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10 Popular Brands That Are OVERPRICED & OVERRATED! (IMO)

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Text Comments (4665)
Sediqa Ibrahimi (2 days ago)
I got a watch in hublot brand
Ethan Gillespie (2 days ago)
Ethan Gillespie (2 days ago)
Saint Laurent
Exhileris 4k (4 days ago)
See this is why i dont buy expendive shit and yet the expisive shit i hate to pay so much is clothing to accomidate tall people. Cuz im 6' fuckin 5"😠
more spyware..[Honey @2:54] {GOVT spy at that]
William Allen (5 days ago)
Look at fashion week videos Then go to the store and guess what...those runway pieces aren't even there Why? Because it's a show piece made for attention, not for sale You have to understand something, super high end is made for ego Regular Joe's don`t wear super high end Ladies don't like super high end Think like a woman, they like completeness All this GQ nonsense is just pure ego bulldog and looks disheveled, like a trash heap behind the Sally Ann - don't be that trash heap! One exception is pens, buy a really good pen as that makes a statement I bought a pen for $60 from the MAA a few years ago Works great, looks stylish, great compliment magnet Even women notice when I use it - at work, at a restaurant, anywhere Always have a good quality statement piece, it's all you need
Daniel Whyte (6 days ago)
Dsquared2 Off White Dolce & Gabbana Moschino
Royal Me (8 days ago)
Ur opinion will change drastically if they start sponsoring your channel.
Dev Devil (8 days ago)
He forgot Versace....😆
nick sammy (8 days ago)
Do a video where you get them earrings
Off To Road (10 days ago)
I make my own brand 😁
Christos Patsilas (11 days ago)
Few mounths ago Ibought some nice 100% cotton from Austria T-shirts with 3,50 euro each and they fit perfectly on me!😋
Gerardo Navarro (12 days ago)
You forgot balmain
Loel De Los Santos (12 days ago)
I totally agree with you. ...
Harold Darling (12 days ago)
Diesel jeans way to expensove
Marlon (12 days ago)
You think Hublot is overpriced? Try Richard freaking Mille...
Absolute Sports (13 days ago)
I love gucci xD
Absolute Sports (13 days ago)
the hublot is like a rip off of AP
tHe BeAsTs (14 days ago)
I would only get the belts of these brand but not anything else who agrees?
Doggo (14 days ago)
This makes me want to start a watch company
D R O (14 days ago)
Supreme was originally meant to be a skater streetwear brand and nowadays its for hype beasts who think money equals style even though they get the blandest most non creative clothing pieces
Joshua Sequeira (15 days ago)
I think he's just saying this because he didn't get a sponsorship from these companies.
edboss (17 days ago)
Gap Gay and proud
Thunder Bolt (17 days ago)
I am thinking about starting such company after i get money in some years. Anyone interested in partnering 😂😂. We will rip off rich stupids and count in millions. Profit margin ?? Off the chart 😂😂😂
Killer Mike (17 days ago)
pete and pedro tiege hanley ollie....
Sami Uddin (18 days ago)
I find True Religion jeans at Marshalls nowadays between $40-$60. No way will I be paying $200-$400 for a pair of jeans that are just like Levis.
David DiCaprio (18 days ago)
Hugo Boss still my favourite brand no matter what people say...I have watches suits boots and polo shirts from Hugo and i love them.
M.G. Jacobo (18 days ago)
I agree. Especially with gucci and lv hahaha gucci hurts my eyes...every person I met who proudly earns an lv bag, looks like they have the same bag....like If I'm gonna pay for expensive bag, I'd go for kate spade
Big Band (20 days ago)
No kidding with Gucci, supreme and Louis Vuitton. All VERY over priced. Really? A t-shirt for 800$ just so you can seem rich but really you probably stole money from someone. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH GUCCI. It’s so ugly and probably even MORE over priced than Hot Topic. A lot of people “hey guys you know how much this shirt was? 900,000$, it’s cool cause it’s green and red”. Me: no dude, That’s hideous
Alric Wong (20 days ago)
Tiege Hanley, lmao
Fear of God
American Eagle
Rick EU (23 days ago)
Hugo Boss clothing has good quallity and a nice shape it's worth the price It always fits my body shape. Also i think offwhite is not stylish and overpriced.
