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Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc "Chicken Girls: The Movie" Premiere Red Carpet

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 B-roll footage: Hayden Summerall, Annie LeBlanc, Hayley LeBlanc on the red carpet at the “Chicken Girls: The Movie” premiere held at the Ahrya Fine Arts in Beverly Hills, California USA on June 28, 2018 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | ©MaximoFootage | ©RicomixProductions
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Text Comments (421)
Veronica Camino (19 days ago)
This is so awkward omg😂😂😂
leblanc lately (2 months ago)
He mumbled something to her and she giggled... Edit: IT SOUNDED LIKE:you look perfect AGHHHH I'M SCREAMING
Anahi Cruz (2 months ago)
Did u see Hayden did not want to let go of her body that sounded so weird!!!! But it's true!!!
The JJDD (3 months ago)
R.I.P hannie
Brooklyn sparkswood (3 months ago)
Early squad
Chelsea Is me (3 months ago)
I miss them together
Irene Berlanga (3 months ago)
And akward I think😂
Matthew Xie (3 months ago)
Hannie is still alive!!!!!!!
khezia veronica maturan (3 months ago)
Its so sad though, I can see the awkwardness 😬😬
Liliann (3 months ago)
She handled the whole situation perfectly... So proud of her.
Charity's World (3 months ago)
Hayden tries to grab Annie’s hand and she’s like ‘NOPE’
LittleLovelyLauren12 (3 months ago)
They only had to take pictures together for work. Soooooooooooo awkward.😵😵😵
Frances 102 (3 months ago)
They are definitely back together I think
Allissa Nissen (3 months ago)
Annie looks pretty and uncomfortable when she was posing with Hayden
Brooke Gordon (3 months ago)
I have a feeling that Hayden and Annie are back together
Kennedy Westcott (3 months ago)
She doesn't look happy around him...
Chris Wippich (3 months ago)
It’s not in theatres right
Zoe Mccarthy (3 months ago)
no on yt
GamingwithMollyShadow ! (3 months ago)
I ship Hannie more ❤️ I don't really like Austin tbh 💔
Matthew Xie (3 months ago)
GamingwithMollyShadow ! Same agree and I hate the sheboy
Sam Easter (3 months ago)
Do u see how much annie is sucking in her stomach?
Gala Jiménez (3 months ago)
HAHA so awkward
T A D (3 months ago)
Annie: Lets get this over with.... Hayden: (awkward smiled)...
meeitha (3 months ago)
well that was uncomfortable
Jessica Lopez (3 months ago)
the kpop fan blaire (3 months ago)
Can someone ask me why annie and hayden broke up? I miss hannie i wish they come back together
Maci S (3 months ago)
Hannie is back yaaaaaaaaaaaa
1911 lq6 (3 months ago)
Hanuma suzuki (3 months ago)
Awkward lvl pro
Skyler Yasmin (3 months ago)
Kawaii Queen (3 months ago)
That must of been so akward 😬😬😬i miss hannie💔💔
Chloe Helm (3 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that when Hayden had to walk away so Annie could take a picture he went from smiling to looking all sad. He mist really regret what he did and probably misses her
Anyelina Marinez (3 months ago)
Anyelina Marinez (3 months ago)
Annie think she cute with that smirk but nahhhh he'll nah just teeth
Nevaeh Miller (3 months ago)
OMG that's so awkward
Nijah Jammer (3 months ago)
Nijah Jammer (3 months ago)
Sophia Sumawang (3 months ago)
keepin it professional...
Anel Santos (3 months ago)
Suck in that stomach Annie lol
Anel Santos (3 months ago)
Some Body (3 months ago)
They both look so uncomfortable
shooketh (3 months ago)
When I seen the thumbnail I was like *hehe*
Angela Perez (3 months ago)
R.I.P hannie
Heyyy peeps (3 months ago)
How awkward must it be for Annie and Hayden watching the part in the movie where they kissed
Heyyy peeps (3 months ago)
I miss them being together! Not only as a couple but as friends. They had one of the best friendships ever!
cas kat (3 months ago)
You can tell they still love each other I'm so hoping for hannie again
tlnachen (3 months ago)
i hate that they’re trying to act cool by fake smiling. and it’s so extra when you smile without teeth. like ur trying to act casual but it just looks awkward
Jessica Medrano (3 months ago)
I just can’t believe that they agreed to do this
kawaii lunaz world (3 months ago)
There's been Fandom there back together hope so
PSZS rule (3 months ago)
That fake smile tho Annie
Grace Kiosko (3 months ago)
Ik there not together but I ship them still😩
Monica De Leon (3 months ago)
I miss hannie😭😭😭😭
maria tovar (3 months ago)
I don't want them to go back
Jasmine Charania (3 months ago)
wait r they back together or nah?
