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Only a Genius Or a Person With a Mental Illness Can Answer This

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It is practically impossible to tell an average person from a person with schizophrenia by their appearance. Many psychiatric tests and methods are used in order to find out what is going on in the patient’s head and determine whether they need help. Here are two simple questions that can be answered only by a person with schizophrenia or by an extraordinary genius person. Other videos you might like: Only an Insane Person and Genius Can Solve This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqqkofZpPVE 12 Signs of High Intelligence You Probably Have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONjVIeJ0HZg& How People in Different Physical States See the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIxyLl3nnLY& TIMESTAMPS: Question #1. Is the mask convex on one side or two? 1:00 Question #2. Is the mask rotating in one direction or in two? 1:30 Answers 1:55 So, let’s see who you are: crazy or a genius 2:06 What difference does genius make? 2:56 A quick IQ test that can determine your intellect 3:31 SUMMARY: - If you answered both questions wrong, do not worry: you are a completely healthy person. And if one of the answers was obvious to you, it’s probably time to find a friend that is a psychiatrist. - The truth is that the brain of a healthy person tends toward self-deceit. It takes into account artificial forms and extra shadows, ‘correcting’ the picture. - People with schizophrenia do not have this imagination. Their brains cannot establish the connection between the details. - Schizophrenia and genius are not that different. However, it is possible to distinguish between them. - Genius personalities possess both types of thinking: that of a healthy person as well as the schizophrenic one, and they can switch between the types of thinking. - They see the illusion just the way an average person sees it, but they also see the catch immediately. If they want to, their brain may stop perceiving the deceit. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (31527)
BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
Also, try these exercises! They'll make you smarter in a week 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPRpVL58IKE
fij (4 days ago)
+anime blazing stop exploiting mental illness
Sukanya Somsa-ard (19 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE I actually answered these right
donblub (28 days ago)
Delete this video, you spreading disinformation!!!
Saloni Yadav (28 days ago)
In iq test i choose both 2nd options
Saloni Yadav (28 days ago)
What if both answers are right?
David Fletcher (47 minutes ago)
Schizophrenic's anonymous *You're NEVER alone*
Alex Cmil (2 hours ago)
Guess I'm intelligent
hyndscs (6 hours ago)
Ok so I'm not a schizophrenic and I saw it was cancave and convex and was rotating to the righr
Pumla Dlamini (9 hours ago)
I knew I was crazy and u wouldn't wanna know what happens at school I don't even wanna remember it have you ever ate parfume if not I'm gonna tell you that ,that thing is not so tasty This is my life at school😂😂😅 This is my life at home😢😢😢
jingjing Li (12 hours ago)
I got both right but... I’m totally heathy...
Brett Vogel (14 hours ago)
Completely worthless jiberish. They provided an answer that wasn’t even an option for tge rotating mask.
Always thought I was crazy
stillkiller legion (2 days ago)
Igot all of them correctly lol and only the last one wrong
You-In-Your FEELINGS (3 days ago)
So being intelligent is being unhappy..... um ok.
NoSkillNoKill_ (4 days ago)
I am a genius
Came'ron Green (4 days ago)
I got them right
Irene Dube (5 days ago)
I got evry question correct
Sharon Villanueva (6 days ago)
I am both correct
G B (6 days ago)
Now isn't that ironic...😀😁 A healthy brain will self deciet? Really youtube REALLY
Roman Velazquez (6 days ago)
So is a schizophrenic a genius?
Priya Ramsubhaj (6 days ago)
I got the 2 correct
Scruffdog10 and fun (6 days ago)
i might have schitzophrenia then... oh dear...
Aaron Delfin (7 days ago)
So it means i need a psychaitrist??omg!
booty cheeks (7 days ago)
Welp...guess I'm schitzophrenic
AIOS 1 (7 days ago)
Dont try to be a doctor bright side. You don't have any medical license to diagnose a person's health.
Kathryn Bradshaw (7 days ago)
I answered both of them correctly
Julianne Briones (7 days ago)
This thing is not really real. The first test is just finding a difference between illusions and realty it does not mean you are schizophrenic. I mean, I got them right and I can pledge that I do not have a mental illness. And the second test I got right too which means I'm a genius but I'm clearly not. I know I am above average of my class mate's IQs but I can't be classified as a genius. Sorry if I sound stuck-up.
I cant believe im young and i got them both right
Der Ick (8 days ago)
why is that the nose is not on the opposite side?
Hahahaha Hahahaha (9 days ago)
Ik this trick
Princess Of Me (9 days ago)
Two and one nvm the first or maybe two
Steven Wallace (10 days ago)
Yeah okay Brightside.
