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10 Big Trends For Spring & Summer 2018

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10 Big Trends For Spring & Summer 2018 Video credits: Fenty x Puma Proenza Schouler Rodarte Michael Kors Christopher Kane Saint Laurent Mugler Oscar de la Renta Monse Loewe Calvin Klein Vanessa Seward Versace Roberto Cavalli Nina Ricci Christian Dior Chanel Alexander McQueen Louis Vuitton Sportmax Isabel Marant Max Mara Givenchy Anteprima Céline Music. Music for Fashion Shows 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TyeJ3wkDpg Moritz Demmer - Serotonin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPWdk_ETwgE Video edited by Anna Davidsson January 9, 2018
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Text Comments (52)
Nikki :D (9 months ago)
Fringes my favorite
keivefy (1 year ago)
Denin a new trend? Shorts for Summer? Light blue in fashion for Summer? Wow who ever compiled this list is voyeur.....who knew light blue shorts would ever be in fashion for summer.
Sabrina Wade (1 year ago)
They look thrifted 😒😒😒
Maria Kip (1 year ago)
I WISH SOMEONE WILL MAKE CLOTHES FOR WOMEN UNDER 5 FEET 4 ..ONCE We shorten a pair of trousers, or a skirt even a dress, the whole thing changes .....
Desirae Hatcher (1 year ago)
Here for everything but the fanny packs 😷😷😷🤢
Isa e sua brisa (1 year ago)
Just subscribed. I was looking for a channel that analized trends from runway shows, loved this channel, keep going
keiko leonard (1 year ago)
One of the models was birthin' a black swan (not cygnet) under her trench...really?
orangewedges (1 year ago)
Denim has always been in style. It's not a trend.
Miaou (1 year ago)
Bitchkiddi1 (1 year ago)
Where are y'all getting these feathers from?! Never Fur #
Kyle Mayers (1 year ago)
“Shorts for spring.....GROUNDBREAKING.”
MJ T (1 year ago)
Move over Tranny (thank god) cause here comes the Fanny pack..
Dora Tiscareno (1 year ago)
Aga mozzarella (1 year ago)
Tragiedia z masakro 😉😉😉😂
katty katty (1 year ago)
Fringes ,generally dress with pearls are very beautiful
lex (1 year ago)
wow this is kind of pathetic. no originality or new ideas (or atleast recycled ideas that have left for a long period of time).
Bernardt S (1 year ago)
Who made this lol?
TheDrakelicious (1 year ago)
Love them shorts...If you can...do!
Janet Tang (1 year ago)
They all look like corpses, I would rather wear a good pair of jeans and a simple tee.
H.L.A Solomonov (1 year ago)
Hate it all
AyotaL SamoTH (1 year ago)
Fringes and lace wowwwww...not these are staples used by most women every year...
Uyen-Phuong NGUYEN (1 year ago)
Latoya Thomas i
AyotaL SamoTH (1 year ago)
Nothing new to see here ppl same styles recycled every year pffft
JoJo Sewist (1 year ago)
If the designers have no new ideas or creativity, they need to get off their phone and let brains think awhile. I so want to see something truly NEW.
JoJo Sewist (1 year ago)
Latoya Thomas , I wore most of this stuff in the 80's/90s, when my legs were GRREAT.
AyotaL SamoTH (1 year ago)
Lol denim really that is always in style and trending pffft
Elena Arman-Tang (1 year ago)
Love the lace, feathers, lavender etc. I've always been a glamour girl since the day I was born -- 52 years ago 😍🌼💜👛💄
AB Sinthe (1 year ago)
Elena Arman-Tang I wonder how many birds were killed to make those ugly clothes. !
Alix Croll (1 year ago)
Shorts?! For spring and summer?! No way 😱😂
Alix Croll (1 year ago)
FashionablySparkly 😂😂
FashionablySparkly (1 year ago)
I thought you were going to say GROUNDBREAKING! hahaha
Sofia George (1 year ago)
victoria pearson (1 year ago)
This is all back of the closet stuff...
Go with God (1 year ago)
victoria pearson . Oh really? Would like to see your closet lol
Kay Apostolas (1 year ago)
victoria pearson w
Anna van Montfort (1 year ago)
If even the models look terrible, what hope is there for us?
Anna van Montfort (1 year ago)
So true
Butch Lane (1 year ago)
*runway shows (not Shoes)
Butch Lane (1 year ago)
Anna van Montfort do you really need runway shoes to dictate your style? If you truly have style then you create your own from staple pieces, old or vintage, and newer ones. Combine those with the right shoes and accessories and there you go, but you already knew that right?
alaska xyoung (1 year ago)
who's the model at 1:10?
Bellatrix Lestranj (1 year ago)
Orne Olivi teddy quinlivan
Anthony Aguilar (1 year ago)
My favorite trend was the Lavender! Wow.
Elena Arman-Tang (1 year ago)
Anthony Aguilar love lavender 🤗😄😍
thedupester (1 year ago)
who's the model at 4:13 her walk is impeccable
Grace K. (1 year ago)
thedupester Aleyna Fitzgerald !
8 ans d'alexithymie (1 year ago)
Yes lavander ❤
leonardo goez ramirez (1 year ago)
I love these videos, i love this channel in general. Good work!
awesomedays (1 year ago)
Omg I love this♥♥♥♥
Aline lila (1 year ago)
El mejor canal de moda de la vida 😍😍
Mila Milay (1 year ago)
Go with God (1 year ago)
Mila Milay actually amazing 😉
Boul Shyte (1 year ago)
ur joking?

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