Kyra Yannotta (3 months ago)
This makes me want to cry
Inaaya A (3 months ago)
Milky Yuno (3 months ago)
aww Hayley’s smile is so cute♡
itzme abel (3 months ago)
Awwhh hay hay lookin cute. "Hannie" must be really AKWARD at the premiere and the last scene tho....
Hannah Violet (3 months ago)
the way she posed w him compared to the way she posed w/o him.. they looked so awkward Oml I miss hannie sm 😭😭💓
Official Squab (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks she's sucking in?...
Mikayla Rolle (3 months ago)
the way Hayden let go of Annie, he didn't want to let her go again. I admit Hayden is sweet i hope Ann's forgived/forgives him. I want HANNIE not AUSTANNIE Get it? AA FANS? (Austin and annie fans) i hate Austin! just sayin' i mean we are aloud to say our opinios here right so That's it. i hate Austin, Love Hayden and Annie together. HA for the win! (Hannie)
ام علي (3 months ago)
why did they break up ?
Annabelle Breining (3 months ago)
No one is talking about how adorable Hayley is 😍
Annabelle Breining (3 months ago)
What exactly happened between Annie and Hayden?
Chloe Helm (3 months ago)
Annabelle Breining Annie was uncomfortable with Hayden talking to kenzie more then her so she asked Hayden to stop but he kept talking to her and Annie broke up with him because she felt like Hayden was more into kezie
Mariana Grande (3 months ago)
Not to be mean or anything but why does Annie look sleepy
lowkey Citlali (3 months ago)
Off topic:Hayley looks adorable ☺️💕
Giggles & Play All day (3 months ago)
Haley looks so cute is nobody going to talk about her dress? Dang
Lily’s World (3 months ago)
Is it just me or is annie’s dress is a bit revealing?
Lamita Finianos (3 months ago)
I don't like Hayley 's dress
Editing Hacks (3 months ago)
I think Annie was over it
Olivia W29 (3 months ago)
That must have been the most awkward thing ever 😂
Alyssa Bates (3 months ago)
I miss them together
Haylee Morisette (3 months ago)
Mastura Mashriqi (3 months ago)
Annie and Hayden t such a good couple he should totally ask Annie if he could be her boyfriend
Ayana W (3 months ago)
I just wanna know if it was awkward seeing them kids in the movie
nairah malik (3 months ago)
Eros krasniqi (3 months ago)
They kiss to the end of the movie omg!!!! I I s I shi I ship I ship H I ship HA I ship HAN I ship HANN I ship HANNI I ship HANNIE I ship HANNI I ship HANN I ship HAN I ship HA I ship H I shi l sh I s I Like if watch the MOVIE " CHICKEN GIRLS"
Frosty Snowflake (3 months ago)
That must of been so awkward for them
Aviä (3 months ago)
Could this get anymore awkward 😂
Patty Z (3 months ago)
This is kind off awkward 😂
Brianna Somarriba (3 months ago)
MooKoo Slimes of*
BTS A.R.M.Y (3 months ago)
Ziany Mora (3 months ago)
Why did Annie look so evil and look down lol😱😁😋😅😂
hey it's Hayley (3 months ago)
unicorn life (3 months ago)
Does this mean there back to gether
J T (3 months ago)
Bring Hannie backkk
Suhana Ali (3 months ago)
This must've been so awkward
your local lotion (3 months ago)
This is soooooo awkward :((
Naomi Brown (3 months ago)
But If you think about it they must of agreed to take pictures with eachover so people say it was akward which it was ish but they didn’t really haft to take pictures with eachover xxx
Technical Tech (3 months ago)
OMG Hayley's outfit 😍😍😍😍😍
Jaz Pierrette (3 months ago)
Annie looks so dead inside. I swear that’s my mood sometimes :) 💛
Sonia Torres (3 months ago)
I remember like a year ago Annie's mom wouldn't even let Annie wear a crop top and now Annie wears... Well stuff like that. Time flies so fast😂😂1
Nataly Cruz (3 months ago)
If you lisintg closely you her Hayden said "Annie"
Nataly Cruz (3 months ago)
Did anybody hear Hayden say Annie
Taehyungv Bts (3 months ago)
Annie looked so annoyed🙄
Jimena Lopez (3 months ago)
Are they back together 😱😱😱😱
Littleboobear (3 months ago)
I ship Annie with Annie I think they look so cute together, like if u know what I mean
Trav Nation (3 months ago)
Annie looks dead in the inside because of Hayden but the outside she is trying to be happy like nothing happened Mean while Hayden in the inside is like I’m with Annie again YAY but no...outside acting happy too but feeling a little bit dead Fans: this is to awkward for me...but I’m still gonna watch it!
Annika Chan_101 (3 months ago)
They broke up?!
kim kim (3 months ago)
Valery Lopez (3 months ago)
I feel like they want to get back together💝
MM Dela Vega (3 months ago)
Eden Marshall (3 months ago)

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