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WORLD'S HOTTEST CHIP PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! #OneChipChallenge | Paqui One Chip Challenge / One Chip Challenge is made with the world's hottest peppers the Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper & more. ►►► NEW CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/RubenSoleLive ► Social Media ◄ Instagram : http://instagram.com/Ruben_Sole Twitter: http://twitter.com/EpicFiveTV
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Text Comments (796)
Devin Quigley (3 months ago)
Talk all the shit you want about Ruben. The man has given us amazing content and can't be a prankster forever. Men grow up and things change. I appreciate you Ruben, keep doing what you enjoy!!!
TheBlack N (4 days ago)
He has given her gf to us.
Jayden V (2 months ago)
this guy is a fucking loser lol
Julian Needs Blood (2 months ago)
Yeah you fucks! Grow the fuck up and support the man! Fuckers! 😂
BeattapeFactory (3 months ago)
+Bryan Stiener it is amazinng content tho. Him and limitless created videos thatvyou can watch over and over and not get tired off. Just like two and a half men or big bang theory episodes
Janty Basilides (1 day ago)
she looks like filipina bro
jaredxcantrell (2 days ago)
LMFAO did she try to cool the heat off with almond milk???? almond milk is water 💀😂😂😂 get real milk champ
shavingculture (2 days ago)
Why Ruben makes real pranks but have less views then that small dick Russian guy what’s his name ? The one that make a porn and couldn’t get hard ? Anyways you guys know who I’m talking about vitally and his faggot friends all fake pranks
Ava Lee (3 days ago)
Mad copyright 😂😂😂
Petter Herlofsen (3 days ago)
You shouldn't be drinking milk it's not for humans!!
Cornell Daniel (7 days ago)
Dude are you cloned?
Trevor Crise (9 days ago)
She knew you where trippin when you said to put cloths on
ZEL TEFERE KAHSAY (11 days ago)
*Looks at her *eh *looks at her again *PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!
timstime1970 (12 days ago)
Reuben you gotta hook me up with a cute asian gal Bro!! Shes got such a cute and perfect little body.
control Justice (13 days ago)
We need this one back not the skinny one :(
Eduardo Castillo (14 days ago)
That so mean not nice 😞👎
Damond Wilson (15 days ago)
This is old but I'm far from mad cause it made me laugh!! I'm gonna call my ex and tell her to come sit on my face now!! Toodles!
Edward Kenway (16 days ago)
I just came here to look at your Asian girls ass. Reminds me of the cheap ones I get in S.E.A.
abram garibay (16 days ago)
Jeff Taylor (17 days ago)
to funny
ROGU3 LUCIFER (17 days ago)
Rogu3 lucifer my YouTube channel
Michael DaSilva (17 days ago)
After girl asks you what you do for a living say “if I told you I’d have to kiss you” & then lean in
Cloudy Millz (18 days ago)
Holy shitttt his girlfriend is so fucken sexy holy shit she looking a porn star
chris stath (18 days ago)
stop recording records booty my knee grow hahah
chris stath (18 days ago)
is it me or they do homemade porn i mean cmon cameras everywhere ya gotta wonder..
chris stath (18 days ago)
dat ass though
chris stath (18 days ago)
he bangs asian the luls prolly cause she was the easiest to hold on to am i rite yeh im prolly rite.
chris stath (18 days ago)
you tube can only take you so far huh
Bee Rich (18 days ago)
Ruben is the GOAT of this shit,he’s been in this game for years
Ya Boi (19 days ago)
Funny how all the prankers are gone all that's left is the fucking boys! Nelk don't let us down
Ya Boi (19 days ago)
She said wyd noting just checking it out 😂😂
CALICOTV301 (20 days ago)
Him: put on some clothes Alan is coming over Her... Puts on some clothes showing her buttcheeks
CALICOTV301 (20 days ago)
Him: put on some clothes Alan is coming over Her... Puts on some clothes showing her buttcheeks
munching cherry (2 days ago)
He gave them too her look -.-
CALICOTV301 (20 days ago)
Him: put on some clothes Alan is coming over Her... Puts on some clothes showing her buttcheeks
Dilip saha (22 days ago)
She dont have boob's 😂
Ansh acharya (22 days ago)
why do u do that nooo oo shit your gf is cute dont do that he is crying bro oooo nooo
MosescxTV (23 days ago)
Been long time I been here I'm saying you can do way better girl is ugly
GO GO (23 days ago)
F boyfriend
Mohd Nazmie (24 days ago)
your girlfrend from japan or others asia ? i think ..
Latasha Richard (25 days ago)
You mean ex boyfriend
Latasha Richard (25 days ago)
You mean ex boy
Magic Man (25 days ago)
She has a nice edible ass...
