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I love upcycling my old clothes into new cute clothes! Let me know in the comments if you like these DIY summer clothing hacks and tricks! What video do you want to see next? I’M ON INSTAGRAM! :) http://instagram.com/andreaschoice TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AndreasChoice FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/AndreasChoice This video is about renewing, upcycling, and DIY-ing your old clothes into cute trendy tops, skirts, and jewelry. If you want more DIY and hack videos like this, be sure to comment below and like this video! FTC: not sponsored
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Racheal Amartey (1 hour ago)
Very nice!!! I love it
bournebuzzers (4 hours ago)
Wait......your 84!
leonard albos (12 hours ago)
I love it😍😍
Mia Madelyn (13 hours ago)
Yo DIYideas stole your clips and passed it off as their own https://youtu.be/JDYBBMZi4NE
Marie Phiri (19 hours ago)
I think you're really pretty
Bianica Rodriguez (19 hours ago)
Girl you did an amazing job can you make me a head band like you did yours, also tastle earrings
Khristel Romero (20 hours ago)
I like the tassel🌺
brianna Taylor (1 day ago)
Is ur hair natural?
Marietta Vasquez (1 day ago)
eyes of evil 6000 (1 day ago)
Sub to my channel eyes of evil😊
Mochimin 222 (1 day ago)
5:11 OH MY GOD SASSY JESUS (that's what me and my friend call him because he is fabulous)
Hina2009 _ (1 day ago)
Are u Danielle Cohn the 2nd?
Lele Harriss (1 day ago)
Does she have a *PACK* ! Better start going to the gym..🤦‍♀️😂
Kai Powell (2 days ago)
Is it me CAUSE she is bootiful peeps!
Ysl Barbie (2 days ago)
You turn basic into bomb😍😍😍😍🥵
Bayleigh Salisbury (2 days ago)
Who else thinks she looks like the ginger Vanessa Morgan? Lol no hate ur both beautiful!
Cindy-lee Davies (2 days ago)
The last
Julie Barrett (3 days ago)
The two piece was really good although the shirt could have been a little shorter and maybe even have a slit in the side
Julie Barrett (3 days ago)
U could die that shirt u thought was ugly it might look better
Freya Gore (3 days ago)
I don’t get how u couldn’t have liked the last one it’s so fricking cute
PizzaMeow Meow (4 days ago)
Yes love the blue, my favorite was the stripped crop so cute
Diamonds In The Rough (4 days ago)
When ur too broke to buy fabric glue but too lazy to sew...
Marianna Ortega (4 days ago)
5 minute hacks is quaking
Elizabeth Mucker (4 days ago)
Okay. Question! You have decent sized boobs. I also have rather decent sized boobs. When you wear something like a tube top or an off the shoulder top, what do you do for a bra? I like a lot of this stuff but I never know what to wear bra-wise that I won’t pull up and adjust all the time.
Manic Empire (4 days ago)
The stripped shirt transformation was cool!!!!
faith macalintal (5 days ago)
your so prety love from philippines
ciara inks (5 days ago)
ya know... i wish my body was good enough to even wear these things... also my father would KILL me
Layla Martinez (5 days ago)
love love l-o-v-e love the skirt
Alexina hopffer (5 days ago)
My fav is the last one
my favorite DIY outfit was the 2 piece
Krystal Magaña (6 days ago)
You’ve had the shirt for 84 years but you’re like in your 30’s.
Wolfy Slimes (7 days ago)
I liked the last one the most ! It was so cute
Mahsa Mollaei (8 days ago)
My fav was the matching two piece
Audrey Salino (8 days ago)
Vannessa Ciemitis (9 days ago)
Knew person here :) came across your video as I have Aton of old clothes I’m transforming into cuter styles, Question tho, I noticed your using that bonded tape, and the fabric glue.... how do you find it holds over a period of time? I would be skeptical at first because I wouldn’t be sure if it would hold and not come undone in public 😂😬 how do you find it holds?
Puppy Chimy (9 days ago)
You look like an albanian singer named Tayna 😍
Llama Corn07 (10 days ago)
She said that she had a shirt for 84 years, when she's not even 50. 😂
Megan Lindenmuth (10 days ago)
That last one that you didn’t like as much was soooooo cute!!! ❤️❤️
Raven Winters (12 days ago)
Damn girl you looked good in ALL of it!! I'd love to try and do this too but I'm a fattie and hate exercise, so if I ever get into exercising and lose weight I'll come back and see what's in style because without my Mormon roots dragging me down, repurposing clothes instead of getting rid of them looks fun and affordable. Keep it up, you're super fabulous!! <3
miranda joelle (12 days ago)
omg you look like vanessa morgan
Alice Baskerville (13 days ago)
Do you wear a bra under the bow or the off the shoulders shirts? Or are your boobs like naturally pearky and perfect?
Om Raj (13 days ago)
You are looking soo sexy 😍😋
Henn essy (13 days ago)
See tbh im the type to watch these and not do them bc im lazy buuut... Im broke asf rn and cant buy a regular shirt, so i gotta ig
Monkey Princess (13 days ago)
Oh my God your face looks like Regina George!
