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Jet Ski 85' World Finals Pro Mod

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One of the old school great races... the 'Hammer' Mike Castrucci takes the Pro Mod & Pro Super victories at the World Finals in Lake Havasu City, AZ
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Eric B (3 years ago)
hard to believe this was 30 years ago!
flgliderpilot (3 years ago)
Hell of a race! I'll watch every one of these you put up! I was racing BMX and riding dirt bikes in 85, I would done anything to be able to own a JS550 back then.  Now I finally have one and I am the only one in 50 miles with one :|
Jeremie Robinson (5 years ago)
Still got my 91 js550
AusWater96 (5 years ago)
Hahaha I don't even know what the fuck I was smoking when I wrote that comment. Wow
bclyt123 (5 years ago)
No, that would b retarded
jasonmoore1900 (6 years ago)
it took skill to ride those old stand up jet skis
Dave M (1 year ago)
Total skill. With the new SXR is practically a boat anyone can ride it
aronhtgmail (6 years ago)
a few of them are 550 bottom ends with 650's slapped on top. old school tech
Gregory de Launay (6 years ago)
What kind of helmet is the blue guy in first wearing?
Metalunique (7 years ago)
Hehe, Larry looks like Evander Holyfield!
scottie eisele (9 years ago)
Thanks Jeff for putting these videos on here. It's so hard to find them now. Those were definetely the glory days. '85-'93/'94. Please put up anything else you have. I can't get enough.
Snopro700 (9 years ago)
those 550s rip.
HondaTom (9 years ago)
i went to ride with them alll!!!!

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