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ServiceNow Express: Form Design

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From custom fields and dependencies to responsive field toggles and references, learn how to take advantage of the easy form design in ServiceNow Express. Video Shortcuts: Add new sections and fields: https://youtu.be/PqVf3XH6Ato?t=53 Creating UI Policies (toggling fields): https://youtu.be/PqVf3XH6Ato?t=438 Creating dependent fields: https://youtu.be/PqVf3XH6Ato?t=530 Using reference qualifiers: https://youtu.be/PqVf3XH6Ato?t=676 Creating dependent choices: https://youtu.be/PqVf3XH6Ato?t=724
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Darius Koohmarey (3 years ago)
Right clicking a form header and selecting Configure -> Form Layout allows you to add dot-walked (fields on referenced fields tables) to the current form.
Darius Koohmarey (3 years ago)
Additional note: Right clicking the form header and selecting Configure -> Related Lists is a great way to link data from around the platform! These related lists can be created by simply creating a new reference or list variable pointing to the given forms table.

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