Ifrah Sameen (13 days ago)
i love every one of these
Daiana Matac (13 days ago)
you re a mix of Cheryl and Toni
Mariele Cardoso (13 days ago)
Só eu que não entendo os comentários
Philo T (15 days ago)
Too awesome
Kwanie Matthews (15 days ago)
Squirt and top was the best
I’m in love with the off the shoulder shirt 🥰
Mercedes Nicholls (15 days ago)
she looks like the girl from the goofy movie
DYNAMIIC-_-TTV (16 days ago)
But I don’t have tits
Grace Chou (16 days ago)
the tube top and the skirt was actually my favourite ... thanks for including it!
Earl Lin (16 days ago)
Have that body first,then you'll look good in all those tops😉 But like Ur ideas so much:)
Earl Lin (11 days ago)
+USma Khan I didn't said that she looks bad on those dresses,infact I adored her. What I mean is the basic is to have those curves in order to look good on a dresses like those 👆
USma Khan (11 days ago)
Earl Lin like u have the body she looks good to me go get some glasses these people take so much time on the videos so appreciate it
serenity J (17 days ago)
The girl is cute that's why everything she wearing looks cute on her
Karen Martin (18 days ago)
Thank u I love this
did anyone else notice she just cut the shirts into crop tops .
Julia Niel (8 days ago)
What else would she do
Raven Winters (12 days ago)
They were cute crop tops. :3
Aesthetic Harmony (14 days ago)
Crafting With Jennifer (18 days ago)
3:53 YOUR CAT😹😻
PAMELA B (19 days ago)
Just buy them like he did..
Missy Noushi (19 days ago)
Loved the diys can't wait to try them I totally think the two piece looks gorgeous on you 👌🏻
Cat G (19 days ago)
You looked great in the white striped maxi skirt!! Why did you change it you have the exact body to wear it!
Aaron Martinez (19 days ago)
Fashion tutorial or titty demo???
lenie macadangdang (19 days ago)
Rain &Rainbows (20 days ago)
The only beauty channel which still feels like 2012-13 YouTube
Milena Campoos (20 days ago)
Ameiiii 😍😍😍😍
flufftronable (21 days ago)
The orange top was amazing
xxfreakyfabulousxx (21 days ago)
omg you're so creative!!! and beautiful
RIOT clan gaming (21 days ago)
tube top
Ana Cláudia Da Silva (21 days ago)
SARCHA Mcleod (22 days ago)
i love the last one
Ooth Venda (22 days ago)
For what its worth it looked real good, the striped skirt, showcases your figure, but the top works too
Egzona Suka (22 days ago)
Your body is goals girlllllll
AnimeMaster 26 (22 days ago)
When she said 84 years she lied because if it really was “84 years” then she would probably be dead
lea H (21 days ago)
AnimeMaster 26 are you kidding?😂 i think everyone understanded she isn‘t 84...
Selena Chen (22 days ago)
you could turn the last one the shirt part into shorts
Oceans Gone Gaming (22 days ago)
I swear I have more clothes I don’t wear than clothes I do. Definitely have to start doing this!!!
Irine Chebichii (23 days ago)
This DIY is easy and cute I have been able to make two of my tube tops and the head band too.
Arala Brooks (23 days ago)
Everything I loved but the 7th was my favorite!.
Danielles Empire (23 days ago)
She So Damn Beautiful Need To Be A Model
Kasey Jones (24 days ago)
I like the tube too and skirt but the pattern isn't the best
Ayantika Dasgupta (25 days ago)
3:35 😊
All Things Bella (25 days ago)
Oh my got the knot bandeau is so cute! Can you believe! Lol
Your Crush Diana (26 days ago)
Fav are alllll😍💯💯💯
Jody Hakala (27 days ago)
I love the blue striped sweater! They have these at the thrift, ARC value village I would guess. Those turtlenecks... gots ta go!
Jody Hakala (27 days ago)
Big round lifted titties make a difference.
Vanessa Heitzman (27 days ago)
The tube top I would kill for it not really but I love it so much
Desteney Liranzo (27 days ago)
Yassss I love ❤️ 7
it's me Bangz (27 days ago)
Julie Lewis (28 days ago)
Awesome. Thanks!
Engela Judaya (29 days ago)
iloveyou..thank u
Engela Judaya (29 days ago)
i like everything
Phun Nietah (29 days ago)
Ok aside from the clothes you re-transformed, I'm so appreciating your body😭😭 Wish my bod is as awsome as yours! Flawless!
USma Khan (11 days ago)
Phun Nietah it is u are so cute
Desiray (29 days ago)
The two piece looked great! And I loved the bandeau, my fav.
Talita Menezes (30 days ago)
Brasil 🤗🤗
tutu1399 (1 month ago)
where'd you buy the skirt from ?
Jessica Ann (1 month ago)
is it just me or does she look kinda like tony from riverdale???
Merve Şahin (1 month ago)
First time I was watching u and u are sooo sweet 😄😄
Glamorous Makeup (1 month ago)
Hii im ur new subscriber lov ur videos😍😍😍
Pastel Fla. Zoung (1 month ago)
You are soo beautiful women😍 I love your vids
Ukulele Clique (1 month ago)
I ruined so. Many. Shirts.....
Kaur Jot (1 month ago)
How I can increase my breast size ....like u
Jezza Dela Cruz (1 month ago)

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