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Dance Moms Crew Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet KCA's 2016

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 BROLL: DANCE MOMS crew Melissa Gisoni, Maddie Ziegler, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, JoJo Siwa, Nia Sioux Frazier, Mackenzie Ziegler, and more arrive at Kids' Choice Awards orange carpet held at The Forum in Inglewood, Ca March 12, 2016 http://www.maximotv.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (389)
Yasmim Aguiar (7 months ago)
A nia ta horrival
Kenzîe Flrs (9 months ago)
Nía lucio hermosa
Ava Leibel (9 months ago)
I love Kendall, Kalani, and maddies outfits!!
Elisa M (9 months ago)
Nia you look ugly
chainsaw barbie (10 months ago)
All of them look absolutely delightful! Personal faves are Maddie, Nia and JoJo!
Dayana Bernardo (11 months ago)
Niaa and Kalanni
Rody Videos (11 months ago)
Es enserio Jojo tenis a una alfombra Btaw
Malu 503 (1 year ago)
The the persons clothes I hated the most and ruined the picture was jojos😩😩😩😩
1 Kendall 2 brynn 3 Mackenzie 4 maddie 5 jojo 6 kalani 7 Nia ( all gorges just not a big fan of the bangs)
Tomoose13 (1 year ago)
Whos the lady at the end she no dance mom 👎🏻👧🏽
anonymous person (3 days ago)
nia was on dance moms dummy
Amrita Maharaj (1 year ago)
Kendell look cute
clorox bleach (1 year ago)
Coment which teen on dance moms is ur favorite mine is kalani
Feyona Pierre (1 year ago)
Nia's. Mom 🔥🔥🔥
Angie & Madison (1 year ago)
Yasmine El Jatari (1 year ago)
Sorry that I say this Beth ever one look beatiful and dan your have jojo fits heren hare is like candy than your have the dresss is like a monster and ever one havs beatiful shoes and than your have like shoes for school👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👠👠👠👡👡👡👡👡💄💄💄👗👗👗👗👗👗👗
luvcats 101 (1 year ago)
My fav was probably Mackenzie's! She is't my fav dancer, maddie is! It's not because people think she's "the best" it's because of her personality. She's so sweet and funny!
Fab And Chic 0029 (1 year ago)
que bella estaba kenzie
Valentina Ortiz P (1 year ago)
Jill está muy gorda
Talia Harris (1 year ago)
What age is MczKenzie? She's wearing heals and she looks wayyyy to young
anonymous person (3 days ago)
she was probably 12
Talia Harris (1 year ago)
Sorry *McKenzie*
Cookies lover (1 year ago)
good as gold
a person (1 year ago)
All of them look fab
Nicolas Rodriguez (1 year ago)
me gustaria y le dalia like si no fuera por el peinado de la de blanco
I like jojo's shirt from where?
Katty onpurple (1 year ago)
1:01 The guy is like "this is urh Mackenzie right?"
whitney Bjerken (1 year ago)
JoJo siwa super tare
Gymnastics Ophelia (1 year ago)
LOL camera just zooms in on Maddie
it makes me mad when the paparazzi didnt know who mackenzie was wtf "maddie's sister"
Naughties (1 year ago)
Wtf is jojo wearing lmao
Jill 0:50 to 0:52 !!!
Sharetny Jacobs (1 year ago)
que. lindas
Sharetny Jacobs (1 year ago)
que. lindas
Camila Adriana (1 year ago)
Lily Onoh (1 year ago)
Jojo looks so good and pretty.
Kalani looks like she's wearing pjs
John Taula (1 year ago)
The only people that looked good was Kendall maddie kalani and mackenzie
Emma Gems (1 year ago)
Mackenzie, Brynn, Jojo look so nice!!!!
Adele Lover (1 year ago)
I love Nia and Kalani
David Berke (1 year ago)
i love u jojo ..................................................................................................ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Marie Ryan (1 year ago)
😢 love you all i am a ralley good dancer xxx
you all look so pretty👗👡
Angela Liu (2 years ago)
Jojo rlly can't pose
Olga Pupko (2 years ago)
Mia is looking stunning! absolutely adorable.
Kenz Favorite (2 years ago)
lmao did a guy just called Brynn Kenzie 😂😂😑ok
Melissa Melissa (2 years ago)
Where is Chloe?
