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Top 10 Scary HUMAN Experiment Stories

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Top 10 Scary HUMAN Experiment Stories SUBSCRIBE: MostAmazingTop10- http://bit.ly/2xDwt5l Welcome back guys my name is Danny Burke and today were gonna be taking a look at the top 10 scary human experiment stories. Throughout history, governments, university, scientists and researchers have strived to learn more about the human body. In order to achieve this, they sometimes over step a boundry and end up causing immense suffering to real people. Hopefully, the world has learnt from its mistakes - here are the very worst of them … NEW MOST AMAZING INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/mostamazingofficial/ Support Us On Patreon- https://www.patreon.com/MostAmazingTop10 Most Amazing Top 10 Merch: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/most-amazing Check Out Our Recent Videos- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWjWEg6PXeI&list=PL532nVurngGurLZQ8vUjfybxIrwZRNGnC Most Popular Videos- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViI45BjBug8&list=PL532nVurngGsDmfoDM3dj-O3hWlkLNCud FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- https://www.facebook.com/MostAmazingTop10Videos/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/_burkishdelight_/ CHANNEL PRODUCER: Landon Dowlatsingh- https://www.instagram.com/landonproductions/ VIDEO EDITED BY: Isaac Suhaimi: http://instagram.com/isaacsuhaimi PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Theresa Morozovitch
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Text Comments (1110)
MostAmazingTop10 (11 months ago)
What's your favorite subject in school?
Nick C (1 day ago)
Kimberley Weatherburn lol it's funny because he can't pronounce so many of the terms in this video.
Nikku Studio (2 days ago)
Science and biology
Captain Comics (6 days ago)
MostAmazingTop10 History and English.
emma green (15 days ago)
Alana Moreland (15 days ago)
History and science
kai luong (1 day ago)
1st sounded like the human centipede
Wow I’m a Meme (1 day ago)
Roses are red violets are blue, I got click baited and so did you!
Saeeda Ahmed (1 day ago)
What idiots if they want to study it they should do it on there skin
MintyFlowers{} (3 days ago)
I'm watching this at midnight *Dabs*
Ghost Ramen (8 days ago)
this is disgusting. I can not imagine doing such a horrific experiment of your fellow individuals as humans.
rosie Doeser (12 days ago)
All of the these suck big time but we learnt stuff...
Alana Moreland (15 days ago)
Human beings can be such garbage...
JUST COVERS (16 days ago)
Well stranford experiment is what i am expert in
Ceastic Deception (19 days ago)
1:15 you are the enemy of the people
FEAR NO BEER (20 days ago)
The good ol U.S
v.g. Caro (24 days ago)
I came for the russian sleep experiment im dissapointed
Chellay Nitz (24 days ago)
Atrocities.... that's the only word that comes to mind.
SheiLydia (27 days ago)
Poor Fred and George!!!
Alice Willoughby (28 days ago)
I went to high school very near to Stanford very shortly after the time of the Prison Experiment. I remember discussing it in a Psych class. God, the things human beings have done to each other over the years!
Abby Thrift (29 days ago)
Oh God....the depachary
Blob Brothers (29 days ago)
i did 7 of those in 2 years
Phantom Flame (29 days ago)
What about the Russian sleep experiement
UnderFell Sans (29 days ago)
"But I am from South Africa" - Me hearing Number 7
Melliecent Mae (1 month ago)
He's wearing a Bjergsen shirt ❤️
palethia minerva (1 month ago)
gulacks translates to fists..
Kit Snap (1 month ago)
Repeat yourself less between the video and go deeper into the subject I'm cringing over the mass of frigthening information about Unit 731you could've ad.
Aunurup Aurpon (1 month ago)
Please *Read more*
Kyle Paez (1 month ago)
Mysti Dawn (1 month ago)
In #1, he didn't mention that all the experiments were done without anesthesia, including vivisection while they were alive and conscious
Bad vibes Only (1 month ago)
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JJ's Stikbot Videos (1 month ago)
omg how could anyone have the heart to give a virus to HEALTHY CHILDREN so they can freakin STUDY THEM like mice!
Blossom and Candy (1 month ago)
"They were going to get hepatitis anyway" That's like killing and elderly person, and saying it's fine because "they were going to die soon anyway"
X - Axis (1 month ago)
Where is Russian Sleep Experiment...😂
Charlie Grissett (1 month ago)
PhantomBread HD (1 month ago)
At least on #2 they could leave at any time before it started...
