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:D she was so happy so I'm happy too. Shop Tayroc here: http://tayroc.co/dougcensormartin and code "CENSOR" for 10% off See Gymshark’s latest releases: http://bit.ly/Gymshark_FaZeCensor Subscribe if you’re new :) http://tinyurl.com/yan2bm74 Please leave a like if you enjoyed! Watch More Me and My GF: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNYfU5gmZtzYNjhhOL5rBto3UJOiT8SmL FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL ▶ Twitter: @FaZe_Censor ▶ Instagram: @FaZe_Censor ▶ Snapchat: @FaZe_Censor Check out my WORKOUT videos here: http://bit.ly/FaZeCensorWorkOut Check out my MOST POPULAR videos here: http://bit.ly/FaZeCensorMostPopular Check out my PRANKS here: http://bit.ly/FaZeCensorPranks Watch ALL MY VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/FaZeCensorVideos For Business/Integration/Promotion requests please email my agent: [email protected] Gymshark's Website - http://bit.ly/Gymshark_FaZeCensor Code "CENSOR" for 5% off SCUFS http://SCUFGaming.com Code "CENSOR" for 10% off GFUEL http://www.gfuel.com/censor About FaZe Censor I’m a professional gamer that enjoys working out and I do my best to inspire as many people as I can to follow their dreams. SURPRISING MY GIRLFRIEND WITH A NEW CAR!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzVOUYOvfVI FaZe Censor https://www.youtube.com/CENSAT1ON
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Text Comments (6632)
Lance T (1 day ago)
" doug, is no have leather, cmon doug "
Daisy Daze (8 days ago)
Did she get a nose job
Joaquin Lomeli (8 days ago)
You guys acting like if your boyfriend or girlfriend bought you a car you wouldn't take it hahaha shut up y'all know you would
Lümmelmann (12 days ago)
She hates it she needs something better!!!!
suzzette1980 (13 days ago)
Kind of cool they give you the car with a license number already, paperwork is a pain.....
bitchboy555 (15 days ago)
Addam Robin (15 days ago)
Hope you got the car back lul
TCt83067695 (16 days ago)
Shameful Just so damn shameful in retrospect
Singh Gurmeet (16 days ago)
Yanet digged a car
Saul Davila (16 days ago)
Yoooo is there a better video of this girl cause she’s pretty average looking to me.
Gonzalo Rodriguez (16 days ago)
All I hear is what dog? This is a joke dog! Ur crazy dog!
TCt83067695 (16 days ago)
It's because he wanted her to act surprised and he wouldnt give her a cut of the video so my girl was pissed. But she was still a good sport.
vesalexiev (17 days ago)
she made out with the dog and gave you a peck on the lips. how gross.
sneakybeaver (17 days ago)
It was so easy to see she was a gold digger
That Guy (18 days ago)
Censor watching this vid like "Lies lies ....lies oh another lie I said about yanet."
Diego Jaral (18 days ago)
For all those people that call him loser Now you know the truth...
EmKat DeJonas (18 days ago)
Lmao she had her own Mini Cooper back home and ol boy just did this for views smh
Christopher Fernandez (18 days ago)
I’ll take the car if you don’t want it lol
Melissa Marie (19 days ago)
So you got her a car and gave her a percentage of this video 😅 jk but just goes to show.. #couplegoals on the internet, isn’t always what you think it is.. 👀
Adicto al Boxeo (19 days ago)
Did she keep the car after all?
javier rodriguez (19 days ago)
Gold digger
Paradox Vp (19 days ago)
Lmao now we know the reason wasn’t because she needed a car he got it for her of the deal he made with her 😂😂
Even5teven Geeez (20 days ago)
Gay Censor is going off on my gaydar
Even5teven Geeez (20 days ago)
Gay Censor !
Good Cars (20 days ago)
He lease her a Mini Cooper she already had in Mexico, at least the Range Rover
Chapin (20 days ago)
She take my money! When I’m in need!!!
