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10 Types Of Women Who Will BREAK Your Heart! (GUARANTEED)

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Tyler Riddolls (7 hours ago)
My last ex had at least half of these going for her, don't date an emotional wreck. They'll say that they love you and you mean the world to them, best match ever bla bla. Then she'll unexpectedly leave you. And you'll be sitting there with a broken heart wondering wtf happened, wondering if you did anything wrong.. And she wont care at all. It's the worst feeling ever. Save yourself the trouble, don't get attached too quickly, get to know the person well before you start actually dating. If you see these signs, save yourself the future heartbreak and just leave.
Amh Jh (9 hours ago)
Soooo Tiece hanley is gonna make me look taller ?
XxSPRITALxX (10 hours ago)
What was your hight when you were a kid? I want to know cause idk if I’m not gonna be tall
Anjelica lopez (1 day ago)
wait I'm a girl that likes girls so I'm always watching these videos😂
The Crazy Freshman (1 day ago)
Ad ends at 5:14 You’re welcome
albert audelo (2 days ago)
Alpha always giving the best advice
Jerry Morris (2 days ago)
That was literally the best video. Maybe I'm just tierd but that was accurate and funny asf 😂😂
Dario Kocirov (2 days ago)
I saw you have a similar video - Types of girl to never date. - You can make a video: Types of girls to date :)
Sreenandanam Vtc (2 days ago)
Dude they are not my lovers but they are friends But they don't won't me around them i saying this because i can see that on there faces 😥😭😭
TSB Nevada (2 days ago)
I feel like this one was made really personal
Bubby Archuleta (3 days ago)
My ex was all of these stereotypes in one
lil bape (4 days ago)
Number 4 happen to me today
KuriNation (5 days ago)
Man, I hit the lottery with my ex because I got all 10 in one girl 😉
Haley Ross-Nastacio (5 days ago)
On God I just heard my man's say "super thot" and I spit my water all over my textbook
Definitely not Daniel (5 days ago)
Hey alpha I just want to let you know that everything positive you have said in the beginning of your videos made a lot of huge impact in my life, and probably everyone watching your videos too (positively), and for that I would like to thank you. And also being a father figure that I never had.
TC45 Productions (7 days ago)
My ex is litteraly every example
frankenclouds !! (7 days ago)
Hard to break up with the b**ch that i know cheated...sends nude photos... And swears she only loves me. I am the defintion of a cuck. Wish me luck gentlemen.
Carlos Sanchez (7 days ago)
Let's all stop for a second and appreciate how good of an ending that was👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lil Sono 13 (8 days ago)
Who else watches the his videos but never do the shit she says
Mr Logic (8 days ago)
Your best friend 😂 Don't ask her out, just dont
knuCle (8 days ago)
In the end of the day, arrange marriage is the safest.
Gabrieleboy (8 days ago)
*I wish i knew this before...*
BlazingBuket (9 days ago)
There this girl i like , i confess to her she said yes, 2 months later , she is holding my best friend hand . I stared at her with wide open eyes and say " Am i a joke to you."
Saptarshi Sarkar (9 days ago)
all will break your heart... give a like to support
Ťöpmàñ alexxx (10 days ago)
His delivery is excellent
Tenn ll (12 days ago)
Yesterday I sold my soul to a really creepy man I can't feel any emotions and I just sit in a dark room and watch YouTube.
Domenic Zagari (13 days ago)
My ex managed to be all of them
Kyle Logan (14 days ago)
theres only 4 types of woman, a crack sex addicted hoe, a sweetheart who wants a family and to get married be a goody good, that girl who thinks shes homiehomie gangsta reckons shes knocked other girls out ect... And that girl, who makes you smile.. Which will be one of the forementioned girls lol
angel chavez (14 days ago)
I’m handsome
Mahamadali Moolimani (15 days ago)
Why do you always hit Sheela??????
Tiffany Iler (15 days ago)
All women are emotional.😂😂😂 In that case stay single.😂😂
Niel Remou (16 days ago)
love this
Junho (16 days ago)
You criticize 99.5% of Korean women.
Team Epic (19 days ago)
Bro my girl wss a lot of those but if I break up with her how do I get over her
Tobey Maguire (19 days ago)
Yikes my ex qualified for most of the girls on this list
Junho (16 days ago)
This is a trap to follow what your body wants.
Miah B (20 days ago)
I got a mixture of 1-2
nadda (22 days ago)
Why am i watching this, i am a 17 year old girl...
Marsha Ann (23 days ago)
Can you stop pushing products on us bro?
Marsha Ann (23 days ago)
Why does he shout in all of his videos? Lol
blue a coture (24 days ago)
Way to go bro Leave the spnsered prodocts till the end of the video I Love you Alpha
Shivank Agrawal (24 days ago)
1:00 Did he just say Sheila. 😆. He must be watching Indian movies by now.
