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The Try Guys Take An Ancestry DNA Test

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Text Comments (18263)
the Japanese part would be in ww1 era or ww2
Flappy Morgana (7 hours ago)
Eugene is Made in China, loool
Sir_Xshotz_FTW (8 hours ago)
Does that mean Keith gets the N pass¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Laurel Sinclair (16 hours ago)
Ernad Coragic (17 hours ago)
Can Keith and Ned now say the N word
banan. (19 hours ago)
Thanks for sayin that im hot btw
mavis jones (22 hours ago)
"I'm not vanilla, I'm more like hummus I guess"
Expedição Europa (1 day ago)
Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian....
i can’t believe (1 day ago)
So Keith is Black and Ned is Native American.
How are they so confused that they're not 100% something? Like, history is so long and the world is so big, how could they just be one thing?
Lahcsap (1 day ago)
this is so corny, they’ll be .4% something and be like “ohhh that makes so much sense” like bruh what
JuZzSterZ_YT (1 day ago)
I'm 50% Irish, 48% Hungarian and 2%Romanian
Nora Joppe (1 day ago)
Eugene is not wearing black *visible confusion*
Frozen Card Gaming (1 day ago)
That´s one very outdated map
Ho Yau Chung (2 days ago)
How bout dat
Lupe Crux (3 days ago)
How is Eugene surprised China is freaking connected to Korea and Japan is like right next to it
Ishaan Jordan (3 days ago)
eugene's may be wrong be causing of reference population things
Katie Vaughan (3 days ago)
this is eugene’s family secret
Briccmomo (3 days ago)
i thought eugene was wearing a dress
choperchic24 (4 days ago)
Keith & Ned: YAY we’ve got a little mix! Zach: I wouldn’t celebrate that 😂
Wow this is proof they don’t want money look at the time
Sugas Tractor (5 days ago)
Eugene is shook
nemanja cukic (5 days ago)
GâčhâHūškÿ (5 days ago)
Ned its not panetone it’s panteón and I also have it every Christmas because I’m half peruvian
Tater Tv (6 days ago)
Me 1/2 way through the video: *is Eugene wearing little boy overalls?*
Bayamba Bamba (6 days ago)
KEITH CAN SAY THE n word He is the most powerful amongst the try guys
I'm Nigerian and Brazilian.
Tbh the only reason Eugene is has Japan and China blood is because they invaded Korea
Bill Cipher (6 days ago)
Im Balkan i cant believe that Keoth is Part Balkan
Sandra Curiel (6 days ago)
As a spaniard is so weird to see americans view Spain as "spicy"? Like, for me we are the whitest thing ever but I guess for them we are the exciting bunch
Zaltini (7 days ago)
1:03 when ur geography so bad u can only name 2 European countries
송J1N洪 (5 days ago)
And name three American countries and not know where they are probably... And that's under one continent division.
Chinu (7 days ago)
9:59, just 1 more sec for that ad time boys
clouty kermit (7 days ago)
Eugenes parents will be furious because of their history with Japan..
Chiara Bertoncello (7 days ago)
Ned, pandoro is better than panettone!
thot disruptor (7 days ago)
keith is part African he can say the n-word
Sergej pro gamer (7 days ago)
Balkan brate!!!
Danish Haikal (8 days ago)
Maybe I’m Italian,maybe I’m French,maybe I’m.......ADOPTED
Guess witch try guy this is: “but does my butt look good?!?”
connor cookie (9 days ago)
eugene not knowing that china and japan invaded korea like 100 years ago is the best part of this video
connor cookie (17 hours ago)
Harrison alright, calm it. in comparison to what i said, your vocabulary is more advanced that what i used, and it's explaining the same thing. that's mansplaining, and what you're saying isn't even right. how about you stop attacking an autistic person by telling them they have a 'learning disability', and get a hobby.