Juan ordonez (20 days ago)
:Guys shes in shock" hahaha more like disappointed she didn't get a rover
Juan ordonez (20 days ago)
Juan ordonez (20 days ago)
Hey bro I need a percentage for watching this thot
Leo Tellez (21 days ago)
Dam dog you cudent gimie a mas expensivo caro
DJ ILLWILL (21 days ago)
Don’t worry she’s trying new food w me 😁
ACgaming (22 days ago)
This is where it all started 😂😂😂
Soumil Agarwal (22 days ago)
That dog reminds me of Brian from Family Guy.
twes619 (22 days ago)
Just think, during this video she was already asking for a cut of his income. Gold digger.
Red Pill Gemini (22 days ago)
This dude takes a giant L. Never take a bitch from Mexico and bring her to America She'll expect you to buy her a Mansion and a Ferrari. What a Cuck btw This bitch is basic af
Michael Ward (22 days ago)
Wow giving her dog more love then him didnt hug him or kiss him at all just ridiculous all about the dog
Tracy (22 days ago)
Eeek send this bitch back to Mexico.
Blame Me (22 days ago)
Super L
alejandro gonzalez (22 days ago)
I'm sorry dude right now an old fucking Televisa's CEO is banging her and probably giving her a new car :( remember don't give anything to the girl until she is your wife...
Grecia Urdapilleta (22 days ago)
This wasn't a surprise guys, he rented the car for 30 days and told her they would return it xd but he said ''let's pretend it's a surprise for the video'' xd
Blackstar241 (21 days ago)
+Grecia Urdapilleta Tu te rasguñas una pierna y te compro un helicoptero!
Grecia Urdapilleta (21 days ago)
+Blackstar241 Lo dijeron en un programa que Yanet lo confesó, dicen que como tenía el pie lastimado que se lo rentó 30 dias para que lo usara mientras se recuperaba jajaj, por eso ninguno de los dos tiene el carro
Blackstar241 (21 days ago)
Como sabes eso?
Notorious .02 (22 days ago)
This chicks wanted a Lamborghini or some shit, she ain’t that cute to me, all she got is ass, and ugly ass feet...
crazedmartinez (22 days ago)
They should of made a Chanel together and shared the money ... using her for views and not paying her was bs and she was reasonably upset ...
crazedmartinez (22 days ago)
I hope you got the car back ... ps she’s faking happiness ....
Gianluca J (23 days ago)
It’s like the dog bought the car
Fried Chicken Now (23 days ago)
Mini Cooper, GTFO. That's Bugatti Booty.
K. SharkyBot (23 days ago)
Bro you gave her a mini Cooper, obviously she wanted a Lamborghini or a Ferrari that's why she wanted to get a cut lol 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriela Castaneda (23 days ago)
Doug now you should make a video apologizing to Janet. She is being harassed left and right calling her a gold digger. It can take a toll on her mental health. I know you’re better than this.
snunja (20 days ago)
She deserves it...trying to suck a man dry
Samirah Gibrill (22 days ago)
Gabriela Castaneda the video his dad did is a 100x worse. It’s embarrassing.
Flo duxe (23 days ago)
Soo what did he do with the mini cooper ? 🤔
Hugo Sandoval (23 days ago)
Doug, She wanted the countrymen not the regular model, that one is too small.
A Murcia (23 days ago)
Should had gotten her like a Ferrari or Porsche bro lol wtf u doing buying this little crap for such a women
Sam Rdz (23 days ago)
You should delete this
deadman9101 (23 days ago)
Lol... shes a bitch bro ...
JAYAR TAA (24 days ago)
This was all planned out. Fuck yanet that dumb bitch all she’s good for his her ass doggy styled
Frevz Assasin (24 days ago)
Cari Hendrix (24 days ago)
Bless his heart...he seemed legitimately excited to give it to her, and she couldn't care less...
Cari Hendrix (22 days ago)
Skeletor lol no worries. I do agree with your initial statement, though.
Skeletor (24 days ago)
+Cari Hendrix my bad you're right 😂
Cari Hendrix (24 days ago)
Skeletor but it's not a fiat.
Skeletor (24 days ago)
Because Fiats suck. The only good thing they're good for is using them as an oversize paperweight.
