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USHER at "Never Say Never" Premiere in Los Angeles

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USHER at Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" Premiere at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California USA February 8, 2011 © Ricomix Productions / /
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María Emilia Negrón (4 months ago)
Don't know if you ever going to get this message for sure or should doing to those kids alone with their mother God is going to ask you on Judgement Day
Lesli Castillo (3 years ago)
Me encanto ver sol dos hermosos bebes de usher :-*
Heyitsjay Bae (3 years ago)
sjmoy1 (4 years ago)
Omggggg. I can't. They're all too cute<3
Alyzon Sanchez (4 years ago)
usher looks like my cousin
Celestin Sheika (7 months ago)
Ah no way
Pahce' Du'Phurr (5 years ago)
He refuse to ten his head...lol
Lateshia Childs (5 years ago)
Awww look at Usher minni mes they are so cute. I like Naviyd he always making that serious face. Now Usher we need to make a girl....lol.
ASDFG HJKL (5 years ago)
Do you really have to be that immature?
Chei (5 years ago)
FYoOpinion (5 years ago)
The Younger one kills Me w/ that Lil Mean Mug ---> THEY'RE ADORABLE!!!
bieber restless (5 years ago)
Margi Noser (5 years ago)
Once More - USHER wit cute sons - *yeahman* lov it so much <3 <3 <3
Twinning89 (5 years ago)
that picture at the last part ruin this video. Adorable kids tho!! Usher is the man...
I love you Usher
aqueencee1 (6 years ago)
Big ups to Usher for being a very good dad! :)
IVIarkyBoy (6 years ago)
look how cute his kids are
151942 (6 years ago)
lol he seems like a patient person :) and a good dad!!
mariana bautista (6 years ago)
so cute! :)
SHAY JOHNSON (6 years ago)
3pic3llo (6 years ago)
was all the stars at WONKA for the pics 0.0
CiquitaMokkaa (6 years ago)
Jessica Luhannie (6 years ago)
sooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name Surname (6 years ago)
oh my god...soooooo nice...even can't describe how are they sweet)))) love you Usher*the best daddy with the cutest sons
Vivish #1 (6 years ago)
zala dong (6 years ago)
cute baby
Angela Le (6 years ago)
DieseGirlsRocken (6 years ago)
How old are his kidz
DieseGirlsRocken (6 years ago)
Sooooo cuuutteee
Jalkloben13 (6 years ago)
Mini Ushers!
Mralexbaseball (6 years ago)
no .jpg (7 years ago)
awwwww so sweet
que lindos
sadarian jordan (7 years ago)
The One In The Brown Look Like USHER
akILAH wEEKS (7 years ago)
those babies hav mre swag n style than mst ppl i kno lml
DESTINY SANDERS (7 years ago)
awwww his boys are so handsome
M Hernandez (7 years ago)
lol, those children have no idea what they are doing there xD
nicelife31 (7 years ago)
this man is so freken handsome and his kids are beautiful..i love you usher..met you before you are so nice....USHER ROCKSSSSSS!!!!
Barbra Justt (7 years ago)
Are the ushers children?
Mannaerts Ella (7 years ago)
they are so cute
jrhSTYLE (7 years ago)
one will sing.. one will rap.. thy will be done
Zanna0475 (7 years ago)
whose the 2 boys??
FeFe Raymond (7 years ago)
My boys OMG I just love them soo much
Saarah Kbm (7 years ago)
Mec je t'aime <3
GTSwaggerWagon (7 years ago)
so cutttte :)
♡ jennifer ♡ (7 years ago)
Aww, I love the mini Ushers. lol. xD
@178emmy the children of usher
Thini bee (7 years ago)
mooi soo sweet
fan bieber martins (7 years ago)
RehkaLoversULol (7 years ago)
rossiny benvi (7 years ago)
omg they look exacly like him the kid in the brown look's more like him
Alexis Anderson (7 years ago)
@savchez1234 He Was Married To Their Mother But Not Anymore. Her Name Was Tameka Foster. :)
Alexis Anderson (7 years ago)
@smiley2011face This Lady Named Tameka Foster. She Was His Stylist Before She Became His Wife & Mother Of His Children. She Had 3 Kids From A Previous Marriage Before She Had Those Two.
oh nah nah (7 years ago)
Ohh cute kids
aleexMJ (7 years ago)
omg mini ushers
Viagens & Algo Mais (7 years ago)
usher and son: a coisa mais linda do muito!! #teamousher my twitter:@JoiceRaymond
Laura N (7 years ago)
Aww his kids are so cute! However I don't think his kids will have much fun at a premiere.. They are too young to understand the movie, and posing for camera's is also not really a kid's thing. I wouldn't have taken my kids to a premiere when i was him.
