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JetSki-B Baddest Bitch ft Blac Chyna , Tip Drill , Ms Pechtree, Shawty Redd

55 ratings | 44765 views
2012 Hot4Ever Fedi Boyz Ent Def Jam Digital Distibution
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Kadafi yaki (3 years ago)
Sikk beat
Jason Gaudette (5 years ago)
i love u all but the one thats like back off my man love u even more cuz u got me aww
Brian McDonald (6 years ago)
JetSki-B - Baddest Bitch
Pivete Doido (6 years ago)
NAME SONG ???????????????????????????
Brian McDonald (2 years ago)
Pivete Doido Baddest Bitch by Jet Ski Briza

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