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Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz 1983 HQ

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brian anderson (1 year ago)
Brilliant recording and special because my son looks so like taco in this recording. A great version of a classic song.
luis muñoz (28 days ago)
brian anderson Maybelline tour son need yo fine a girl who looks like a quesadilla.
Don Ingram (2 months ago)
Warids Clips Channel just like Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear the Reaper
MrMedukneusha (2 months ago)
Thats definitely something you need to ask your wife about.
Aliah Ochoa (3 months ago)
brian anderson bjj
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! СПАСИБО!!!
Mike Snyder (1 day ago)
Besides the title song I heard "I'll be loving you always," "White Christmas," "There's no business like show business" - all by the great Irving Berlin!!! Cool....
the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah
netruner97 (2 days ago)
Вот Еще в 83 году предсказали Путина
Javian Johnson (3 days ago)
Ahh, so this is what the 80s sounded like?? Still a nostalgic song for me, even tho im only 18 lol
sonyahannah (4 days ago)
Smiling as I mentally compare this performance to "The Young Frankenstein's" "Puttin' on the Ritz" [with Gene Wilder[ and "Capitol Steps'" "Putin on a Blitz." Both are here on YouTube -- enjoy! [Taco is SOOOO sexy!]
A1sausie (4 days ago)
maciek nowak (5 days ago)
już wtedy.............
Me recuerda a La Mascara con JIm Carrey
Джек Берден (6 days ago)
Ruben Delgadillo (9 days ago)
Taco moonwalking at 3:31!
MRJUGGERNAUT (2 days ago)
thats not a moonwalk though
angela123 altintas (9 days ago)
Get the cameras out of my life.
Crucent (10 days ago)
Needs more cowbell
Jose Siliezar (11 days ago)
Taco looks like he's about to channel Jack Nicholson... "Hereeeee's Johnny!"
Rajesh Karan (12 days ago)
Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein ,Classic Version my Favourite!!!
Galaxy Hero (14 days ago)
Dude you fucked up the song https://youtu.be/1J8lJXvvrM0
gum and scissors (16 days ago)
what a bop tbh
Jack'o Phantom27 (16 days ago)
God damn so many people think the song is weird im the only idiot that likes it
Jack'o Phantom27 (16 days ago)
NoMadU55555 lol your alive
NoMadU55555 (16 days ago)
I like it too. :-)
Vaslav Nijinsky (18 days ago)
A dead ringer for Tim Curry in "Rocky Horror Show", another immortal iconic classic.
marz playlist baker (25 days ago)
I like this song I'm singing this song for cuir
gustavo Lopez (28 days ago)
Genio taco 🎤🎶 versión 80 🎹🎼🌛✔
Blake Keeton (29 days ago)
love the tap dancing
Marty Rezac (30 days ago)
Anybody Renner this on MTV. Way long time ago. I personally prefer young Frankenstein version. But the girl are fine too. lol Marty
Blake Keeton (30 days ago)
Strange, different. Remind me of Blondie's Rapture
Kira Jend (1 month ago)
Andrew Wisner (1 month ago)
This is just creepy.
Wladimir Marinho (1 month ago)
He was an exotic singer !
Putin on rulitzh!! :)
слава богу НАШЕЛ!!!
I always liked this song, but had NO idea he looked so much like Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
After reading comments, I realize others have noticed, too.
Putin in the "Ritz"
Elena Morariu (1 month ago)
superba interpretare
Carl H (1 month ago)
I heard his brother, Burrito, does a great rendition of the Loveboat theme, not to mention cousin Nachos..
SOL IRL (1 month ago)
This is David Bowie’s retarded Twin
SOL IRL (1 month ago)
I finally understand the picture of Vladimir Putin on a Ritz cracker
Arcadio Saberon (1 month ago)
Anyone else putting on the Ritz in 2018?
Shirak Basenz (1 month ago)
Sehr Gut und wunderschönen tanzen 💃🏻 🙏🇩🇪🇦🇲👍👍👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌
Alex S (1 month ago)
about Putin?)
мяу мяу мяу ножки длииииинные а вркал прекрасный и ваще супер
John Doe (1 month ago)
I still prefer the Gene Wilder- Peter Boyle version better!!!
Jessica Murillo (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does he look like Tim Curry?
TheBrummie1960 (1 month ago)
Liberace's love child?
Antoine Blouin (1 month ago)
Like a fucking storm trooper!
Antoine Blouin (1 month ago)
Super deuce duper!
helder gonçalves (1 month ago)
MrHEYERG (1 month ago)
he is creepy looking here, isn't he....
Natali Semeikina (1 month ago)
Прекрасно!! Спасибо!!
Billi Fischman (1 month ago)
Классика....Песня моей юности.....можно внимать и внимать.
Norm Normand (1 month ago)
Totally love this tune
Carl Schwamberger (1 month ago)
Its the dancers that do it for me here. Could watch their moves for a very long time
Antoine Blouin (1 month ago)
Spoutnik anywhere to putnitt! Real Super-Deuceper!
rudbeckie1 (1 month ago)
Prima, prima, primissima !!!!