Karina Olive (10 days ago)
Lol bonus didnt really help me out because in Q1 i decided with the A no. 1 and on the other hand with Q2 i chose the 2nd answer so yeah...
Diamond Life (10 days ago)
Got both right
Diamond Life (10 days ago)
Got both right
Cassandra Pung (10 days ago)
It’s weird. One was obvious and the other was also obvious... But I could see them both ways. But I also sadly have voices and stuff but I don’t know if that is Schizophrenia
mario20 (11 days ago)
I don't really mind being in a big city and I don't really care for my friends I could live with out them 😒😔
Mohit Nair (12 days ago)
No, now I believe YOU have schizophrenia.
Shadday Mendoza (12 days ago)
I am ten years old and i got both right 😀
Mary Boyer-Shaw (12 days ago)
I bet our very stable genius "president" could answer these puzzles!
Lynne Heather (12 days ago)
I'm a young boy using my grandma's account and it said I have a happy medium but I am normally sad but I am smart
Jaylen Vigilant (13 days ago)
Guessed em both right🤷🏾‍♂️😂
Paris._.Rainbow6 (13 days ago)
I see a regular mask, convex on one side concave on the other spinning to the left. It seems smooth and steadily rotating. When they showed the schizophrenic example nothing changed. Um, is this even valid? Does anyone here actually have schizophrenia that can help?
Meena Alharis (13 days ago)
Well I disliked the video because I'm not schizophrenic the video is schizophrenic I answered all of them correct and I know that I'm not schizophrenic I really want to say this is the most worst video I have ever seen in my life jeez! I'm really really angry
Brendan 777 (12 days ago)
It's not a matter of whether or not the mask has two sides but rather that the mask is perceived as always convex. The video states that the mask always turns right but this is only a partial solution. In order to see the masks revolution as it is in reality, it helps to alternate perspectives between the direction of the viewers right and the masks right. Through said process, one way it can be understood as is always moving right, but it can also be viewed by changing perspectives between the viewers left and the masks left, making always turning left inherent, resulting in always solely moving right or always solely moving left as a partial conclusion. The cumulative, complete, and correct answer being both always left, always right, or even some variant of the two determined by the interpreters will.
Kandy Korn Korpse (14 days ago)
Clickbait! I actually have schizophrenia and I find this very insulting. I am also very smart. You can be both at the same time. This video is bad and whoever made it should feel bad.
JACK HUNG (14 days ago)
John Wick (14 days ago)
I guess I'm a schizophrenic genius. 🤔
KitKat :3 (14 days ago)
GorgeousAesup (14 days ago)
My mom say she thinks I have a inner mental.
So i'm a genius and I don't have any mental problems? Oh thats great, I'll be sure to tell the voices in my head about it. Havent heard from them in a long time actually, but I have met with the parasite and my demons. But yeah, this video hasnt helped with anything.
Suzzan Nelson (15 days ago)
What if I got all 4 of them right like question 1and 2 I got #1 and the second part I got #2 ????
Heydee Lemus (15 days ago)
Do I have schizophrenia
Teresa Guerino (15 days ago)
Woo hoo! I'm a genius! haha
pinkie cat (15 days ago)
But it was rotating 2 sides... AM I crazy ?!?! or wrong I'm scared
Lawa Croft (14 days ago)
pinkie cat you don’t have to worry...if you don’t hear voices or see things you are totaly normal (Sorry for my bad english)
Raelyn Rainforth (16 days ago)
The other test is basically just introvert vs extrovert
Vodka Comrade (16 days ago)
I have high IQ for the one question
silver reed (16 days ago)
For the concave mask I could see it how normal people saw it or how the other group saw it. The second one I just saw it rotating in the left direction.
Jose Argueta (16 days ago)
Wow this is so esay
Tony G (16 days ago)
Thats it, i got Autism from this video.
Kalpana Sharma (16 days ago)
My both answer was right then what's the mean
Sketching the Future (17 days ago)
im both mental and a genius
Jordan Jason (17 days ago)
I’m not crazy, I’m just creative
nicole usaiwevhu (17 days ago)
Oh ok
stelios sinantisi (17 days ago)
I guess i have schizophrenia
Tyisha Geisler (17 days ago)
im actually scared i have a illness....?
blabla6544 (17 days ago)
I like the implication at the end that happiness and intelligence are mutually exclusive 😅
Hyderabadildar Shiv (18 days ago)
Excellent. Super. I knew myself from this video.
Craig A Bowers (18 days ago)
This is not in any way a legitimate set of questions. The mask is a digital representation of a mask and more of an optical illusion in a 2 dimensional image. If it were a real mask it would be convex on one side, but this is not convex at all. It is also not rotating. Pixels are changing color.
