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history of japan

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Text Comments (75332)
YJX Is OP (44 minutes ago)
Shirotera 1601 (54 minutes ago)
Stupid Imagawa, u lose against Oda and Tokugawa deflected to Oda
MoonberryPie (1 hour ago)
The game ikemen sengei or senkei idk I forget took all of their characters from the real guys I just figured out
The Fascist Nut (2 hours ago)
anime is a cancerous virus made by satan or japan
よろずや (2 hours ago)
Japan is a de facto country in the United States. If there is pressure from the United States, Japan will soon break. If it was true, it was planned to develop a domestic fighter. However, it became co-development (US-led) under US pressure. In addition, the society was messed up due to non-regular employment. It is always tired to live while watching the United States face. I think it would not have been such a result if we had won in World War II. I want Japan to be completely independent as soon as possible without relying on the United States.
Manorama Rout (2 hours ago)
When history class is fun!
vinhhoai19741975 (5 hours ago)
Lol my teacher showed this to me
The Plague Doctor (6 hours ago)
My grandma told me that she remembered the Nagasaki bombing like it and yesterday. My family lived in Kyoto at the time
SUPERNOVA (7 hours ago)
It got blowed the hell up by two atomic bombs. Thats about all i know.
LOLAS (9 hours ago)
knock knock. *it's the United States*
kermit is s o d o n e (11 hours ago)
Bruv you sound like icebear
Nicolas Winfield (12 hours ago)
The birth of omae mou shinderiu
4:31 the ancestor of hentai
4:31 the first hentai ever created
Apple Juicy (16 hours ago)
Came here because my history teacher showed me a clean version of this today.
Ula Kričej (17 hours ago)
Kenzo Uchiha (17 hours ago)
4:18 the dutch flag is red white blue right?
abdallah takkoush (19 hours ago)
Oversimplified same person like if you agree
Talha Jawed (20 hours ago)
how bout I do anyway
Life of Gopnik (20 hours ago)
I'll do that with Germany: *WAR* Lol im German so shut up😂
Enderessa Ender (22 hours ago)
4:47 and then a meme was born
Nestor Gorospe (23 hours ago)
I showed this to my mom Now she's an anime using drugs
When golden kamuy starts
Fareed Manzoor (1 day ago)
You win ... SHIT I'M DEAD
I farted also, (1 day ago)
6:19 (not Guam) Me island:v
Zach C (1 day ago)
Who came after J Perm?
Teacher: I bet my teachers degree that no one can tell me the history of Japan in 10 minutes Bill: *HOLD MY BEER I CAN DO IT IN 9*
NaturallyNifah (1 day ago)
These videos just really put into perspective how unnecessary war is. Just rich people getting mad @ each other and convincing the poor to fight for their “freedom” when in reality they’re fighting the rich people’s battles for them.
みつき魔さ (1 day ago)
( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'❤️
METAL BALLS (1 day ago)
4:53 me when my friends wont let me hang out with them
*You got mail*
Kawaii_Kitty Gamer (1 day ago)
You forgot the part when they made anime -
Kawaii_Kitty Gamer (1 day ago)
This helps me so much it school, idk why lol 😂
6kvin10 (1 day ago)
Getting through this entire video without a mention of Anime was an achievement.
Miriam Schaefer (1 day ago)
So funny thank yo!!!!
sereiinako (1 day ago)
*how bout i do **_anyway_*
The history of japan got a longer video then the history of the world. My theory: Japan existed before the universe
Austin Casasola (1 day ago)
Alright what are we gonna call our kingdom now that it’s well developed? HOW ABOUT SUNRISE LAAAAAND!?!?!?!
Meme Kreme (1 day ago)
This video was satisfyingly trippy
Olivander Cruz (1 day ago)
5:09 wait, Britian helped keep Birtian, US, and Russia out if Japan..?? Comfused
Lucas Ward (1 day ago)
So basically American ruined everything
тэснло fаsё (1 day ago)
History of Europe
dbot studios (1 day ago)
Do history of Russia
Aaron Ferby (1 day ago)
Do a history of Korea
Watcher Dude (1 day ago)
LOL I'm dying! xD "They wanted to see if the bomb Works" *explosion 1* *explosion 2* White tiny flag: YOU WIN
Kc Lini (1 day ago)
2:30 then the emperor *died in a tornado*
Ari Garcia (1 day ago)
I think it would be fun to see you do a sarcastic History of America
The way he pronounced Baekje (백제) literally kills me 🤣🤣🤣
Akemi Moore (1 day ago)
I swear
RecklesFlam1ngo (1 day ago)
RecklesFlam1ngo (1 day ago)
“Hey, try this religion” *no* yes *no* yes *NO* TRY IT *OKAY*
坂野博亮 (1 day ago)
XxkillerslumberXx X (1 day ago)
*and then anime*
Blathnaid (1 day ago)
Efeonur XD (1 day ago)
I basically copied the script and got a A+
eternate (2 days ago)
btw 'Baekje' pronounces pretty much like 'Back Jae'
diepewpie (2 days ago)
We nuked Japan so hard we turned them gay and took their culture as a war trophy
Heritage Unit 1943 (2 days ago)
Wait until I use this for my history on Japan test.
