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Brian Pumper million dollars in Jewelry & Nat Turner hating on it.

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Brain Pumper at 2011 Adult video convention totally Iced out like always and fellow porn star Nat Turner interrupting his interview with Too Real For TV.
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DatBoy Cotvdotcom (15 days ago)
Both of em som fuckin male prostitute std having, dp doin weirdoz
Ragingbull340 (2 months ago)
Pumper's waves be laid! Love him or hate him. He needs to go ahead and do gay porn though. Straight men don't wear jewelry like that. Lol.
Black Child (3 months ago)
“U done did the porno shit now u blowin up in rap” 😂😂😂
THE WALTON REPORT (5 months ago)
Porn hoes don't even like working with b pumper.
THE WALTON REPORT (5 months ago)
Fake truck jewlery
Jay Mack (5 months ago)
People hatin on B pump but he getting paid LEGALLY!!! Fuck the ganstas or wankstas and busta drug dealers stop hating on the mans hustle
Thomas Jay (2 months ago)
Em Dee (6 months ago)
0:35 lmao he shouting out gunit, banks and yayo wtf
Expendable (7 months ago)
Man I didn't know Nat Turner was petty like that... Pump took the high road here, I can respect that, I would have shoved that fool off me when he came in and interrupted my interview... You cant stop a person from hating, they have a right to do so, but dam, don't fuckin' touch me, GIVE ME 3 FEET God Dammit!
Me 93 117 (7 months ago)
Nat turnher is a jealous fuck.
CoolMom T.v. (11 months ago)
So corny 🌽
Nat turner ✋hater
Denessa Smith (1 year ago)
😭😭😭 nat turnher petty asf
Q Green (1 year ago)
lmao Nat Turner been picking on this nigga for yrs, Pumper a victim.
TooRealForTV (1 year ago)
Quinton Green so damn true.but B Pumper take it like a zg and keep it moving. on to the next bitch. lol
Me 93 117 (1 year ago)
Nate Turnher jealous as fuck.
Quincy Scott (2 years ago)
It's Weird Turnher is saying he don't fuck with B P but on here it's a different story!
TooRealForTV (2 years ago)
Pumper.dont give half a shit about what any of you niggaz talking about.
RigginTheRod010 (2 years ago)
I guess
Guru La (2 years ago)
Just unbutton Pumper's pants Turner & give a unpresented blowjob right there. Good grief on his nuts.
TooRealForTV (2 years ago)
Lee Borden (2 years ago)
Brian Pumped is a straight up,bitch-ass nigga. Who can't rap;isn't, he still doing gay movie scenes?
Quincy Scott (2 years ago)
Lee Borden how do you know unless you're watching that?
BronerBeast (2 years ago)
Pump is lame and everything, but I cant stand a hater
74kjohnson (1 month ago)
That's his boy. He's just clowns him. Deserves so wearing that album shit lol
ChronicSmoka73 (3 years ago)
Love when Nat clowns this clown
Pumpers get more pussy than him
ThaGreaT FranK (1 year ago)
BronerBeast How he deserves to be crowned for wearing all that bullshit...
BronerBeast (2 years ago)
+trsswp Pumper is lame, but Nat look like a hater and a bully! Everybody aint tough and able to stand for themselves! This shit look ugly and tacky imo
Anna Graziano (4 years ago)
This nigga look like Craig David
Amanda Guzman (4 years ago)
Nat stop picking on Brian.Pumper is such a sweetheart I would love too hang out with him ll night and morning.And do the pumper dance.I did the pumper dance the other night in the club.
Q Green (1 year ago)
Yeah I would love 2 "hang out" with Jada Fire myself lmao
llong3316 (2 years ago)
+Amanda Miller well what that candy taste like though?
Amanda Guzman (2 years ago)
+llong3316 Well I guess you could say I think he is funny it has nothing to do with letting him get some of my candy.My god guys like you make me sick
RigginTheRod010 (2 years ago)
This ^
Rich Avery (4 years ago)
This cornball
74kjohnson (1 month ago)
+Brian Culpepper lol yes they do. Everyone is a hater to them. They're the main ones that are jealous dick riders.
