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10 Tips To NOT Screw Up Your Diet!

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Text Comments (2007)
Rob P (5 days ago)
I'm a Vagatarian
jaquel muckelvene (8 days ago)
Had to suscribe bro , somthing about how you deliver speaches makes me all ears.
Aussie Ben (8 days ago)
The thumbnail made me cheat...
ate 3 pizzas sour patch kids cinnamon bread sticks Chinese food 😂
jaay401 (15 days ago)
I’m going to watch this everyday 😝
arseniclullaby87 (16 days ago)
arseniclullaby87 (16 days ago)
Aamin Gill (18 days ago)
😐 i m deiting ...awesome i got will😐 power ..but if i had 2 wishes i 'd😐 wish for 😐 1 . EATING AWESOME STUFF AND NOT GET FAT 😐 2 . 10 MORE WISHES 😐
Aamin Gill (18 days ago)
Aamin Gill (18 days ago)
thnx dude 0:09
John Clark (27 days ago)
Lol I don’t think you have been to a middle eastern home dinner! If you don’t eat you’re insulting them!
토끼꿀 (27 days ago)
I'm a girl......
Edluis Rivera (27 days ago)
Your best video
adnan almalki (27 days ago)
I got 10/10. Thanks god!
X031 (28 days ago)
I don’t believe in cheat days. Just think of it, your eating all the trash you claim you shouldn’t be eating. What kind of diet is that? People should definitely consider cheat days man ..
Rania Chem (29 days ago)
actually usually i fuck up my diet becuz im a LAZY ASSSSSSS
Panda Fam (1 month ago)
Why automatically say "kids in Africa" Not all are starving, just the poor ones, just like in CALIFORNIA!!
parthey mehta (1 month ago)
This video have all answers of my questions thanks bro😉
Mami Devil (1 month ago)
Dieting suckss
Luis Martinez (1 month ago)
I kinda had a cheat week.
Luis Martinez (1 month ago)
Meal not day.. I got the point
Aisha The Potato (1 month ago)
Don't we all screw up at some point? XDDD
Miami 394 (1 month ago)
I didnt even want to eat the cookies but i did. I hate myself 🤧
grr i'm watching this while i'm binging on taco bell :/ hello more cardio for me tomorrow :( lol
Dustin Kunish (1 month ago)
I agree 100% with the alcohol I didn’t drink for 3 months and then I drank a lot like 15 whiskeys through the day and I gained 10 pounds of water weight in a day
Jay 2smooth (1 month ago)
Tommorow no today 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sigmafocus (1 month ago)
something i love doing that always helps me, is making sure i'm stocked with what i can use to make something good to eat. I find that when i'm out of healthy foods, i wont eat them and i'll fall back on the junk food i've been so good at staying away from. having a gameplan is powerful!
misiek czuba (1 month ago)
Rub Tiege Hanley on your muscles and chubby parts of your body, the muscle will increase 3x in size and the fat will decrease by 3x, that's one thing Alpha didn't mention.
Zack Purg (1 month ago)
Tiége Hanley censor box is genius
Good video!
Waden Beißer (1 month ago)
"Brenda, who's that stud???" 😂😂😂 OUTSTANDING!!! 💪
Admiral Aladeen (1 month ago)
correction: they are starving kids EVERYWHERE
Lucy Burke (1 month ago)
Your brilliant! I love you!
Ngân Lê Thảo (1 month ago)
Being selective when going out to someone’s home is not an option for Asian households 😂
Mirko Radakovic (1 month ago)
Quilty on all 10 counts...
Chris 84 (1 month ago)
TODAY...yeah man thats‘s The Point!
Sesko Keksic (1 month ago)
Did he seriously put a tiege hanley beep on his mouth hahahah
Tasnim Islam (2 months ago)
"gentlemen" nope woman
Seul-Bi (2 months ago)
its really hot here, but if i exercise , in home like DANCE SO WILD AND MOVE MY body, and walk around the room, down to staris and comme back? will that help
SC (2 months ago)
Lol for the first time *im* *actually* *doing* *this* took *years* lol
James (2 months ago)
Guys if you want good meals to hold off cravings try sugar free jelly. Really high volume very low calories and since it's gelatin it's actually really high protein density. The other one is home made hot Coco using stevia, only like 20calories. There's lots of cool foods you can come up with and find. My go to is a low calorie cereal plus Greek yogurt and protein powder with cinnamon and maybe stevia.
