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ALI HILLIS & JENNIFER HALE on "Making Out" - Spike TV's VGA Awards 2010

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Ali Hillis (Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect) and Jennifer Hale (SOCOM 4, Mass Effect 2)talk about gaming and their making out session at Spike TV's Video Game Awards at LA Convention Center in Los Angeles , California USA December 11, 2010 - Interview by Marianna Hewitt © Ricomix Productions / /
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Text Comments (247)
Revolutionary One (10 months ago)
Sam From totally spies Jenifer Hale
Deuz_Ex_Machina _42 (1 year ago)
"I play commander shepard-" YEAH YOU DO! THE ONE AND ONLY!
Tim de Boer (1 year ago)
Both havent played the game, this is why Mark Meer is the better voice actor!
Artificial PuP (1 year ago)
Their filmographies and skills say otherwise 😗🎶
Jean Milton (1 year ago)
watching her eyes light up when the interview asks why they make out.. my GAD
Gareth Keenan (2 years ago)
Holy shit did she just mention Knights of the Old Republic? As in KOTOR 3?????
C. Mage (1 year ago)
She meant the online Star Wars game.
Tadas Jakubauskas (2 years ago)
She probably meant The Old Republic by that
Georgina Milton (1 year ago)
I feel like Ali looks at Jennifer the way Liara would look at Shepard. Amaright. lol
OzzyOscy (10 months ago)
Hale is clearly the one who goes on top.
Δ わるよ歩み (2 years ago)
LOL omg she had the L'cie brand!
Lee Morris (3 years ago)
Now Kiss.
Faking Genius (1 year ago)
damn, i just made a joke that people going to ship them now and first comment i see is this XD Not that i'm complaining or anything...
Verdict 090 (4 years ago)
I would totally tap that #alihillis ;)
Nick Zanini (4 years ago)
holy shit that l'cie tat
Oghren (4 years ago)
she need bigger tits though.
Carlo Martini (5 years ago)
Wow goddamn I love you Ali Hillis 
kingj0n (5 years ago)
Not true. That is a fact.
kudurrumaqlu (5 years ago)
your fuckt up man, i know 13 people who play mass effect and only 3 played male. how you support negativity is appalling man. bet you hit you partner too
Vendrix (5 years ago)
ali hillis is gorgeous wow
dyingfoetus (5 years ago)
Wasnt this the year that Angry Joe got dick slapped by the Geoff guy??
Wolfboy2012 (5 years ago)
Hell if she was Bi i'll love her more.
Thranduil Oropherion (5 years ago)
She's now a l'cie XD
Meg_Shepard (5 years ago)
Actually there is no reason a woman is less capable. There is none. I can attest to this. I am stronger physically than many men. Also the art of war is not about raw brute strength but patience, heart, skill and intelligence. I am just as capable as any male to defend my country.
FoolishInk (7 months ago)
Yeeeeeah no it don't quite work like that
purplinko (1 year ago)
Meg_Shepard just go back to kitchen and gimme 20 push ups!
Beatriz Costa (1 year ago)
+Dubious Claims You don't sound like you know anything about biology .
Bernhard Bish (1 year ago)
That is quite true if you ignore biology and genetics altogether. Unfortunately, we can't. You can't create your own facts, only your own opinions.
Junjou789 (5 years ago)
I think she meant Liara goes both ways. xD
Wolfboy2012 (5 years ago)
When Ali said I go both ways does that mean she's Bi?!
suziegon (5 years ago)
I love how the camera goes to the side a bit and -- Felicia Day! :D
Bernhard Bish (1 year ago)
Fuck Felicia Day. Overrated shill.
Lee Goodman (5 years ago)
Some people in this world have no respect for women people like that really are just perfettick
milly gribben (5 years ago)
I sincerely hope you were dropped on your head as a child otherwise there is no excuse for people like you. Jennifer Hale does amazing work in the ME series as does everyone.
Duc Le (5 years ago)
I wonder how did you come up with that? Not saying that I personally know Ali, but from the responses I, and many other fans got from her on Twitter, she seems pretty nice. She likes to joke around a bit too. From my own experience, she's one of the nicer celebrities, compare to some other actors / actresses.
Aviana Knochel (5 years ago)
Love that Ali is rocking her l'Cie mark. So badass.
BeautyIsJustAMask (5 years ago)
What makes you think Ali values herself highly, not agreeing/disagreeing by the way just curious. She responds quite well to her fanbase on twitter. Jennifer is definitely the golden girl when it comes to gaming.
