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MATTHEW GRAY-GUBLER interview at (500) DAYS OF SUMMER Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood June 28, 2009 Interview by VJ Michael Benz © Ricomix Productions / /
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Text Comments (158)
Trave Humble (8 months ago)
I'd love to bring you home lol
Mahria Hafiz (1 year ago)
Love him so quirky how can any girl break his heart?
Callie Hall (2 years ago)
I wouldn't break his heart
Debasmita Bhadra (2 years ago)
All kind of love.. haha :)
Paige Rook (2 years ago)
is there a rod going into his knee?
Rosie Clarke (1 year ago)
Paige Rook Yeah! If you watch the video thats about him living in a 'haunted tree house' he opens a secret compartment in his fireplace where he keeps the screw, alongside some human teeth I'm not even kidding he's just that great
Ana Paula (2 years ago)
💚💛💙 Matthew amor da minha vida
Aniyunwiya Ageya (3 years ago)
They're difficult to make? Seriously? Wow. My nearly-90 y/o Auntie could probably turn out a few dozen of these a day! Hell, *I* could turn out a few a day, myself! The most difficult part is the hand-sewing, like is on the shell.
Yazz justheretocomment (3 years ago)
He never presumes the interviewer has watched the show. I really love that
Klara (4 years ago)
"I believe in all love" CAN I HAVE YOU???!!!!
April Prentiss (4 years ago)
He's so beautiful and perfect, it's almost illegal!
Kellie King (5 years ago)
Just plain sex. #forevercrush#
Nahanni Southern (5 years ago)
I love it :)
Isolda Mirelly (5 years ago)
Oh, please, just marry me!
Mary Bronson (6 years ago)
I believe in all love.. AWW
KseniaSemenovaFan (6 years ago)
i´ve never heard someone having such a bad injury while dancing XD i should not laugh but i really would want to see the dance XD
Maggie Barnes (6 years ago)
brace buddies! finger puppets!! ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL!! what.a.babe.
Tia (6 years ago)
Matthew: I believe in all love Me: OMG FJFMDELANCGRURDM HI:-)
mimi428 (6 years ago)
lol please dont put him in the same sentence as peter andre!!! they are a millenium apart! mathew is talented and charismatic and peter well!! a fake talentless famewhore
Chloe Patterson (6 years ago)
Matthew just kiss me Just do it I love you You are the cutest man on earth. Better than peter Andre|!
AMY1213141 (6 years ago)
How is it we don't see that cast in criminal minds?
xLexiRayx (6 years ago)
Matthew is just Adorable :)
Hellokittie19 (7 years ago)
In love with him! lol
baskerzeke (7 years ago)
It was joseph. He lost the dance-off...
audreykate971 (7 years ago)
sayueirolf 12iekf oldmolr iuf n
HMC4ever12 (7 years ago)
totally missed the fact that he was 500 days of summer. must. rewatch.
anab yusuf (7 years ago)
he seems so bloody genuine! especially at the end of the clip when he thanks the interviewer for HIS time. Not a lot of celebrities would have the same decency.
Audrey Spring (7 years ago)
lol wtf?!!! He acts just like his character for Criminal minds.
TechnicallyAMusician (7 years ago)
he reminds me of my old math teacher. they both have asian friends, they both have the same hair style and the same personality. its almost like having a matthew gray gubler clone or some thing. creepy, but awesome.....
loopyemma (7 years ago)
Am i the only one that's obsessed with his hands??!!
C16Hollywood (7 years ago)
I would love a dinosaur :)
azurechanel (7 years ago)
Who could possibly dislike this?!
VeeWillRockYou (7 years ago)
holgate5 (7 years ago)
@heliumtrapeze stop trolling
naomiireid (7 years ago)
lol! love him! marry me matthew!!!!
heliumtrapeze (8 years ago)
he's some prick
Roos Rommens (8 years ago)
@beccahr We have got the gubler-fever'(L)
Sydney Werlein (8 years ago)
@SerenaImara He had knee surgery. If you watch Criminal Minds, a few episodes of season 5 he has crutches because his character, Reid, 'got shot in the leg' during an episode.
SerenaImara (8 years ago)
He hurt his leg wat happened anyone wanna tell me?
GoingToHogwarts (8 years ago)
"I believe in all love." I want him!!!!!!
GoingToHogwarts (8 years ago)
@beccahr OMFG!!! me too i could look at him forever
Jess (8 years ago)
i have seen it on a video.. it looked so painful.. you can just bout here the snap in the video.. sends shivers down your spine.. he is such a trooper on his crutchers..
Abby K (8 years ago)
"I'm on a show... it's called Criminal Minds" We have heard of it ;) <3
Chelsea Fisher (8 years ago)
I do believe I am in LOVE with Dr. Spencer Reid.
Jodi Wilde (8 years ago)
Criminal Minds is an AWESOME show. Awesome.
Allyson Lillard (8 years ago)
Well his video where he does sprain and hurt his leg is called 500 minutes with the cast of 500 days of summer . I feel bad for him. You should watch it... Its funny!!
