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Sealver Wave Boat for Flyboard / Adrenaline Academy

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Le Wave Boat est l'outil idéal pour tous les professionnels du Flyboard. Découvrez l'utilisation du WB626 par Adrenaline Académie (parrainée par V. Lagaf) à Cavalaire-sur-Mer The Wave Boat is the perfect boat for all Flyboard professionals. Check out this video by 'Adrenaline Academie'!
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Sharon Guy (1 year ago)
great video guys - what is the purpose of the hood covers on the yamahas?
Cesar Martinez (2 years ago)
donde es esto?
sealverwaveboat (2 years ago)
Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France ;) www.adrenalineacademie.com www.sealver.com

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