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Girl Peeing in the Mens Bathroom : Worlds Funniest Gags

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You are peacefully peeing and suddenly you realize there is a very sexy girl right besides you in the men's bathroom and before you know it. She spreads her legs standing up like a man and starts peeing. You don't know weather to run or finish up. Most people who we pranked chose the former and ran, while others just waited in shock. Sexy girl in the mens bathroom is one of our most classic pranks. Enjoy. Visit our other channels: Prank Attacks : http://www.youtube.com/user/prankattacks HahaTV : http://www.youtube.com/user/hahatv Ooops : http://www.youtube.com/user/ooops Click Here to SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=worldsfunniestgags
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Text Comments (241)
Makynzie Williams (5 days ago)
If that was me i would be scared 😥
Makynzie Williams (5 days ago)
Who hipes their shoe with their hand ew😖
Data Miner (4 months ago)
she nasty; 'beautiful' lmao... more like disturbed 'fear men not see'
gabrylle estrada (6 months ago)
What the pees
Jesse Luther (1 year ago)
gross I mean I now it is a prank well it is funny it is just gross
Martinus (1 year ago)
George Pope (1 year ago)
What would I care? When you gotta go, you gotta go. . .
Katie Wallace (1 year ago)
Sierra s (1 year ago)
stupid! !!!not funny ,sick to even see something so stupid dident even watch after 1 sec
Pankaj Goyal (1 year ago)
Sheree Boykin (1 year ago)
I will be in. trouble
Nitro68 Speed (2 years ago)
in school i went in the girls bathroom and im a boy and its just pee all over the floor
jay fawn (2 years ago)
great way to be anally rape !!!
is is gay
Fabian Stebler (2 years ago)
Girls can pee while standing with Pibella! www.pibella.com Pibella is great!
error (2 years ago)
Looks like a guy to me
slaiyfershin (2 years ago)
No it's not funny. And so many prank shows in Europe and South America are terrible and tasteless.
Where's Wallie (2 years ago)
How did she pee for that long?
BradsonMan (2 years ago)
Now if a boy walked into the girls bathroom he would get arressted. Equality at it's finest ...
ii_Kira_ii (3 months ago)
And ikr!
ii_Kira_ii (3 months ago)
BradsonMan I like your profile picture!
011010 010011 (2 years ago)
21 Dump Street (2 years ago)
Did they film this at target?
Ricky Davis (2 years ago)
Not so funny now
Gaming With Aryanna (2 years ago)
I hate this guy the video fake.😡. pluse he made fun of a kid drawing mangle I think the boy gust needs to practice. 😇
Eileen Beltre (2 years ago)
haha too funny
HB Fam Vlogs (2 years ago)
I don't think that was real
Gracie Blencowe (2 years ago)
how does she do it
ÅNØMAT -X -SŒMER (2 years ago)
I wonder how many buble mixtures she drank before she could pee that much🍶
DesertKnife321 (2 years ago)
People were trying to look?!
Spec (2 years ago)
If a man walks into the Ladies room, they'll go to jail. Equality.
Catherine Kongsaysy (2 years ago)
Christopher Suazo (2 years ago)
The guy @1:10😂
Taxihna (2 years ago)
I did it at ladies toilet now I'm writing the comment from Jail
Mazhar Raja (2 years ago)
hy where u noe
Aleesha Murawski (2 years ago)
Aleesha Murawski (2 years ago)
You do not have a winner
king leonardo (2 years ago)
i laugh so hard to their reactions lol
tima12tima (2 years ago)
it's called penis envy
Noelia Arias (2 years ago)
I can tell it's a guy I mean really who would fall for that
Ann Bucken (2 years ago)
she pees to much!!!!
laird gault (2 years ago)
weird but crazy
Joey Gagliardi (2 years ago)
If she can piss for that length of time, she should be in the GUINESS BOOK!! IT WAS TOO FAKE FOR ME!!!!!!!!
I've seen a girl pee standing up before (my ex gf)
Kiba ._. (3 years ago)
Bill buttlicker (3 years ago)
that seems very awkward 😥
Tianna Nash (3 years ago)
Esther Lylianna (3 years ago)
hahaha I'm dying
Boro fan Amber (3 years ago)
MadCake (2 years ago)
If a guy went to the girls toilet we would of get arrested and u girls want equal right and a boy can't hit a girl they have more rights so girls stfu
Jack Noah (1 year ago)
MadCake I'm in the girls rn only cause men's was full af. I'm scared lmao like when I walk out ik a women's gonna see me😭😂
Aurochs hunter (2 years ago)
+MadCake Only because men are less likely to report it, women aren't allowed to hit men either,  Liza Minnelli was in trouble with the law for hitting ex-husband David Gest.
