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How to Determine Your Face Shape

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Text Comments (756)
Bilal pardasi (4 days ago)
I don't know my face shape
Bilal pardasi (4 days ago)
Bhai kuxh smj nhi ayi Pata hi nhi chala Mara face ki shape kon si ha
Gurpreet Singh (4 days ago)
Does shape of nose matter?
Bro my jawline is bigger than other face lines what style suits me .Can you please help me out in this
Harvey Merrall (7 days ago)
Did you say nano meters?????
Marcin Wójtowicz (8 days ago)
any with that shape is not mine, I still do not know what i have
{Motorkrist } (11 days ago)
Which face shape do i have ??? HELP !!! Face lenght(22) >Jawline(20) > Forehead(14)> cheekbones(10) (I measured in centimeters)
TheProtoBullion (11 days ago)
nice hair!
Yon Sanguansak (17 days ago)
My face shape is a potato
Amogh Gunaki (24 days ago)
It means that you have all the face shapes🤣🤣🤣😂
Princess Pluto (28 days ago)
you look like Miguel
cutesie cupcake 212 (1 month ago)
My head is a fat circle ⭕️ 😭
Angshu B (1 month ago)
Sponcer sponcer sponcer fu#k fu#k fu#k but i like everything he shows
Filip (1 month ago)
Im either oval or square🤔
VIRALNX 222 (1 month ago)
Squared face shape with a beautiful jawline and cheekbones a good eye shape but the nose messes up everything Who has the same problem ?!!
mario white (1 month ago)
"What the hell is a my face shape the hol time I thought is was just a circle ", that cracked me up ....
Pappy (1 month ago)
koi meri face shape batado
Luke Rogers (1 month ago)
Why are you yelling
Plex Gams (1 month ago)
I have a round shape in the mirror but when I look in the camera its differnt very different
Adrian Ambroz (2 months ago)
I have oval-squared face shape
michael farez (2 months ago)
ugh can someone help me determine my face shape im still having trouble😩 idk if i have a heart or oval shape. someone help me🙏🏼
V3 Venom (2 months ago)
I still can't 😂my face is confusing me
ANANT Jaguri (3 months ago)
Haha....same person has 3 face shape in thumbnail
StrongLikeSheep (3 months ago)
My face length is the longest, and jawline, forehead, and cheeks are all about the same. Therefore you would think i’m oval. But am I still oval if my jaw line is soft and not sharp?
Zee Balosch (3 months ago)
Guys stop being lazy watching YouTube tips Just go Workout and get everything perfect which only takes 3-8 months.
Animation/Gaming Duo (3 months ago)
What does that have to do with your face shape?
Animation/Gaming Duo (3 months ago)
What does that have to do with your face shape.
No One Perfect (3 months ago)
Next video lip care routine
Tiberiu D (4 months ago)
U literally have all the face shapes
IJ Hopkins (4 months ago)
Unbounded (4 months ago)
I feel like when im watching this, it feels like im trying too hard..
Vlad Yakobov (4 months ago)
Jose, really like your videos! Can you please tell me where did you get your jacket?
J-Angel Cruz (4 months ago)
Seria buena idea que lo hicieses en español..!
WUT IF UR SLENDER MAN DOE???!? #slendermanmoviedroptodayletsgobois
The official kamuhm (4 months ago)
You are Indian
Stephen Naorem (4 months ago)
Oval is not that good for men. Square and Diamond are better.
Lian Lotrenia (4 months ago)
Hi. What is the name of your hair style because i have diamond face shape
Thomas Sullivan (4 months ago)
you have all of the face shapes.... im jealous.. lol
Hamza Karamijic (4 months ago)
I still don't get it. I'm prolly just dumb.
Vladimir Shtefan (4 months ago)
ЯI hame something between hard and oval face-shape
Dark cadence (4 months ago)
I have the same exact head and face shape of Jake Muller from resident evil 6, oval/long..
Where did he get that jacket?
ibraheem adam (4 months ago)
This was so helpful
Anteater23 (4 months ago)
Jose the type of Zuniga to sue Apple for not selling Rose gold and black iPhones.
matheus assis (4 months ago)
i dont oval is the best face shape, i have oval face shape is so fucking hard to find the right stlye
Francisco Cerda (4 months ago)
Buenas men, su video en español tambien ya que esta bastante interesante.🙏🙏
iDateAdvice (4 months ago)
Easy, just watch in the mirror!
Jas Mehts (4 months ago)
You have an oval face. Also don’t kid yourself, every guy wants a square face.
Momo Lacoste (4 months ago)
my face is the same shape ass yours, whats your shape?
Joshua Lawson (4 months ago)
Going to high school soon. Any tips TMF?
Daniel Obando (4 months ago)
We need this in the channel Estilo de Hombre.
