. you can also use those in waves which would be the most fun
Eric Ulator (17 days ago)
3:00 - 5 people, low draft, "jet ski" handling..... How is this different from the *Sea-Doo Sportster* ??? (Other than the cheap inflatable raft)
Bob Builder (20 days ago)
Top 4 were rubbish.
Karen Vickers (28 days ago)
Another great video.
Boss Hog (1 month ago)
Boss Hog (1 month ago)
Minds Eye Design you asked a question. I answered it.
Minds Eye Design (1 month ago)
Thanks fot the words of wisdom boss.
John MCCULLOCH (1 month ago)
Longterm I think that the hoses are a drag
dom com. (1 month ago)
Anything that needs a umbilical is a no no.
ez lol (2 months ago)
Not a bad idea to..pruduce an electric surfboard...it can be done a lot cheaper...
Marc Phillips (2 months ago)
Great job. Enjoyable and well done
J W (2 months ago)
Not a bad video BUT this is lots of expensive novelty tat. Learn to windsurf, kitesurf or sail! Powered by the wind more exciting satisfying learning progression! I've done flyboarding and it is so dull after less than an hour. Smh
FunToSail com (1 month ago)
+J W Yep you have a point. I think many people would have a difficult time water starting the manta. Stability and strength is an issue for a lot of weekend warriors.
J W (1 month ago)
+FunToSail com hmmm maybe but why not save the bike for the trails or roads if thats your thing where you'll get the most out of it? Going across water on your own power give me a SUP, Kayak or canoe! They don't sink when you stop pedalling. Again a little bit fad-y for my taste but each to their own
FunToSail com (1 month ago)
That is what I like about the Manta water bike, its pedal powered with some electric assist.
Live & Love (2 months ago)
Ridiculously over priced .In New York you get a 30ft boat between 20,000- 36,000 rather than some small stupid 5 people jet boat.
Tony (2 months ago)
Nothing new here...........
Karen Vickers (28 days ago)
So you say.
Kim Borland (2 months ago)
Kassie il give you 33 dollars and a cheeseburger ...for a dicksuckin... bang howdy
Minds Eye Design (2 months ago)
Banned and reported.
David Bourland (2 months ago)
So much potential in all of these selections, thanks!.
John Mcnally (3 months ago)
I have a business idea but number 6 and 7 are the most affordable ones
Jon Mcintire (3 months ago)
Twisting the fly ride😀😁😁
Jon Mcintire (3 months ago)
So super😀😯😁
Gary Lee (4 months ago)
Nice CHEM TRAILS OVER THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Garth Algar (4 months ago)
😵*face plants the jetboard at 35 mph*
Leo Timtom (4 months ago)
15 overpriced watercraft for summertime fun.
Aquatic Mullet (4 months ago)
Pricing is a joke can buy good boats for the same pricing you would have to have more money then cents to buy
Samuel Hurt (5 months ago)
The girl, most interesting thing in the video.
Frank Elmes (5 months ago)
World on water
Eno Beedie (5 months ago)
Expensive but brilliant.
John P (5 months ago)
I checked the aeon's indigogo site. it failed.
oldschoolman 144 (5 months ago)
Lot's of expensive toys most folks can't afford.
Adammartini (5 months ago)
The top 3 are dumb because u u need a jet ski attached n to follow u everywhere just to use it. the mph are useless unless u got someone following u around on the jet ski with the giant hose attached its more like a jetski attachment not its own vehicle...
FunToSail com (1 month ago)
Yep watch a guy fly around on one of those for a few minutes. Got real boring after a while, I mean after you fly around for a while what else is there, and the price to purchase is ridiculous.
Kevin Johnson (5 months ago)
@9:31 I could do that all day...thanks for the video it was fun and thanks for putting the prices.
Terrence McLaughlin (6 months ago)
Good job ,dynamite stuff!
Spanish Jo (6 months ago)
Design for fun if the price is too expensive
Erik (6 months ago)
Manta 5 looks awesome, I'm thinking of making one myself
J. Wesley Stevenson (6 months ago)
Check out Expandacraft modular boats. It's the LEGO of boats.
CELTICSAVAGE (6 months ago)
**sigh** I'm a huge fan... The videos are great but even if I had to sit on thumb tacks to watch them it would be worth it to see Cassie at the end.
