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10 Types Of Women Who Will BREAK Your Heart! (GUARANTEED)

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Text Comments (2443)
S. Amin (9 months ago)
A year ago...she said: "Me or Alpha M?" After a year...I still don't miss her. I'm too busy with looking fine af
Nemish Pardeshi (1 day ago)
Yoo boii👏✌️💪
The average Lad (1 month ago)
It's the Tiege Hanley... That's why your looking fine.
Lilla Sked (2 months ago)
I dated a girl with all these 10 red flags.....lol.. fuck me
John Xero (2 months ago)
S. Amin How about now? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
La Fon Du (6 months ago)
You should respect woman
FirefighterMatt 19 (6 hours ago)
My ex was the emotional one who couldn’t give a compliment, I need what ever the stuff he is selling lol
Krzysztof Samul (1 day ago)
5:38 rewinded several times, so funny ending
Tyler James Buckley (2 days ago)
#11 the bi-sexual girls lol they'll never decide what or who they want more.
MR.ORANG (2 days ago)
I’m a pimp
Torling (2 days ago)
shenell Pearls (2 days ago)
we are emotionally unstable because of our hormones.
Raymun The Greaser (2 days ago)
I’ve dated all these girls
Kai Gardhouse (3 days ago)
Options... Plentiful! That was awesome.
NGlitchesFTW (4 days ago)
Most of the things he explained, went through my head lmfaooo before i saw this video hahaha thats insane
Michael Mello (4 days ago)
I fucking hate product placement in videos but you somehow make them tolerable
Is their any relation of teige heley here The ans is no but he just did it again
Obais Dar (5 days ago)
Alpha.. Thank you
Barnabas Sebesteny1 (6 days ago)
what about the girl giving too much complements
Jan Slavotínek (6 days ago)
I got my <3 broken by the type 1 - attention whore ... ouch :D
Felipe Padilla (7 days ago)
The girl that never gives you compliments 💔💔💔 hits home
MISJAX MUSIC (7 days ago)
200 percent true ...
Mystique Francisco (9 days ago)
I hope my boyfriend will love me again. I've always been a good girlfriend to him.
Haikal Z (10 days ago)
497 Feminists disliked the video.
ItsCizza (10 days ago)
2:10 my last Ex girlfriend summed up! holy SHIT that was all 100% accurate. do NOT date the psycho girls, even if they are freaks under the sheets.
Pedro Pacheco Coelho (11 days ago)
So true
The Maker (11 days ago)
So basically every woman in existence 🤣
PUSHYA SAIE AE (12 days ago)
Nice product placements man , ur so goooood at this
Aarón Henríquez (12 days ago)
What about the party girls? Never date those bitches
ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer (13 days ago)
There are fish in the sea... I want a clownfish idk why I comment this
The_Harbour_Boys (13 days ago)
Your like a pro at selling things on your videos lol
Jackson Bradbury (13 days ago)
My mans really dropped the f bomb
Manny Azizy (14 days ago)
I hate the one thats still "Friends" with their ex, like f*ck your ex you got me.
M. Al Omari (14 days ago)
I remember watching your video and hearing your last comment about never dating a cheater. Well alpha you were 100% right, she pretended to have a reason made it seem like it was her ex fault and I believed her lol. Well let’s just say she did the same with me and I found out when I checked her phone.
Prateek Aphale (14 days ago)
Sir, you are the best person in the world... your video helped me a lot really sir whenever I got into any trouble related to relationship, self confidence, self esteem and whenever I felt like I am the worst person....by watching your videos I feel very very comfortable and happy about myself...😃you are best out of best thank you for making these amazing, videos...xo prateek:-)
Diana Aguilar (14 days ago)
1:49 Damm brooo
Megan Geraghty (16 days ago)
What the fuck! What the fuck did I do!?
Juan De Austria (18 days ago)
The definitive answer is that..... .....Tiege Hanley will never break your heart Tiege Hanley is love Tiege Hanley is life
rui gonças (18 days ago)
One of the best transitions Alpha, so smooth ahah
ice creamboy (19 days ago)
2:25 😂
Beershake (19 days ago)
Liked right away at point 9.