Rachit Maini (4 months ago)
East or west Jose is the best
NightBot (4 months ago)
I will help u.... if your forehead is wide your face slims down as it goes down your checkbones are a little less wide then your forehead and your chin is less wide then your checkbones
DancehallStraight TM (4 months ago)
So apparently i have an oval face but im just a lil fat
Adil M. Qureshi (4 months ago)
Dont you think you move around a bit too much in your videos. Sometimes it works are a distraction to focus on what you are actually saying.
? (4 months ago)
At 4:18 the ad ends
Riz Kler (4 months ago)
Great vid Jose 😎🤘
Shinichi Baadkar (4 months ago)
Jose has all faces
sani kilua (4 months ago)
If my face is combination between oval and square face, what it's call? (cause the mid line is the longest one and the forehead and the jawline line has same long) Help please 😂
tahmid abtahee (4 months ago)
I do have a pointy chin
Papi Champú (4 months ago)
How do you determine your face shape if you have a long beard?
Xavier Zaid (4 months ago)
Hey wait where is the triangle face shape which have the sharpest jaw?
RoxasToxas (4 months ago)
I have an oval
Ben Bryson (4 months ago)
Back to school
Jose Guerrero (4 months ago)
There's no app for this???
Sergio Cunha (4 months ago)
i always skip the rose gold and black
Blibasaurus (4 months ago)
YEP! GOT THE SAME SHAPE AS PADELECKI! Time to cut fat, bulk up, and grow my hair. All of which I was already doing but hey, more motivation
Salman Farooq (4 months ago)
Hey Jose I want some money help from you plz bro help me out.
Warren Slaughter (4 months ago)
thought it was just a circle lololol
Michael Lane (4 months ago)
Bro, where did you get that jacket?
David Martín Utrero (4 months ago)
PLS need this video in spanish channel Jose.
Fernando Acero (4 months ago)
make this video in spanish please
Frost Ultimate (4 months ago)
Why is an oval face shape the one every guy wants?
asum power (4 months ago)
What is that jacket please.
Job Mark Tumlos (4 months ago)
Nice. I keep on wondering my face shape. Thanks guruuuu
Ibrahim Ahmed (4 months ago)
Amazing Help For Hairstyles especially How To Modify some Hair Style To Have Best Hair Style Make Some Videos For Accent And Voice
Alojzy Żyrokompas (4 months ago)
Wow, this one was really dumb and inaccurate.
Emil Johansson (4 months ago)
Justin Reyna (4 months ago)
These two topics in the video don't really go together...Determining face shapes & promoting necklaces/braclets I mean...Maybe if it was face shapes & promoting cool glasses that fit that face shape it would make more sense. Just my opinion but do what you gotta do.
Raw (4 months ago)
Egg face shape
Junaid Khan (4 months ago)
Sir how to gain weight give me some diet plan what should I do to increase weight
aleena hassan (4 months ago)
loving the jacket
OGKrushz (4 months ago)
I have a diamond face shape
akshay kumar (4 months ago)
Round shape face: You're fucked..Faceshape.
Laurentiu Bogdan (4 months ago)
WoW I like your jacket so much.
BboyKetrio (4 months ago)
Dammit was so sure my face shape was an octagon
Supreme Beast (4 months ago)
I'm a bit confused because you used the same face as an example for all face shapes...
Vishu Adakmol (4 months ago)
What is your face shape zose.
Vishu Adakmol (4 months ago)
You are my style guru zose brother.
The guy next door (4 months ago)
It's so hard for me to accurately find my face shape. I feel like the reason for this is because I have kinda like a combination face shape. Like a mixture of round and square face, not very versatile ik but Ayee. But I feel, I look much better in *Rectangular* frames and in *Wayfares* as to wearing an *Aviator* or *Round* frames? What face shape could I possible have? I need aid!
E L (4 months ago)
ur running out of ideas
Noobster (4 months ago)
I still can't understand what face shape I have
Gexio Tub (4 months ago)
OMG bro one of my chins is round and the otherone is more stright
Aqmal Mahissa (4 months ago)
My face is like triange upside down i dont know what to do lol im ugly as hell btw
Philip Trampedach (4 months ago)
My rosegold and Black bracelet brok agter a week😢
Ionut Japa (4 months ago)
Jose, why every guy want an oval face shape?
Harsh Golchha (4 months ago)
I thought there would be no sponsor in this video but i was wrong🙃
Slabbustinq (4 months ago)
That thing is sexy(RG&B) but can't afford it
Juan Gonzalez (4 months ago)
My face shape is a potato 🥔 GOD DAMN IM GORGEOUS!!!
Young Boss Hindu (4 months ago)
Jose never wears any sponsored watches, he’s always wearing his white gold yacht-master 40mm Rolex or his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore.
Abhinandan Baruah (4 months ago)
What's you face shape Jose?
Jeff X (4 months ago)
Got an equal faceshape to Ryan Gosling, so it is oval right?

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