Racha Jasmin (5 years ago)
I like jennifer better as a person than ali because she always responds so well and genuine to her fanbase and remains natural and herself. Ali on the other hand does none of those things. She's a bit conceited imo.
MrZorg5000 (5 years ago)
Also like to point out that not all men are strong and plenty of us are stupid.
Caroline (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who is thinking "IT'S JUST A GAAAAAME"?
Kale Chips (5 years ago)
Actually the reason why Jennifer Hale is very popular and taken seriously is because of her ability to put the correct emotion and pace in all the characters she has done. Her resume is extremely long and as for what Tony said for her to be taken seriously, which I think she is a lot of people can debate that she does a hell of a better job than Mark Meer.
theperfectionist (5 years ago)
I stand by this man's words.
ScrmblesThDethDealer (5 years ago)
STOP feeding the trolls.
Tonyhorton55 (5 years ago)
So you have nothing meaningful to actually respond with, so you say the first retarded thing that comes to mind. lol, fucking moron.
animestyle92 (5 years ago)
well you might as well be gay.
Max Caulfield (5 years ago)
play bulletstorm
snippax (5 years ago)
Thank you for standing up and being a decent human being.
YamiPoyo (5 years ago)
You can't Be serious? Fem Shep kicks ass, and the Renegade options she takes are the best.
mikeparez (5 years ago)
Lightning Returns!!!
Dick Johnson (5 years ago)
What the fuck are you talking about? That man's a fucking genius. Only one who has the balls to say what everyone knows, but doesn't wanna hear.
2809JK (5 years ago)
"I go both ways" Lol, I know you do *wink*
2809JK (5 years ago)
Umm...try ME1 first or skip to ME3. ME2 might not have what you're looking for if you haven't played before...
Sara (6 years ago)
My favorite voice actors ever! FemShep/Liara feels
Jeffieboi (6 years ago)
Lightning is really hot!!
Marc Figu (6 years ago)
wait wait.. if I pick femshep, i can have her make out with Liara! *re-installs ME2*
Mozts1 (6 years ago)
Ali hillis is such a teaser
Squall (6 years ago)
they both seem like good people
Squall (6 years ago)
i go both ways!! ahahhaha
cklambo (6 years ago)
Love Liara's voice. Lightning just sounds generic
Sociopatu' (6 years ago)
the voice is recorded then is modified and other stuff i dont know exactly how they do
Abir .Rahman (6 years ago)
Gawd damn ali hillis is hawt
Sheppard is one hot milf...holy shit.
Wolfboy2012 (6 years ago)
also wait when she said she goes both ways does that mean Ali is Bi?!
Wolfboy2012 (6 years ago)
"So boys what you up to?" *guys laugh nervously*
Logan C (6 years ago)
no its cool i was just letting you know honestly jennifer hale has been in a lot of stuff I've liked before i even knew she was in mass effect but i just wanted to change it up for once and i like it better too so if theres customization i usually pick the female + i make ugly guys in games my shepard actually looks pretty good
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
Oh, no, no. I wasn't saying all guys are like that. I was making a point, showing a "what if" situation, and explaining how it would be bad. Not all guys are like that, and not all girls are fanatic feminists. xD
Logan C (6 years ago)
exactly don't think all guys are like that though i am and I've ONLY played as a femaleshepard its interesting cause most games are just about men but i find it gives it a new "feel" for the environment and interaction
Logan C (1 year ago)
That's stupid, have you seen Femshep? She has muscles and it isn't impossible. She has a G-U-N, let's see man vs. woman with a gun hmm... who will win? I'm also sick of seeing only generic short brown haired white men in video games. I like Commander Shepard, she is sexy but tough/feisty at the same time.
Logan C (6 years ago)
she puts on an "act" like she sort of matures it she distorts it herself she did it in an interview saying goodbye to commander shepard
croftingsmile (6 years ago)
Because Liara always says in a whisper :)
taigalily66 (6 years ago)
It's so strange. It's like Shepard's talking to me. I love that Shepard's voice is actually Jennifer's real voice.
obb322 (6 years ago)
Stop bitching both of you. How about you both just grow up and show which that both sexes can be mature.
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
Do you think we have to create a world in which men keep thinking they're superior and feminists protest and rage at them?... Don't you think learning how to comprehend women, just like men, have something wonderful to offer and that it should be appreciated is much better? Just think about it...
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
Women can adapt to the situations better than men does. History can tell this. Thanks to the superior physical strenght, men could simply threaten the women so they'd not evolve their potential and then, men'd always put themselves in the ruler role. Women endured all the suffering men caused to them.
