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OUT NOW: Armin van Buuren A State Of Trance 2010 App

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Download here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-state-of-trance-2010/id365507392?mt=8 Featured track: Gaia - Aisha Download here: http://tinyurl.com/ASOT2010AvB On the first day of release on iTunes, Armin van Buurens 7th edition of the popular A State of Trance series entered iTunes Top 10 charts all across the globe. In the United States, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Greece, the album reached a number 1 position in Dance Charts on the main digital download platforms within hours after its official release. And yes, A State of Trance 2010 still is rocking charts. Armada Music is the only company with apps for regular albums. After apps for Markus Schulz Las Vegas 10, Armins Universal Religion Chapter 4, Dash Berlin and more, its now time for A State of Trance 2010 to take over your iPhone. Download the complete album and its info for less than half of the original download price! Listen to Armins remix of Faithless, follow-up to Gaia Tuvan and indulge yourself with exclusive new tracks of Ørjan Nilsen, Andy Moor, Thomas Bronzwaer, Arnej and more. Get the iPhone app in the App Store. For more info check: http://www.itunes.com/arminvanbuuren http://www.armadamusic.com http://www.itunes.com/armadamusic
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Text Comments (54)
Mrjuanz123 (7 years ago)
armin + iphone = hugeness
freshairrr (7 years ago)
excellent rythm... greatings from Greece..
cristian donose (7 years ago)
Where's Android app? There are so many Androids out there...
GREAT MAN!!! you ar the best OF THE BEST!!!
supercomputadora (8 years ago)
Gabriel Lainesse (8 years ago)
@sochrd That would be amazing.
Allinfishing’ (8 years ago)
aramada should make a State of Trance app..that lets you download the episode every week..:D
iievgeniia (8 years ago)
@TheTyhra Gaia - Aisha (Original Mix)
Shy Guy (8 years ago)
watch this when High... Fr Ca devir en dechiquette vloten beichmuk Yes... its very trippy (@[email protected]) Oaaahhhhhh!!!
trancelover8 (8 years ago)
Tiesto forever!!!
Jirka Hruška (8 years ago)
Hudba prostě super. Neni nic lepšího
Daemon Child (8 years ago)
LPS PopCorn TV (8 years ago)
perfect, damn so good
sweetkitten478 (8 years ago)
Daniel La Porta (8 years ago)
Simply brilliant....
zeyaxe (8 years ago)
I have to listen this again and again....
MrAmxMode (8 years ago)
this is...one of the best tracks by armin....awsome ^_^
jughei (8 years ago)
who's the best? Armin 4 ever!!!!
Armando Labrada (8 years ago)
thats right armin rulees(;
Arkadiusz Jasieniecki (8 years ago)
Amr ibrahim (8 years ago)
best sound ever...its so GREAT
RoflAPiggy (8 years ago)
Thumbs up if you're trippin.
sabah4eto (8 years ago)
maria d. (8 years ago)
just perfect!
MrFuturesinger (8 years ago)
listening to this on shrooms Is beautiful
Dimitar Chobanov (8 years ago)
simply perfekt
Ádám Horváth (8 years ago)
I think the Gaia-Tuvan is better than Gaia-Aisha.... But grat Armin!
Brian Murphy (8 years ago)
Check Out My Video Of Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher - Free Fallin played by armin van buuren at amnesia ibiza july 2009 HD video
Dragoncally (8 years ago)
Track's name is Gaia - Aisha
Colvita (8 years ago)
I love Your videos !
Vitaly Birikov (8 years ago)
awesome i going to download it soon ass it can lol
Saulo Landeros (8 years ago)
We want an Armin Only event in Mexico!!!
KGBMavericK (8 years ago)
iphone sucks. Need it for symbian
cMARVEL360 (8 years ago)
I hope this app isn't for iphone or itunes only. I got a DROID and i'm interested in this app.
Michael Smith (8 years ago)
@farzanjava yeah I know these figures, but Android sells 100k devices a day these days. As stated before Android are many devices for me whereas iPhone are only 3 different models yet. I know the comparison is not very fair, but shows the power of Android to come and where it is right now. iPhone got respect for its easy and usaiblity but at my side the negative parts are overwhelming, like the strictness of software allowed to use or the built in battery. Android for me is open to some extend.
Michael Smith (8 years ago)
@farzanjava I understand what you are saying, but the 3GS has been outdated and moved to the places by HTC and Motorola. I am excited what 4G will be like, but the numerous companies using and pushing Android will come with something better soon. Problem of iPhone is there is only one model that gets updated once a year.
Michael Smith (8 years ago)
I want this for Android NOW. iPhone is gonna be dead soon.
Marcos Antunes (8 years ago)
muito bom como tudo que o Armin toca.... MVSA
NiePotrzebujeNicku (8 years ago)
Armin... You are the best , that's for the d*mn sure.
Joan Torres (8 years ago)
eres lo mejor del trance armin pasate por menorca te viene de paso cuando vas a ibiza
charles enc (8 years ago)
ASOT 10 EAAAAAA rifa rifa algo de buen trance a manos de armin buen song (Y)
Blair Nathan (8 years ago)
awseome bro
kyle7412 (8 years ago)
@urmyuk1 gaia - aisha.....
CoolMixOfficial (8 years ago)
ARMIN... the best forever
Maike Danger (8 years ago)
They Itunes is the best trance on the Worl, he make me G'z when Listen they Song's Can Touch my Hearth! :') Armin Van buuren! ♥ Cheers! from brazil!
Mark Urmson (8 years ago)
id the tune being played ???
João Ferreira (8 years ago)
i downloaded it and im bloody loving it!
dark132asot (8 years ago)
like track
mlh (8 years ago)
The first rave I ever went to was TAO in LA 2008-09. It was an Armin Only set...I knew from that night on, I would always love Trance. Thank you, Armin. I owe you so much.
Akleptose (8 years ago)
as usual he impressed me
xxx xxx (8 years ago)
have it
Haulin45 (8 years ago)
great :)
Ismael Matoso (8 years ago)
FIRST #1ST =D (I never did this before)

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