Patrick Floreani (24 days ago)
Bro. This is gold. 😄😄
rushikesh adap (25 days ago)
alpha be like.. hey you have cancer..? use teige henley😂😂
Phinehas Mane (25 days ago)
i f*ckin needed this
Blaine Hobson (25 days ago)
I know this video is old, but someone out there may be watching still. Today, my girl dumped me. Guys, don’t date friends. You may be the lucky one that’s friends with the hot girls at school, but don’t date them. They will never see you as anything more than a friend even though you’re falling head over heels for her. They will find someone else and then come to you for advice, or attention their not getting, etc. It won’t ever work, take it from me. I may just be some 19 year old kid on the internet, but take it from me.
Tarun Sharma (26 days ago)
Who the fuck is shiela ??
ghOuL (26 days ago)
my last date was all 10 points in one :D she frkn did it
HossMan04 (26 days ago)
#11- The girl that will never buy you Tiege Hanley
Amir Hussain (1 month ago)
The fishes are being more toxic and smellier every day
Connor McGrath (1 month ago)
There’s also the girl who is super friendly, kind, hot, but can’t commit. My friend was this girl and I ended up falling for her pretty hard, but she was in a (toxic) relationship with this guy (he was super controlling and had a lot of insecurities, also is clinically depressed) and she wanted to pursue other relationships, but stay with the guy at the same time. And she decided to pursue a relationship with me. She asked if I was fine sharing her with others, and at first I was like ‘yeah, sure. I can be fine with that’. I didn’t think about all the heartache it would cause me at the time. But after a few days I realized how much it would hurt. And then I thought ‘if I feel this way, and we aren’t even really together, how are the other guys gonna feel?’ Because I had a ton of skills and resources to help me deal with the pain thanks to my family, but others might not have those skills. I talked to her about and ultimately convinced her to remain monogamous, be she decided to stay in her relationship with the guy. Even though he doesn’t allow her to have friends because he’s afraid she will cheat on him with someone else (she is bi). He even tried to kill himself the day before his birthday because he couldn’t handle breaking up with her. I told her that they shouldn’t be together and that they have issues they need to work out on their own. That staying together would only prevent them from healing. Or at least take a very long break without dating anyone. Her response was saying that I need to stay out of it, when less than twelve hours prior she was asking me to talk to her boyfriend and get him to understand. I tried everything I could think of to help them out (yes, him too. We may not like each other but I don’t want to see the guy suffer). But in the end she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She wanted to date other people but didn’t want to make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen. So I felt used, and tossed to the side of the road to pick up the pieces. Nothing to show for my efforts. So stay away from those girls. They aren’t worth the energy. They don’t take responsibility for their actions, and they leave you with all the baggage. It’s not worth the heartache. Sorry for the long read, and thank you Alpha M for making these videos. They have really improved my life and how I think about things
Ozan Gokceoglu (1 month ago)
Here is the list of 10 types of girls who's gonna break your heart ; 1- All the girls 2- aLl the girls 3- alL the girls 4- all The girls 5- all tHe girls 6- all thE girls 7- all the Girls 8- all the gIrls 9- all the giRls 10-all the girLs 😀
Louis T (1 month ago)
Just got into a relationship with a girl I thought was the one for me ONE MONTH ago. Dumped her after one month because she had all of points #1 to 8.
Jacob Corona (1 month ago)
All sh't mine is 5 6 7 but mostly nmbr 7 mostly 7
Valentin Dumitrasc (1 month ago)
I am broken for one that was an angel but now i understand that she had 3 of this characteristics. THREEE!!!!! And i was trusting she’s love. Damn it! 🤦🏼‍♂️ nice vid btw!
Taylor Krom OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
That random perfectly times promo was genius bro 😂 i love your videos.
Derrek z (1 month ago)
I remember I was seeing this when I was sad as hell cause of a break up but watching it again and hearing alpha say “better fish out in the sea” I agree 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣
Amadeus Official (1 month ago)
2:25 instant subscribe :D
Denise A. (1 month ago)
wow..all of these video's are a commercial for a product. Superficial.
Gilbert Arciniega (1 month ago)
Go to the Philippines and guaranteed find a girlie... Not just ANY girl. A LOYAL one! AS long as she is from the less developed part of Philippines
Jim Jimmy (1 month ago)
5:29 Well said
Jacob Davis (1 month ago)
Thank you for the time and work you put into this channel and your viewers brother. I admire your confidence and authenticity with the topics you speak about. I trust your opinion. 💯
Joshua A (1 month ago)
Oh I just rub tiege hanley on my heart I feel better than.