I'm a twin. Me at the first one: OH MA GAWD OH NO MY GAWD
Linda Castillo (1 month ago)
What about Agent Orange?!?!
Hannqh (2 months ago)
Love how people only hate on Landon’s videos not Danny or Rebecca like Is ThIs ReAl LiFe RiGhT NoW?!?! 😂 But fr though I love Danny and Rebecca
Terri Wilkins (2 months ago)
We Live In A Sin Sick World. They will Have To Pay for the evil one day.
maryjane9110024 (2 months ago)
Music is too loud.
Blablabry x (2 months ago)
why are the majority of these experiments been taken place in america -.-
Jim Hayes (2 months ago)
I heard you say, “The American people would not stand for it.” You said this regarding the mustard gas experiments. You are being very generous to the American people. Thank you. But, recent history has demonstrated that we Americans will stand for disgraceful things. I am ashamed of Americans. And, to not be ashamed of myself, I am taking every opportunity to say we should learn to think critically, get more informed, question authority, and, most importantly, develop a compassionate heart. Thank you for your videos. Good work.
Kierstin Hoadley (2 months ago)
Talk about different stuff not just ramble about the same things but in different videos... just because it's in a different video doesn't mean it's a new fact
Jack Poral (2 months ago)
does anyone noticed his shirt???
Rebecca Zinke (2 months ago)
There is no way possible that the people that call themselves scientists and doctors that do this to other people could possibly possess a soul. They're just animated meat suits.
s M (2 months ago)
My best friend is from the Marseilles islands, I'm happy he is alive :) :l
Jeff Mullins (2 months ago)
This video hurt to watch. :-(
EmperorTokugawa (2 months ago)
Its "tuhs-KEE-gee"
Ashen One (2 months ago)
2020? Anyone?
Maisie Jordans (2 months ago)
Hey um if you don’t mind me asking what are your sources? Thx
Caira Bass (2 months ago)
There was another experiment involving twins as well. There is also a movie about it "Three Identical Stranger"
brandyfranck (2 months ago)
It's Tuskegee
voldebean (2 months ago)
Ok but what do I do with this information now
The blacksmith (2 months ago)
top 10 unit 731 experiments
Melanie's Wittle BB (2 months ago)
Came here from a dying YouTuber....... can you guess who? Comment who you think!
Billy Burke (2 months ago)
intersting i might be related to this guy lol
Rays K (3 months ago)
I wonder when World War 3 happen, will history repeat itself with the human experimentation during war?
• Katie (3 months ago)
They haven’t talked about the Russian sleep experiments
GrapeJuicePosse (3 months ago)
Fun fact, all workers of unit 731 we're pardoned for thier war crimes in return for the information and data gathered during these human experiments.
lydia coats (3 months ago)
wow people are horrible
lydia coats (3 months ago)
im replying on my reply that has replyed on my reply
lydia coats (3 months ago)
im replying on my reply
lydia coats (3 months ago)
im replying on my comment
aly boo (3 months ago)
I don't even like hospitals tbh
GameNoob69 (3 months ago)
You forgot the Russian Sleep Experiment!
T Stelle (3 months ago)
Wtf is wrong with these people, i don't believe they are even human...Meh, kill them all, let God sort them out.
Leanna Sammuels (3 months ago)
T Stelle there allredy ded
Austin Wooden (3 months ago)
What about the Russian sleep experiment?
PauPat (3 months ago)
im a human experiment.. out of a girl and a man
Junko Enoshima (3 months ago)
unit 731..there's movie about it."Philosophy of a knife" ...
b1310 (3 months ago)
These 'doctors/scientists/frauds', have no place on this earth.
sqzggles (3 months ago)
soooo... the us government essentially is vault tec from fallout 4.... great...
bold810 (3 months ago)
Project Calcium? In part 1 or 2 or neither? Why do you lie? Is it your Greed?
Kolten Adamczyk (3 months ago)
Briana Wilson (3 months ago)
I thought it was Tuskegee experiment
Okalani5000 (3 months ago)
Can I have the URL to the one about the conjoined twins? I know search engine exists, but I think you have one that I might not be able to find off the bat. What's more, I am really into Gorey details of life because I like to learn the awful truths about reality.
