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What to Wear Travelling

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Hey Guys! Today’s video I’m sharing what to wear travelling! Look 1 All pieces - www.manwomanhome.com 778 484 5057 Look 2 Joggers and Graphic tee Man Woman Home 778 484 5057 Jacket - Mackage from Aritzia Runners - Nike Look 3 Reversible Turtleneck Tunic - www.heleneclarkson.com Leggings - Lulumon Boots - Stuart Weitzman Look 4 Silk Dress www.christinelingerie.com https://christinelingerie.com/product/english-rose-gown/ Leggings Lulumon Jacket www.maggiemayjackets.com Wrap Sandals www.cornetti.com Style tips by Kim Appelt! http://stylebykimxo.com/ https://www.instagram.com/stylebykimxo/ https://www.facebook.com/KimAppeltStylist/ https://twitter.com/stylebykimxo
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Text Comments (34)
Tonya Goncalves (1 month ago)
Great video!❤️❤️🇨🇦
Celina M. (1 month ago)
Love those boots !
Piddeaux (1 month ago)
Even if you are pre-approved for TSA outbound, I discovered the hard way that on the return trip you may well have go through TSA. Fair warning!
Piddeaux (1 month ago)
How do you get the over-the-knee boots off for TSA?
Piddeaux (1 month ago)
Are you wearing socks? Do you go through TSA with bare feet? I screwed up once and had to do that. Ick?
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Piddeaux I have gone through with no socks! I don’t really mind :) I’m a barefoot beach girl at heart ❤️
David Cachon (1 month ago)
Lunar Juniper (1 month ago)
Can you please do a "how to style leggings". The world needs this...
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Lunar Juniper I will!! Xo
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Lunar Juniper lol! The world needs this :)
Andrea Kennedy (1 month ago)
Is your phone number posted or is that the item number? Just wanted to let you know ???
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Lol!! Thank you! Definitely not my number! It’s the number for the store! Xoxoxo
GirlieBeku (1 month ago)
What’s the name of the shiny lululemon leggings?
GirlieBeku (1 month ago)
+Kim XO thank you! I've been looking at the heleneclarkson website too and it's amazing. I travel a lot for work and this is super useful.
Kim XO (1 month ago)
GirlieBeku they are called ‘foil’ and come in silver and black. Mine are the crop.
GabrielaPug (1 month ago)
Perfect outfits! Love them! ❤
JonnaChaos (1 month ago)
😍I’m not kidding, I love every single piece in this video!
Kim XO (1 month ago)
JonnaChaos me too!!
De LM (1 month ago)
So true! Not everyone can wear track pants or leggings on a flight. I am on staff travel with the airline so we have to dress well, no activewear or jeans, etc. Love this video!
Kim XO (1 month ago)
De LM thanks for adding in your thoughts! Also not everyone wants to wear track pants...some people want to be a bit more dressy. Which is nice :) I used to work for the airlines when I was in university! Xo
Gail CARSTEN (1 month ago)
You look great in all the outfits. Thanks for the great video!
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Gail CARSTEN thanks for watching!
Mari Mari (1 month ago)
Great outfit ideas; love the leggings and boot look since I have something similar already! Yay! You just gave me an idea for my OOTD! 👏🏼 😘
Tim Lee (1 month ago)
Hi Kim, just came across your channel and was looking for some tips for traveling... Great channel and videos, but alas, looking for some tips for men...as I tend to wear t-shirts and jackets handed out at conventions. Any tips for men?
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Tim Lee hey! The joggers and jacket would look great on a guy, with a pair of trendy sneakers like Nike’s. Comfortable jeans, tee and sweatshirt material blazer!
Gayle Kertzman (1 month ago)
Great suggestions!
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Gayle Kertzman thanks!
spikednautilus (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing so many great tips and outfit suggestions. You understand what makes a good outfit, then explain everything in a way that is approachable and easy to understand. Thanks!! <3
Kim XO (1 month ago)
spikednautilus thanks for watching! I’m Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your kind words :)) xo
Angelina Carraway35 (1 month ago)
I absolutely love ur videos n style my fav is Outfit 1 n 2!!!! I love the Casual Chic Comfy Style!!!! My dream is to actually get nice clothes to b able to hav this style than for me n my lil family to travel somewhere!!!! I hav never done either!!!!! Can u do a Winter Outfit Ideas for the Week Video!!!!!
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Angelina Carraway35 yes I can! Envision your family and you traveling somewhere this year and watch it come true :) Send me a picture! Xo
Anna Rehbinder (1 month ago)
Purrrrrfect! Exactly what was needed! And those breathable leggings ! ... Talking about which how would you do A week away in a real winter climate ? (city not skiing) and if you easily get both warm and Very cold ( actually how to handle that one stylishly whether due to aircon, intemperate weather or just the human body would be nice!)
Favdoggy (1 month ago)
Great advice to travel and be cute! love all your style guidance because traveling is stressful so looking good and being organized makes us feel better. Thanks Kim....more videos...maybe even longer...you have great tips and tricks for us.
Kim XO (1 month ago)
Favdoggy well said! Looking good and being organized does make us feel better! Thank you for stopping by and touching base! Xoxo

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