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10 Reasons Why People Hate Ronda Rousey

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10 Reasons Why People Hate Ronda Rousey Subscribe for more WWE content: http://bit.ly/2bU3zI8 Check out our other videos. 10 Times WWE Wrestlers Lost It on Live TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWb7cZD1s2E WWE Top 10 SURPRISING Wrestling Moments Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdfh0zX61w4 10 COSTLY Mistakes The WWE Made In 2017 / 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLB6-xtCa9g WWE Top 10 FUNNIEST Moments of 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B77_of4QWEk
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Watch WWE (9 months ago)
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Nthabiseng Mathibeli (3 days ago)
Please follow me on instergram at Mathibeli Nthabiseng
Meoun Chariya (11 days ago)
Me nv subscribe you te me love 💕 Ronda💞💓💗💖💘💕💝
Leslie Torres (12 days ago)
Like Ronda is very good all off dean every women’s has envidius because she has, a talent , I love Ronda
ONDE SIMAO (13 days ago)
I subscribed
simona Blogerki (12 hours ago)
I love ronda
Raymond Lopez (15 hours ago)
I love Ronda.
Marita Lara (15 hours ago)
She's probably better than you
Marita Lara (15 hours ago)
Rhonda is the best
Jhelrick Robert Bastatas (16 hours ago)
fake news
Kunal Sing (1 day ago)
Disliked viedo i big fan ronda rousey
Kunal Sing (1 day ago)
Ya l am not hate ronda rouse
Marcos Sanchez (1 day ago)
I dont like ronda rousey
Targeted Individual (2 days ago)
Why do guys say they wanna bang this this thing. 1st of all she'd BANG YOU. 2nd , "ITS A MAN BAAAAABY". She is one of thee..... UGLIEST things I've EVER seen !!!
Chris Butler (2 days ago)
People hate her cause she got her ass beat and instead of getting up and trying again she just ran to a place where she can be fake.
Hazel Diaz (3 days ago)
Ronda is the best fighter i ever seen😍
eKane Pegg (3 days ago)
I 💕 Ronda Rousy but she hasn't a clue . Wrestling is 75 %performance , acting (she can't ) playing to the crowd ( she does zero - this isn't MMA) , a concept she can't grasp. It's theatre ! No wonder the fans hate her and then she says to the fans " who you booing ?". So it's a circle of more hate. You can't be a professional fighter in wrestling ( the other girls are athletes) and not have a persona - it's flat and unentertaining , just dull !
The FrEak (3 days ago)
She got tired of getting her ass kicked for real.
emz de mesa (4 days ago)
i love ronda rousey .. she's my idol
Laetitia Kamanda (4 days ago)
I love her Ronda Rousey 💝💝
Tommy Lillywhite (4 days ago)
The wwe equals money. I don't get you Americans.
Tommy Lillywhite (4 days ago)
Honestly I do not get you Americans and fake fights like the wwe and so on, how the hell is this entertainment like your crappy NASCAR racing in a fucking circle, america is the laughing stock of the world when it comes to sports. Real sports.
Zeeshan Khan (4 days ago)
I love Queen 😚
Nevaeh vang (5 days ago)
I love ronda she is the BEST
Lincolnshire Poacher (5 days ago)
Tremendous athlete but a crappy wrestler.
Catherine Cacdac (5 days ago)
ILOVEYOU RONDAA❤❣😍😍 #bigfanfromphilippines❤
godwin andal (5 days ago)
I didnt hate Ronda I love her
Harjinder Singh (5 days ago)
There is something on her angry face and attitide
Harjinder Singh (5 days ago)
Never hate ronda rousey
Little Geoff (5 days ago)
why wouldn't you go to wwe and get out of mme that's one smart business woman her carrier life span has just doubled and a easier job if your hating on her then you need to look at your self and ask why am I such a hater ronda is cool af
Mike Cuthbertson (5 days ago)
Yeah she got kicked in the head then cried about it then except people too actually take her seriously in anything she does now should stay in mma
Mister Wisecrack (5 days ago)
Whoever the person who made this video is an asshole.. she is a real champ asshole
Mohamad Ahmad (6 days ago)
Ronda Rousey Criminal ..und Viele Menschen hassen sie ,weil sie hat sehr  böse 🙊 Art  im spiel 🎯.,und das Gesicht 😇 von "Alexa Bliss sagt deutlich genug --.?,soll verbotene diese art was sie machen...?😏😏
Sri Mathi (6 days ago)
I love Rowdy ronda.love u
ViceVerse Tech (6 days ago)
I subscribed
doreen Fiu (6 days ago)
She is the best
Blackblooded (6 days ago)
Let Rhonda say something about holly, lol. You got knocked the f out.
Jona Bajo (6 days ago)
I love ronda rousey she's my idol's
sadam malik (6 days ago)
ohh man .... did you notice when she came in wrestle mania??? arena was enjoying .huhh
Ali Ch (7 days ago)
I love ronda she is sooo brave and careless
Keith Ben (7 days ago)
all those bitchies that hate Ronda go hate urself first f**k u if u don't love her !!
Inam Inamullah (7 days ago)
I love Ronda
Keith Ben (7 days ago)
luv lotsssss RONDA I've always luvd u don't worry about wat pple have 2 say abt u luv luv u
Vaj Xyooj (7 days ago)
I’ve never been a Rhonda fan 😭
Shahd Alalie (8 days ago)
She quit blah blah blah you little asshole who is talking is someone punches you in the face you would know then how to quit I think you should shut up 🤐
Shahd Alalie (8 days ago)
We love you rounda and you who is talking is a little asshole you’re probably a little ugly hater
Mohammad Sami (8 days ago)
Ronda Rousey is my favourite. I love her a lot.
so mai (8 days ago)
but I love Ronda rousey..from nepal.
