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The Extraordinary Ordinary Kawasaki Ultra 310R

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We test the same 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310R that racing legend and Kawasaki R&D guru Minoru Kanamori used to win the manufacturers stock class finish an incredible third overall in the 2014 Long Beach to Catalina & Back Offshore National Championship.
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Mörri Möykky (8 months ago)
you know
Amirali Mohamed (8 months ago)
He took a bone stock ski and competed in a race and did really well. Kawasaki makes an amazing ski! Can’t beat it with anything else on the market that’s bone stock.
Scott Falcon (11 months ago)
Kawasaki haven't upgraded there engine displacement for years all they do is just squeeze the boost up more and more . These engines definitely would not last as long as the Yamaha
James Brooks (1 year ago)
Seadoo XP Direct Injection (2001) have the best jet ski engine ever !!
Robbie Moore (1 year ago)
Delano Moll (1 year ago)

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