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
No, it's not a fact. Men are not superior, nor women are. Men are indeed stronger and more resistant (both physically), their body is meant for this, but you can't say women don't have something to compensate this. Men aren't smarter. In a world in which women have always been underrated and unnappreciated, they had to fight a lot to prove themselves and finally earn recognition and respect. They can be considered emotionally stronger just for going through all of that.
Tonyhorton55 (6 years ago)
It's not like I'm saying woman need to die or anything. All I'm saying is that the average man is stronger, faster, and smarter than the average woman, which is the truth. Why in the Mass Effect universe would they spend a considerable amount of their budget on a female? They wouldn't. Just like in real life, women aren't entrusted to do anything more then serve/prepare food, and other menial tasks that men otherwise don't want to do. Men > Female Fact.
LovelyLilDevilWings (2 months ago)
Uhm no. We are pregnant with YOUR kids for nine months. We suffer because of it. You sit there and provide the sperm that's it.
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
No, that's the answer your kind deserves. What makes you think you can come here, insult nearly half of the human race and things would be okay? People like you are the ones corrupting humanity, you are the cancer of the world. Go back to some manhole you sick fuck... From where you should have never left... We don't need more of you around, there's already more than enough trash in this planet.
Tonyhorton55 (6 years ago)
You finished bud? Fuck right off.
ZeeMovies (6 years ago)
You are a stupid douchebag. You don't talk about women as if they were inferior beings, you sick fuck. Women deserve respect just like any man does and they are just as great as any man. So, shut the fuck up, you retarded, save all the bullshit for yourself. The comment (and opinion) of a short minded and fucking silly bastard like you is invalid.
AsianYams (6 years ago)
"but hey, I go BOTH ways" *gets struck by lightning*
Awesome 45 (6 years ago)
Leave, you misogynistic douche you give me and the every other guy a bad name.
TheoneFreeCakePro (6 years ago)
so Ophelia or Karin..........
larrym5150 (6 years ago)
veejonesify (6 years ago)
@Tonyhorton55 Nope.
veejonesify (6 years ago)
@Tonyhorton55 Fun fact: it is in fact your own fault that no one likes you.
jesse criner (6 years ago)
it's because she's having to yell a bit, i saw a different interview with her and she was talking normally and sounded JUST like liara
Tonyhorton55 (6 years ago)
You also can't spell Shepard without a "he" fuckhead. Only 20% of people play female Shepard and for good reason. It's not believable for a woman to save the galaxy, woman are too fucking stupid and weak physically and mentally to achieve something like that. There's a reason male Shepard is prominently displayed on all the covers, and advertisements. He's awesome, whereas femshep sounds like a fucking tool, and it's impossible for Jennifer Hale to be taken seriously when voicing "tough" roles.
flipmasta14 (6 years ago)
she goes both way........you dont say
Dora TheExplora (6 years ago)
I didn't realize that the VA behind Liara was so hot U ̄ー ̄U
9Ozkar (6 years ago)
this girls made me smile
bocajbee (6 years ago)
Hey, Male shep and Cortez have sex. Girls, what have you been doing back there?
Killer King (6 years ago)
Take off the "on" in the title to instantly multiply the views ;)
GrimoireVoss (6 years ago)
Can't spell Liara and Shepard without lesbians.
Tide laundry detergent (6 years ago)
Evexg (6 years ago)
The way that Ali looks Jan... if you know what I mean XD
TrueDat7 (6 years ago)
fuck ali's such a teaseee mannn, Love her.
gdh6200 (6 years ago)
WTF, he's speaking about the voice, not the face!
RufusJuice (6 years ago)
That's because Liara has a different face model
Frantic Leap (6 years ago)
noelsoong777 (6 years ago)
Ali Hillis is hot.
cheesyflames (6 years ago)
I was going to say that as well. Then I realized that comment was over a month old.
Rooijman (6 years ago)
Damn, Ali is so flirty.
pirony (6 years ago)
How awesome they are, love their voices.
Raiken Xion (6 years ago)
Well atleast she luvs "doin um"
locolobo93 (6 years ago)
Well, if you think about it, to the asari, there is no gender. If you look at it in the view of humans, they are gendered... but it just depends which side you view...
Jumper Kent (6 years ago)
Damn! They are both sexy. FemShep and Liara FTW.
Ta Yuang Lin (6 years ago)
the sexists voices on earth!
gxq120 (6 years ago)
It is lovely to see Shepard and Liara together in real life, though Liara sounded like a completely different person compare to the game...
Ssssssooooo........ are they bi or something?
EternalXSamurai (6 years ago)
FemShep and Liara <3

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