Newlife (2 years ago)
+MadCake Nah nah, You cool dawg <3
Zaidi Ibrahim (3 years ago)
fav songs (3 years ago)
they have brought a new plastic funnel so women can pee through it also it is measured up so it fits perfect
황범현 (3 years ago)
sparkle I (3 years ago)
Is she a boy or girl
Heidijo Gnade (3 years ago)
You go in the woman's bathrooms that is just wrong don't do that unlessyou are a boy
Skye Woolcock (3 years ago)
This is just WEIRD!!!
Shawanda Young (3 years ago)
That is not funny
mountain tiger (3 years ago)
Is this for real, can women piss in a urinal facing it?
sҡɛɛʟa (3 years ago)
No its fake
omepeet2006 (3 years ago)
+mountain tiger Believe it or not, they actually can! It'll take heaps of practice, the hardest part being doing it decently while being dressed. (It's all too easy to wet your panties et al)
Elise Lowe (3 years ago)
why did you d that?
NSVP Haaglanden (3 years ago)
this is so fake
The Scites Family (3 years ago)
Bridgette Jones (3 years ago)
She should pull down her pants and under wear
Chris Ortiz (3 years ago)
1:02 he realized hers was bigger
brenyboy26 (3 years ago)
that's very sexy?  She is fucking ugly af.  I bet this is some backwards European country, where their women are just yuck 
Divess Sniper (3 years ago)
0:25 was he eating in the toilet o.O
1:25 pedophile!!!
Agentleader1 (3 years ago)
I can't tell whether she is really actually peeing from her vagina or not, but females DO have this ability. Fuck the person who invented opposite gender restrooms if girls have the ability to pee just like a man.
Acuravigor47 (3 years ago)
Fake, and not funny. Also, she has very hairy legs. Gross.
Katie Wallace (1 year ago)
why do you say that
Kestrel Lee (2 years ago)
+Noelia Arias you do realize that not all girls are straight right? and that not everybody wants to be in a relationship?
Noelia Arias (2 years ago)
+Alexandria D they can but then most men wouldn't like it and there's a big chance (there's still like 20 percent of a guy still liking you tho)that a woman like that would die alone sadly
marcus molineaux (3 years ago)
+Alexandria Diaz You can do what ever you want, doesn't mean someone has to find it attractive.
barada42 (3 years ago)
Would be a lot funnier if she didn't-- I dunno... Look like a man!!
NewEra JB (3 years ago)
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
What the fuck is she wearing on her shins
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
1:32 "Bigger than mine"
Redneck Randle (3 years ago)
I cried. Then, I fapped. Then I cried, wondering why I fapped.
Redneck Randle (3 years ago)
Tis the fapworthiest!
All for the Animals (3 years ago)
+Adolf Hitler You fap to women with imaginary penis
Redneck Randle (3 years ago)
And not a single fuck was given this day about Hitler on YouTube...
Rick Velocity (3 years ago)
+03rsx696 thanks.
Rick Velocity (3 years ago)
whats fapped, i've been protected.
FlyingFeather (3 years ago)
How was this recorded?
Like it
Mantikore420 (3 years ago)
I don't know about you.. but if someone pisses on me, I am not going to use my bare hand to wipe it off.. wtf
Jesse Luther (1 year ago)
I know do not be such an idiot
Rami Raghfan (3 years ago)
+Scott Bailey Hey that's how I heard it, don't judge me because I'm not natively English.
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
+Rami Raghfan strain lol
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
I'd take my pants off
Rami Raghfan (3 years ago)
I'd use the pisser's face to wipe the strain off.
Nadir Shah (3 years ago)
Hggggg Beef
Coral Grout (3 years ago)
I have whatched this a million times I love it
Marsilio V.M. (3 years ago)
I watched this once. I'm scarred for life.
