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Hollywood Actors REACT On Eating Indian Food | Will Smith | LehrenTV

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Hollywood actors share their experience on eating Indian food. Check it out! For More Such News & Gossips Subscribe now! https://bit.ly/LehrenTV Log On To Our Official Website: http://www.lehren.com Follow us on Dailymotion: http://bit.ly/1jnCOoK Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lehrennetworks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LehrenNetworks Twitter: https://twitter.com/LehrenNetworks Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/lehrenNetworks Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+LehrenCo
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Text Comments (77)
chini tripathi (6 days ago)
Sahashranshu Barik (11 days ago)
These motherfuckers abd that bitch probably hv not tested Indian food and they are ranting here spicy, throat fry etc.
Ashish Adhana (18 days ago)
Ye log phika kaise khate h
Ranajeet I. Dutta (23 days ago)
The biggest challenge is eating western food.
Mriganka Sarkar (28 days ago)
just wait another 10 years and these guys will be working here
Om Sujesh (29 days ago)
Bunch of liars..
Aman the peace (30 days ago)
These ppl eats boiled food
THINK AGAIN (1 month ago)
Ohhhh my GOD... THESE FORIGENERS EAT INDIAN FOOD.... YEEEESSSSSS..... WHHAATTTT...... I AM so PROUD OF MYSELF.... that's sercasm btw. What's wrong with these people... Who cares... If they eat chicken tikka masala
Vinod Jangid (1 month ago)
Indian food is the best food at least we know how to use the spices these people even don't know how to cook their food smells and taste like tears
annu israni (1 month ago)
Indian food.is.awesome,best than any other food
Yatur Sharma (1 month ago)
These guys appear so fake when speak to a foreigner
Sneha Nayak (1 month ago)
ravi K (1 month ago)
Exactly vedant mishra ... proud to be indian
Chechis Brown (1 month ago)
We are Indian we have so many foods the world biggest foods world best testi foods
Kanaka Lakshmi (1 month ago)
North Indian food doesn't represent the whole of Indian foods!!! There is South Indian & East Indian as well.
Angshuman Das (2 days ago)
And west indian and north east indian food too
shubh patel (23 days ago)
It is not as popular in other parts of the world.
Sampa Roy (1 month ago)
Indian foods r the best. Foreigners eat boiled foods and octopus,etc omg!!
Sampa Roy (1 month ago)
But Ur's r more spicy than ours
Sanjeet Mishra (2 months ago)
We don't eat too spicy people think that we eat too spicy
Vinay Kumar Dubey (2 months ago)
The fucking bitch interrupted Will Smith too much
Paiaulla Santosh (2 months ago)
Anchor is too talkative.. distracting. irritating.. disgusting.
ratnaji chandragiri (2 months ago)
Spicy is in our blood
Tarun Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
Atleast our food doesn't taste like tears😁.
Arijit Pyne (2 months ago)
Indian foods are actually best ! No doubt . As theirs are often half cooked or smoked or grilled or ....bcoz they really don't know how to really cook .
pravesh chahal (13 days ago)
go to hell you dog
Maitreyee Deshpande (2 months ago)
We do have food that is not spicy people. And it is awesome.
Jay Dutta (2 months ago)
I also love Indian food, but not all of em. Every Indian foods aren't spicy
hari kishan (2 months ago)
Will smith is a great Hollywood actor
Hardeep Singh (2 months ago)
Not every food is spicy
Hardeep Singh (2 months ago)
Not every food is spicy
GK (2 months ago)
Stupid Indian Anchors ... Spicy food is the best... Spicy doesn't mean HOT ..but flavors .. dance to tongue ... Most of them eat Spicy food , except few... but these Brown Sahibas ..trying to project Indian food is too spicy & don't eat it.. it is really challenge... height of Stupidity by these retards..! Good Williams has given nice replay to them..!
MAH SEW MEE (2 months ago)
please watch Will Smith funny fresh prince l 'm from Indonesia
Malaika Khan (2 months ago)
whose the host???
Abomination (2 months ago)
"Akshay had a party"
Bharat Rajput (3 months ago)
they were in mumbai....for bright promotion
Tips for all (3 months ago)
I love Indian food
RAJANI g (3 months ago)
Did anybody notice Ranvijay or its only me
arkya biswas (2 months ago)
ya bro I too notice Randi Vijay
Stay Happy (3 months ago)
Eclipse Riju (3 months ago)
Smith Is Awesome
Sahil Bisht (3 months ago)
Liar will smith
Ajay Bist (3 months ago)
bc ranvijay and bani
Sanjeev Meena (3 months ago)
That girl is annoying!
SAJANGAM TR (3 months ago)
They have zero idea about naga king chili
jasi v (3 months ago)
Who are those stupid Indians in the background saying indian food is a challenge and it's spicy? Have they never eaten Indian food... I mean in Indian because Indian food in UK, US,and Australia tastes like dogshit
Shourya Dwivedi (3 months ago)
We r Indians and we eat spicy but we don't felt it spicy
rutika rangari (1 month ago)
Yeahh it's very true...😊😁
Sid (2 months ago)
We are born spicy 🌶😂😂😂
Jay Dutta (2 months ago)
Rupangkor Pathak True!!
Osiris Blue (2 months ago)
Depends on which part of India you are from. Not everyone in India eat spicy food.
Jayant Joy (2 months ago)
Truth has spoken.
kj Sing (3 months ago)
will Smith and the other actors are like ,WOW! Indian girl with a fake accent
kj Sing (3 months ago)
Mani Sarna chal bhagg yaha se
Manisha Sarma (3 months ago)
kj Sing Chup be tu bani j ke bare m bkws mt kar smjha
Smith ko mja aaya lgta hai..akki sir ne khatirdari acchi ki hai will Smith ki
Kamal LB (4 months ago)
Let me have my food and die in peace....gawd!
naveen kumar (4 months ago)
r u serious did will smith ate indian food CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA
Amit Singh (1 month ago)
Yes... Bravo has also eaten...
NAVEEN Kumar SR (2 months ago)
yes bro ,it was at the time of Akshay's Rusthum movie's sucess party, even in one of his videos he did it infront of camera. go &watch his channel....
Jayant Joy (2 months ago)
naveen kumar but he knows how to handle situation.
Soham H Achrekar (4 months ago)
Bani ranvijay and WILL SMITH
Yuvraj Gupta (5 months ago)
Bani j❤❤
gajendra singh patel (5 months ago)
And I am 3rd
FANMADE TRAILERS (5 months ago)
and im second😂
ss g (5 months ago)
Nobody's here and I'm the 1st one to comment over here.
Subham Saini (4 months ago)
Hum aa gye
Prranjal Shrivaastav (5 months ago)
The world is out there in the open

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