James (1 month ago)
+thisisbob1001 SUGAR FREE jelly, its over 90% protein, about 30 cals per sachet - 7 g protein
thisisbob1001 (1 month ago)
Jelly is about 7% protein. Dosent sound that much?
Three Musketeers (2 months ago)
*How Dare You Assume My Gender*
Team Golfwell (2 months ago)
New research on weight loss. “Every stumble is not a fall, and every fall does not mean failure.” - Oprah Winfrey We kept going from one diet to another. Frustrated, we researched current scientific studies and found genuine ways to stay on a diet and have a healthy, energetic and good-looking body and wrote a book about it. Here is what some have said about this book, “This book changed my life! It helped me tremendously. My diet has now become part of me. Extremely helpful and very well documented. I’m very happy and use this as a reference.” – Ann Williamson “Very effective! This book put it all together for me! I don’t even think about diets anymore.” - Margie O’Hara If you have no trouble sticking to a diet, you don’t need to read this book. But if you do, you should get this book and carry it on your phone. It will change your life. https://www.amazon.com/Current-Research-Dieting-Proven-Ways-ebook/dp/B07HJZ5JJC/ #loseweight #weightwatchers #WW
Fallen Xaos (2 months ago)
You really motivate me and make me believe I can change. Thanks for all you do.
mutahhar jalal (2 months ago)
Wandile Dlamini (2 months ago)
Starving kids in Africa I'm not starving
has lop (2 months ago)
This nice lady brought me a meaty slice of pizza and i didnt wanna be mean so i waited til she left and gave it to my doggo
Khalani Schmidt (2 months ago)
Am I the only one watching this whilst eating a Burger.
Mr WaveLord (2 months ago)
Watching this while destroying my diet
Belieber girl (2 months ago)
Don‘t like my stupid comment Thank you!😂
Cosmine (2 months ago)
I don't wanna be unrespectful, but i'm so courious about that dot in ur left eye, i hope that that isn't bad..
Cosmine (2 months ago)
+Zage I don't have the best english, tho
Zage (2 months ago)
Cosmine it’s disrespectful
Mark Sinclair (2 months ago)
What’s worked for me is I made of list of protein and mineral densed foods that I enjoy and prepared meals in advanced that way I don’t just force myself to eat basic bland chicken, rice and brocolli creativity goes a long way so make things you enjoy that fit your macros and are really healthy because that way you look forward to meal planning and it kicks that hunger out that window that haves you crave junk food
dumbledore's eyelash (2 months ago)
Okay but you're really pretty, sir.
Danger Austin (2 months ago)
Good tips thanks.Im still fat lol 🎇😋
Lerzoos Lercoos (3 months ago)
What about if u go to a house a u don't wanna eat but everyone says to eat and they look at u like I'm rude because I don't wanna eat
windstorm1000 (3 months ago)
Aaron is Italian it must hv been hard giving up pasta and wine
Axel Alvarez (3 months ago)
Husky is a great term 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Leonard Wong (3 months ago)
Avoid rice. It's terribly high in calories. I can't because I'm stuck in Asia.... many crazies around. they frown on you when you eat other food. Avoid ALL sugary stuff.......
G MP (3 months ago)
"AssTon " LOL
Joseph Campbell (3 months ago)
If you suck a planning try fasting. Zero planning zero preparation.
SoldierBoi98 (3 months ago)
I literally made every one of these mistakes...
Hans Edward (3 months ago)
I laughed my ass off at 0:43 hahahaha
Justin B. (3 months ago)
Wut. Does eating cereal does the job too? Like banana cereal
Colin Parsons (3 months ago)
if i eat anything from any fast food place, I spend 20 mins slapping and punching myself afterward. real talk, I am a legit warrior when it comes to my greek body.
Bryan Echeverría (3 months ago)
Cheat meals 😁
Troy Stephens (3 months ago)
Great Vid! You Are What You Eat
Rosh Lepz (3 months ago)
You're already in 40's?
Haifa sm (3 months ago)
https://www.instagram.com/haifoufti/ that's not what the voices in my head saying .. what I hear is , Why are you doing this? you already look beautiful why would you go through this and you might fail , you might gain even more weight after the diet , you're gonna crave yummy food !! why are you doing this to yourself and you're not even fat! How can I stop that?
Definitely not Daniel (3 months ago)
I dropped from 130kg to 100 kg! Thanks to you Alpha!
dereck shaw (4 months ago)
Give this dude a tv show!!!!
Caddy 2848 (4 months ago)
Hold up your 40 looking 20 guess I’ll do what he says if this is what will come
Rielle Gordon (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for this. <3 I am overweight and just started my fitness journey and this is immensely helpful.