Anyanso Micheal (8 days ago)
Randa is the best
JENNER BELLA (8 days ago)
I don’t like ronda in fact I hate her but everytime I saw her fighting and proving that she is the best and she will never give up it makes me so proud of her!!! but I still hate her HAHAHA but im still proud of her and guys don’t hate me im not bashing her I just don’t like her...
Rubi Das (8 days ago)
but I love Ronda Rousey like her game and styles.
Andy Le (8 days ago)
yo yo stop i like ronda rousey i dislike this video i love her like shes my favourtie
Shila Garcia (8 days ago)
Stupid channel,, sorry,, we love and like ronda Rousey,❤❤ cause she is strong woman, super woman and Of course she is the real champion ok,, bye 😁😂
Jan Jalapit (8 days ago)
Damn love Ronda Rousey than that over acting Becky lynch
Starlet Kyle LV Ducay (8 days ago)
Whatever nega you say about Ronda, I still love her. And I am her number one fan. Whatever happen!
Cara Jennifer (8 days ago)
People are just f-ing jealous of her because she is AMAZING , AWESOME AND F-ING TALENTED. You are so wrong because I LOVE HER 👊
She's overrated and she sucks on the mic.
roxannie Miller (8 days ago)
People hate ronda because they are jealous and knows she got Talent
Elsi's Animals (8 days ago)
Tusi Euta (8 days ago)
The reason why people hate ronda because they've jealous. I love Ronda
Ivan Nunez (8 days ago)
She's good, but she always disrespected Misha Tate and I never liked her after that. Being said that people are brutal online. She still a good athlete, she can probably kick every troll ass in here.
lai jeffery (9 days ago)
i don't think so
Shubham Choudhary (9 days ago)
i love ronda
Daethan Hudson (9 days ago)
how could you love wrestling and be mad she left ufc for wwe brock lesnar is my favorite wrestler and he has done both whats the difference brock has losses everyone is mad bkuz they want to he these people take tom brady for example you font hate him bkuz of his losses its his wins noq hates people that suck duh!!!!
Akash das (9 days ago)
Ronda I love you
Kamala Sherpa (9 days ago)
I love Ronda rousey
Mustafa Zadran (9 days ago)
Ronda is the best
Ari Tyson (9 days ago)
Plus she is more famous
Ari Tyson (9 days ago)
She won the spotlight
Tamara Jankovic (10 days ago)
Adeyemi Ifeoluwa (10 days ago)
i love ronda more dan ur useless channel
Samantha Gullestad (10 days ago)
I can't stand Ronda rousey sorry not sorry
Priya Khadka (10 days ago)
i love u ronda ......u r my best.....
Dan Oliver (10 days ago)
Dude Ronda Rousey is bad ass
min min (10 days ago)
these are dumb reasons to not like her.. ive never met someone quit like her. shes so confident
Ashim Ashim (11 days ago)
I love Ronda n everyone loves too
abdul aziz aziz (11 days ago)
I love
Stogie Guy (11 days ago)
I've seen that not all but most people who hate Ronda... are assholes
I don't hate Ronda I love Ronda somuch
Love u Ronda
SMEGMOV (11 days ago)
I just hate race mixing whores.
Rajeev Anuruddha (11 days ago)
She good WWE, but UFC fighting need something more I think ,
Nicole Johnson (11 days ago)
You stupid motherfuckers people love her so quit lying😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😎😠😠😠😠😎😠😠😎😠😠😠
Owethu Dlamini (12 days ago)
I subscribed
Sunil Jenna (12 days ago)
Ronda Rousey so cool lady
pavani sweety (12 days ago)
I love rousey because she fightes like a.tiger
pavani sweety (12 days ago)
I love rousey because she fightes like a.tiger
AKHER SHAIKH (12 days ago)
I hate sooooo much Ronda Rousey man
Rizwan Hassan (12 days ago)
People are not heating ronda
Leslie Torres (12 days ago)
Ronda has Talent, is very good Westler, like, perfect like Ronda
Rebecca Hedger (12 days ago)
I like Ronda but it just sucks that WWE made everything about her. They make it seem like if it weren't for her womens wrestling wouldn't exist.
RaHi sathi (13 days ago)
Ronda is my confident
Gagan Sahni (13 days ago)
Who hates her ?
Michael Myers's Sis (13 days ago)
Locker room jealousy and envy towards Ronda is huge! And Pro wrestling ppl only respect those who come from indie or smaller events and cliimb up. Ronda earned to be star and WWE is taking the ratings and money she brings because of this. Rousey's been treated like Roman Reigns by Wrestling purists and Becky became the one in their eyes that will school Ronda, the outsider.
Riyas Alappadiyan (14 days ago)
I love you rosy
beastmodeboxing 23rd (14 days ago)
She dont have a bigger name thats your opinion
Harley Breakout Guy (14 days ago)
wwe is fake and ghey
Basharat Zeeshan (14 days ago)
I love ronda
Nii Kwartei (14 days ago)
She didn't quit she moved on, everyone got to know when to move on (especially when its time to do so) my friend these ur reasons reveals ignorance....
Nii Kwartei (14 days ago)
She didn't quit she moved on, everyone got to know when to move on (especially when its time to do so) my friend these ur reasons reveals ignorance....
Saadhamza Saadhamza (14 days ago)
But I love Ronda Because she is the best fighter
Hmingthansangi Sailo (14 days ago)
i love ronda
Arju Kemprai (14 days ago)
I love Ronda very much.. so dislike your videos
Krishna Kashyap (15 days ago)
I luv rondaaaaa......... nd i hate Becky lynch
SamIsPro AF (21 hours ago)
U should commit die..

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