Brian Culpepper (2 months ago)
Still trying to figure out wtf does that have to do with the subject of someone being a cornball, though. These new breed of niggaz have the spirit of whores and prostitutes.
Goldberg Brian (1 year ago)
cornball got more money than you
BronerBeast (2 years ago)
+Anja R. yea
beltonboy84 (5 years ago)
Maybe the man Pumper is smarter than he sounds. This is a yung nigga that gets paid to fuck the dimes of the world. If the only thing nate got on B is his fake jewerly..U see it dont effect him, the money he pullin, or the bitches he fucking! Now maybe his whack fuck game is doin that, but nate wont say that tho........lls. Unless u out here givin ppl slow deaths and shit for a livin, niggas need to start congratulating niggas and stop bein press to beef wit sombody. Get ur selfesteem up!!! Lol
rahsaun77 (5 years ago)
Nat stay clownin' and Brian just takes it. They seem like their cool though, both are fcukin legal hoe's and making money. So why be mad?
Waynestarr (5 years ago)
Nah, I'd put my money on the Natster. He's a big dude too....and taller.
LoneBong (5 years ago)
People are trying to help him before his life is over and hes nothing but a lowly porn star. He could do bettter with his life...he seems like he could.
littlerush99 (5 years ago)
If we boys you can fuck with dude like that,but if that nigga just trippin all the time. Bro need to check that chin on his ass. Seriously
Billy Arnezz (5 years ago)
Yo, Nat Turnher is constantly punkin' this dude lmao
chuckyg2 (5 years ago)
Or maybe it's because he put Fishburne's daugther in his video and violated a unwritten code, because I don't know him, but I will never respect him for that!
74kjohnson (1 month ago)
There's an unwritten rule about putting hoes willing to fuck on camera in a video?
Abdullahi Ibn Gregory (1 month ago)
What code? She grown.
Ty Rey (1 year ago)
man fuk that that bitch wanted to do porn to embarrass her dad for what ever reason fuk that bitch
MrBlacknosugar (5 years ago)
This nigga is goin straight to hell....approve that.
MrLongduckdoong (6 years ago)
NO STUPID!!!! "Gunplay" is for fucktards who love to get arrested and fucked in the ass. Lets beef in a parking lot and see you pull a strap...I would shove your head so far up your fat ass you would piss on yourself....REAL MEN throw blows....Not give them in PRISON!..And I am a firearms owner. The only time for a gun is when someone pulls one on you or physically threatens your life! PUSSYS SQUASH BEEF W GUNS!...
Justin Sewell (6 years ago)
Gun play is for niggas who don't have time for all that squabbling. It's for when a situation is deeper than hands. Only niggas who say that guns are weak are niggas too afraid to end a man's life.
GetTheHook (6 years ago)
Superficial dumjbasses.
Karla Sheabon (6 years ago)
Wow that pumper fella is sexy as hell.
Kelvin Houston (6 years ago)
True, why is that I suppose?...lol He wouldn't be lying when he speaks, huh?!
Kelvin Houston (6 years ago)
That surprised me too!...lol
Kelvin Houston (6 years ago)
Your right, bet their good friends!
soldieroflove91 (6 years ago)
hes beautiful but porn? i would never do porn its trashy like the saying who wants a plum thats already been bitten
pintobeanpintobean (6 years ago)
SMH...SMH....this dude is actually calling himself Nat Turner? What a slap in the face of the REAL Nat Turner.
Cree (6 years ago)
EngleSackJus (6 years ago)
* Both of them niggas have the personality of arrogent Cartoon Characters i swear. lol Nat cool, but Brian is a lost soul. The dude cant even look into the camera with a straight face on to say what he does is real to him.
triniyankee (6 years ago)
i was gon say the same thing...this aint the first video of nat goin on him. and he never really gets that upset. takes a certain type of mindframe or mindset to obsorb all of that and not ball up fists or anything.
nefone1000 (6 years ago)
Nat be going hard on tha jewlels.
