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Michael Ratti KDX1200 Jet Ski Pro Freestyle

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2012 mid season footage of professional stand up watercraft freestyle rider Michael Ratti of Pro Rider Watercraft Magazine. Video: Amy D. Location: Lake Tobesofkee, GA & Lake Acworth, GA
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Levi Coleman (5 years ago)
You could roll a superjet on flatwater but it wont look like those. A lot of pros even have trouble rolling them. But it is possible and as long as its reinforced it won't hurt anything to only get a partial roll. Get some footholds and huck it
TheHoske (5 years ago)
wow awsome riding mate i am using a 2013 stock superjet is it possibel to do some tricks with it or do i need to replace some parts if yes what do you recomend mate? i love youre vids
lolenen lasher (6 years ago)
Nice bro
Daniel Martin (6 years ago)
Michael Ratti (6 years ago)
Thanks bro
superjet113 (6 years ago)
Its your time now bro, bring it to Havasu Rattman!
Player 1 (6 years ago)

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