Dead Pool (19 days ago)
i really wont you to make a video about Shilla and Brenda
joe Cosby (20 days ago)
I think alpha's talking to me cuz the woman who broke my dad's hearts name was sheila
Kerry K (22 days ago)
There needs to be female version of you of YouTube
Master Chef (22 days ago)
You know what will never break your heart? Tiege Hanley.
Isiah Moore (23 days ago)
I had an ex that was 1, 9, and 10 in one
Arielle Seerattan (24 days ago)
" WTF did i do? U didnt do anything, she's nuts" .lmaoooooooooooooooooo
Blue7 (27 days ago)
Shela why whyyyyyyyyy 😱🔥
Levani Koshadze (27 days ago)
my girlfriend actually Cheated on me with someone she met online 😂 and funny thing is, I talked to the guy and they've never met and aren't even planning to but wasn't denying fact that they were together
Stephen Higgins (27 days ago)
Isn't that ALL of them ??
Traivs (27 days ago)
Your little inserted ads are funny as fuck every time lol Outa nowhere
fullmetal25 (28 days ago)
I end up sleeping with attention seekers 😵🔫
Wakajacka (29 days ago)
5:12 to skip the add
its a brent new day (29 days ago)
hell nah cause i will never get a date :(
Fredrick Ihlenfeld (29 days ago)
The Narcissist, avoid these at all cost
xtreme gold (30 days ago)
american woman are the worst..for dating ...is all about culture
Sid-Ahmed Ourabia (30 days ago)
Hey Alpha, I gotta day for someone so aware of style and giving advice all the time, that t-shirt was looking lame though, colour faded, neck stretched,...
Larsino2000 (30 days ago)
my ex was 9 of the 10
yvon ulysse tervil (1 month ago)
TIEGE HANLEY. NO matter what is the topic, you always see it coming. this guy is a genious
Jose Zaragoza-Calderon (1 month ago)
#1 Feminist
ProperVillain (1 month ago)
Poor Brian....why Brian, why?
Takeiteasy 2 (1 month ago)
This guy has amazing sales skills. His ancestor where Venetian merchants.
Niaz Gul Hazarboz (1 month ago)
From Alpha videos if there is one thing I have learned that is " never date a girl named Brenda" 😄😄😄
dtrocco2 (1 month ago)
Bros before hoes
Row Be (1 month ago)
I recently met one super-great girl, but she was a crazy drama girl. Went crazy for not speaking to her enough times in a week (we we not even dating, and she's miles away, so WhatsApp). I don't miss her, I'm jus puzzled WHY she would be like that.
Sabre50 (1 month ago)
I just had my heart broken by a girl that was an emotional wreck. Worst thing about it is that I’ve seen this video before it happened. The warning signs were ALL THERE. Yeah she is very pretty, but like the video says, things are never good. Should have fucking listened, subbed.
Tyson Boucher (1 month ago)
What’s your favourite sport?
Sami Constantin (1 month ago)
Alpha said ,,fu**"
dtrocco2 (1 month ago)
My first GF was emotional disaster and also that girl who like to post pics ov me and asked me to show off muscles and get 100 likes on that pic I mean like I realized at the end that she just baited me and used me for fame so she can be popular cuz she had a boyfriend I wish I knew 🤔😒 it’s sad when u want a relationship mean while they use you for money and all sorts of girl stuff
Paul Allen (1 month ago)
I fucking love fish.
Szin Napalm (1 month ago)
I thought you were cool till you busted the commercial shit, good luck I guess.
nicolas andrews (1 month ago)
Bro he be pulling these products out the air 😂😂
Michael Jamieson (1 month ago)
I think you covered every female there alpha.
FireFoxF.D.343 (1 month ago)
This explains my ex's all of them I been dating the wrong women this hole time. 😒
Jennifer R. (1 month ago)
Karl Horton (1 month ago)
I was dating my ex for 2 years, the first 7 months was great then she started talking to her ex again without me knowing, she said she was always friends with him, 3 months later she dumps me the day we get back from holiday and starts dating him again, 3 months later she pops up to me telling me she loves me and I got back with her for another year, turned out over all that time since she dumped me she was still dating him behind my back even thou she was seeing me 4 times a week, in which after I found out she begged for me back for a month then 3 days after telling me I was the best thing that ever happened to her she starts dating a new guy from her work and says I was never fly here for her ect... also found out she cheated on her last 4 boyfriends with the ex... why didn’t I watch this video..