Dirty Sanchez (6 years ago)
Brian Pumper is 1 of those guys that's gay but if he wanted can still pull women that most guys can only dream of or he gets hit on by them
29larron (4 months ago)
Tf is u talkn bout mane 😅
Raja Lemuur (7 years ago)
yellomello27 (7 years ago)
@Dmv06 i knew she looked familiar i just couldn't pinpoint who whe was.
chuck sanders (7 years ago)
Ive seen Nat Turner in other videos with Brian P doing the same fucking shit, hating on Brian P, because its clear that he is jealous of the dude making moves and being fresher than him.
supreme12 (7 years ago)
They boys Nat turner know his shit is fake. Its all good though no hate. Brian Pumper know he be wearing that bullshit. LOL!!
22NiggaPlease (7 years ago)
He do what it do he dont give a fuck if he cared he would have gave up a long time ago ... he get all the pussy regardless
Young Renzel (7 years ago)
B pumper cracks me up
YesThaHell (7 years ago)
o wow that's Kim's assistant Sweetie
yootuubinatwerk (7 years ago)
@OneTrillNigga07 actually they do shine... only way to know a real diamond is to see it through a loop and if it has dirt in it its real:~)
turbofister5000 (7 years ago)
yuuuup, that guy is just jealous cuz he has to live in the mans shadow..fuck em.
TooRealForTV (7 years ago)
I respect this dude because he dont let haters bother him at all.
Robert Fryson (10 months ago)
He sure dont
Yes he,s seems very laid back
Nottotv (7 years ago)
@BobbyGreenway34 chill out their close friends that know each other for a while thats what they do.
YUNG JUDAH (7 years ago)
fake ass jewls real diamonds dont shine like that
Oduks93 (7 years ago)
Say what u say but the man always keeps it together, no matter how much ppl try to hate on him on video! I would switch on these [email protected] point! Put them back in their place!
Randy S (7 years ago)
His friends are fucking Jealous man.
mrmime00 (7 years ago)
hey pumper keep F*&^@@# them H*&^ bro LOL! , let them fuckers hate itz all good PIMP PIMP!!!
photomatz (7 years ago)
fake or not he sexy in it
TooRealForTV (7 years ago)
@jacekantoine damn I didnt know that Nat had a baby by Ice la fox. Cant front Ice la fox is bad. But my baby momma...... I dont know thats a lot of pressure. But Nat a real nigga so im sure he can handle it.
SupremeSicily (7 years ago)
lol pumper that dude tho.Instead of punching that hater in the face and possibly getting into an unnecessary beef with a loser,he rather kill him with sucess
SupremeSicily (7 years ago)
nigga hating hard on p bumper.Pumper making moves while this nigga still making porn scenes
Dablkwid0w2008 (7 years ago)
They both sexy in they own way. Nat sexual chocolate B Pump pretty boy...it's cool I guess
David williams (7 years ago)
@BobbyGreenway34 shit happens..at least nat dnt pay other women ta shit on him n let bitches eat his ass..wat type homo shit is dat..lmao0..nigga brian pumper is a weirdo n he homo on the download..
Blastaar7 (7 years ago)
@Ryukikon funny thing is, so many seem to hate, but he's staying in his lane and makin a looooot of money doing it.
Blastaar7 (7 years ago)
@TooRealForTV from what I see, it seems like nat always wanted to be down. There's a few vids out there where he's straight up hating though. It's like that guy in the corner who's always got something to say about you, but is secretly your biggest fan.
Blastaar7 (7 years ago)
LOL 1:15 look like b.pumper was itchin to steal on nat.
icefrappe (7 years ago)
@QUIKKSTAR man if his shit is fake and look like that, tell me where i can get those fakes to look so good
Brotha Uwais (7 years ago)
MissTia777 (7 years ago)
He is just TOO FINE!
