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Angela Bassett "Black Panther" World Premiere Purple Carpet

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Broll footage: Angela Bassett, Courtney B. Vance, Bronwyn Vance, Slater Vance walk the purple carpet at the 'Black Panther' world premiere held at The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California USA on January 29, 2018 "This video is available for editorial licensing, broadcast tv, all media and worldwide use" Contact: http://www.maximotv.com ©MaximoTV | MaximoFootage | Ricomix Productions
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Text Comments (50)
Jamie G (4 months ago)
She is one beautiful women... Goddess
Jacqui' Jacqui' (5 months ago)
what a gorgeous family, bless!
Queen (6 months ago)
Yes Queen Mother...and the babies are just as cute as they want to be!
bashment granny (8 months ago)
Omg i couldnt cope with the papp or the real press... calling out like that..
K Deloris (10 months ago)
MsLeelee94 (10 months ago)
love them man I would love to experience that one time someone to take my picture and say over here look this way leelee...lol
colsome miah (10 months ago)
Angela STOLE THE WHOLE RED CRPET SCENE; jus stratospherically stunning, so elegantly poised, contained, and never loses her "realness". 5 times a lady and a Yalie as well!!!!
Tony Nguyen (10 months ago)
Shes in her 50s i believe
Ishmel Daniel (10 months ago)
Imagine if camera can kill many celebrity would have been dead
Jamille Collins (10 months ago)
My goodness..i love this outfit that she is wearing!
Donna Jacksin (10 months ago)
I love this couple 👏👏👏
Donna Jacksin (10 months ago)
Such a beautiful family
Lynelle L. (10 months ago)
I love her awesome black woman. She should have been given a whole lot more roles.
Qiana Lawson (10 months ago)
Shes super bad! 💕
butterflybloom1 (10 months ago)
What a beautiful family.
Jackie Foley (10 months ago)
Girl your Beautiful and your family as well.
Jai Rich (11 months ago)
Beautiful family I love Angela Bassett and how strong she is much love and support Sistaaaaa
Please Keep Hope Alive (11 months ago)
Still gorgeous as ever.
Raffinae Keyes (11 months ago)
OMG!!! This is a beautiful family. I adore this woman, what a class act and great actress.
Sharon 1961 (11 months ago)
Their kids are beautiful
Mona *4 (10 months ago)
This sounds so ANNOYING! They scream there names like that all of the time?" look left...look right...move this way...that way. I didn't know that existed. They don't receive any compensation for appearances? Historically this is the norm I presume? WOW!
Dorothia Nickerson (11 months ago)
Mona *4 i would have told them to shut thwfuck up and take the dam pictures ..
Rita Coleman (11 months ago)
Love  Angela's Out Fit, Beautiful Family Great Actors as well!!!!!
LeLe Dan (11 months ago)
Good looking family
Chris Davis (11 months ago)
she is absolutely gorgeous
Karen Morris (11 months ago)
I am old school no race understands a black man like a black woman. It is so rare nowadays to see a happily married black couple. You go Angela.
LadyEliza7 (1 month ago)
I’ve never understood a thing about them and unfortunately they didn’t understand me either. I’m not giving up though....
Tony Nguyen (10 months ago)
Karen Morris they are grounded...they aren't jaded by hollywood......
M M (11 months ago)
Akeema Khaira (11 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful family. Love her
constance hamilton (11 months ago)
Angela Bassett is Slaying that Purple carpet 👑... Congratulations on the movie Black Panther!!... Beautiful family picture 🙂
MsSexyDiva4Lyfe (11 months ago)
Her children are beautiful!
Bianca Polo (11 months ago)
Her kids are beautiful
Mamiss Keita (11 months ago)
Oscar for Angela
1judahisrael (11 months ago)
Glad Angela is back on top where she belongs...
Gratuity 'Tip' Tucci (1 year ago)
Her kids are all grown up now!
Shawn Hill (11 months ago)
I noticed that too. And they're so poised.
Tiana Tampico (1 year ago)
Note that she is Lion themed in a clever nod to her upcoming role in lion king. She's truly regal.
Kia Dewberry (1 year ago)
Black people look sooo much better married to their own race.
The Thrillest (11 months ago)
That is so true. And best comment I've heard in a long time. Made my day even.
Silk Nimū (11 months ago)
B’s world 1989 (11 months ago)
Kia Dewberry shut up!!! So annoying...I swear you guys can be so racist
Rod Williams (11 months ago)
I agree, though people are free to do what they want, when black men and women are together they are a force to be reckoned with
Sahada Beloved (1 year ago)
stop focusing on the outside of a relationship and focus on the foundation of a good relationship that someone will have and benefit from .color doesn't define someone's happiness in a relationship
Kia Dewberry (1 year ago)
Beautiful black family this is what i want to grow old with a black woman as beautiful as angela.black men belong with black women black kids are better than them biracial mix breeds.
Gino 1028 (5 months ago)
Carol Ann I rather be bullied by what you say darker skin blacks. Then hated by most white people
Carol Ann (10 months ago)
Kia Dewberry The mixed kids don't ask to be mixed. They are bullied by a lot of darker skinned people all their lives. I come from mixed families. I know how mixed are treated. Many of my relatives left the South because of the abuse they received, the dark , the mixed and the passing ones.
Rod Williams (11 months ago)
Kia Dewberry facts
Stephen The13th (1 year ago)
Damn Miss Bassett you're amazing. Courtney B Vance is a great actor in his own right. They're kids are adorable. They're whole family looks good.

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