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5 Mistakes Men Make With a New Suit

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Text Comments (1024)
Ndronikus Ri (5 hours ago)
Your suit is an inch big in the waist and chest.
Rigo Cornejo (22 hours ago)
True belt stupid when trouser have adjuster
Jonathan Perry (3 days ago)
This dude doesnt know wtf he's talking about. "LAP'OL" You mean, a Lapel. Smdh.
Deon Mathews (6 days ago)
That suit looks tight on you. Your suit looks like it’ll rip if you reach down to tie your shoelaces
Martin Pope (7 days ago)
6. Unsew the pockets. Most off the peg suits will have the pockets sewn "shut" for want of a better word and need in picking NOT getting a Buddy to rip them open at a wedding, seen this happen, didn't end well. I recently got a suit on EBay from the 1980's and the top pocket was still sewn shut... Use a proper picking tool.
ozvert (10 days ago)
rjgaynor8 (10 days ago)
10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack.
Tarun Pandey (26 days ago)
Background music is kinda disturbing 😕
Hans Niemeijer (26 days ago)
Jacob Brisby (29 days ago)
Awesome vid! What brand is your suit tho?
Raman Gandhi (29 days ago)
Your coat collars is perfect
Muhd Farhat (30 days ago)
Men wear belts to show.it off. Some wear gucci belts to.show off their status.
Adam Wahlberg (1 month ago)
Did he just say "bespoken for"??? Next......
Ayo YAYo (1 month ago)
Where do you get suits for peoples whose arms are 18 inches and gorilla chest, or is that why you get a tailor????
JackTheComedian64 (1 month ago)
1000th comment
Creative Build (1 month ago)
"quarter inch to 3/4th of an inch" aye
Michal Hipner (1 month ago)
video starts at 0:52
Hasan Raza (1 month ago)
don't u think you have wrong pockets in ur suit ????
Damon Man (1 month ago)
where is your suit from? @teachingmensfashion
saurav choudhary 25 (1 month ago)
this guy talks crap only encourage about what he likes 😂
tazz 505 (1 month ago)
that watch looks like plastic
MMAoracle (1 month ago)
Button that button dude....
Cesar - (1 month ago)
MMAoracle The bottom button is NEVER to be buttoned
wil shidan (1 month ago)
Is 2018 Guy's don't listen to him 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿
Fatty Boombalatty (1 month ago)
I wish whoever decided these overly tight suits look good would politely expire. He mentions “drape” but nothing is draping when it looks like it’s cutting off the circulation.
Christian Dawson (2 months ago)
Yeah no belt looks like a fckn slob
Joshua Quinn (2 months ago)
Fun fact you dont need to Taylor your sleeves just get your jacket size with a S means short R regular L long go with S
Daniel (2 months ago)
Where is that suit from?
Storm (2 months ago)
A tie and cuff links are as classic as it gets.
I like how you mentioned men🙃cause I am fluid🤗 Rules for men guys,don’t attack this awesome guide.
Baus From Space (2 months ago)
"No belt" I would not recommend for Job, or interview purposes. That would fit better for an occasional type event.
De Roy (2 months ago)
This is what we have been reduced to as men...talking/criticing about our outfits like women
Antonio Canales (2 months ago)
De Roy your definition of what’s a “real man” is what makes humanity a piece of shit. go fuck yourself and your fragile masculinity. besides, there’s NOTHING wrong with women, why take them as a “bad” example? “critizicing like women”, what the hell is wrong with you? i would understand if you are 80 years old
De Roy (2 months ago)
and u sound like the type of beta male that cares more about how you look then being a real man
Erik (2 months ago)
De Roy you sound like those guys who wear crocs and cargo shorts out in public
Rick Sanchez (2 months ago)
Not everything you say is fashionable. Millenials and Gen Z have way different taste
Jack Daniels (2 months ago)
A boy that discovered suits from grandpa and thinks he's an expert on good taste. Calling it mistakes... It seems that the only mistake is clicking on this shit
Mitchell Hojara (2 months ago)
Jack Daniels u mad because his style is 10 times better than you?
jr123 (2 months ago)
Jack Daniels how mad are you?
My sleeves are always baggy in sized dress button downs. I hate that, and I'd prefer them being tailored
isaac selma (2 months ago)
I think that you should watch more movies from the 20s to 30s and know that the classic way it’s always the wiser the more elegant and the better , but this is just my opinion
MOSquared (2 months ago)
The entire purpose of the side tabs are not to wear a belt and not have belt loops at all. Why do your trousers have both?
