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JOHNNY gets in THE RING with STEVE... | Family Feud

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Text Comments (37)
Sheila Mccullough (1 month ago)
Steve goota.love him
Clarissa Thornton (6 months ago)
In the car Steve
Elder Maxwell Cotton (7 months ago)
1:13 lol
suki love (7 months ago)
That’s not abnormal. We don’t wear rings either.
Shelly Ann Richards (10 months ago)
Smh... The devil is a liar. I wish he came to me with that crap
Christopher McLaren (10 months ago)
That's exactly how I feel about tattoos, you feel in your heart instead of needing to show it on your body for me personally.
Adriana Lopez (10 months ago)
That wouldn't work with me with that BS lol
Breva Viva (11 months ago)
If I'm wearing a wedding ring, the other person is too. It's not fair any other way, unless she truly does not care if he does or not (which according to 1:05 it seems like she does). What a stupid guy.
Jacques Valley (11 months ago)
I love that video
Daniel Knapp (1 year ago)
Johnnys wife is hot.
James j (1 year ago)
I would have went with the ring is expensive and I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad lol
Revontheus Rain (1 year ago)
Love is in the heart not in the ring
dawson wop (1 year ago)
Did u notice at 1:05 she was about to cry
Adi Kusdarwanto (1 year ago)
but then she laugh, Steve just save their moment
Raynenn (1 year ago)
Dat man gonna prolly cheat soon
Megan Carter (1 year ago)
Rayne probably already does
MonsterHunterRoon (1 year ago)
By the Nine...I'd at least expect a wedding ring with my birthstone on it as a tangible clue I'm married and might reject another man's advances.
Lin Dzay (2 years ago)
1:03 I'll bet you that woman in the red top is 175 years old
Nicholas Stolley (2 years ago)
Lolol 😂
Lin Dzay (2 years ago)
Nicholas Stolley eh never mind I looked her up, she's 12
Nicholas Stolley (2 years ago)
I'll bet that you're guaranteed wrong. I bet she's not even half that old. 😂
E. Khalilah (2 years ago)
Rhodorn (2 years ago)
...... ....... .............. ....Toilet?!?
Aurelia Tribegurl (2 years ago)
"They all change their mind." Yep, when the truth sets us free. Amen. What's good for goose, good for gander, and all that. Just sayin. He don't wear the wedding ring but I do? Sumpin up with that. Red alert.
Aurelia Tribegurl (2 years ago)
"Shut Up!" I love Steve.
Terence Pace (2 years ago)
god damn it Johnny!
James Riwa Tuvana (2 years ago)
Hahah "Yours love is in yours heart" ......hilarious grammar.
young dolph (1 year ago)
James Riwa Tuvana stfu
young dolph (1 year ago)
HHTV3 thats just straight up stupid you gone sound like a sales commercial
HHTV3 (1 year ago)
I'm learning your damn language and I thought that would be a good idea to do that through TV shows , I was wrong 👎
James Riwa Tuvana (2 years ago)
ooh Ya'll's!!! this makes it even more hilarious, 'loves this.
Michael Salas (2 years ago)
James Riwa Tuvana Ya'll's******
Alana Clark (2 years ago)
I guess he wants his wife to be hit on by other men. She'll have to keep opening her mouth and say she's married but they don't wear rings.
Alana Clark (2 years ago)
Mohamed ALSHAIF oh, okay. didn't see that.
Alana Clark (2 years ago)
He don't like rings because he's a cheap ass.
Donna G (2 years ago)
Alana Clark Not cheap. He is cheating!!
Fixacapp (2 years ago)
If you like it , you have to put a ring on it~!!!!!1

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