Paulette Mendoza (2 years ago)
Veronica Morenoqueb (2 years ago)
ya no deberían sacar a cloe en vídeos de dance moon ya que ella ya no es pertenece á la compañía de Abby y ya que habla cosas malas del programa
Daily Splits (2 years ago)
I laughed really loud when it changed to the moms it was like they'd aged 30 years 😂😂
Skylar 18 (2 years ago)
At part 0.21 Jojo was doing a face like 😙✌🏻️ them Brynn look at Jojo and copying Jojo doing the same face as jojo😙✌🏻️
Jackie Florence (2 years ago)
Brynn were did you get your all in one
Cherish Doman (2 years ago)
i hate jojo outfit like u could were a dree
Victoria (2 years ago)
Kendall is such a slut
Mariam Khan (2 years ago)
nia looks amazing
KMirijana (2 years ago)
Kalani was looks so pretty and mature.
Chloe Hoyer (2 years ago)
And that's what jojo wears?? Wow that's ugly af. She has horrible style
Kiersten Bennett (2 years ago)
твн nιa dιdnт looĸ pretty
Kiersten Bennett (2 years ago)
твн nιa dιdnт looĸ pretty
Chiara Vecchio (2 years ago)
Arion Briyel (2 years ago)
Dolan Twins Lover (2 years ago)
JoJo's outfit was really ugly!
Denise Rivera Sandoval (2 years ago)
kendall should be a model
Callum Hall (2 years ago)
those smiles are fake
Carrie Colgan (2 years ago)
Partypig Shane (2 years ago)
Jojo is 😘. She is rocking it appropriately
Latisha Conep (2 years ago)
Kalani and Kendall look awesome and hot😍❤️💋🙈I have no words they look hot as fuck😏😏
Han'na (2 years ago)
Kendall outfit was the best
Nya Green (2 years ago)
Nia what even is that hair😂😂
Sarah Hudock (2 years ago)
I feel bad for Brynn
Liliana Aguilera (2 years ago)
my favorites are Nia and kendall
MJwoods103 (2 years ago)
kalani looks amazing!!
Nasima Akhtar (2 years ago)
Maddie, Kendall, Mackenzie and kalani are very pretty
MackenzieZiegler (2 years ago)
In the beggining of the video it's like...they didn't know where to look first...xD
Awesome Girl 216 (2 years ago)
Jojo was the only one who wore converse shoes
Jmxe1020_ Ms (2 years ago)
what is jojo wearing
Fatima Khyt (2 years ago)
Kalani slayed even her mother they are stunning
Amara Jackson (2 years ago)
I love all of the outfits! why is Brynn there she wasn't really part of season 6??
Brynn is the pretties! #loveher
Mr. Hamawe (2 years ago)
Why did Brynn and Ashlee go?
Efe Ejiya (2 years ago)
cause there part of the team............
The BFF unicorn squad (2 years ago)
I can't believe Jill and Ashlee were standing by each other because they fight all the time👭
Myegrace Taguinod (2 years ago)
Jojo looked stupid
Kelly Lynn (2 years ago)
I love Jojo and Kenzie
kaliah dortch (2 years ago)
kendall over did it why is a 13 year old girl wearing heels and exposing the stomach these kids think their so grown
jojo es muy creida creee q es la gran cosa
Karen He (2 years ago)
I think Brynn looked the nicest because all of the other girls over did it, whilst Brynn was nice and classy
Kim Rivas (2 years ago)
why did Bryn had to be there .I think she wanted to be there just to be famous
Gladis Leal (2 years ago)
Hola mackenci 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
selena selena (2 years ago)
why did brynn go
Lunarr (2 years ago)
Lunarr (2 years ago)
+Aysenur Karabag yeah
Aysenur Karabag (2 years ago)
Do you mean Chloe Lukasiak?
Sanaa Amaal (2 years ago)
nia looks great with blue hair :P
KayoticGamer (2 years ago)
Kalani looks like kylie jenner
Ndaru Hatmoko (2 years ago)
I hate jojo
Manuela Octaviani (2 years ago)
i love how jojo's outfit was super chilled
Wong Lu Yan (2 years ago)
Kenzie was the prettiest 😍😍
Catherine Azcarrate (2 years ago)
Catherine Azcarrate (2 years ago)
yeah!! so trur
Aysenur Karabag (2 years ago)
lillian lugo (2 years ago)
Nia you rock
Toria Louise (2 years ago)
Mims NYC (2 years ago)
Love all the girls, but Brynn is my favorite!
R 8 (2 years ago)
I think Jojo win I Love her
Bright Star (2 years ago)
Ok Kalani and Kendall
Beth Hadfield (2 years ago)
I want they original crew back
que guapas se ven los primas maddie y mackenzie
Abdias Beltran (2 years ago)
nía es hermosa

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