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10 Popular Brands That Are OVERPRICED & OVERRATED! (IMO)

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Text Comments (4500)
Panos Asikis (10 hours ago)
Emporio armani is expensive
Austin Bunton (17 hours ago)
Why would you buy a Rolex watch when you could buy a movement for less and it looks better
Javier Fernandez (2 days ago)
That's Gucci fit was low key fire 👌🏼
Nezha Vuitton (3 days ago)
Furkan Arıkan (5 days ago)
Önce bi hublot'yu doğru oku
BEBE ONE (5 days ago)
off white is overpriced,like 100$ for Socks
Garrett Vranicar (5 days ago)
I actually love Louis Vuitton, I don't think it's overrated, it has history to the name and has some great pieces
Garrett Vranicar (4 hours ago)
+ॐ have you seen their new collection, I really want the bag that lights up
(6 hours ago)
True, its also amazing quality, my parents have bags from 20 years ago that look as good as new today
Prabhman Takhar (6 days ago)
Check Balenciaga its a ripoff too.....
I agree. Gucci is good, but im not gonna buy stuff that is an extra 1000 bucks cause it has the name gucci on it. uggh!
king mad (8 days ago)
Balenciaga should've been the number 1. It's pure shit
Nicken Kotak (8 days ago)
Apart from Gucci and LV I'd agree....however, I do think some Gucci and LV items are pretty unwearable for most/overpriced. But on the whole the allure is not necessarily to be "in fashion" - it's to have the single piece like a Gucci Belt or LV Shoes to wear which I think looks fab and gives off the impression that you care about spending on your clothing..DISCLAIMER if you dress like a bum and wear a Gucci Belt then the above rule is not applicable. Dress smart gentlemen!!!
Beau Burbank (8 days ago)
Penis Aligned To Another Guys Oral area Not In woman’s Ass
Og-Killa_YT (8 days ago)
Bape and off-white are also overrated and overpriced
lucky lefty (9 days ago)
Boss lol
Unknown Person (9 days ago)
IMO Versace makes the ugliest designer wear.
Writers United (10 days ago)
I love true religion
Mickey Blatter (10 days ago)
hublot? how about the mvmth watches u love so much that are worth 5 bucks but get sold for 300
KoSlaw (10 days ago)
I know like 2 of these brands
DarH FIFA Top 10s (10 days ago)
Guys, can u name better alternative best quality polos better than hugo boss? Also better value bags than Louis vuitton? Thanks
James f (10 days ago)
95% of my wardrobe I get from the good will and the red, white and blue.
Merica 1st (10 days ago)
Kids these days are retarded to waste money on that stuff.
Kevin Mccauley (10 days ago)
All of these brands have low end stuff (made in china) and high end stuff made in (germany italy usa). So i like hugo boss only if its made in portugal. I like varvatos if made in usa or peru. Im sure lululemon may have some chinese, i will buy if in vietnam.
Alex (11 days ago)
You’re really gonna put in your thumbnail that Gucci’s overrated? Keep wearing your second-grade shit. Your channel is obviously garbage.
Philip.v.D (11 days ago)
Supreme is probably the best example of a hype over nothing.
Pablo Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Lululemon only does the pop up store thing in the US. In Canada and several other countries, they have brick and mortar stores
LuXpranks (11 days ago)
Hublot its Nice
Avenir Music (12 days ago)
Gotta love misspellings I’m the thumbnail
esantoyo (11 days ago)
Avenir Music you just misspelled something in your sentence or your grammar just sucks
JAYDOB (12 days ago)
Boss Is ok
KingFameJon (12 days ago)
True religion is very nice ?
KingFameJon (12 days ago)
You people just don’t know style I’m flexin still Armani, Versace
StrasbergProtégé (12 days ago)
Insecure hypebeast detected!
Pran Prasertwit (12 days ago)
I feel like Gucci makes shit tier stuff in the $100-$1000 range but after that it’s statement pieces that u can’t find in other brands I’m not trying to justify it but for people with money who enjoy high fashion if they have money to spend I can see why they get Gucci
SuperAmazingAnt (12 days ago)
Boss low quality? Their cotton and everything seems pretty high quality what i have seen and they have good customer service. People in Boss clothing have killed more people that any other, they make army clothes.
