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Kaia Gerber | Models | SS18 |

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What a breakout season for Miss Kaia Gerber! She opened both Fendi, Chanel, Moschino, Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. This 16 year old for sure has a great future in fashion ahead of her. Video credits: Isabel Marant Versace Moschino Chanel Fendi Bottega Veneta Calvin Klein Alexander Wang Chloé Saint Laurent Prada Miu Miu COACH Snobette Fashion Show Music: "King In The North" by Marnik & Blazars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLTX_d6uaIY Video edited by Anna Davidsson October 13, 2017
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Text Comments (251)
Carina Spring (9 days ago)
Her walk is the best!
Ano Niem (14 days ago)
Her walk is beter then here mother 😜
Boon Subhash (16 days ago)
Google take notes
Sarah grace (16 days ago)
I won't stop until I have legs like her 😂. Like most models, she is great motivation for me.
GmonkeyJ777 (1 month ago)
You can tell she's new, but has so much potential. She'll get there!!
mel b. (1 month ago)
She has a very elegant catwalk but she is very thin. Cindy didn’t had this elegant and perfect walk but her beauty and her body were brilliant.
Kavya Reddy (2 months ago)
Chanel walk was brilliant. I actually want to buy that outfit.
countess Batori (2 months ago)
Сейчас очень худенькие модели. Какая странность😞
Stefy 1974 (2 months ago)
😣mucchietto di ossa .. lontanissima dalla bellezza che era ed è sua mamma ...probabilmente ora i canoni di bellezza in passerella vogliono un mucchietto di ossa ..😣
Mary Ratliff (2 months ago)
Looks like a teenage boy in drag
Chris Turner (1 month ago)
So true
JUST KATE SANDERS (3 months ago)
Kendall Who?
Diamond 4227 (3 months ago)
Yep ..she's A Super model Alrite 👏👏👏👏
Ji Ka (4 months ago)
Elle me fait bien bander .
Unicorn Xxx (4 months ago)
Ryuzaki Sungjae (4 months ago)
Esta muy delgada
Joana Pita (4 months ago)
I loved her walk in the alexander wang show! ❤ duper fierce
Kourtney Waguespack (4 months ago)
She is amazing! Is it me or does she have knocked knees?
Shijo Joy (5 months ago)
Opening at Alexander wang .... the best one
Daria Saccstry (5 months ago)
The Versace and Wang runway gave me the fierce old walk vibes. It reminded me when runways were very enjoyable, because their models knew how to walk righ👑
Speaker Of Lies (5 months ago)
Best walk in the current generation
Astral Traveler (5 months ago)
She walks better than Kendall and Gigi
LETICIA MARQUES (6 months ago)
this collection is incredible
anniebananie (6 months ago)
her fendi opening gave me chills. UGH MY WIG!!!
Have A Seat (6 months ago)
Good student
Pam Horne (6 months ago)
Her walk makes everyone else look like a bag of carrots. Re Versace
María de los Ángeles (6 months ago)
I loooove her walk
LeilaniHapa (6 months ago)
Her mother has taught her well
VillageKevTalks (7 months ago)
Wow she clearly looks like Cindy but more than that she honestly looks like a reincarnation of Gia to me. Eerie!
Blue Fox (7 months ago)
She's so fierce,needs to put on a few pounds though. I thought the industry has changed that rule since models were dying from anorexia
La Magra (7 months ago)
Angela amathyist (7 months ago)
too skinny Cindy was more gorgeous
Esther Ngente (7 months ago)
shes much better than Kendall n Gigi...
Betül Erdoğan (8 months ago)
Increased Standards (8 months ago)
She looks so much like her Mom. Her strut is better than some adults I've seen on runway. She's gonna be big! Her catwalk is way better than her Mother's. She's a natural. Great job.
nire muter (8 months ago)
3:26 to 3:29 very knock kneed. Beautiful girl, but starting a little too young. Her mother Cindy Crawford has been quoted that she calls to check if Kaia didn't forget to eat. Kaias body and brain are not fully developed yet. You can't tell me she isn't starving herself on some level. What kind of message does that send to her young female fans? Just saying.
Susan Henderson (8 months ago)
she slayed Versace, Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant
Libertine852 (8 months ago)
When she walks off of that bus in that white dress...wow. I am from the 80s/90s era. Her mom was and is my main model muse. But Kaia really has it. I enjoy watching her. As I've said elsewhere...she transports you. Good going, Kaia!
Mac (8 months ago)
She's a great model but some of the fittings are honestly terrible on her
Amat Mulisha (8 months ago)
I love kaia not because her is a son to legend model, cindy crawford,but because her one of few nowadays model that really have talent and fierce walk,unlike the hadid sister.
joohsay (8 months ago)
Her walk is a helluva lot better than Kendall's.
Athena Banana (8 months ago)
She deserves this so much. She's a prodigy I tell you
Cindy c (8 months ago)
She has something of her own to offer she is being herself I see not Cindy her mother she has her own style I see she just needs to smile more because she has a cute smile and she should say I love wearing this with her smile my opinion
chillin' pepper (8 months ago)
She is pretty similar to most model nowadays in the industry, she's just hyped up because of her mum tbh
Kathy England (8 months ago)
Gorgeous and will only get better
It is Me (8 months ago)
When you have your mother's face, and that's why they choose you. lmao
Shilpa Gowda (8 months ago)
2:39 2:41 fabulous
jon snow is daddy (8 months ago)
the clothes look bad bc of how crazy skinny she is but her walk is really great.