Nichole Colenburg (26 days ago)
Does he have a wig cause look ate his other vid he already has his hair back
icy k (27 days ago)
she hotter than da chip. no cap
Gaming with Ritz (28 days ago)
Your girlfriend is so hot
hum ams (28 days ago)
R u okay? U havent upload in a while
What a jerk 🖕
Akash pj (1 month ago)
U aint gettin head that night..isnt it?
Dr-Pepper (1 month ago)
Asian Gf. Hell ya. They are bae
Awadh Sao (1 month ago)
Holy crap how did controlled his laugh😂 2:48
David l (1 month ago)
5:17 I saw steam coming out her mouth😂😂😂😂
Axeman (1 month ago)
poor gal
Axeman (1 month ago)
I jack off to girl ass
Michael Salmeron (1 month ago)
Coolride17 (1 month ago)
This is old, he takes dick now doesn't he?
Mayweather Money (1 month ago)
She will get you back soon. she will give you head with pepper sauce in her mouth! lol
Mayweather Money (1 month ago)
Need to see her having Ruben Jr. soon
Mayweather Money (1 month ago)
She should have blow you and make you dick on FIRE!
Mayweather Money (1 month ago)
Mi Bomboclaat!
Animus Cumminham (1 month ago)
Peter Chiung (1 month ago)
The ass is not bad but she needs some implants
DanteBloodseeker (1 month ago)
She is acting
tennaj (1 month ago)
is this guy still a douche bag as he was before ??
LuckySnip3r 11 (1 month ago)
This guys a creep
Jonathan Brunner (1 month ago)
C’mon man the camera on the tripod? Blinking? Really?
shahrul iskandar (1 month ago)
Do some clean in your house look nasty
king games (1 month ago)
Your girl just walks around the house naked
Pratiyush Kumar (1 month ago)
Bitch.. This is not at all funny.. Poor gorl.. Instead u should have tasted that stupid
dario UFO (1 month ago)
liked it
kenny2006sp (1 month ago)
She married him
Vishal Joshi (1 month ago)
#eske to gaand fat gai
Dhameer Govind (1 month ago)
Girlfriend looks dodge 😂
native american. (1 month ago)
Who is this guy. I just seen his latest video an his slim an built.
buck rowley (2 months ago)
do you still punch old people in the gut or do you use a blackjack ?
Grayson Carr (2 months ago)
Cracks me up when vegans go for almond milk after they eat something spicy. Almond milk is like water... it doesn’t help. The reason real milk helps is because it contains casein proteins, which bind with fat / capsaicin-containing oils and wash them away. Capsaicin (the chemical that makes spicy foods spicy) and capsaicin-containing oils are hydrophobic, so any liquid that does not contain something that will bind to them will just flow right by without washing them away.
dabmotha (2 months ago)
WTF hahahahahhahhahahahahahahahaahhahahaha!
Nephilim Research (2 months ago)
So polite off her to apologize for burping while have eaten the hottest chip ever. Max cute level.
Mark Cody (2 months ago)
She’s hot. (Get it?)
Ron Star (2 months ago)
Nice prank, cool apartment, nice girlfriend. Enjoy yourself, Rue. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
m schiffel (2 months ago)
You didn't get any pussy that night !
Ano Nymous (2 months ago)
why is her ass black?
Kevin Manfred (2 months ago)
first of all,that aint milk..its juice...use tomato juice...one acid neutralizes another
Daleader24 (2 months ago)
You not even with that corny girl
sexxyperv (2 months ago)
Ai Know-how (2 months ago)
You girlfriend is from Asia
Ankit Dubey (2 months ago)
Ur so lucky
Sourav Sarma (2 months ago)
nice home bro..what's the rent by the way?
مصطفى صباح (2 months ago)
I dont know how do you fack thes girl mane
Shawn Mac (2 months ago)
holy hot asian!
Cyrus Dailey (2 months ago)
This dude has no headboard or rails lmao
Alf Uckem (2 months ago)
Hi Reuben. What is your ex girlfriends name?
calm (2 months ago)
Oo he like them oriental girl I see you 🙃
urie p. (2 months ago)
Get a real Job brahhh..pranks are irrelevant and acute. Never lasting
MetroVerse (2 months ago)
What a knockout! AND she's just laughing, not trying to kill you. Never let her go!
Jayden V (2 months ago)
this guy is a fucking loser lol
keep on truckin (2 months ago)
Ruben is the funnyest mofo I've ever seen thanks buddy for all you're hard work for all of us to laugh at much love Ruben!!
Ezekiel Green (2 months ago)
Sound like Movado in the background
Travis Weathers (2 months ago)
You look fat again rubster
Daven Azet (2 months ago)
Swami Vivekananda (2 months ago)
That's what you get for dating the world's greatest prankster
Eric Peraza (2 months ago)
Dummies (2 months ago)
So stupid
Xavier (2 months ago)
Repost from 2 years ago ruben
I Am The Law (2 months ago)
I like your new content bro something new

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