Harley Coats (1 month ago)
I got cheated on about a month ago and it destroyed me and I didn't see it coming at all because we've been dating for a year. Now were both sophmores and she broke up with me over text and then I found out from one of my friends that she's dating a senior that's like 5'7 who she told me was a friend and she would never do anything like that and promised me this and that and then now I got hoed 😐
Yazan Waleed (1 month ago)
its tooooooo lateeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jesse Rojas (1 month ago)
Tempers suck. You never marry them. You just sleep w them
Jesse Rojas (1 month ago)
I can’t stand “Selfie girls”. Posting every tiny thing. Bleccchhh!
Jesse Rojas (1 month ago)
Love this guy!
Ibslimm (1 month ago)
Alpha,you are the fucking man
Brian Keith Null (1 month ago)
Hey, I think that this is also about the same guide needed to date men. I come across plenty of them. The other reason I watch is because Alpha is just too cute and nice to look at! Good looking man!
Manuelito Fernando (1 month ago)
Tiege Hanley segway was smooth.
paul pinto (1 month ago)
Ur a savage man 🔥😈
paul pinto (1 month ago)
More plastic surgery 😂😂😂😂
Catherine Williams (1 month ago)
I am so 2 and 4
Bibhuti Rabha (1 month ago)
I fuck thats tipe of girls
Bboy. Tony (1 month ago)
Woman are crazy, you just gotta make sure they crazy about you cuz if not...bye bye.
Uchiha Hikaku (1 month ago)
Guys are too soft on girls.
SideWays S. (1 month ago)
Sorry to rain on your parade alpha but I'm not an amazing dude, I'm ginger.
MELVIN ORIONIS (1 month ago)
Sometimes when I watch these videos.....I tell myself I love alpha
gangster killz (1 month ago)
Your face doesn’t glow it’s just the lighting
Nishsar (1 month ago)
So basically, I can't date any girl.
Priyanshu Singh (1 month ago)
Logan paul and johhannes
Buftl Buft (1 month ago)
had an ugly duckling in business school ( 3years)... she was a 3,5/10 in the first year, but had a nice body (she is doing gymnastics). Second-year - She was on vacation in Egypt and got a real nice tan that cleared her skin and so on... she jumped to a 6/10, her body was tanned, well toned from her gymnastics training and a slightly curvy. The third-year - It was just like this "Holy shit!!! Why I didn't ask her out in the first year? why I didn't listen to Barney from 'how I met your mother' and 'invested' .... *sad face* She is somewhat an 'Instagram model' now with around 10k followers... sigh.
Steven Coleman (1 month ago)
If I was as smooth as Alpha's product placement transitions, I wouldn't need to look up tips for picking up girls.
Gumnam Sipahi (1 month ago)
Actually I am kind of man who don't give a shit when a girl leaves me or try to break my heart.
whoknows (1 month ago)
Sounds like a brothel barker.
Playboy Kartik (1 month ago)
Yoo this guy is a god at pluggin in promos 😂
tom d (1 month ago)
Damn this shit true and funny 💯😂
The Giga Assassin (1 month ago)
1,4,6,7, and 9, just my luck lol
Kamari Sadler (1 month ago)
I was kinda controlling for a bit but I had a reason, she was a cheater, attention whore, an friends with exs an etc she was most of those things
Samual Watson (1 month ago)
My outlook: once a cheater, always a cheater. Man or woman.
FastZ Deejnisch (1 month ago)
I don’t really agree with the last one ‘the cheater’ because i also have a girlfriend who cheated me once a few months ago but she’s still a good girl and she always was. I can talk to her like no one else could, we have great times together and we love eachother. She just made a mistake once but that doesn’t mean that she would do that again. If this happens to other people just stand your fucking man. Be hard on her, let her know what she did wrong and let her feel the pain of thinking about losing you and she won’t do it again. Unless she just doesn’t love you.
Henrikas Vitkauskas (1 month ago)
That is The time you caught her and that is The time you know. But what you dont get that women are Masters in manipuliation and hiding things. No normal women would ever do that mistake.
Jade (1 month ago)
Omg I love how you sell your product
Suki TheHumanMostly (1 month ago)
Honestly as a girl he knows his sh*. On the bright side i don't think any of these girls so yessssss.
Hyper Regal (1 month ago)
daniel gunner (1 month ago)
So 95% of all women will break our hearts? Once again, why I stopped dating.
RedTheFirst I (1 month ago)
My real names Brian.
D_N (1 month ago)
I didn't that promo comin, damn Alpha is good!
Anoronix (1 month ago)
I was kind of curious and I thought this video was bs, but he’s not wrong, I dealt with #2. Nothing as simple as listening to this man rn, he will save you time and emotional breakdowns
Spencer (1 month ago)
No woman will break my heart

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