Rick EU (2 days ago)
+Caleb Kleinhans at least the Gestapo where stylish:)
With Disk (2 days ago)
Caleb Kleinhans I was gonna say, the Nazi’s really appreciated a fitted brown shirt. Lol
Caleb Kleinhans (20 days ago)
The gestapo feels the same way
Brent Metroflip (24 days ago)
I've bought Hugo Boss stuff before. Not a lot since it's pricey, obvs. I just get pretty popular brands but at discount, Fred Perry, Lacoste, Ted Baker, Polo, BR, and a few others. Love your channel! Let out a sigh of relief that it was only Boss on this list.
Bold and brash (25 days ago)
Hu blow me LMFAO!
cLaie (25 days ago)
Off-white is overrated
Månï Kántàn (28 days ago)
It works on Google and works on chrome😂
Sabby Singh (29 days ago)
Its all about status symbol
Morten Aanstad (24 days ago)
Status symbol means nothing unless you've actually accomplished something that make people look up to you. If I wore a Rolex for example, it would be all like "Eh, whatever". If a celebrity wore it however it would be a lot different. Plus that many of these items just have the connotation that you're insecure and irresponsible with your money
Feljk (30 days ago)
True Religion was supposed to be an expensive luxury/Biker Brand, but now only Stoners and Druggies wear it.
Gabe Del Toro (1 month ago)
Preach dude, PREACH!!!!
How about True Religion
Kristoffer Geest (1 month ago)
Hublot > Vincero
Anonymous Everywhere (1 month ago)
Calvin Klein is Hella is also overrated and expensive
420 Niloc (1 month ago)
the prices arent thad bad still kinda expensive
Ayush Kumar (1 month ago)
11.Balenciaga. Hate those ugly ass shoes!
Carlos Yanes (1 month ago)
Wow alpha kept it real in this video. Never expected a style blogger to express their truly honest opinion for big brands. Your honesty is appreciate it! Just subscribed!
alex marcvs (1 month ago)
Here in Brazil it very worst. Example: an Ray-Ban Aviator is about 200, 250 dollars!
Jeff Fabian (1 month ago)
People are puppets
Cika Cica (1 month ago)
I like Zara, Replay, pull&bear, fossil (man watches), premiata (some shoes), Diesel and tommyhilfiger
roninbudo (1 month ago)
what no tom ford
Sean Reidy (1 month ago)
Vineyard Vines no questions asked. Very overrated
Abhishek Singh (1 month ago)
Zedeye (1 month ago)
Lol me mum wear lululemon I think
Bruce Lee (1 month ago)
Yo alpha, whats your recomendations for asian hair styles?
steven lyon (1 month ago)
Oh I'm gonna catch flak for this one. STARBUCKS! Their beans beans are burnt, it tastes overly bitter and the prices are ridiculous. Best coffee in the world? Bridge coffee. Marines and sailors can back me up. And the second best hurts because I'm a twidget. Snipe shop coffee brewed by the goat locker.
Man, when you pulled that Black V Neck I was literally blown how dashing you made that thing looked. Minutes later you pulled a Vest and seconds later Henley. You aced that every look. Lots of ❤️ Sir.
Rachit Mehrotra (1 month ago)
Hi alpha, I like your videos. Can you tell me whether RIMOVA is good brand to buy or not?
SlavicGreaser 1950 (1 month ago)
5:46 Those nerds from "Revenge of the nerds" pulled-off that clothes pretty well. If you ask who wears this, there are many people: 1. Nerds 2. Geeks 3. Tipical 50's college assistant 4. Guys that get locked in their locker 5. Book-worms that carries book heavier than himself 6. High-schoolers that get driven on a first day of school by their mom 7. Guy who's biggest desire is to get batmans comic 8. Did I say geeks
Gabriel Weed (1 month ago)
What's so great about Supreme?! They're damn good at screwing people over for their money.
Joe Sl4t3r (1 month ago)
Boss orange watches are good, but the rest of Hugo bosses is overpriced
Cool Dog (1 month ago)
Says Gucci is overpriced and yet he owns many rolexes and thinks they are worth it 🤷‍♂️
jamel sultan (1 month ago)
I learn a lot for you
Cody Jangs (1 month ago)
That’s why I say to my friends I laugh at them when they wear $900 belts Insult them that’s so cute 😂 my $20 dollar belt does the same thing
ThatCooleyKid (1 month ago)
Nike is way overrated
Bigmenno (1 month ago)
supreme is not expensive and the quality is good lol
Orange chicken boi (1 month ago)
ray ban
Mu Bu (1 month ago)
akshay kumar (1 month ago)
Dislike for ad
Lenin Franco (1 month ago)
The problem with this, is that they're morons that support these trash brands..
ragu ram (1 month ago)
david mills (1 month ago)
SUPERDRY! It’s tacky and overpriced, plus it also seems like they never change their style ever time I walk past their shop
Kãrma _ (1 month ago)
Not hating btw but some people buy just cause they have too much money
steven gloria (1 month ago)
Hard for me to follow your advice I mean your wearing a vest jacking that looks super wack
Taylor Mosley (1 month ago)
Ngl HUGO BOSS isn’t overrated anymore no one buys it
Areg M (1 month ago)
5:45 rappers and broke/middle class people trying to get attention, their I answered it for you.