Architect Ayu (18 days ago)
INDEED! I have a high IQ as you all knew, my IQ is 166
Zero (18 days ago)
I have mental issue then, seriously being a sociopath don’t make me a genius
VXID PVNDV (19 days ago)
My answers: 1:One side 2:it rotates on one side,the right Bonus: 1:I wouldn't mind 2:More or Less What does that make me? (Edit:I mean I'm not sad without my friends I just over think A LOT without anybody to talk to to distract me from my mind.So I end up not trusting NOBODY and depressed for 5 hours and then I'll get over it)
ATUHURRA ANNET (19 days ago)
I passed all correct
Lava Lamp (19 days ago)
Mkay the title kinda pisses me of, cause I have schizophrenia and they are just using mental illnesses for profit.
Felix - (17 days ago)
Yeah. Me too. I feel very hurt by it. Especially since it's simply false.
Radha Appamkalathik (20 days ago)
I am a genius and l have a high IQ as the video said so.
Jeremy Kosko (20 days ago)
i saw every option in the first question, before i even knew the second question. had to pause video to call 911. the face never does a full rotation. and there really is no back side of the face. but if i want to i can see why my brain would want to see one phony rotation including a backside of the face. Edit: finished video, Claims i'm a genius. now realizing video is BS. ambulance won't let me cancel. thanks youtube.
Shaun Sloan (20 days ago)
You said is the mask rotating in one direction or two not is it rotating left or right nor did u say is it moving in the right direction
Shaun Sloan (20 days ago)
At 1:34 u ask is the mask rotating in one direction or two, but u said the answer was the mask is rotating in the right direction, but at the same time at 2:54 you say that the mask rotates in one direction. So whitch one is it?
CryztalGalaxy (20 days ago)
according 2 this vid I'm a genius who has found a happy medium okay...?
Bree Wild 247 (20 days ago)
Haha I’m completely normal. Turns out all those doctors were wrong 🥳🤪
Shane Gallagher (21 days ago)
You didn't say what it means if I got 1 right & 1 wrong?
OhHellNaw Gaming (21 days ago)
I don't know if I have anything like this because I don't want anybody knowing. I usually like to be alone cuz I know having someone will always disappoint you so I have a imaginary friend called Crystal, Hayden, Jack and kyla. I also do self harm and I write my own scary stories and my art has secret messages in them but I don't tell anyone. I take some quizzes but I don't want to get help
Siham Rahmouni (21 days ago)
So I’m a genius and I have a high IQ .. AWESOME
harshita singh (22 days ago)
I got both correct!
Diff H (22 days ago)
I got both
abi d (23 days ago)
tfw when you're john nash
Mar Alva (23 days ago)
Didnt watch it but you are a fucken joke..
Ricardo Siahaan (23 days ago)
this test is fake news my IQ was only 140 last time I checked in 9th grade
joe blaze (21 days ago)
Well actually for many IQ doesn't prove u are a genius
Pardeep Ahlawat (23 days ago)
It means I am genius
I N V E R T E D (23 days ago)
So im a genius?
William Shipley (24 days ago)
Im crazy
Ruby Foley (24 days ago)
Ok so this is saying that i have a mental illness bcos i see the mask go in one direction with just one side??!! Seriously is this rly a good idea to make ppl believe this from an ignorant video!?
Yeah last time I hanged out with my freinds i was doing drugs. So im riding solo.
Oh Yeah Yeah (25 days ago)
I got both right
No name Cat (25 days ago)
I saw both. Am I genius? 😂
Emman Manheaven (25 days ago)
I answered both questions correctly.
Chara is Not evil (26 days ago)
1. People with scitzophania are NOT crazy 2. In the title you said mental illness and not scitzophrania 3. This is more common sense than scitzophania 4. This is really offensive
Xxxdepression (26 days ago)
Um i got both right
matthew chang (26 days ago)
I see both answer....
Boomer Fatso (26 days ago)
Well i was gonna no and one direction but i tought in my self it's wrong answer
Haley Soukup (27 days ago)
Dude this is so offensive
UNKNOWN 11 (27 days ago)
but you said how it looks to you not how it soposed to be
Callum Davidson (27 days ago)
So according to this Im a schitzophrenic
omarreza420 (27 days ago)
Since when did self deceit become a sign of a mentally healthy person basically reality is the correct answer to every question what is 2 plus 2 is 4 this is reality and truth and correct as a answer, nature people do not lie to them selves they live with cold hard reality every day
DynoCharge GP (27 days ago)
I could

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