Darryl&Devin tolor (7 years ago)
these ppl who hate on him dnt realize tht their just making him more famous
KingOfThePhuckery (7 years ago)
eventually brian pumper is gonna crush one of these dudes jaws, i guarantee it. i don't think he's a punk, i think he's just somebody who doesn't like conflict and doesn't care if people make fun of him. but after while he'll snap, they gonna be jokin and playin around with him and he's gonna lose it. it only has to happen once and nobody will do it again. niggas don't respect kindness, you gotta break a niggas jaw sometimes for them to get the point.
mumba1006 (7 years ago)
HandSteady Visuals (7 years ago)
HandSteady Visuals!!!
shanenolan85 (7 years ago)
I hate Nat Turner's Hatin ass LOL! I really hate all the new male porn stars! There all arrogant and cant fuck! The only 2 that seem super coo are: CJ Wright & Charlie Mac! Outside of those guys...the rest need their cards revoked!
teavion1 (7 years ago)
man, as a female, I love porn.... Pumper is lame and nasty, he one that make u wonder if he gay trying to fit in... Nat one of the best I know, every time him and Carrera get a scene together that shit go hard. He ain't hating, he joking with him, oan did yall see the scene with Nat and Pinky, thought that nigga was trying to murder her lmbo> if you didn't check it out on spankwire. he looked like he was taking some personal shit out on her weak ass.
TooRealForTV (7 years ago)
@thepolodon21 Violence is not always the answer...
izabella pasek (7 years ago)
why can't pumper just fight him
xTwistedInsaneBK (7 years ago)
His eyebrow always go up when he talking
annsw (7 years ago)
@BobbyGreenway34 you're so funny I had to give you a thumb up for this one!
steelerfan757 (7 years ago)
no i dont know what u mean lol
yootuubinatwerk (7 years ago)
lapatitabonita (7 years ago)
Dios mio...que hombres tan hermosos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! viva la raza negra, son dioses de ébano!!!
1227weaverb (7 years ago)
@Ryukikon The rich rappers like the 50 jay-z and kanye can afford the real shit
TooRealForTV (7 years ago)
@BobbyGreenway34 Nat just fucks with the dude. They were there together so I dont think its that serious. Matter face the few times I have seen him in Cali them niggaz always together so I think their friends.
g33k101 (7 years ago)
@TooRealForTV 85 percent do
Blastaar7 (7 years ago)
daaaaam why is nat hatin soooo hard. B is on another cam stayin in his lane. What's nat doin in the background? talkin shit.
annsw (7 years ago)
B Pumper is fine as hell no matter what Nate Turner say about him Nate can't fuck with him in the looks departmant point blank period and watchin some of B adult films he seem to be a great fuck as well. Nate Turner look like an alcoholic MF that's probably why he's hating. HaTeRs are funny or at least they think they are smh.
MoneyMakingMartin (7 years ago)
I don't know whats up with ya'll but itshot.com be blinging. fuck that CZ Gucci Mane shit sonny get the legit and tell them sucka's to quit. I'm up north comin forth
ResearcherOne (7 years ago)
He is selling a porn rap character and everyone is buying ! Im not going to waist money on jewelry if Im acting out a character . B.pumper is a marketing , self promoting business person . The first thing someone is going to call you when you make it big is "Gay" or "you aint Real" . If you dont have haters then your doing something wrong . Great business model ,BPumper is a Boss not an employee .
Jerry Kinion (7 years ago)
Laguna Loire (7 years ago)
the ebony girl in white dress with brian pumper who is she? does anyone know her?
Laguna Loire (7 years ago)
who is that girl he is with?
uptownla5o4 (7 years ago)
nat turner stays hatin on b pumper dog that shits annoying like dat nigga is garbage and so is his career he just mad cuz b pumper is blowin up and he aint doin shit
MrRedbone19 (7 years ago)
I dont think Nat Turner has done a video without hating on Brian. Cotdayum that nigga Nat money must be drying up.
deletedd (7 years ago)
this nigga crazy< he got the personality for entertainment... I can watch this retarded nigga say and do retarded shit all day... him and wesley pipes need a reality show together

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