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Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell “Pretty Little Liars" PaleyFest LA 2017

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Broll: Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell arrive at The Paley Center for Media's 34th annual PaleyFest LA "Pretty Little Liars" panel event held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California - March 25, 2017 http://www.maximotv.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (55)
Catherine D.-F. (7 days ago)
I love buttahbenzo, but i want emison too
Thais M. (1 month ago)
Kkkk shiipppoo. Vida de famoso deve ser um saco. Ter que ficar tirando foto todo hora....eu não ia aguentar tanto tempo assim não, falação do krl kkkk.
Megan Bingca (2 months ago)
Shay mitchell is so hotttt... damnnn
Marisa Araujo (3 months ago)
Ai eu e minha amiga fomos para diretoria
Emz Del Valle (3 months ago)
ashley is so obssesed with Shay lmao. Shay wants to be with Sasha its obvious
rayssa yoongimina (3 months ago)
Quem seria a ativa nesta relação? BRS?
Angel_Melon (3 months ago)
Gay lil angels
ana araújo (4 months ago)
Parece eu e minhas amigas KKKKKKKKK
Inked.loved. lez (4 months ago)
Ashley expression is like I WANNA LEAVE! hahahahaha! But my 2 fav together so im happy!💖
SHREYASHI DASH (5 months ago)
Shay Mitchell you look more pretty in your shows.. be like that... you look real cute.. I love to see you and Paige...together
Ava's edits (5 months ago)
SHREYASHI DASH that not Paige that Ashley ( Hanna of pll
Agus (7 months ago)
Shipeando ando
Josh (7 months ago)
Ashley was just playing around. I doubt she had any intention of kissing Shay.
Mila Buchet (8 months ago)
My two fav❤
Bella Garcia (9 months ago)
Sasha be jealous
Tom Clancy (10 months ago)
Kiss? Where is the Kiss? 💏
Abeer Mitchell (10 months ago)
Babes 🔥🔥🔥
Lavender Nuria (10 months ago)
Shay Mitchell stop pulling away. These two would be so HOT together.
Paulo Tavares (11 months ago)
Paulo Tavares (11 months ago)
Hortensia Isabel Esquivel Martin yes
Alana Lo rena ponganlos en español
all about challenges (1 year ago)
all about challenges (1 year ago)
jk more like emisonfest*
Miss Queen Me (1 year ago)
Was Ashley drunk
thegossipswan009 (9 months ago)
Miss Queen Me I think she's just being goofy. I am that kind of a person. But then again she could be drunk (:
Shackir Mckenzie (1 year ago)
lol. omg! ! Ashley wanted to kiss shay... but damn shay just looked nervous n annoyed, by both the camera men n Ashley .... she even held her face damn!!!! she's not gay Ashley....
Yazz Lol (11 months ago)
Shackir Mckenzie she said she prefers not to be labeled... so you never know 😜
skinnyqueen (1 year ago)
okay they would be the hottest fucking couple
Emison Girl (1 year ago)
*Ashley and Shay having pics together* *In Sasha's mind...* *why not we, Em?*
sasha's tea (3 months ago)
You mean "why not we,shay?"
Ro Flota (1 year ago)
Samira Perez (1 year ago)
Omg they are so annoying screaming at them and flashing at them like demmm
Danny Steeler (1 year ago)
Shay Mitchell & her left nipple tho #WifeyMaterial
Katie White (1 year ago)
those directions would drive me nuts.
Gel Gaauur (1 year ago)
I don't why Ashley always liked the short hair. I always thought long hair looks so good on her.
Dechen Shingsar (4 months ago)
Well she has long now
Velveteeens rv (5 months ago)
Kristal Roman (11 months ago)
Gel Gaauur sameshe looks more beautiful
i think it's because she got such hype about the short hair cut from spring breakers.
Gel Gaauur (1 year ago)
I'm not saying short hair looks bad on her either. I just prefer when she has long hair. lol
Fam Cam (1 year ago)
where is troian
Terrell Scott (1 year ago)
Lucy and Troian were busy
sav (1 year ago)
They low key said one more time like a thousand time.
Yazz Lol (11 months ago)
Briar more like high key
Zaira Avila (1 year ago)
Buttahbenzo! 💖
Maya Watson (1 year ago)
Please please please upload the q and a😫💕
Mery Calce (1 year ago)
thank you .I LOVE PLL BUTTAHBENZO.I Love Shay Mitchell .Amo PLL .I Liket it.
Yuri2321 sniper (1 year ago)
Mery Calce me to
nether0604 plays (1 year ago)
Someone upload the full Q and A bit 😭🙏🏽
izzy (1 year ago)
Ymdala Yolisa (1 year ago)
izzy I love the ladies Ashley and shay
Nathalya Gleik (1 year ago)
I love my mommys 😍

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