RkeK0ke (3 years ago)
Name of the song please?
matthew scholten (3 years ago)
serwan hasan (4 years ago)
champin bob (4 years ago)
ElyonTama (4 years ago)
Obviously she's not really peeing guys. -___-; 
your awsomeness (4 years ago)
good thing there are visors
Ramona McClinton (4 years ago)
Ramona McClinton (4 years ago)
carl reed (4 years ago)
Its a dude in drag to avoid the illegal aspects of having a real woman doing that
greg macmillan (4 years ago)
who posted this cant even count !! most did not run . only 2 ran and 7 stayed
Awakened sky (4 years ago)
Exactly look at the Camera angle!!! It's fake & Dumb people giving thumps up shows that Mankind is still Stupid.
heyrob69 (4 years ago)
As a photographer I know all about camera angles and look at 53 seconds in the video. A shot of her from an angle that couldn't have been done without seeing a camera in the few seconds after that. Also, there is someone shooting right underneath her in a few shots. I think someone entering the bathroom with have notice. All fake reactions. Actors
X.princess Aniyah (1 year ago)
hi how
Sabine Duflot (3 years ago)
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
+Morris Thecat Excuse me? When did I say that hidden cameras cannot move? I was pointing out that in this particular scenario various camera(s) were obviously not hidden as the location of the camera(s) in various shots were taken close up whilst the physical location of the camera was moving around naturally as though held in the hand of a camera person (Changing X-Y-Z Location in 3D space and not using "pan tilt zoom" like that of a hidden and/or security camera). If it was a static location camera that was somehow mounted out of view in the particular angles with a natural movement mimicking device of some sort (which would be difficult and/or expensive in its own right to setup) How would this hidden camera whilst being used in the middle of the prank be in this location without being seen unless it was 100% transparent or being held up by a fly with very strong wings? One of the shots was taken from directly behind her skirt and the camera was physically moving around behind her as though held up by a camera person. My suggestion is that the shots like these as opposed to the cameras operating on a "pan tilt zoom" method were taken at a different time to when the prank victims were being filmed and added in for entertainment value. They may have been actors, they may not. We cannot predict how people react as everyone is different. Some people might not be worried about urine so much. Others may be concerned of disease from it. Anyway, to sum this all up. Morris Thecat is a dickhead.
Scott Bailey (3 years ago)
Well the camera spoken of was moving so it wasn't a hidden camera. But the shots you are talking about could have been taken at a different time. Also you're not the one to determine if it's fake or not. Could be, might not be. Who knows. Probably fake... Pretty dumb.. Kinda funny... I guess. Woman looks like a lesbian so probably belongs in the mens toilets. Also if a man tried this in a womans toilet he would probably done for sexual assault or something. Equality can suck a fat cock because it only goes one way, I should use a womans toilet for gags and then blame the lesbian feminists.
Red Vynil (4 years ago)
One thing's for sure, she's not wearing any panties.  But I could teach her how to pee standing up! Most of these prank videos aren't even funny.  The canned laughter and sound effects make it less so.  And, though I'm CERTAINLY no prude, but, why are they all based around sex?  "Candid Camera" was on for a good 20 years and hardly ever used sex in their pranks.
Wezilla (4 years ago)
heyrob69 (4 years ago)
So fake. Look at all the camera angles. There would need to be three cameras and each camera would have shown at least one other camera in a shot
Savage BJJ (4 years ago)
Do you know what the definition of fake is?
Bosnianpowerhouse (4 years ago)
Who the hell wipes the piss off their shoes and pants with their hands
Natalie Rye (2 months ago)
Clint Dempsey (4 years ago)
The other way aorund, a man pissing at a girl's bathroom, wouldn't have the same reaction from women... Men are more tolerant...
madman2u (3 years ago)
Well there wouldn't be urinals in a girls restroom but stalls instead. All the women would see is you walking in, occupying a stall, hearing you do your business, walk out to wash your hands and then leave. The women would probably wonder why the hell you're using the women's restroom. Some may tell management of the establishment, others may ask the man directly. Ether way nothing will really happen that would be classed as funny, and that's basically why we're here, isn't it?