TheHoodieObsseser YOLO (12 days ago)
So true can't be anymore true 👌
Joshua Delgado (13 days ago)
Not true religion thats my favorite brand got a bunch of stuff from them🖤☻
Erik Szasz (13 days ago)
Devin Hartlaub (14 days ago)
Supreme is gay
Munish Arora (14 days ago)
CraftMineita99 (15 days ago)
Also philipp plein is overpriced and overrated , they sell stuff that i classify as , ehi look at me i like to show off
Julius Cabreros (15 days ago)
How bout PRADA... lol 😝
Graham Blakemore (15 days ago)
Canadian goose
Krisha Parikh (15 days ago)
Can you actually afford any of these brands??
StrasbergProtégé (13 days ago)
He can
ThatCringyBoi (15 days ago)
I get where you are coming from when you say Louis Vuitton is overrated and overpriced (it still is very expensive). You said that it was tacky luggage and wallets, this statement to some people might be true without any research, but Louis Vuitton has many many different styles and more limited colors are released each year. Additionally you said that it’s just over priced well it’s expensive but it’s made with the finest materials. The vachetta leather found on most bags is minimally greased, vegetable-tanned leather from thin hides of cattle which is difficult to make. Moreover the canvas material that they put on practically any iconic piece goes through over 100 different steps before it’s ready to be put on the shelf. I know countless people with a couple of bags or luggage from LV that have had them for well over 10 years and they look especially brand new; now that duffle doesn’t look that expensive (considering that I don’t hear people complaining about the new iPhones that are a grand and will become obsolete in 5 years. In addition Louis Vuitton started in the mid 1800s and made trunks to last and still use essentially the same technique to craft luggage. Without research and think Loui Vuitton is just some expensive brand that sound cloud rappers and the 1% wear but it’s actually worth it for how much craftsmanship is put into a single piece and how long it will last.
Tony Taylor (15 days ago)
Desqiure2 £300 to £450 for a t-shirt I though Armani was bad enough and litterly saw a trainer of there's for £2000 that fill my wardrobe for the year easy
ENGLISH9A Martinez (16 days ago)
REawesome Alpha love your stuff since I first laid my eyes on the forst video I watched last year. I have a question what kind of shoe are you rocking with that sweat outfit with the white Henley.
the_globehead (17 days ago)
number 11 movement watches
Toddy 9 (17 days ago)
Lilon scott
Marco Torriti (18 days ago)
N.11 is MVMT
Saveeo Desooza (18 days ago)
Gucci sneakers and belts are fire tho
error idk (18 days ago)
It's like Apple T-Shirt
AirForce1 (18 days ago)
BAPE... let me say it louder for the people in the back. BAAAAAPE. Like what the hell are you doing dropping $400 on a sweatshirt. I met an artist on Instagram that does one off customs for $75. That way you can guarantee that nobody has what you have.
Evan Copiskey (19 days ago)
I’ve been looking for the video where he rants about Yeezy’s but I can’t find it 😭😭. “YA DONT NEED YEEZYS!”
Theo Hugs (19 days ago)
...dang, I dig John V. Rock and Roll meets fashion.
Mrx (19 days ago)
I love gucci! I dont't wear gucci because it makes me look rich or something, i wear it because i love the feeling! I'm wearing only accesories, because yeah clothes are super expensive, but man when you wear a gucci belt with a nice watch it mekes you fill like a badass.
Daniel K. Kinkade (19 days ago)
Totally wrong about Lululemon. If you read the book about the company by the founder and understand the product and what goes into it you may change your mind:)
You Need Jesus (19 days ago)
Some name brands do make high quality stuff though.
StrasbergProtégé (18 days ago)
Not better quality than what you can get for half the price though
Micke Karlsson (19 days ago)
Buys a t-shirt on sale then complains about Hugo boss having a t-shirt on full price.
Adam McCluskie (20 days ago)
The only good thing about Gucci is the belts tbh.
cole brown (20 days ago)
I agree all of the brands are overrated into praised and I think you’re ugly
Fokohili (20 days ago)
balenciaga 😂
Wyatt Roodell (20 days ago)
American Fighter?
ROYY BOIII (20 days ago)
Supreme is not overpriced, the only thing that make then expensive is the resell due to the high demand compared to the stock number of the hoodies & products that they produced, a supreme box logo u can buy off of supreme website r usually only around 175-200 range, but a lot of people buy them, so it can sell out insanely fast, while resell drives them up to $1500-2000, the retail is not expensive, but resell is a lil expensive, u can buy some supreme shirts that have graphic prints instead of the box logos for only like $100, it’s not overpriced
stephvann L (20 days ago)
I'm going to disagree with the LV. It is pricey but the stuff lasts. I have my first messenger bag from 2003 that has standed the test of time and I use it (them) well. I have wallets, belts, bracelets and more messenger bags maybe 23 pieces in total. I think LV is a great accessory if worn correctly. The bags last forever and if there is a problem LV fixes it. Just my opinion!