Obe .Joseph (7 years ago)
AWWWZZZ look at the mini ushersssss <3
TuneApp (7 years ago)
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Tiffany N'dry (7 years ago)
His kids are so cute !
Luli Miri (7 years ago)
mini ushers are soooooooooooooo dreaking cute.
MikhailaMikhaila (7 years ago)
awww their so cute ursher babies!
SLN208 (7 years ago)
wauw... why am i not the child of usher :(
ArushiDutt (7 years ago)
haha awwwww they're so cute! must be awesome having a daddy like usher
laluli098 (7 years ago)
the left one is scarry O.O
aprz (7 years ago)
Usher: What d'you say little ushers? Lil Ushers: Yeeeeeeeeeeaaa Man
Olivia Rowe (7 years ago)
are they his kids or wat i neva knew he had kids lol :)xxx wow thay r soo cute
Olivia Rowe (7 years ago)
are they his kids or wat i neva knew he had kids lol :)xxx
Ladyflo (7 years ago)
usher has kids O.o already?? thot i was his baby mamma ,....)':
Izzy Flannery (7 years ago)
L O (7 years ago)
they look so lost lol but i luv them
swagg mofo (7 years ago)
@indibabs122275 Yea there so cutee!!!
swagg mofo (7 years ago)
They are super cute I love how they are just gazing around and Usher want them to look at the cameras so cutee.
Teddy W (7 years ago)
eenie meeniee Usher's! Yeah man!
ringo starr (7 years ago)
Aww mini Ushers <3
Kailey Blackmore (7 years ago)
Their so cuuute<3333
bibou12456 Oklm (7 years ago)
Stephanie Marie (7 years ago)
@cro9701 That's what I thought too
Alyse AK (7 years ago)
they look exactly like his ass from different eras, the older one look like him when he was younger and the younger one look like him now
karkkiliininam (7 years ago)
They're cute but why the hell do they have leather jackets and ripped jeans? I mean it would look awesome on anybody else but a little boy.. cute as hell though :D
Alicia Jerome (7 years ago)
awwwwwww they so cute
Ali Pe (7 years ago)
Omg thats so cute *-*
@g3orgianna21 are the children of usher
Georgiana B (7 years ago)
oooooooooo so sweet :x Usher's kids are cute :x
Georgiana B (7 years ago)
Who are the kids???????
Abir Levi (7 years ago)
they are like WTF is this where are we ?? !! haha aww so cute !
jena schmidt (7 years ago)
Usher: Hey boyz do u want ice cream? Boys: Yeah man! :P
Selena569 (7 years ago)
awwwww lil ushers :) they're soo cute :') but did he divorce his wife?
Cindy Dao (7 years ago)
he didnt sing it!
Hanna Negussie (7 years ago)
AW. little ushers:)
Skills of Aesthetics (7 years ago)
Ashii Ji (7 years ago)
Rochele A (7 years ago)
Aww littler ushers <3
Kat.Rose (7 years ago)
they look so cute
Aaron (7 years ago)
The big one is starring at wonka, looks like he was craving for candies :)
DorisD2 (7 years ago)
whats up with the big one?? he keeps looking at the fuckin nowhere like a fool xD anyways, those kids are adorable
LindsVids (7 years ago)
Aww I love usher and his children are ADORABLE <3
L O (7 years ago)
i cant stop laugh i dont know why haha LOOL
Lilins (7 years ago)
@lifeisgood190 Nope, he is divorced since '08 I think His kids are too cute for words!
superpup2255 (7 years ago)
Vee (7 years ago)
they look shocked...

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