LanceDaPsycho (3 years ago)
+LanceDaPsycho To Morris Thecat... Well, since I no longer see Morris's comments, except for when I sign out, It's clear that he gave up. He wishes to no longer argue, but obviously it's a wish to no longer be humiliated. His true intentions were brought out; to attempt to take out hatred on an innocent victim who stood their ground and silenced him. I only see his comments re-appear when he unblocks, and replies to me, followed by re-blocking. While blocked, I cannot see his comments, nor can he see mine, which is why he replied to himself as opposed to replying to me. Sweetie, replying to your own comment and hoping that I don't see it does not guarantee that I won't see it. In your mind, you think you replied and had the last word. I might not get an email notification through my main account that you replied, but I still get email updates on a secondary device that isn't logged in when you reply to THIS chain (whether to me, or someone else). So your method on trying to reply to ME and not allowing me to see it so I won't respond, is not going to work. However, I will grant your wish and end what you consider an argument. Not for your ego's sake, but out of the fact that I see you as a human being, regardless that you hate on other people, wish death, and hope they burn in hell. People are not born racists, bigots, and haters. These are learned behaviors by unfortunate parents, and I rather not make your YouTube life difficult. I can imagine you get enough hardship in life considering your conduct and behavior. Anyway, this chain has gone from a hilarious video, to outing you and your true intentions behind your vile comments. Regardless, I live by my word as seeing people as humans, no matter how ignorant they are (they can always change for the better), and hope hope hope hope hope....HOPE....once again hope, that you someday learn to love yourself and others. P.S. I don't know if you will see my message. I hope you are brave enough to come back to see my reply, and sigh in relief to know that this message was not to further humiliate and hurt you (as you have tried on me) and instead wish you good from here on out into the future. Sincerely, A loving-homosexual who wishes you happiness (as any human should). :) :D :P    <3 (case closed)
Simon9Mr (3 years ago)
Very true. Most men don't flip.
LanceDaPsycho (3 years ago)
+Morris Thecat If you're going to be a homophobic, you may as well be a racist too. Why discriminate against one group of people for no reason and not another? If you're going to be a hater, hate everything, then. Don't be a hypocrite. The only reason this embarrassing chain (on your side) happened was because you looked at a video of a girl peeing in a mens' bathroom, and saw a comment that caught your attention. Who are the two commenters who had a hissy-fit over my comment? *Two homophobic ignorant* bigots who wish death upon innocent people. I'm about to go into stereotypical Christian mode for this next sentence: *How dare you call yourself a religious person and yet spread hatred and wish death and hell upon someone else.* I don't remember if you ever stated you were religious, but obviously you are. If you are hating against a wonderful group of people who are known as homosexuals without religion being your motive, then yikes, your motives are evil. I didn't fully read your comment, but you mentioned Hitler. That's no surprise. According to religion, hell is a place for bad people. We both know who that bad person is in this chain. Stop spreading hatred, you! :)
LanceDaPsycho (3 years ago)
+Morris Thecat As you've mentioned, discussion on homosexuality was brought up, and you endorse it, but not for the right reasons. You seem really passionate about a law that would rid the world of human beings. Let's be realistic, that law will never pass, whether you are a part of it or not (you do not favor the courtroom, remember?) The day anyone tries to pass such a law will be laughed at by society, unless it has already happened. I'm not pointing fingers.  ;) Asking to give 2 good reasons why homosexuality is wrong would be too much to handle on your side. Asking for 2 good reasons how this would benefit mankind, would also prove to be too complicated. Most of my family has some form of religion, but they don't practice it with hate. Some people need to stop giving religion a bad name because of haters who use it as an excuse to justify "justice". You can keep dreaming your nightmare, but I see only more freedom, equality, and rights being spread in the United States, and one of the individuals who wants to go back to the stone age will be left behind as everyone else ages progressively. I really, really, hope you learn something...eventually. #prejudiced #racist #homophobe #concernedforyou  
handsome scout (4 years ago)
she is pissing everywhere..gross
Hanson Ying (3 years ago)
How long does she have to pee??
n1231231000 (4 years ago)
Red Vynil (4 years ago)
Even worse, her legs are rubbing up against the toilet!  Disgusting!!
waka1022 (4 years ago)
Your Ass LOL Thats BIGGIE
jami lara (4 years ago)
um are these like old videos because i see like people dresessed up like in the 90's
jami lara (3 years ago)
Oh +brenyboy26​
brenyboy26 (3 years ago)
no.  Some European nations have no fashion sense and still dress like this.  They're probably from Ukraine.  They're all ugly and dress horribly. 
Jesse Ferguson (4 years ago)
I'd give it to her
Robin (4 years ago)
I can't stop myself laughing loudly
m c (4 years ago)
i've seen 60 yo's sexier
syazwan wan (4 years ago)
stupid show
Julia Ch (4 years ago)
hahhahahaahahah.. she might SHEMALE,

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