Thanos K (4 months ago)
I'm 13 years old 170 CM and I weight 63.3 kg I wanna lose weight but my mom CARES about HOW MUCH I eat,I'm not hungry but I have to eat....cause my mom says so help me what I have to di
Dj HeroW (3 months ago)
Thanos K but i weight 108 156 cm
Dj HeroW (3 months ago)
Thanos K well my mom is the same and i am 13 and its true
tristin hernandez (4 months ago)
How would I heat up food off a pan or I the microwave
Ashten mark (4 months ago)
Can you give me some tips on what to eat
Paige Espinosa (4 months ago)
I love this video so much.. he lifts me up while being stern ❤ I needed this!
Jesus Salcido (4 months ago)
Fuck I hate to be poor, wish I could afford healthy food
Zay Pettiford (4 months ago)
There's starving kids in Africa "AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO BE STARVING KIDS IN AFRICA" 😂😂😂😂😂he's so hilarious
Ferrara KidsClub (4 months ago)
Lost me at “gentleman”. Dang. I always had a cheat meal every Sunday. It was always chicken nachos.
Joseph Fogarty (4 months ago)
If you body wants to eat, give it water
Mikayla Burke (4 months ago)
I am not a gentleman :((
FMW (4 months ago)
Thanks alot Alpha. It's really great to hear all of this from a guy with alot of experience.
Dragon Kunia (4 months ago)
Honestly farmer boys sounds really good right now
Shivam Nagpal (4 months ago)
I can’t express how f***king correct you were in this video or any of your videos. You basically cut the bullshit and face reality. 💛
Pamela Idemudia (4 months ago)
Best video ever. I had a cheat day last Saturday and regretted it the next day. I was slow at the gym, I began to crave high calorie foods. I am trying to get back on my feet now, and thankfully doing good. Lesson learnt.
Rebekah Powers (4 months ago)
I love it when you say cut the shit,you can blow smoker up somebody else ass or even your own 😂😂😂😂,I must reminded that shit 4 times in a row😂😂😂😂
Rebekah Powers (4 months ago)
Great tips,thankyou for this video,it seems as though this video was made just for me,I relate to all of this
Next Level Knowledge (4 months ago)
What are the healthiest foods you recommend?
Jitendra Pant (4 months ago)
Awesome. To the point. Very practical advise. Thanks for this video
Spiritchii~24 (4 months ago)
I lost 14kg on my first time diet. Now i put 3 back on and i am tryna go back on. It has been 2 days since i started and i literally just ate 7 slices of pizza.
James Taylor (4 months ago)
I'd rather have Brenda's husband.. But I mean.. I'll take Brenda 😂
Jim Kelley (4 months ago)
I don't have that problem. I've always been super skinny and shit food makes me sick. I go in to a donut shop and get a migraine as well as ice cream shops. Fast food especially like bacon or pizza anything salty or greasy gives me heart burn, diarrhea, migraine or sometimes all three. There's been periods when I was a kid all I could eat was like a vegan diet to keep from getting sick. I love meat and taters but unfortunately I'm stuck eating lean baked meat and uncooked vegetables.:(
Michael Almontes (4 months ago)
I just get the swimmers body
trixy dean (4 months ago)
I always reach the middle of ur videos and then go back to the beginning when i realize that i didn't hear anything and i was just staring at you .
madbear3512 (4 months ago)
Proper Portions that funny lol. Who the hell says only 1 and eats only one yeah it doesn't happen
I Am The Marble (5 months ago)
Aaron’s like the perfect dad people never got to have
DeeFaaabulous (5 months ago)
i'm watching this cuz i'm 1 week and half into my dieting, and i just had 4 chocolate chip cookies.. (and last night). I feel so guilty right now.
Racer X (5 months ago)
Awesome video and you are dead on. Just a little over six months ago, I weighed 270 lbs. Now I am at 180 lbs. I went on the keto diet, which I do not look at as a "diet". I look at it as a lifestyle change. I feel better and have way more energy. Dedication and patience is key. I cut out alcohol, as you suggested in your video. I am not buff like you are, but I can fit comfortably in a size 32 jeans and that makes me happy.
Jazzyrose vlogz (5 months ago)
One like is 1 squat, I’m serious, plz help me lose 20 lbs heheheh (or comment if u don’t wanna like)
My Journey (5 months ago)
Just track your calories. You can eat whatever the fuck you wanna eat. Speaking from experience.

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