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Straight to Wavy Hair without using any Products | Men’s styling Tutorial

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▶ Buy "Ocean Clay" Here: https://goo.gl/7HxkQR ▶ Buy "Activating Oil Cleanser" Here: https://goo.gl/pdkAeT A lot of times straight hair can get a bit boring. Sometimes you got to switch it up a bit! So today I’ll be showing you how you can achieve wavier hair without using any hair curling products! Hope you dig the video! If you do, please give it a Thumbs Up for me! And Subscribe if you are new! Thanks everyone! Mad love, -Dre Drexler •Wide Tooth Comb: http://www.dredrexler.com/product/carbon-fiber-comb/ songs: Cubicolor - Falling Tor - Days Gone Be sure to follow me on social media: Snapchat - DreDrexler Instagram @DreDrexler Facebook @DreDrexler Twitter @DreDrexler Tumblr @DreDrexler Vine @DreDrexler Pinterest @DreDrexler
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Text Comments (939)
Exxotic Lynx (18 hours ago)
How can you prevent hair parting in the middle, I also have an under cut.
DynamixStudios (1 day ago)
DynamixStudios (1 day ago)
Welp here I go
JEZUS (2 days ago)
straight hair is fucking anoying
Star City Arrow (4 days ago)
I have thick wavy hair so I straighten it lol
Edin (4 days ago)
No product headass
Carson Does it all (4 days ago)
Didn’t do shit for me
Alex Thai (10 days ago)
But how long will that last, cause I want to have curly hair from now on, not one or two day????
Flaming Blossom (12 days ago)
Waaaaaw....cool !😲😲😲😲😲
Habib Akram (14 days ago)
My hair is short and flat
KilledBy Tubboes (15 days ago)
I have waves hair but i hate waves i like more straight hair.
Adriel Martinez (16 days ago)
My hair bee n wavy
gacha_universe (21 days ago)
my hair is now naurtrly wavyyyyy
Buzz Music (24 days ago)
boiii its such a struggle having curly/wavy hair. we can't find good styles for our hair. it's such a struggle. i usually wear my hair messy😭😂
peggymae1 (1 month ago)
That’s how I look like when I get out of bed
Kysah VDP (1 month ago)
would hairspray work prolly wont get a reply cause no one ever replies to my comments for some reason
Blackopsdude04 (1 month ago)
I wish I had hair like you lol
Don 123 (1 month ago)
Thanks for sacrificing your hair Dre!
Dre Drexler (1 month ago)
appreciate the love!!
Chairman Meow (1 month ago)
you have a comb with your name on it? true super villain
Memestar (1 month ago)
i’ve tried this loads and loads of times recently after a haircut, and it hasn’t been working. is it because i haven’t got long enough hair? it is very short
Enrique Camacho (1 month ago)
That's exactly why
Aezüni (1 month ago)
Hey man quick question, if you ever see this comment. When you mentioned that the back was too short to grab onto, what would be the ideal way to style it in this type of way if the back was longer? Maybe i just prefer to keep the back shorter in general compared to the front/bangs cause whenever i style the top and its all relatively the same long length its kind of annoying to style all of that nicely in the back. From what i see in your [Hair] length in this video I don't see an issue with the back being shorter, so how would it benefit to have it longer? Just curious, love the vid by the way. I've definitely gotten bored of my straight hair and i've been looking for ways to change things up and this helped a lot!
moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo (2 months ago)
i dont have time for this fuck that
Mark Angelu (2 months ago)
gorgeous 😎
Mohammed Faraz (2 months ago)
I've got wavy at roots and if I put it up its wavy at roots and straight up it sucks help me
Vexcarius (2 months ago)
I have a straight thick Asian hair and it sucks!
mrosario1280 (2 months ago)
The problem is that my hair is dry
mrosario1280 (2 months ago)
Neo Dingus Deku (2 months ago)
How long will this work at a time
Dauz (2 months ago)
But i wan straight hair...fk!
Jake Patterson (2 months ago)
the only problem is you can't walk outside. If you do, all of the homeless birds of the world will flocking to your head.
LCG (2 months ago)
Bruh that's wavy
Ahsan Qureshi (2 months ago)
Easy as fuck 😂🖕🏿 weirdo
ledank meme (3 months ago)
thats not wavy
"no products"
XM (3 months ago)
I understand that youre trying to help people in this video but the video is very misleading you dont understand that only some people can do what you did in this video without any hair products, cuz a lot of peoples hair comes back to normal even with hair products for them to achieve what you achieved with only a hair dryer is basically impossible, it all depends on what type of hair u were born with.
Jay (3 months ago)
What is his hair cut called?
Great waste of product
John Cabradilla (3 months ago)
Damn wtf teaching me how to curl my straight hair and love myself at the same time
Janna Tools (3 months ago)
These type of guys spend more time making themselves look good than my 16 year old sister when she goes to a party 🤣😂
BlueDay (3 months ago)
I tried this method today, and now I have a maintainable hairstyle I actually like! Thanks so much!