Juliabeach (8 years ago)
One person is jealous of his brace buddy.
A Jim Fan (8 years ago)
@ajokeajoke Those are basic acting talents. Your infatuation doesn't makes all the less interesting and unique of a person yourself. No offense, but seriously - it's unhealthy for those reasons alone.
Space Coffee (8 years ago)
brace buddies? what happened to my leg?
Andrea87r (8 years ago)
Dios me encanta!!!
wonderingheights (8 years ago)
Hottest man EVER
iidaw (8 years ago)
...absolut vodka i bakgrunden hahahahah wtf!?!?
iidaw (8 years ago)
@ajokeajoke i totally agree with you! that awkwardness he always have, it's great!
Sydney Lee (8 years ago)
@dudedudedude94 jealous!!!
Sydney Lee (8 years ago)
@beccahr so do i xD
TJ Grady (8 years ago)
Aww, he's broken! D=
Kelly Meegan (8 years ago)
2:34 My heart just melted.
Jade Perkins (8 years ago)
"we were having a dance-off, embarrassingly enough" Oh my god. Marry me.
kortnee (8 years ago)
I love how the gubes tryin to talk to his friend but the interviewer keeps butting in XD
Co Coa (8 years ago)
I love how excited he is over his Snail-Buddy! XDD XD XD XD!!!
emman rulz (8 years ago)
@dudedudedude94 you are lucky :) where did you see him in L.A.
Snapefan1971 (8 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this with us.
katwarable (8 years ago)
@Bluebearagent lol :) hey i looked at your page and omg it filled with matthew :D i loveeee himmmm!
katwarable (8 years ago)
cypresslyvernia (8 years ago)
okay, he doesnt really look good in a beard!!! or his hair like that. he does look like a johnny depp jesus! doesnt look good like that. i hate saying that about him!!!!!!!!!!!
monkeyg333 (8 years ago)
i wanna break my knee just so i can get one of his brace buddies
DimkaIvashkov (8 years ago)
@mrspresley18 Most definitely :)
mrspresley18 (8 years ago)
@crakrjak661 yes a nice buddy to take your pain away lol :)
Erzsebet1560Bathory (8 years ago)
Damn even sexier in crutches :D im sure i could kiss it better :D
DimkaIvashkov (8 years ago)
@mrspresley18 YES!! It would have been a lot less worse, I hated crutches.
Megan Watters (8 years ago)
Mikakitten1724 (8 years ago)
mrspresley18 (8 years ago)
brace buddies lol i could have used some when i was on crutches he's awesome
Keren (8 years ago)
ok is it just me or does the interviewer sound like David Archuleta??? weird...
ka72ty (8 years ago)
Jennifer's Life (8 years ago)
@awhell666 He really did hurt himself on a dance floor
AndyJmovies (8 years ago)
" she's japanese..i dunno why i bring that up " ha brilliant
00cipher (8 years ago)
What am I missing? Spring! lmfao. I love him.
ladyoren03 (8 years ago)
he is cute!!! Can I have him?
CherryzLove (8 years ago)
<3 Criminal Minds <3 Matthew Gray Gubler <3 Brace BUDDY <3 ^_^
HealyDee (8 years ago)
I want to marry him!
littletugartbug (8 years ago)
I want a brace buddy!
Summer Bird (8 years ago)
i love him.
emilypeaches (9 years ago)
@xoxoKevinJonasxoxo haha...I am, but I'm the little, female version of him.
Rachel Calkins (9 years ago)
he used to b a model?!.. *werid images*
Ms.gshunw (9 years ago)
He is just too damn cute...
moyo596 (9 years ago)
mmm he is pretty
Ranch (9 years ago)
I love him so. =D
Marina Jacobo (9 years ago)
i love him :D SO MUUUUUUUUCH ! and his voice is better in the intervew, in criminal minds, in everywhere OK FUCKERS :D
anguaa (9 years ago)
i like him :)
Luisa3413 (9 years ago)
He likes to talk and talk LOL
Justina Wesley (9 years ago)
OMG i love matthew hes a really good acter and hes really cute <3
emilypeaches (9 years ago)
He's in the Squeakuel?! I'm seeing it now. For him. He is the older man version of me!!
Emily Bambrook (9 years ago)
I like his voice better on criminal minds.
VivaCohen (9 years ago)
haha "I had some down time so I figured it was time to start making puppets" lol
ginia83cleo (9 years ago)
Wow...you are amazing. I would love to be your Physical Therapist.
Orcula Blak (9 years ago)
he's such a sweet kid... lol i'm only 20 and i'm calling him a kid... ;p
Angie Lex (9 years ago)
luv that word adorkable becuz its so truee 4 him loll
treati (9 years ago)
he was just walking around in the grove. He was wearing a nice couderoy jacket and his hear was down. he was also wearing glasses and carrying a breif case.
treati (9 years ago)
tokidoki rain boots :D
treati (9 years ago)
i saw him today at the grove with my friend and he gave me a hug, complimented on my shoes!

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