Chili _boi (1 month ago)
My teacher has a Gucci belt.(I go to a private school and I'm gonna assume teacher salaries are very high their)
Clemens (3 days ago)
And who cares
ZACES (1 month ago)
Usually the Gucci stuff are just for exotic rich models, so, just ignore Gucci, Supreme and them but mainstream media seems to make em lit somehow lmao
Pedro Martinez (1 month ago)
I agree with him for the most part besides the lululemon because their workout gear is great and Louis Vuitton actually has history so the price is worth it and it’s a life time guarantee for their products. So it’s damaged over time they will fix it for free. A lot of companies like Burberry; your paying sometimes more than double and they don’t guarantee their shit and it’s it has wear and tear on it they won’t fix it.
ReZoW 123 (2 months ago)
Gap stands for G-Gay A-Am P-Proud
Klinston Tavares (2 months ago)
Dolce and gabbana Balenciaga Givenchy
RandomVideos DK (2 months ago)
dgdfg dfhh (2 months ago)
John Varvatos should not be on this list. Has he even tried his collection pieces? Although he isn't cheap, his designs and quality are as good as it gets. He is right there with tom ford, loro piana, and paul smith. The rest of the list is good, but please don't compare high quality clothes with, the highly marketed crap like Gucci, Fendi, LV, D&G, Armani, Versace, givenchy ect ect.
Joao Ruiz (2 months ago)
Supreme for sure is the most over rated like cmon there's V.i.m with the same quality and cheaper and same style but cause it has supreme it's gonna cost more money🤦🙄 True religion is ugly and doesn't fit anyone. Gucci and Louie has good stuff but they aren't worth the price. Watches doesn't need to be expensive for God sake 😭😭😭 Who needs to spend 500 $ to tell the fucking time. Grow a pair and throw away your pride cause you're losing money to impress your equally dumbass "friends" who mind you is going broke too. It's not worth it. Go to other shops or go to these websites cause for sure you'll be saving money man.
izquma (2 months ago)
Why in the hell would u call urself alpha male when u r wewring s fucking v neck
Joseph Fels (2 months ago)
Well gentlemens , he's right about Gucci, and I agree with him.
anmol saluja (2 months ago)
Mood Swangs (2 months ago)
HOP off true religions dick they're one of the best brands to date
The Beast (2 months ago)
Where is prada chanel varsace balenciaga burberry armani louis vuitton
James Hutchison (2 months ago)
Alpha - Great shout on Honey - even works on sites here in the UK Big thumbs up bro!
Lanae Marie (2 months ago)
Flying high (2 months ago)
Thanmay Naz (2 months ago)
I'm not being cheap but supreme is overpriced and also Gucci ..there are other brands that sells stuff with the same quality or even better quality with lesser price ....it's just dumb to make simple things and sell it for 500 dollars or something
Doofy (1 month ago)
Thanmay Naz supreme dont sell there stuff for $500
Sarbo Roy (2 months ago)
I definitely agree with you about Supreme and most of the brands, but I feel like Gucci accessories and Gucci slides look really nice. What are your thoughts?
Jackal Dog (2 months ago)
Acid Plug (2 months ago)
Supreme is not that pricey, it's the resale; but then again the quality is as good as Hanes or Gildan lol
A.R Ramzie (2 months ago)
Im actually a person who never sees to buy something just for the brand..if its good quality and looks good thts all i need...peace
Elliot Lee (2 months ago)
i never buy Gucci, LV, Supreme and expensive brands....they are useless for me...looks uncool
Jim Bean (2 months ago)
Only one I don’t agree with is Lululemon
Jack Bormann (2 months ago)
MVMT watches
Kanku Mansa Mussa (2 months ago)
What about the stupid balanciaga😂😂
Toes (2 months ago)
I feel like hype beasts gave a bad rep to supreme. supreme designs and gucci are kinda cool

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