Ztwat watkins (9 months ago)
Gigi,kendall take notes. This is what a supermodel really looks like don't be fooled
Team McAvoy (9 months ago)
She OWNS the model world now
Agata Aks (9 months ago)
Can everyone pls come back to her Versace MOMENT at 2:20-23 like everything is in its place & it feels like she’s living & breathing Versace
Angel Gomez (9 months ago)
She's got a great walk and she's only 16!
Paul G (9 months ago)
There is a lot of bounce in her step and around the shoulders. Take a cue from the queen, Naomi Campbell, she helped Gigi and Bella and they improved tremendously.
Pentty (9 months ago)
I think Kaia 25 year old
Unterreo Edwards (9 months ago)
Maury that's a young man... Look at those squared, horizontal, man shoulders. His hips are more narrow than mine. There is nothing female about this child's anatomy. Cindy Crawford you're horrible for changing this innocent child's gender at such a young age. The ILLUMINATI is disgusting. Like father, like son. 😒
Fakhra Akram (9 months ago)
Genes, baby!
Sheila Jolly (9 months ago)
Kathy England (9 months ago)
Ugly ass outfits
Edited by Chloe (9 months ago)
Kathy England (9 months ago)
That kid has it going on! What a strut!
Lynn Ly (9 months ago)
She makes even the ugliest outfits pop and look good 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
xFellazz (9 months ago)
sorry but i don't see anything special about her.. She's only were she is bcs of her mom
Amanda Claire (9 months ago)
She is highly overrated her wall needs improvement
Amanda Claire (9 months ago)
true ok (9 months ago)
Shes gooddes
Z (9 months ago)
Damn her walk!
Huỳnh Nguyễn (9 months ago)
i'm from VIETNAM and this is favorite video because she is catwalk so perfect OMG. She is a new queen of runway after GiGi and Kendall
Trout Fish (9 months ago)
she looks to young for most of the outfits and at one point it looked like she was going to topple over. her walk in those big heels does not look steady, she needs to own it.
Rameez Khan (9 months ago)
Now THIS IS A MODEL. She's changing her walk for each designer, making her different and unique and unexpected. Let's not forget she can actually WALK
Heeranie (8 months ago)
Rameez Khan if u didnt mention that i wouldnt have noticed..but some clothes dont look good on her though
herecomesthesun33 (9 months ago)
She should open literally every show. Kendall who? Gigi who? Bella WHO??????
tymom (9 months ago)
kendal who??? gigi wo?? this girl is the real deal!!!
eaoni lee (10 months ago)
we can feel the cindy's blood in her vein ,i've watched kendall gigi cara and bella she's the best
Alexis Arrizon (10 months ago)
Girls got skillz.
Johnson Tan (10 months ago)
shes only 16! she'l be better..but for a newbie shes worked the runway well her walk? not boring! and she is Fierce!👑
MegaMoflis (10 months ago)
she has a walk of supermodel, she is stunning
Gabi Cruz (10 months ago)
Haylee Arana (10 months ago)
Next highest paid model right here
anime (10 months ago)
Endless leeeeeeeeeeeeegs <3
Sem (10 months ago)
She's gorg
Naima Tali (10 months ago)
Keia 👎👎👎👎kendall Jenner 🤙🤙🤙
Naima Tali (10 months ago)
Kendall Jenner is very beautifful model the world.
Naima Tali (10 months ago)
The anorexic moche pistonné par maman.va manger au Mac Donald.
Sha Aurora (10 months ago)
She isn't special... the only difference is that she is the daughter of Cindy Crawford...
ritalin (10 months ago)
she walks the runway so nice but for some reason it doesn't look like it should've look. something looks weird about the way she carrying the clothes. i thinks thats because she is very young and doesn't have female curves yet?
Antonio Lopez (10 months ago)
just like her mother flawless
Anita Burden (10 months ago)
Too bouncy
Leirix61 (10 months ago)
too skinny for my taste ...
Kenneth Mendoza (10 months ago)
one fuckin ugly he/ she tranny!
Kenneth Mendoza (10 months ago)
it's a fuckin guy people!
Kenneth Mendoza (10 months ago)
I know this to be true
Kenneth Mendoza (10 months ago)
it's a fuckin guy a man
Kenneth Mendoza (10 months ago)
it's a fuckin guy
Victor Correia (10 months ago)
Isabela Ferreira (10 months ago)
Her walk is similar to Gisele's
VERONIQUE LUBER (11 months ago)
She are pro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deepak mahajan (11 months ago)
First time I m liking nepotism model. Her mother was way more beautiful but this girl owns runway
Ferdinand Cea (11 months ago)
Ryefpsc (8 months ago)
Horrorosa... toda piernas delgaduchas como palitroques. No se parece en nada a su bellísima madre. Que la den unas buenas comidas a ver si engorda un poco. Y los andares...desastrosos, parece un muelle dando botes. Mo es ni la sombra de su madre...un horror. Un esqueleto vestido y dando saltos..🤣🤣😣
Olivia (11 months ago)
lol shes wayyyy to extra am I the only one that doesnt like her walk, I cant even focus on the clothing shes wearing I only focus on her walk and thats not the point of being a model, you have to model clothes, not sway your hips to the moon and back haha
INDIE GENRE (11 months ago)
She is the definition of a Supermodel. Forget Kendall or the Hadids.
mylifeisa mess (11 months ago)
INDIE GENRE Well there are other models fit the title more. Look for them.
Sasha Kartus (11 months ago)
I know you all love her. But I have a feeling that she does not have it. Definitely, she will never be Naomi. We will see.
Renato Paitoni (11 months ago)
Stupendamente BRAVA e BELLA!!!!

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