John Michael Ruiz (6 months ago)
sea breacher
Dennis Galati (7 months ago)
anik suman (7 months ago)
Hydrofouler or shuttle bike?? Which is cheaper and better.??
unclejack123 (7 months ago)
Just cruising the net and came across this tutorial ......... an excellent example of econ. 101 - inflation ............ In 1963 if purchased a new VW Beetle for $1400 U.S. ............. My wage (at the time) was $98 @ mo. (military E-2) ....... Just saying .................... ;-p
michael knowlden (7 months ago)
Wait a min! # 13 is 15k and on back order while # 12 is available but has a steep price of 10k. ? Explain.
Dave 3518 (7 months ago)
i like number 1
Lee CambsUK (7 months ago)
some cool stuff but FYI iSUP boards are never harder than hardboards
Herribert Fogel (7 months ago)
WOW! 15 psi, thats about how much? wait.. Ambient is 14.7? So 15 is just barely inflated?
Brendan Purkapile (7 months ago)
all the flying stuff is dumb
tj daigle (7 months ago)
Says it's a list of innovative things, then shows five surfboards and 4 things that all hook to a pwc.
JetSurfing Nation (7 months ago)
Jetsurf and other jetboards are by far the most summer fun among expensive toys.. I welcome you guys to my channel where i review the most of the jetboards
iforce2d (7 months ago)
Funny how some of the best ones are also the most reasonably priced
OneFortune (4 months ago)
lol +Nezara
Nezara (7 months ago)
Its almost as if products get more affordable when there are more people buying them....
Alvaro Marques (7 months ago)
the seakart 335 is bullshit , instead of buying that buy a williams which is much better
Billy Duplessis (7 months ago)
Great job, thanks for sharing! Billy D
Joseph Shubin (8 months ago)
Military grade PVC? lol
drmachinewerke1 (7 months ago)
Joseph Shubin A 10’x100’ roll of 60 mil TPO for roofing is around 900.00. That and s heat gun for around 200 used =!cheap
Kittiluck Eisenmenger (8 months ago)
impressive to see all water sport equipments, thank you.
Robert Carson (8 months ago)
Way out of my means. A man can dream though! Excellent video. My pleasure. Thanks
We love future engineering. Great to look at such films :)
west coast moto (8 months ago)
so stupid, all over priced for nothing.
ChipsterB (8 months ago)
“Military grade PVC” 🤣
me nkat (8 months ago)
How is E-power eco friendly when 90% of people can't afford it?
अशोक (8 months ago)
Why Lift eFoil is not in the list?
Toasty (8 months ago)
I found Kathy to be the most interesting.
Chris King (8 months ago)
the V.A. needs to send me more money!
Daniel Price (8 months ago)
Innovative watercraft for summertime millionaires, these things aren’t all that cheap
Brendan Vail (9 months ago)
Why the fuq can’t these videos have items that don’t cost both my kidneys
Minds Eye Design (9 months ago)
Cheap items in videos don't get watched. We tried several. Thanks for watching!
Kodi Schitter (9 months ago)
I want Cassie's phone number.
Toms Kiteboarding Tips (9 months ago)
Learn kitesurfing way more relaxing
Michael Wall (9 months ago)
The prices of these TOYS .....
Linda Buck (9 months ago)
Every last one of these look to be kickass fun! A few scenarios would be not my cup of tea as I’m 64 and ‘dizzy’ enough lol, but I’m not dead yet and would kickass on these anyway!!! Just one thing missing in these videos... me!!!
Calvin211 The Gamer (9 months ago)
I'm the 1000 person who liked this video. It said 999 before
Minds Eye Design (9 months ago)
Thanks! 👍🤘
Carmel Pule' (9 months ago)
Engineering makes many procedures possible and it quite exciting to see these products taking shape. The down side of these products is that they would need a lot of maintenance and once you start maintaining the works, some works cannot be dismantled without special tools and so bearing this in mind the lifetime of these products would tend to be very short. The interest in them would dwindle away after a short time as the maintenance time is too much and these days people do not want to spend time maintaining complex machines. The best manner to enjoy these products is to hire them, it may cost a little more for the active sessions but in the long run , one saves money through hiring and not owning!
special T (9 months ago)
Your use of the word "intuitive" and variations kinda pissed me off
Minds Eye Design (9 months ago)
Robert Bruce (9 months ago)
Cassy you were the most interesting feature.
brianbirc (9 months ago)
The prices of these things are outrages. A stand up jet ski for 18 k? New ones are less than or a third and used ones that work well for 1k and less. These are toys for the rich being passed by us middle class and lower. We can make our own for less many could be better. 3600 dollars for a kayak that is framed and covered in fabric?
stillbreathing37 (9 months ago)
I found Cassie to be the most interesting. Because we don't know a thing about her.
