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How a Vest / Waistcoat Should Properly Fit

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Eddie Fison (17 days ago)
I really appreciate the great work you are doing not all of us are exposed to some of the methods you use. Thanks a lot.
Scott Birse (2 months ago)
Etiquette- I’m not sure that word means what you think it means... also pronounce the t’s in button. It’s butt’on not buh’hin. While I think on it, your too narrow for a double breasted waist coat, your suit was too big, your tie knot was wrong for the shirt collar and you may consider having your shirt fitted then perhaps ironing it.
Chase (3 months ago)
A theory on the tradition of leaving the bottom button undone. Its not just your aforementioned shaping of the stomach and framing, but alleviating stress on both teams fabric and button threading. I'd say it's keeping your button on and sitting your fabric from ruffling into rolls when you sit down. A well worn or favorite vest or waist coat bottom button being left on can pop off and wouldn't that be embarrasing/worth a laugh during a dinner party?
Andrew Oldfield (5 months ago)
your a my yoda!
PETE P (6 months ago)
Everyone hating him for the sound quality and how he wore the tie.... See him now! I'm sure NOW YOU watch his videos for tips!
Lenka Jiraskova (9 months ago)
love this video, thank you! as to why the last button stays unbuttoned ... haha.... I think it's pretty obvious. I am a seamstress, and I've been doing tons of beautiful fun vests. I really think that this sort of (gorgeous) waistcoat will definitely pucker in the wrong way when any man with figure fuller that the prefect yours will sit down ;). The waistcoat most likely became unbuttoned very often while men sat and ate, played cards, what have you ;). And who always wants to button it back while standing, especially after few snifters of brandy :D...
qarhsi (10 months ago)
the lower third of your jacket looks like a dress
Raul Tiffer (10 months ago)
Very good
Naman Agarwal (11 months ago)
we need how to style a vest
KLR GRM (1 year ago)
that waist coat is far too tight lmao, go to a tailor
Calvin C (1 year ago)
Never wear a vest with lapels with a suit. Shows too much of a crowded look. Instead rock a vest with no lapels for a clean skin look with a jacket.
Just a Thought (9 months ago)
I disagree. It adds a level of detail and a more formal look. The jacket has to be accommodated for a lapelled waistcoat.
Richard Ventura (1 year ago)
I understand the tradition started with King Edward. He was heavy and couldn't button the bottom of the vest so he left it undone. Everyone followed suit to not embarrass him.
Just a Thought (9 months ago)
You are correct. Though Edward's reasoning for the suit jacket is different. And now if one buttons the last button, it just looks weird. I hate the idea though, because it leaves the bottom of the tie exposed, and I think that looks horrible.
Eric Jez (1 year ago)
pjamese3 (1 year ago)
Good video but what's up with your shirt collar? It looks kinda weird (not just because it's one of those godawful straight across collars.)
David Cee (1 year ago)
Your chosen tie knot and collar are out of proportion with your body type and suit.
Scott Birse (2 months ago)
Lenka Jiraskova the tie was fine ,, the knot was too small for the collar.
Lenka Jiraskova (9 months ago)
I agree the tie quite large
Gandalf the White (1 year ago)
Fat Ass Boss told his partners to leave the last button undone, cause his kept popping every time he sat down.
summerdying111 (2 years ago)
I came up with that idea!
Stefan Mentor (2 years ago)
your suit is to big,
LAD Emailme (2 years ago)
Liked the video, hating the tie/collar look. Looks too exposed.
hieuwey (2 years ago)
My theory on why you should not button the bottom button. Its because sometimes when you sit down, and you forget to unbutton your jacket, at least there is some give when the bottom button is unbottoned as you sit down. Same principle applies to your vest. When sitting down, the bottom unbuttoned button makes everything more streamlined and clean. Hope this makes sense.
goldandjules (2 years ago)
awesome tips man keep it up!
Duddel Dink (2 years ago)
Finally someone telling the truth about waistcoats from Asos! I bought a tweed waistcoat from there once, and it is just waaaaaay too short. Super nice video man :) As someone with a very narrow midsection and wide shoulders, I always struggle to find shirts that don't end up muffin topping after 5 minutes, and since I started investing in waistcoats 2 years ago, I have never had problems with that sort of stuff.
Duddel Dink (2 years ago)
+Duddel Dink And it's such a shame with the Asos waistcoats, because the one I got was very nice quality, the fabric is awesome, and the fit is perfect (except for the length).
MrFreiheit (2 years ago)
Muffin top! 😂😂😂😂💀
TheFranticgamer (2 years ago)
How come Juan doesn't do more videos? I like your guys contrast in style. Even though you guys are similar there are subtle differences.
Nick Zivkovic (2 years ago)
Get a microphone. It sounds like you recorded this is your bathroom--very unprofessional sounding for a channel aimed towards etiquette and professionalism.
joshua moran (2 years ago)
Mandeep Baweja (2 years ago)
One suggestion bro....never wear a 3 piece suit with jacket buttoned....dont button the jacket & expose the vest...otherwise it looks so much buttoned up and actually looks quite bad!
Lenka Jiraskova (9 months ago)
I see what you mean, but this man in the video actually can afford it with his perfect figure. If the waistcoat is nice and thin, some can pull it off rather beautifully
Andrew Lichtblau (1 year ago)
Mandeep Baweja I don't understand. The jacket should be unbuttoned at all times with a vest?
Thang Le (1 year ago)
Exactly !!!
Joe Mama (2 years ago)
The tie with collar is kinda weird
mgd256 (2 years ago)
You've gotten better at public speaking.. Great job
Waistcoat on the Eastcoast 😎
Teachingmensfashion (2 years ago)
I apologize for the sound quality. Hope you guys liked the video!
Montana Montez (2 years ago)
where did you get that amazing waist coat ?

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