Film & TV (2 months ago)
Good clip. Ref the trouser tabs look versus the belt look, it's really up to the wearer, and of course you may only have belt loop trousers to choose from either in stock or for what you can afford, nonetheless it's a style that until recently didn't seem to be known that well/only known to those buying really expensive or bespoke suits (braces used to be like this too). To me the trouser tabs look is similar to wearing braces in lieu of a belt, it's an optional look, etc. I still think though that if it's comfortable enough (like in Winter, etc) that wearing a tie still helps to define the look and it makes you feel special. Of course if it's too hot (like in Summer) by all means remove it.
Dr m (2 months ago)
This assclown has no idea
Dr m (2 months ago)
When your, in your early twenties whearing no belt is fine
Erick Palacios (2 months ago)
Thumbs down for the plug at the beginning of the video... Anyways, moving on..
persil stover (2 months ago)
Length of sleeves and number of breaks are trends. A REAL sharp dresser knows what the rules are and breaks them. You can tell when a guy does it all "wrong" because he doesn't know any better. Compare that to the guy who does it "wrong" because that's how he likes it. Rules are for people who can't make up their own minds.
JTundra (2 months ago)
Gentlemen please wear a belt lol
diamonds (2 months ago)
It’s all preference but I agree with tailored/fitted suits
Morgan Cuthbert (2 months ago)
U cannot wear a suit without a tie
Bramha's Astra (2 months ago)
2:36 - Huh? If you don't show any (sleeves) They are too long... and if you show (sleeves) too much they are short? - FACEPALM
captain0ldy0da (2 months ago)
"Too many accessories" Tell that to your great grandfather, with his pocket watch, double Albert chain, detachable collar with gold pins, detachable cuffs, cufflinks, spats, waistcoat, striped shirt, bowler hat, cravat, cravat pin, spats and pince-nez. You have a very dull outlook on suits.
Me Me (2 months ago)
I don;t agree with you on the belt and accessories. Let me tackle this from two sides: function and art. From the argument of function, the belt loops are made for putting belt on. If you are correct, why does your pants have belt loops? Accessories, there is an accessory called lapel pin, WHat does it do? Wear it on the lapel. If you don;t wear accessories, your suit is going to be monotonous. Actually this statement shifts me to the artistic side. I am an artist, born an artist. I can;t tell you under what circumstances colors matches, color contradict. It is an intuition. But go back to the suit. The reason we wear belt, wrist watch, lapel pin is not to have the suit or you Look monotonous. That is the principle. But not over doing it of course. A large piece of fabric, solid color looks bad. That is why people made suit with fabric with patterns. But a large piece of fabric look monotonous also, That is why you wear a lapel pin, Draw people's attention to something else, make them forget Oh shit a large piece of black fabric, something like that. Sometime I wear a black blazer, I put on a gold lapel pin. The entire outfit look totally diffeernt. This is how people see you and your suit. If you look artistic, you look good, The belt server the same purpose, a bit of accessory will attract people to it. For suit, the basic is the quality of the fabric, you should start a topic on that. Always MTM. Suit has to be bespoke. Otherwise it doesn't fit. That is the rule. Keep your body shape.
ironlung (2 months ago)
The first mistake - wearing a shit watch with a tailored suit
ironlung (2 months ago)
Mate the watch looks like it’s £10
Tom Daniels (2 months ago)
I disagree with a lot of these. But that’s just me
Notso Sale (2 months ago)
3.42 "its 2016 guys"........now its August 2018
jay Lee (3 months ago)
Actually it is 2018
Alcathous (3 months ago)
That watch is both ugly and impractical.
Tony C (3 months ago)
LOL! Our HR guy always talks about the slobs who he didn't hire because the guy didn't wear a tie or belt with his suit. "If a guy can't complete his outfit, then he can't complete his job. Half ass suit = half ass job"
zoinks shaggy (3 months ago)
The video starts at 0:53 Before that it is a plug or an advertisement. You're welcome!
Private Notitia (3 months ago)
My buddies have been asking me.. WHY ARE YOU BUYING SUIT JACKETS AND SLACKS FOR?? I tell them.. I’m turning 24 this year and it’s time I start dressing like a man. I’m fucking tired of t shirts and shorts all day everyday. I’m dedicated to 5 days a week wearing suit jacket with casual jeans and dress shoes and 2 days a week in shorts and t shirt. ILL BE DAMNED TO BE 30 years old walking around with a fucking t shirt and shorts 7 days a week. Don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with that but it’s simply not ME. The suit life/ casual formal is my true passion.