Harrison (17 hours ago)
@connor cookie "the Soviet Union joins two parties. The Peoples Republic of China and the Union of socialists Soviet republic." Thats what you said. That is the opposite of what I just said. Are you pretending to be illiterate? You just said the Soviets joined itself. You've been wrong this whole time. You can litetally look this up. And if you think anything iv said thus far is "fancy", you might want to see a physiologist about learning disabilities.
connor cookie (17 hours ago)
Harrison i know the soviet union and the USSR are the same, that's literally what i just said. the soviet union was the USSR and PRC before the russo-sino split. you just repeated what i just said, but with some more fancy words you copied and pasted from google.
Harrison (17 hours ago)
@connor cookie Okay you went from guessing to lying. Thats a step back. First, The Soviet Union and the USSR are the same. I don't know how you thought they were seperate. Secondly, the Soviets and PRC were both communist countries and allies until the russo-sino split. That doesn't mean China controlled NK by proxy. Lastly, NK went straight from soviet occupation to being the DPRK. I guarantee your internet is strong enough for google to work, smarten up.
Marley Kingston (9 days ago)
So Keith can say the N-Word
brutal lee (9 days ago)
AshkeNAZI... Irony
Riri Paramarta (9 days ago)
I really wanna try it, but i think it's not available yet in my country
LegStitchedTiger Ftw (9 days ago)
LegStitchedTiger Ftw (9 days ago)
Morgan V. (10 days ago)
Eugene is basically questioning his entire existence, birth, etc.
gottathinkupanewone (10 days ago)
Face it, guys: every time there's an invasion or a conquest, women are raped. A certain number of them are left pregnant by it. I'm thinking how many Korean women were forced to become "comfort women" to Japanese soldiers 70 years ago. Some men don't even need war as an impetus to impregnate women by force or coercion.
Sophie Mylo (10 days ago)
I was expecting Zack to have one 32nd German 😂😂😂😂
Francena (10 days ago)
So disappointed in some of their comments.
Shandy Leng (11 days ago)
Aye I’m related to Eugene aye
Jacob Reedy (11 days ago)
Eugene was 100% East Asian and no one made a big deal about that? Only when someone’s mostly European🤔😒
Winifred Wanney (11 days ago)
Does the place of birth count as national or??
AdamTheMan1993 (11 days ago)
I wonder if all 4 of these guys enjoy sucking off each other's dicks
Elite Gamer (11 days ago)
Tiny bit African, OOOOOOOHH I’ll go first, “Ni-“
Brieanna McCabe (12 days ago)
Did Keith ever end up getting his $1million
Anh Can Le (12 days ago)
The try guys: really 2L of spit Me: Only 2ml of spit that only a bit
Jada Wilson (12 days ago)
I can't stand the white racism here. White is beautiful too. Light skin is beautiful too. Stop shaming people. POC are not anymore spicy or desirable than light colored people.
BTS ARMY (12 days ago)
Keith can say the N-word now.
Daniela (12 days ago)
Keith coloured FINLAND!!!??
Daniela (12 days ago)
I meant zach lol
Dick Gayson (13 days ago)
Can Keith say the n-word now or?
Fraz 04 (13 days ago)
Ned you're ever welcome here in Italy 🇮🇹😂
Le a (13 days ago)
Its called flesten not Israel
Haruna Kiyoko (13 days ago)
I would love to have eugenes ancestory! Coz I love korea and japanese! And I have a lot chinese relatives. So yea!!!
eugene is 3 kinds of asian
Sofia Sato (14 days ago)
I’m from japan too. Well I’m actually half. I’m half Ukrainien which is in Europe. I feel like my blood contains so many you know...
Potato King (14 days ago)
Hummus isn't Jewish
Cecily Newman (14 days ago)
My first thought with Ned saying his mom was half Italian was like, if his mom is half, he’d be a quarter? So? Am I wrong? Math?
Jenny Yoo (15 days ago)
Well I’m like Eugene I’m told “KOREAN KOREAN KOREAN KOREAN!” So now I wanna take this test
羊义 (15 days ago)
Eugene : duck, my life is a lie
I don’t like these white jokes idk why
Autumn Rain (15 days ago)
"The white guys" oh and Eugene too sorry
Salty SugarCubes (15 days ago)
8:18 "No, broken system." Why are Asian parents always like that?