Skeleton Mouse (3 months ago)
The saddest part is that we wouldn’t have the information we have today if they didn’t do these experiments. Yeah they’re unethical, but still :/
Raven Vaughan (3 months ago)
Sick t**ks
TheGamingBaconator (3 months ago)
You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
Amy Louwho (3 months ago)
Good Lord, human's are a scourge. I do not understand any of this or how another person can do these things to someone. Do these people have no conscience? Maybe we should see what's wrong with them, surely they are incapable of feeling sympathy.
Desmond Hume (3 months ago)
Well Homosexuality is a small quirk in the persons mind but it doesn't affect anything.
Ocelot Does Stuff :P (3 months ago)
*"Pain can never be healed with money"* Ah, but you can buy an entire healthcare system with the money the US gave them.
CTCAC2000 (3 months ago)
poison labs, this is the name given to the soviet unions secret testing labs for poisons...lol
whisperingthylacine (3 months ago)
It's Tuskegee, not Tuskgee.
Sydney Slaughter (3 months ago)
Its pronounced “men-geh-la”; that “E” isn’t silent! Pronounce the name of the original “mad-scientist” correctly
Alexis Maysonet (3 months ago)
Scary lost its meaning when it comes to me
randomdude 123 (3 months ago)
Danny is the best host lol
Mohammad Jawad (4 months ago)
Wow a public apology, that'll do
Kliner Defekt (4 months ago)
I Enjoy watching these videos but Unit 731 has a supposed film of what went on with the victims involved. Wish you all would have mentioned that for thous that wish to watch the Documentary.
Alex Chan (4 months ago)
A need to know what happen to the people in charge. Wish they suffer horribly.
Chenoa Curtis (4 months ago)
Stuff like this makes me embarrassed to be classed asa human
Carlie M (4 months ago)
There is actually a movie based on number 8
Mike Thory (4 months ago)
They need to reopen ward 22 again way to many homosexuals running around the world teaching children it is ok to be a queer
DaY - Genta (4 months ago)
What about the Russian Sleep Experiment?
B King (4 months ago)
What the hell
Kimmi Ramone (4 months ago)
Mengele is pronounced Meng-el-eh.
The Almighty DuffMaster (4 months ago)
You should make part 3 with the Russian sleep experment
Natalie Toshino (4 months ago)
I love these videos, but why, every single time, do they not use the thumbnail's story?
Außree Hăll (4 months ago)
Make more of these pleaseee!!!!!
LivAndLivy (4 months ago)
what about the sleep experiment
LivAndLivy (4 months ago)
:\ wow XD
mewtuwa (4 months ago)
LivAndLivy If you're talking about the russian sleep experiment, it's not real. It's a creepypasta.
Alluponit31 (4 months ago)
Tuskegee*** Experiment. Thanks.
Doesit matter? (4 months ago)
Fck you America. Fck all of you bitches
Z (4 months ago)
Dude, it's the Tuskegee experiment.
Lemuel's Cool Channel (4 months ago)
MoneyTakerBaby (4 months ago)
And to think, what was viewed as sick Nazi-like torture is now what people unhappy with their life and their appearance do. Transgender? What happened to the word transvestite? Fucked up world we live in where people can subject themselves to literal chemical and physical castration because they are so unhappy with their lives. Its not normal, its fucked up surgery that noone should have to go through to be happy.
mewtuwa (4 months ago)
MoneyTakerBaby It's a mental illness called gender dysphoria, which can cause extreme depression and lead to suicide.
PunkGamerGirl (4 months ago)
i bet mk ultra will be in this vid
Nippy Acorn (4 months ago)
is it just me or do these people torturing people sound like Vault-Tec, especially with the radiation one, which Vault-Tec actually had.
Ryan Jones (1 month ago)
Probably because stuff like this was likely inspiration for it. Recall that Fallout 1 & 2 contained a fair amount of commentary on the way we viewed the 50's, American Exceptionalism, Governmental power, and our usage of resources. On the other hand a lot of the original Vault experiments were meant to be psychological as much as physical. The intent was to actually put people in conditions the Enclave thought they might encounter in space. Not just wacky horribleness, like some of the later vaults
Falala Keira (4 months ago)
Them: Experiment stories Me: *Check date* Me either: Project Libitina...
Alea Gauthier (5 months ago)
Good luck getting to the end Read more

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