Jerold Heard Jr. (9 months ago)
pretty blond !
Peter Wilcox (9 months ago)
Badass vid! Love to Try all of them!
David Hollyfield (10 months ago)
Around 40,000 for the boat jet ski that’s crazy u can get a nice boat sad thing people will buy it mainly the ones with more money than since
Brett Lamport (10 months ago)
hydrofoiler xe 1
Cees Boogert (10 months ago)
I wonder where the electric hydrofoil boards are! Those things rip across any water surface like it's nothing
RJ Cooper (10 months ago)
I definitely enjoyed this video. It may be your best yet. These are some stellar innovations. However, as much fun as the Gyro-flying™ must be, for me, it's hard to beat the practicality of some of the earlier mentioned Hydrofoil designs. But, all fifteen get my vote, thank you much. I LOLed involuntarily on that remark about being banner from the public pool.
HEAVYWALL 70 (1 year ago)
Ha whY E ?
Cookie Chook (1 year ago)
yay! New Zealand!
Juan Cortez (1 year ago)
Loved every item you reviewed!! Awesome video quality and the pretty girl at the end... well, how can anyone top that?! thank you
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
We appreciate the comment.
Russell James (1 year ago)
Oh Reacher...such a witty sense of humour.
Adolfo Gonzales (9 months ago)
Xavier Bachop (1 year ago)
I don’t have to wait I live I nz
It's good that these things are expensive, otherwise it would be an environmental disaster.
Joe Carnes (1 month ago)
Yeah.... ok kul. Have a good one 😉
FunToSail com (1 month ago)
+Joe Carnes Or early lol
Joe Carnes (1 month ago)
+FunToSail com late to the party brother lol
FunToSail com (1 month ago)
+Joe Carnes Oh boy another Trump is destroying the world person. At least he doesn't want to destroy private enterprise like the left does. None of these products would see the light of day without capitalism.
Okay, okay. Have fun.
MrWombatty (1 year ago)
Expensive toys! They cost more than my 4WD!
Augusto Carpigiani (9 months ago)
No ou pó Ju o mto
Augusto Carpigiani (9 months ago)
Bom Mu nj
Augusto Carpigiani (9 months ago)
Rose Mu Mu um pop lo Ugo
Augusto Carpigiani (9 months ago)
Km nnn limpeza ou no IP
Augusto Carpigiani (9 months ago)
Há uma grande na porta pó ou impresso de lu tudo incluindo os vidros originais MP gu lá byunjkrtbbp isso ounm lu o Mu ony NM ok oposição i to judiadinho lá no
Philipp Klering (1 year ago)
What about electric surf foils?
The Crafter (1 year ago)
I need that water wolf and the jetovator
Wally Swill (1 year ago)
O my fucking good g dam what a fucking rip off $15,000 motorized water board what a bunch of thief’s 40,000 for a tiny boat,I hope that no one buys any of these high priced hose job water crafts
Z R (1 year ago)
I like you baby
MrP0kerJunkie (1 year ago)
I want the flying surfboard!
JetSurfing Nation (7 months ago)
they have it now from Zapata
Whitt Joyce (1 year ago)
MYbe some stuff more affordable?
Lmao nothing on the water can cost less thn 1,000 its expensive
George Sanderson (1 year ago)
Whitt Joyce I
Chris Calvin (1 year ago)
great video
Jervis Horton (1 year ago)
Draygoes (1 year ago)
#4: The Jetovator. This is a thing that I need in my life right freaking now!
leroy zimmer (8 months ago)
Draygoes love to own
KROOS_76 (1 year ago)
The gratis looks realy Fun to Ride, awsome vid

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