Aki RinnxXXx秋凛 (2 days ago)
My Grandma And Grandpa Survived The bomb that they dropped and they are still alive to this day
Akemi Moore (1 day ago)
Lucky My Grandfather didnt make it
Maxima Mison (2 days ago)
*I guess?*
Francisco Carbone (2 days ago)
What about Okinawa and the Ryukyu islands? (Sorry if i wrote it wrong)
Fellow hooman UWU (2 days ago)
Everyone voted so hard that the castle caught on fire and burned down BUT the shogun didn’t care he was off doing poetry somewhere-number one quote of 2019
Fellow hooman UWU (2 days ago)
How are you supposed to protect you shit from criminals... Hire a SAMURAI!!!
Fellow hooman UWU (2 days ago)
Please try this religion.... NO
Fellow hooman UWU (2 days ago)
When you have a one day deadline for a project
Caleb S. (2 days ago)
History of the UK? If you can that would be cool dude
ΧΛИΞ (2 days ago)
Such a good video
shut up heather (2 days ago)
they haven’t used the bomb yet and were curious to see if it works so they dropped it on japan
candugiful (2 days ago)
I am moving to japan to stay the fuck away from muslims, Christians and jews!😎😎😎
Jesse Hamilton (2 days ago)
history of England?
Amazingbrogameplay XD (2 days ago)
The people who disliked are just jealous they couldn't animate as well as Bill.
Black (2 days ago)
We need a history of Egypt
AppPpLe Apple (2 days ago)
Dragon ball is the best part
Pancake (2 days ago)
History teacher "So does anybody know the history of Japan" Bill " *DEEPLY INHALES* "
Kaira Nelle (2 days ago)
Stolen comment.
Ragilplayz torumant (2 days ago)
Herr Darkurve (2 days ago)
Son, you need to stop sleeping. Me: Sure I’ll downgrade to A FUCKTON, sorry did I say downgrade, I meant upgrade
ひよこまめ (2 days ago)
ひよこまめ (18 hours ago)
圭亮 南條 あざます!!!!
圭亮 南條 (21 hours ago)
ひよこまめ YouTubeでhistory of japan 日本語字幕で検索してみて下さい
Sans Gamer (2 days ago)
Oh yeah Oh yeah (2 days ago)
Man this is now 3 years! Time goes by fast
david brown (2 days ago)
23GreyFox (2 days ago)
"and they did some rapes"......
LJ Teodosio (2 days ago)
is the comments making this vid meme or wut...
QuickaScip (3 days ago)
School be showing us these shitty ass video’s from Horrible Histories. If teachers wouldn’t trip over cursing the history of the entire world and this video would be perfect to show.
Keanne Abuel (3 days ago)
actually they got nuked because of their invasion of Philippines.
S.A. Huber (3 days ago)
History of The USA
Haena Kim (3 days ago)
my class spent 7 weeks on Japan but I learned more abt japan from this video alone :):)(:)
V noodles (3 days ago)
Where are the ninjas?
Jane Deaux (3 days ago)
i need more history lessons from you
Girl Girl (3 days ago)
levi homer (3 days ago)
u know, i watch youtube a lot and forever my fav vid right here
This is the only video I want to see in history class
Shayla Kaganovsky (3 days ago)
i got an A+ in history because of you
nosequeponeraqui alv (3 days ago)
and kirito-kun ¿?
Violett .__. (3 days ago)
Can I get my history teacher to play this in class
HeroBlaze420 (3 days ago)
History but funny
Myles Morell (3 days ago)
“Everybody is still fighting each other for control, NOW WITH GUNS” and “the emperor can still just like an emperor if he wants to that’s fine” XD
Ruby Barrass (3 days ago)
*sexy times*
Libido Kamen (3 days ago)
Enjoying your shekels? Incredibly disrespectful and full of falsehood. You should commit seppuku.
Libido Kamen (2 days ago)
+Orange Juice Enthusiast lol cuck
lol weeb

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