GoogIe (3 months ago)
well wearing a few dollar suit does not makes you an expert..
Tom Edwards (3 months ago)
The guy in the video thought he would look like James bond in this video, yet he has a jacket that looks to small on the arms and too long... He just looks awkward!
graham kehoe (3 months ago)
Your shirt sleeves are too long your collar is too high and your lapels are too wide. Rule 1..Less is more
maevian (3 months ago)
mistake number 6, wearing a fashion watch from the fifth, when you can get an Orient Bambino dress watch for about the same price
Benjamin Latorre (3 months ago)
Do how to style high top shoes everything from chuck Taylor’s to Chelsea boots
Juan Diaz (3 months ago)
Skip the first minute
Paul Rumbaoa (3 months ago)
Thanks dude! Great tips!
positive pete (3 months ago)
Suits are out dated. No one relevant besides business slaves and executives wear them.
J Knox (3 months ago)
No break in pants is definitely NOT elegant
ryan muro (3 months ago)
The belt argument is true and not true. That’s like saying you shouldn’t wear a watch with a suit because they were designed to be worn with a pocket watch. The times have changed and the style changes.
martin igbokwe (3 months ago)
Can i wear a double breasted jacket with a sneakers
Pablo Schwaiger (3 months ago)
When I heard: "its 2016" I chuckled
Bryan 212 (3 months ago)
I like Clip-on-ties and usually wear suspenders and a belt, just to be sure.
Muhammad saqib jamil (3 months ago)
Waste of time
DANTHEMAN NERF (3 months ago)
Tf is this man talking about with a peak lapel suit and patch pockets. He has no neck tie. And what kind of suiting pant has belt loop has side adjuster
FRANCIS OKPOTI (3 months ago)
the suit you're presenting in aint catchy looks too big lol
Tiituss -XG (4 months ago)
In my opinion, the no belt thing is bs, you look unprofessional and unfinished without a belt with trousers that have the loops to hold a belt , for a for a formal event such as a wedding or a formal dinner dance then use braces instead. Also, a huge mistake even you Josè are making in this video is having your collar going far too high above your blazer collar. Again, in my opinion, it is similar to how far above the cuff of your shirt your blazer sleeve should be. If your collar comes up too high above yohr blazer collar then it looks untidy and rushed even for the causual look your are wanting to achieve withwearing you suit the way your are in this video.
UNKICKSTARTER (4 months ago)
Mistake #6: Way too much hair gel.
Phill Walker (4 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks his jacket is to tight? When you button your jacket it's not supposed to pull. It should be smooth and sleek. Not looking like it's about to pull the threads out of your bottom!! Lol, but over all I give the video a C+ I just dont agree with the whole belt thing. If you hv loops, wear a belt. I personally prefer my pant or trousers to have side adjustments with no visible buttons. This gives it a smooth look. But it's all about what's appealing to your own personal taste.
Pastor Owono (4 months ago)
Muy bueno
Keith Anderson (4 months ago)
Advice from a man with an adjustable trouser waistband?
THEJEDEYEMASTER (4 months ago)
boney mexican with oversized collar and lapels telling others about style. even the way you stand and talk makes you look like a hood rat trying to come out. speak with elegance and not the "yo homeboy remove dem tags" piss off.
TheLoyalOfficer (4 months ago)
No belts???? Nah bro. Nah. BUT I gave you a thumbs up actually for the watches! Thanks for the links and discount code!
Matthew Gravagna (4 months ago)
Can you do a video about ties? How to match ties. What colors and types to wear etc.