Jim Beam (15 days ago)
Both my daughter and I were hoping for Ashenazi Jew.................Nada. Jews are the best.
Jonathan McGuire (15 days ago)
I’m 50% European and 50% Asgardian. How about that good folk?
Loughnavalley 6 (15 days ago)
Well Irish people are very white
Dreams & Teddy Bears (16 days ago)
Many Korean and Japanese are part Chinese
𝕱𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖉 𝖘𝖐𝖎𝖕 𝖈𝖆𝖒𝖊 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝕶𝕱𝕮 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖜𝖊 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖐𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝖎𝖙 🧐
Alfie Solomons (17 days ago)
Eugene's female family members were ravished by Japanese soldiers during ww2, sad but true be thankful that his ancestors weren't Australian men they were eaten
Silvanawantstowrite (17 days ago)
I have the theory that Zack's Iberic part comes from a Sefaradi Jewish who marries a Askenazi Jewish and that explains everything
Sosa Baby (17 days ago)
Someone was cheating.....
ツalyson (17 days ago)
keith is black!!
Chicken Burrito (18 days ago)
Wtf is Eugene wearing?😂
Jastine Gem Tato (18 days ago)
Eugene's genetics is pretty accurate to every Asians.
alicia.k bhandal (18 days ago)
Welp, due to border change and migration French, German and Italian are 'similar'. People with the belief that they are a certain degree Italian are not wrong, it's just migration bs. A comment from a different video explaining this: "French/German" is probably actually North Italians, who are descended more from Goths, Lombards, and Cisalpine Gauls, by far, than they are from Italic peoples (the ones we typically think of as "Italians"), and those 3 North Italian groups WOULD MATCH UP MORE to French and German people in a DNA test than to Italians from farther South. Maybe some of this "French" is also from Frisians and Normans on his English mother's side. North African? Lot's of Sicilians have Olive-skinned North African ancestors. Don't worry, Leon, you haven't been lied to, you just have WAY more Italian ancestry from the North than you (and maybe even your dad) thought...
Merlin Edits (18 days ago)
Eugene finding out he's not 100% Korean is really funny
Comment Tator (19 days ago)
Eugene looks like Jay Chou
deep demairy (19 days ago)
ashcnaze jews - R - haplogroup They are not Semitic original Jews - J - haplogroup for this Israel is not your original home and result of test was 99% european
Mattan Benisty (19 days ago)
Jew Power!
Poul Julle (19 days ago)
no way they can estimate it was in 800 sth with accuracy
calibree2001 (20 days ago)
9:15 KING
Stan NCT hoes (20 days ago)
"And I hope our babies are fuckin' from everywhere" 😂
Schluben No (20 days ago)
It’s kinda sad that pretty much this whole video is just white people feeling bad for being white.
Dhammu Pandit (20 days ago)
We all started in the Homeland. Is 99.6% European. Israel in one line.
FaDe_Spike (20 days ago)
Me: Eugene u had Eu-Genes tests HAHA  Dad: *SLAP* Me: okay im sorry dad wait hold on 63.1 19.9 + 13.4 = 96.4 what is the 3.6%
Meme God (21 days ago)
How does Keith know 2 European countries?
Queenikeeee (21 days ago)
I feel like the family secret is that Eugene's great grandma was a Comfort Woman and that's why he has Japanese in him OR someone was adopted (if we wanted to be on the positive side)
geminix365 (21 days ago)
9:59 video
SpaceyWorld X000 (22 days ago)
This test is fake ya got scammed
1kinu T (22 days ago)
The Japanese messed with Korea when the Japanese were going through their imperalistic invasion of anyplace Asian/Island. Considering how close China is to Korea, there probably was an easy exchange between people of both countries.
SpikyTuber (24 days ago)
I was shook after I did my test. I am Ashkenazi Jewish, British and Irish, French and German, Korean.
x 7615749 x (24 days ago)
Like if you’re South African 🇿🇦

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