Ms Alejandra (24 days ago)
IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT CAR!!! For someone with that much money to buy that shitty car? My car is more than that piece of shit lol I'd be mad, she's taking it well though
Destinasia (24 days ago)
Justine Janisse (24 days ago)
I can’t even get a guy to buy me dinner 😩
jesse vazques (18 days ago)
Justine Janisse I’ll vitmo you enough for cheeseburger
Karma (24 days ago)
So this was the video yanet didn’t want Doug to post? Interesting how sooo many fucking ppl on YouTube act so fucking different behind a camera. Bitch wanted a cut in everything.
Damian Messer (25 days ago)
To soon 😂😂
SVEN123 (25 days ago)
bro she's not excited about this shit at all LMAOOOO
James (25 days ago)
I hope you got this shit back after the break up.
I bet she didn’t even want the car. -_- “ I want something bigger censor and half your pay cut for the video””
Franz Frand (25 days ago)
I don't wanna hear any White dudes talking about Mexican girls wanting money from Americans, White girls are worse, they literally drain you of your money. At least mexican women are supportive, white bitches dont give a fuck and leave you behind when you fail
dangashh (25 days ago)
How much did Mimi pay for the car?
Im Thrillz (25 days ago)
Doug pretty much said this video was staged lol
Im Thrillz (25 days ago)
Gold digger yanet
It's cool and all, but it's a lease!!! WTF?!?!?
Sin Trasix (25 days ago)
Carlos Padilla (25 days ago)
Pinche vieja falsa mal agradecida que bueno que la mandaste a chingar a su madre 😂
Alinne Michelle (26 days ago)
The hit marker in the soap 😂😂😭☠️☠️
Danny Hernandez (26 days ago)
After knowing what we know now. She definitely wanted the Range Rover!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Gomez (26 days ago)
she is stupid ....listening her in english and en español.
PIRATA GAMER (26 days ago)
He was more excited lol
TheGohthecrow (26 days ago)
Yanet about to give out copyright strikes in order to try & erase this marking but the memory will live on the web... forever... Fin
Youtube Tine Talento (26 days ago)
*Let me guess... She wanted a cut from this video as well*
Mameera18 (26 days ago)
the views are not that crazy for a cut but I also get where Yanet is coming from
KaT _G (26 days ago)
Now I get it!! “If you saw the break up video” We now know why she was not that excited about this car. It was all planned, she didn’t want this video to be uploaded ‘cause she got the feeling he wanted to purchase a car for her just to get views and $$ out of it.
Lady.Whatever (17 days ago)
KaT _G (17 days ago)
Yeah apparently she started feeling used.
susana becerra (19 days ago)
KaT _G agree!!!
Lolita (16 days ago)
the car is on his name, he didn't buy her the car neither did she get anything from the video lmao.
High Kitty (24 days ago)
prodigygod1 no He was talking about a Christmas present
itgattabejoshable (26 days ago)
When she gets closer to the camera she’s actually average looking. She just has a perky ass and every thirsty nigga claims she’s the hottest bitch alive. She’s ok 6/10 - IGN
SunnyD711 (26 days ago)
Still cute tho
fla gatortown (26 days ago)
So first hes saying shes a gold digger and hes wineing cause shes takeing his money but here he goes and buys her a brand new car.what a dumbass
Pablo Avila (26 days ago)
fucking say thank you my god
Niimbus (26 days ago)
Give me my percentage of the car 😡
nancyf824 (26 days ago)
Did she call him crazy asshole?
nancyf824 (26 days ago)
Did she call him crazy asshole?
HyPa _ (27 days ago)
Thought it said 1 day ago, feelsbatman
LegionSlaughter (28 days ago)
I mean she is high maintenance. Understand why she doesn’t like the car.
Preadjustments (28 days ago)
She took off in it and never came back
Itz Dylan (28 days ago)
Now shes riding a bbc
Jessi iii (28 days ago)
When he said open that little box I bet you 100 $ she thought he was going to propose 😭😭😭💔
Anthony Romzek (29 days ago)
Dang Doug, you did treat her really well
Caro PerRod (29 days ago)
He gave her the car because she is struggling so much with putting an image out there of the “good guy”. A lot of people do it now. He didn’t want to give it to her without filming why? She doesn’t need anything from him. She was accomplished before she met him.