Smug Smugly (4 months ago)
Proves just one thing. If you want a good suit you gotta go to Mount Pilot.
imahelpfulperson (4 months ago)
One thing he forgot was the importance of getting your suit jacket tailored to your body. All these super loose fit suits take away from the classy look. It makes a person look like a bum wearing a suit for the first time
Calvin Klein (4 months ago)
1/4 of the time is is a promotional add. Worse than tv lol
Mujtaba Almodhafar (4 months ago)
Who is this guy...alpha.m wanna be
Jonathan Jones (4 months ago)
There’s so much wrong in this video. I work in a suit shop my self and even before I did I dressed up, even through out high school. So please allow me to help you all out by giving you legitimate suit do’s and don’t’s. 1 the belt: you should always have on a belt unless you chose the alternative to braces(suspenders). If you have on a tuxedo there should be no belt and only braces. 2: the pant length. This is varied amongst style of individuals. Many people prefer different lengths, if you look to go with a more modern look for with slight or no break, a more traditional look go with medium to long break. 3: accessories and necessities. When wearing a suit, unless to a casual or business casual setting you should have a tie. Adding a pocket square will add more flair to your outfit, however do not have an exact matching tie and pocket square. In my opinion yo. Can never go wrong with cuff links, they are a timeless classic along with a tie bar or a collar bar. 4:sleeve length. You should strive to always maintain about a fourths of an inch or shirt cuff showing. Anything more and it should be because you have raised your arm up. A plain cuff or French cuff shirt should have a quarter Inch showing in cuff. It is preference however anything more than that looks like the jacket is too small. 5: bold statements vs failed attire. Make sure when wearing a suit you should always try and go basic before you go bold. When going bold make sure you will match patterns and have items that compliment both each other and your body type. Failed fashion attempts are to bold of colors for an outfit or clashing colors of garments that simply don’t go together, or failing to properly match patterns. Also do not try to combine previous eras of fashion together very very rarely do people pull this off properly, such an example would be the fool in the video with a wide pointed lapel, a very classy and dapper look with a single button jacket, or a wide pointed lapel with a stitch pockets. Or even worse all three. 6:the right fit. Make sure that you get a suit that compliments your body type and shape. If yo are a slim guy don’t go with a traditional cut. However if you feel you are a slim guy and go slim fit make sure that you have arm room where needed. The fellow in the video has no bicep room at all when he moves and it looks sloppy and like a rookie mistake. 7: and this is just common sense. Never even button the bottom button of your suit jacket or sports coat/blazer jacket. If the item to have had more than 2 buttons it is acceptable to button again all but the final one. So if it has 3 buttons only do 2 of them without the bottom. However this rule does not apply to overcoats, which are used for warmth in the cold months over a suit or for casual wear with the proper attire. These are jus a few steps you can all take to look more dapper instead of foolish in your everyday lives.
johannes frings (4 months ago)
unbutton the first cuff if the suit is bespoke..
Tanisha Islam (4 months ago)
Is it just me who thought the thumbnail was zach night😂😍
Luke W (4 months ago)
Doing the bottom button is the one that pisses me off most I cringe everytime
Guillermo tijerino vega (4 months ago)
Pica pollos pants that is fucking ridiculous....
Andrew Andrews (4 months ago)
You look too plain in that suit without a tie. Looks unfinished.
AHMAD Husain (4 months ago)
Your lapels are too big for you... please try a double breasted
Just Chilling (4 months ago)
Wearing no belt with a pair of tailored trousers. ONLY!!! if your trousers do not have belt loops. Otherwise you look awful
Daniel Rivera (4 months ago)
What color suit is that?
Jack Harney (4 months ago)
I thought the general rule was to wear a pocket square OR a tie but never both
Diamond Tol (4 months ago)
Hoe says...
jacob trepanier (4 months ago)
That grayish blue suit you have on is fire! Where did you get it ? Plz lmk!
kronos77 (4 months ago)
Belts were perhaps not necessary in the old days because people all wore their trousers high around the navel. Side adjusters only work if you wear the pants high. Suspenders same thing. Also, the suit jacket should be buttoned. They are not meant to be unbuttoned. So who cares if you have a belt.
reece butler (4 months ago)
That watch is gross and there is no brand name or anything on the face so the movement is probably low quality. Also the strap looks fake to me. But what do i know i only sell jewlery for a living. I suppose this is just fashion not quality of products
Stefan The Cannon (5 months ago)
Some of us need belts
DiscoDashco (5 months ago)
Yes, here is another disagreement with the belt rule. Some gentlemen find themselves missing something if they were to remove their jacket - I am one of them. Moreover, it’s irrelevant if your coat is on and buttoned. As long as it is matching, and sleek and conservative in looks. i.e. no brown shoes with a black belt and vice versa. As for sleeves, his jacket does not look bad at all, however, I would not hem my sleeves that short. I believe he failed to mention that IF you’re going to hem them that short it’s usually for the sake of showcasing a pair of cuff links. I do agree with him on the length of your trousers; a half break is plenty fine.

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