Reuben Binyamin (2 months ago)
Perfection - that's the word .Nice video and the women with hats make it even better and class . Love it so bad ,will not be forgotten .ever
V. Putin On the Ritz !!!
c1catwoman caty (2 months ago)
OMG my Mom used to play this song 😂
Alfredo Cajica (2 months ago)
Se fantastic 🦊
גלאל מנסור (2 months ago)
Superb 👍👍👍
Joe Beisner (2 months ago)
The Jam.. Nothing Compares
Brandon Chapman (2 months ago)
Baby Geniuses brought me here
GravesRWFiA (2 months ago)
his make up makes him look like tim currey. but h that 80's look
Captain Casey Jones (2 months ago)
I feel like I'm in some sort of theatre and in the only one there except the people preforming on stage and i cant tell if its a dream or a nightmare.
MajorSeventh (2 months ago)
Such awesome choreography will never be replicated. Thankfully.
torben lyneborg eriksen (2 months ago)
Иван Иванов (2 months ago)
Ok Putin is here. Who will be next?
Mike Gehre (2 months ago)
Great song to belt out in the shower or car....
佐々木直也 (2 months ago)
김현근 (2 months ago)
Good but
thedavecorp (2 months ago)
I had this on a 45. ...or was it 78? The little one.
В СССР 👍😊 крутили в голубых огоньках 🔝👍
justame smith (2 months ago)
I have no idea why I cant stop listening to this song. crazy.
dadodlopes (2 months ago)
Muito legal!
r2blank2 (2 months ago)
3:50 He seems to have been momentarily caught in a mini-tornado.
1kacou 1kacou (2 months ago)
Они даже ординарную ...обычный сиеп не сделают!
1kacou 1kacou (2 months ago)
В уникальном ТАКО Девушки были..более с полными бедрами..
1kacou 1kacou (2 months ago)
Millie J (2 months ago)
I Love this song it reminds me of Halloween
Terry West (2 months ago)
OMG, i still love the song but how did we EVER think looking like that was cool? Gotta luv the '80's
Aidan McIntyre (2 months ago)
IT in music ????????????????????????????????????????????
Rico Jaz (2 months ago)
kratos kratos (2 months ago)
2018? anyone?
Mjushka Moseitsuk (2 months ago)
Norman Lundag everybody!))
Игорь Петрук (2 months ago)
Я издавна грезил узреть этот потрясающий клип.
Eddie Parker (2 months ago)
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to Why don't you go where fashion sits Puttin' on the ritz Different types who wear a day coat Pants with stripes And cutaway coat, perfect fits Puttin' on the ritz Dressed up like a million dollar trouper Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper (super duper) Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks Or "umberellas" in their mitts Puttin' on the ritz Have you seen the well-to-do up and down Park Avenue On that famous thoroughfare with their noses in the air High hats and Arrow collars white spats and lots of dollars Spending every dime for a wonderful time If you're blue and you don't know where to go to Why don't you go where fashion sits Puttin' on the ritz Puttin' on the ritz Puttin' on the ritz Down down Up down Get your kicks At the ritz Dine and wine But not till nine The time is right for us tonight We can move Move to the rhythm We can... Move Dance to the rhythm I want you to move. Put it on Puttin it on Puttin it on Puttin it on Do you see How about you and me says Gotta dance Gotta dance
mlopez6179 (2 months ago)
Cool !! 😎
dmiller5978 (2 months ago)
WOW!! What happened to him???
elderjuniormaster (2 months ago)
I picture Joker singing it.
Aline Lima (2 months ago)
Gente, como sobrevivi sem ouvir essa música!
elderjuniormaster (2 months ago)
Essa música é bem única.
Kevin Douglas (2 months ago)
Algum Br?
mlopez6179 (2 months ago)
Great Song. And beautiful women 😎👍
Retrolution Games (2 months ago)
Amazing performance, he has such a strange face, like a living ventriloquists dummy, but it works brilliantly with his whole swaggering shtick, he's like a living, breathing cartoon character!
abvthlw (2 months ago)
3:49 LOVE that breakdown!!!
Tony Inman (2 months ago)
I I like the chicks
artsynova (2 months ago)
Cute guy, sings nice, but is he a poppet or a robot? And the girls, whats happening, no rythm! Now watch Fred Astaire, that is how you do it!!!
HD TITAN (2 months ago)
I'm 17, but i love this 😲😄😀
Tony Gilder (2 months ago)
Man the drag queens got SO MUCH mileage out of this one.
Tony Gilder (2 months ago)
This reminds me of when I was visiting a friend in Brooklyn in the 70s and he played this 45 of Beethoven and he said this is Walter Murphy and this is A Fifth of Beethoven demo record. Do you think it will be a hit?
combcomclrlsr (3 months ago)
Women of the 80s were so much hotter than those of today.

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