NesquezzzGOD (25 days ago)
Nope. They both are struggling now but I think Censor has a bit money saved so he is good for now.
Gfbrffeed Fbrecvbs (29 days ago)
Gold digger didn't even thank him enought
strups (29 days ago)
And people calling you stupid for dumping her, she isnt that pretty, 6.5/10
FULL COURT PLAYS (30 days ago)
Probably got that car for yanet to get her ass back to Mexico 🇲🇽
AEROClTYY GB (27 days ago)
You fucking racist
Nadia N (27 days ago)
sinitity (29 days ago)
FULL COURT PLAYS (30 days ago)
peec an louuv, aha daoug!
Bint Omar (30 days ago)
She was independent and had her own career when she met Doug. She left her career and life in Mexico for him. Doug was ready to settle down and probably get married and have kids and she was not. I dont think she is a Gold digger and most likely got tired of sitting at home and having to ask her boyfriend to buy her things all the time which is why she went back to work in Mexico. Any matured independent woman who is used to having a career and earning her own paycheck can relate to that - you want to be an equal and don't want to be like a little kid asking Daddy for money. There's a video where she complains to him that she is bored of just being in the house everyday. She is also much older than him and the difference in maturity shows through in some videos. People need to give them both a break and not troll either of them. The moral of the story kids: relationships needs more than looks to survive, it takes compatibility, personality and also shared vision for the future. And also one person shouldn't be sacrificing more than the other.
David Bahena (22 days ago)
Completely agree. Doug was talking about babies already and buying a dream home. It's hard for Yanet she's not a citizen, and her body is obviously important for her career, so she really wanted some sort of sense security and Doug was calling her his soulmate. So when you get married what's his is hers. That was just a sign for her to realize that she needs to make her own money before settling down.
SwaggyD (22 days ago)
Damn right
An00bisY00tubis (24 days ago)
I applaud this comment , totally accurate and it's a lesson that most people have to learn in their own way. Compatibility is the key to a successful relationship. Compatibility also may not last a lifetime, people change, you either grow together or you don't.
Bint Omar (24 days ago)
+prodigygod1 we will never really know, which is why I said people need to leave them both alone. It's their life. Outsiders cannot say who sacrificed the most, its a never ending debate. To some people finances may be a big sacrifice. To others, leaving their family and country, learning a new language, etc. Besides all that, its hard enough for couples who speak th same language to communicate and that is probably one of the biggest factors that lead to the break down of their relationship. I'm not a Yanet Garcia fan (personally I dont like how she flaunts herself off all the time) but I am a fair person and the way people are calling her a gold digger I think is unnecessary, unkind and unfair. I like Doug but he is not perfect either and at the end of the day its their life. Nobody knows the details and we should respect that its not really any of our business. They dont owe anyone any explanations.
prodigygod1 (24 days ago)
doug was sacrificing more than she was financially and morally. what she asked of him was just wrong. she wanted the pampered treatment
Bobby Killa (30 days ago)
She was so surprised about the new car😂
Solomon (30 days ago)
Apparently it wasn't a surprise tfw you expose yourself 🤦
Im Thrillz (18 days ago)
Adam Craig ik but she was still ungrateful. Doug told the story of how she reacted when he told her about filming it
Adam Craig (18 days ago)
+Im Thrillz no but she knew he was going to because he asked if he could film her acting surprised. It's just weird
Im Thrillz (25 days ago)
Venus JCM doug literally bought her a car and she wasnt grateful, but doug is the piece of shit? Youre fucking stupid
Venus JCM (25 days ago)
Kenny_C there you go I guess it’s only a few people that noticed his lies. He did say that.i knew from the minute he started talking . piece a shit
Kenny_C (26 days ago)
Because he ask if he can record her when he buys a car and she said no.
Lynwood Caveman (1 month ago)
She doesn’t seem too excited. There’s more attention to Mimi than anything. If I was getting a Mini Cooper I’ll be dropping panties ASAP. Plus she knows she’s. Not getting a pay cut so she’s not too excited about the car.
Mr Billz (27 days ago)
.... you wear panties?
Max Wall (1 month ago)
She milked you
SaucyCozzyon (1 month ago)
Who is here after scarce ?

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