David Vos (21 days ago)
what`s so special about Supreme. what make's it so special
Evan Kemp (21 days ago)
Emmanuel Eyanorhore (21 days ago)
Rolex, like seriously that shit is overpriced.
Mohamad Alif (22 days ago)
Supreme/Gucci the douchebag style of 2018
Ignacio Hernandez (22 days ago)
dont be cheap
Ignacio Hernandez (22 days ago)
you dont appreciate
David V. (23 days ago)
Hugo boss have the best suits and shirts along with dolce&gabbana
StrasbergProtégé (22 days ago)
For insecure hypebeasts
Nicholas Beauchamp (24 days ago)
Couldn't agree more, Alpha.
wes murphy (25 days ago)
Anyone got any opinions on nicce London
andresindlp (26 days ago)
Mvmt and vincero?
黄豪顺 (26 days ago)
I bought Gucci dive watch and Gucci Ace Sneakers snake , my friends were laughing at me for buying the watch , they think the shoe look good tho.
jose alvarado (26 days ago)
Retrogamer (26 days ago)
Number 11. MVMT
AKB (28 days ago)
you forgot about apple
DJ Matthew (28 days ago)
Love the way he photoshopped gucci onto a black tee ( don’t blame him )
roger8654 (29 days ago)
I find Gucci and Louie Vuitton clothes so ugly. Especially their sneakers. Don't even get me started on Supreme. 100 dollars for a t-shirt? Lol only a sucker would pay that.
Sreehari MN (29 days ago)
No only i understand the real pronounciation of "guchchi"
Eduardo Osorio (30 days ago)
Supreme isn’t bad. It’s good quality mostly because it’s durable. I’m pretty sure you’re only complaining because of resell which is understandable.
Leo Bister (30 days ago)
Gucci clothes yes but look at there shoes shit man dammnnnn
mr universal (30 days ago)
Nowadays most of the people buy name brand clothing is ONLY for the sake of buying name brand clothing I buy stuff from emporio armani because I actually like the looks of their watches, rings, belts etc. There are some things from armani that I don't like the looks of and that's why I won't buy 'em But nowadays people just buy all the clothing from gucci and supreme and other brands just because it says supreme or LV on it and to show of how much money they got wich is sad because I'll be standin' there thinking: dang son you've overdone it.
starrysoulz (30 days ago)
I always try to explain this to my mother. I'm like "It's a shirt that looks like something from Walmart, why are you paying 10,000?!" she never listens, she just wants the stuff for the brand...
Soydan Mulayim (1 month ago)
Michael Kors 🤮
woai ni (1 month ago)
Lacoste and ralph lauren
StrasbergProtégé (1 month ago)
Mentioned in the first video, but yeah
Christopher Bozinovich (1 month ago)
WHAT A NOOB!! (1 month ago)
Lululemon is just fine
Dominic S (1 month ago)
Lulu is the shit
Noe Limon (1 month ago)
1:07 - 1:10 LMAOOO I don't get why that shitty brand is so expensive!!!
賜龍怜音 (1 month ago)
11 Apple....PERIOD. And if you included Louis Vuitton, why the fuck you didn’t include that ridiculously hell yeh! overrated and deadly overpriced Hermes?
da man (1 month ago)
I think off white is super ugly and over priced
Trevor Morrison (1 month ago)
You buy Gucci because it is not only really good quality, but it is also a piece of art. And if a painting can be worth a lot of money, why cant something with the same creative value be worth a lot of money? An artist designed those things for a reason and if you don't get it, don't trash talk it. And you shouldn't be so worried about the price so much cause we all know that you have that big money haul from MVMT in all of your videos now.
Daniel Watts (1 month ago)
Luxxias (1 month ago)
and im wanting to get a true religion hoodie for christmas...
no a (1 month ago)
That hublot crystal watch was fresh as fuck
XyresicGaming (1 month ago)
Only good designer for me is Bape🔥
red Indian (1 month ago)
Apple, Tesla car, Rolex should be included. A Microsoft PC , other electrical cars, Omega have same quality but better price
Henkka (1 month ago)
Supreme is pretty cheap its just the resell prices that are expencive
Tion Army (1 month ago)
I don’t like Gucci either.
G S (1 month ago)
Why isn't Walmart here?
Ricky (1 month ago)
G S Walmart is not overrated or expensive

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