Emanuel Collado (1 month ago)
Love it 😂👌
Tank The Pitbull (1 month ago)
Avoid high maintenance women like the plague, as soon as they have bled you for as much as they can gain they will leave you for someone with a bigger bank account.
waj khaj (1 month ago)
11.the one that don't let you use teige Hanley
Jose Hernandez (1 month ago)
6torino9 (1 month ago)
You my friend are wise..
ELK (1 month ago)
There's a chick-a-doo that is a personal trainer at the gym I go to. I've caught her checking me out at the gym before but I'm not interested in her so I always blow that off. Today, she saw me at the grocery store and, when I headed to check out, she jumped in line right behind me. We got to talking and I could see that she was giving me that look. Except, I'm uninterested. I suppose if she were say 15 years younger I would take a swing at the ball coming across the plate but I'm just uninterested given the particular set of circumstances and, regardless of how hot she is, or how much she might want to bang me until I fall asleep, I'm just uninterested. I'm content with being her eye candy I guess but I don't really give a flying duck fart about that either. And that's the point. If you're a real man, and you have your shit together, and ample goals for yourself, then you don't have time for willy nilly BS relationships and you realize that most women are just moochers looking to hitch their wagon to a real man so he can haul them around. Now, some white knights and feminists might not like me referring to most women as mooches but that's a fact. Everyone knows women are pretty incapable going through life. They only very rarely can outperform a man physically. They only very rarely can outperform a man mentally. They don't even know how to change their oil in their own vehicle 9 times out of 10 and I can keep going on all day long about how women, generally speaking, fail to be able to take care of themselves and need a man around to help them get through life. Hence moochers. So knowing that, why would you put women on a pedestal to the point that men generally get absolutely stupid around a pretty woman? Toss 100 women my way and I'll show you 99 that aren't worth the pedestal no matter how many Walt Disney movies they've seen. They're not princesses. In fact, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but we don't do the monarchy thing here in America. So there are no princesses in America. Just the fairy tale stories that are told. Yes, this blows equality out of the water because men and women are unequal according to observable science. Even the movie, Kindergarten Cop taught us that "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina" and so the most accurate thing one could conclude is that men and women are reciprocal yet unequal. Unless someone can show me a nation that sends it's women off to fight it's wars while the men stay home to raise the children. I'm still waiting to see that unicorn. Maybe it's really more of a matter of the men not being real men anymore. I mean this a whole because I know there are some real men still around. But you know what I'm talking about. These man boys that sit around playing video games all day. Or watching TV and movies and, yes, I'm even talking about men in their 70's who are still sitting around most days watching reruns of Gunsmoke, the Andy Griffith Show and other such wastes of time. And there are plenty of other examples of equally useless bull crap that a lot of men are engaged in. Just listen to their conversations for five minutes and you'll quickly realize the lack of quality in most men. They have low to no goals. They have low to no passion for anything in life that might be a viable marketable idea. They can't talk about anything intelligent for longer than 30 seconds before attempting to turn the conversation to pop culture or spectator sports and they're not even honest about how useless spectator sports are as they jibber jabber on about stuff that really fails to matter. I think the ones that crack me up the most are the ones who are, say 50-80, who are still talking about trivialities and who are also bitter about having not done better financially in their lifetimes but who are still looking at the young hussies coming along as if they're going to get a piece of that ass. Maybe it's just me but I don't see a heck of a lot of difference between the baby boomers and Gen Y or Millennials who often are the brunt of comments by old farts who really haven't done much of anything with their pathetic lives. Truth is, a lot of boys never really grow up. They get old, they get fat or flabby, they get wrinkles, they get gray hair but they never really grew up along the way in terms of their character or ability to hold a mentally stimulating conversation without reverting back to topics of trivial pursuit. So I don't know if it's