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How To Wear The Kimono Trend: A-Z Trend Guide Spring/Summer 2014

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*Click for Outfit Details* Blog: http://www.sydnestyle.com Welcome to my A-Z Trend Guide! Every season, I head to New York Fashion Week and break down the trends in an easy-to-follow guide. Then I film outfit ideas to show you how to bring the runway to real life! Today, K is for Kimonos! Look #1 Jacket: Lovers and Friends http://bit.ly/1kaDMoL Top: J. Crew http://bit.ly/1pldfdO Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Necklaces: Maya Brenner and Stella & Dot Bracelets: Henri Bendel and Stella & Dot Rings: Gorjana and Dogeared Shoes: JustFab Look #2 Jacket: Bebe (similar http://bit.ly/1rq8v2j) Romper: Topshop http://bit.ly/1kaE3YT Necklace: Bauble Bar http://bit.ly/1lLuDCG Ring: Noir Shoes: Steve Madden (on sale!) http://bit.ly/QCSMBN Check back every Tuesday & Thursday for a new episode! {PRODUCTION} Tim & Co {SUBSCRIBE} http://www.youtube.com/sydnesummer {BLOG} http://sydnestyle.com {INSTAGRAM} http://instagram.com/sydnesummer {TWITTER} http://instagram.com/sydnesummer {FACEBOOK} https://www.facebook.com {PINTEREST} http://pinterest.com/sydnesummer
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Text Comments (38)
Angela Thomas (1 month ago)
Just got a kimono today how would you style it for church
Laura Bauer (3 years ago)
SO inspriring. Love the A-Z Trend Guide
Audrey G (3 years ago)
V OUT (3 years ago)
We dont have same definition of what a kimono is
Natalies Outlet (3 years ago)
Beautiful! Love the lighting in this video and the overall fresh spring feel :)
Ryan Wolski (3 years ago)
What do I do when my kimono top is too long? I am petite build and it goes to just below my knees....
Clarissa Chun (3 years ago)
Hi! What kind of shoes would you wear with a colorful dotted kimono with boyfriend jeans? I have navy blue toms with stripes on the heel?
Sydne Summer (3 years ago)
That sounds cute! or you could just do a neutral too to let the color of the kimono pop :)
Fijian SunRider (3 years ago)
I think kimono tops are sexy, as a man and myself I get turned on when I see women wear kimono tops like this with the wide, open sleeves and high waist shorts or high waist skirt or better yet a belted empire-waist style. Ladies, wear them more often please, guys like them when you wear them (especially); they look super sexy on most of you.
Gail Mcculloch (4 years ago)
Not sure about kimono trend but will give it a go.
Katherine (4 years ago)
I really like your black kimono! very beautiful. I recently bought a kimono online but it is wayy longer than I expected.. It reaches almost my ankles, it's past my knees and I found it very weird cuz Idk what to style it with (since it's so long!).. I'm thinking of returning it, but before I do so, I would like to see some trends on LONG kimonos before I decide to return it... Maybe there is a cool, fun way to wear these kimonos that Idk of.. Do you have any tips/videos?
Ashley Ayoob (4 years ago)
Hi Sydne, great tutorial. I am in love with those studded tan high heeled sandals you are wearing with the first kimono. Could you share the brand or where I might find them? Thanks!
Lise M. (4 years ago)
How would you style a purple kimono for fall? (Croptop...jeans...basic shirt?) (The kimono is from Zara)
lizbeth mora (4 years ago)
How would I style shorter Satin blue printed kimono with black tassels. I love it but have No clue what to wear with it.
stephanie diaz (4 years ago)
how would you wear a white kimono with shorts? like what type of shirt etc
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
I would probably do denim or black shorts with a camisole! 
claire elizabeth (4 years ago)
I have a daisy printed one, but don't know how to style it. Any tips?
claire elizabeth (4 years ago)
Thanks for your help! Keep making awesome videos!
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
+Claire Buoni sounds cute! I would definitely do it with jeans. I think that denim would be best! 
claire elizabeth (4 years ago)
The background is black and the daisies are white with yellow centers.
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
How cute! What colors?
Sarah Robson (4 years ago)
how would you wear a long kimono (down to the knee) ?? please answer!!
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
I really like longer kimonos with shorter shorts. For casual try a denim short. Or you can wear skinny jeans. Just make sure to add heels for height!
Dahye Jung (4 years ago)
This is such a fun video! Great outfits!
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
So glad you liked it!
coolio45ish (4 years ago)
hello Sydne, do you know any other sites where i could find cheaper kimonos?
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
I did a roundup on my blog if you search kimono!
Angel Noneya (4 years ago)
I am petite also and idk how u manage to pull off ankle straps without looking like u have no leg lol
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
stick to thin ankle straps, they're way more slimming!
Tanya Lueanglue (4 years ago)
Where did you get the black one from? It's so nice 😍😍😍
Liliana Berlanga (4 years ago)
Love this trend!!!:)
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
so glad!
Stacy Angel (4 years ago)
Yea!!! thanks this was one of my questions
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
oh good! glad it helped :)
Feed Your Inner .Chef (4 years ago)
I do not know if I would wear it , but definitely cute!
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)
thanks! never hurts to try ;)
CherrieCupcakex (4 years ago)
I like the kimono trend but I always I had no idea how to wear em so thanks! I love the second look! 😃
Sydne Summer (4 years ago)

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