really a case of men getting stupid around pretty women. I happen to have significant evidence that men are pretty stupid overall and the women are just looking for the best opportunity to mooch off of a man as they possibly can most of the time. I'm not saying that everybody is totally fucking stupid but there is plenty of evidence that the village idiot was the most prolific breeder in all of human history. Otherwise, how could it be that both Dummycrats and Retardicants are working together in a very bipartisan manner to bankrupt America with titanic debt and yet the average idiot is just stupid enough to waste their vote on one wing or the other of the Bankruptcy Party without realizing the five ways that massive government debt directly affects your personal finances? And that's failing to take into consideration the many non-voters who could have voted for someone with basic math skills. Yes, I went there. Whether you waste your vote on Retardicants or Dummycrats, or whether you don't bother to vote because you refuse to find a candidate with Basic Math Skills, what you're really doing is voting to bankrupt yourself, to bankrupt your children (future or present whether children or adult), bankrupt your grand children (again, future or present whether children or adult) and to bankrupt America and send our nation into economic calamity despite the mumbo jumbo morons regurgitate about massive government debt not being a threat to our national security. And I'm pretty sure there's not a single person in this country that's willing to stand on a national debate stage, before a prime time televised audience, and try to make the case that massive government debt is a smart thing to support. But maybe there's someone so incredibly stupid out there, heck maybe even Trump, that they'll prove me wrong. In any event, I see no need to idolize or worship women to the point that you - as a man - set aside your capability to reason intelligently and succumb to the trap between their legs as if it's Holy Ground to be worshipped and adored. Unless, of course, you forget how incapable most women are. Then I can see how pussy could ensnare and enslave you. The bottom line: No woman can ever break your heart if you keep your wits about you and stay focused on the truly important things in life. This doesn't mean you can't have a deeply fulfilling and committed relationship. But you're going to have to shit test every woman you ever meet if you even have a hint that you might want to sit down at that table and play your cards.
merlijn polderman (1 month ago)
What if she's all ten of'm
Jay Walking (1 month ago)
The first one tho! I'm a victim of!
04rit (1 month ago)
I never ever imagined that Sheila would break my heart. I have always learned from Alpha that Sheila is the one. Now I'm confused!
Hirock jx Rahang (1 month ago)
She's gone bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mane Mane (1 month ago)
Pussy is overrated. Bitches fuck different dudes everyday. Think 🤔
Mochi - san (1 month ago)
I can't even take a normal selfie even if im alone...
Romero Bryan (1 month ago)
What’s ironic is that I already dated some of these and im just now finding out I shouldn’t have dated them ): thanks for not telling me earlier Alpha!
Ameya Patil (1 month ago)
best product advertisements !
Russ Canduit (1 month ago)
4:07 - 5:12 if you're only here for the Tiege Hanley commercial.
Robert413 Hernandez (1 month ago)
DNA. ...
BossKnight 49097 (1 month ago)
Lots of fish in the sea, a penny saved is a penny earned, -jake the dog
Chris G (1 month ago)
Every time I watch an Alpha M. Video, I always wonder when he’s going to whip out the Tiege.
Sujay Shah (1 month ago)
Number 5 already broke my heart
Casper services (1 month ago)
I have to say I love your videos , everyone I watch you make me laugh along with proving or getting your point across. Keep it up
The Trendy (1 month ago)
Deathroll201 (1 month ago)
Stay single and you don't have to worry about this problem..great video btw!
shrapnel77 (1 month ago)
Actually, there are 11 types. The 11th has all of the previous qualities wrapped up into one ball of disaster.
FuBiscuit (1 month ago)
The girl I just met is all of these except a gold digger. I think it’s not meant to be XD
flash teach (1 month ago)
Bro make a video on your current life and family
Game God (1 month ago)
Carlos Meza (1 month ago)
My last gf was friend with her ex boyfriend... now the ex is the boyfriend and I am the ex. That shit hurts
Mariah Blymyer (1 month ago)
My bf is friends with his ex's :< he told one of his ex's, he broke up with me to get with her and then got with me again.. I met another friend but he's too nervous to tell her bout me cause she's an ex and she still wants to date :<
Sexymaya Green (1 month ago)
Is this an only boys club allowed?😜

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