M3dicus (3 months ago)
hold on, i thought you said no products
M3dicus (3 months ago)
your natural hair and the way it grows is exactly like mine and i find it so hard to control
Maverick [iHotdogs] (3 months ago)
Ihave this type of hair that after I take a bath, it looks fantastic, but when it dries off, it’s fucked up...lol
Noe Meza (3 months ago)
4:48 is Romans 12: 20-21
Aka Hello (3 months ago)
My hair is naturally wavy hair but drys out so fast when I comb my hair straight it’s stays like that when I get out of the shower but I’m a kid shouldn’t worry
John Tapucar (3 months ago)
that quote came from the bible BTW
Lopez 4 Life (4 months ago)
And I'm trying to go from wavy to straight
nepgear HDD (4 months ago)
Bish this isn't straight hair, I got the straightens hair on earth because it goes back to its original position even with products in it, seriously not even hair drying works, really straight hair cannot be turned into any style😭😭
Lil Plug (4 months ago)
And that’s why U always choose to be a lightskin
suneeba thussu (4 months ago)
hy mn whats your age
Izak Behunin (4 months ago)
What was the name of that book you read?
Niiyo Day (4 months ago)
you said with no products and as im scrolling through the comments i look up and see you putting product in your hair.. one + dislike earned
The real someone (4 months ago)
Listen to someone that knows just take a shower and then don't dry your hair and fall asleep the results will be the same
KobeDropped81 (4 months ago)
When you have natural wavy hair
Bella Castro (4 months ago)
Nice hair
rs (4 months ago)
In the end you will always have straight hair 🤷‍♂️ can’t use that shit forever
XM (5 months ago)
My hair is cursed, I cant get wavey hair with this, then I try this my hair just gets its natural straight ugly and puffy hair. I dont know what to do
Corpus Juris Canonici (5 months ago)
Do u have any Asian bloodline? Coz most Asians are having naturally straight hair.
Bob Jenkins (5 months ago)
I hate my straight hair, it’s hard to style since it pokes up and it’s just plain ugly
Cathy Miller (5 months ago)
My friend has wavy and curly hair and its very soooooooooooooft!!😀
jayray1521 (5 months ago)
It’s amazing how hair adds to someone positively. If you didn’t have good hair, I think you’d be weird looking. Anyways, good looking guy and love your vids.
sc Wolfgang (5 months ago)
I love having wavy hair
Awkward Bean (5 months ago)
My hair life has been changed, I really wanted to get wavy to change it up, but my hair is really stubborn and doesn’t like being told what to do. Imma hope this helps. This idea seems good tho
Cody Heuer (6 months ago)
My hair undone doesn’t even move it has bangs and doesn’t look good at all
shazid samir (6 months ago)
My hair is going to be white/ grey,,, what is the solution for me?
CoolDrify (6 months ago)
I have naturally super wavy hair and all I’ve ever wanted was straight hair lol
Awkward Bean (5 months ago)
CoolDrify damn, I have really straight hair and I want wavy
ZachIsLovely 92 (6 months ago)
Thank you! Very helpful. My hair is only wavy in the front so this hairstyle made my hair look even.
Crispy_burnt_Chicken (6 months ago)
my hairs naturally wavy I hold hairstyle in place with cold air and one spray of hair spay
Hero Ball (6 months ago)
That literally looks exactly like my bed hair 😂😂😂
NEG Toxic3Dcats (6 months ago)
Did u dry on wet?
Alvin (7 months ago)
I have a straight hair and I want a waiver hair. Will try this tutorial after my shower.. I love it!
overhaul (6 months ago)
didnt work for me either. but i will try what you said.
Alvin (6 months ago)
ruin didn't work for me tho. But while blow-drying my hair, move my hand around my head in a circular motion helps.
overhaul (6 months ago)
Alvin did it work?
starwarrior 2014 (7 months ago)
I hate my hair. It is so flat and straight....
G_ Eazy (7 months ago)
You looks like Charlie Puth lil bit😋
no name ye (7 months ago)
what was the song in the back tho
Lil Ched (7 months ago)
My hair is wavy on some parts then the some parts are slightly damaged so it’s less curly and my hair is annoying af
Ted Chen (7 months ago)
Hi Dre, really enjoy this video. May I ask for thick hair person do they need to cut their hair thinner for a better wavy style?
kbhaskar reddy (7 months ago)
how grow hair fast
Ian Genilza (7 months ago)
im v ery lucky to have my natural wavy hair..... thanks G!
Dominik Schneider (8 months ago)
Why does everybody want curly hair i'm glad i have straight hair
Jacob Wilkinson (8 months ago)
this man is sexy
Samual Watson (8 months ago)
I have wavy hair, but I want it wavier
Raj Bhagat (8 months ago)
It will be remain permanent curly
Pól Reilly (8 months ago)
When my hair dries it gets a little puffy, would gel or wax prevent this?
Matthew Silva (8 months ago)
These people don't know the definition of straight hair... You call that straight?
Knight_ 025 (8 months ago)
What type of haircut u get when u go to the barbershop¿?
DONGLE (8 months ago)
your face is so fuckin symmetrical it makes me angry.
Jordan Wilson (8 months ago)
Man you have awesome hair👍
Ritzchie Sanjaya (8 months ago)
After making your hair wavy with the hairdryer will it stay like that after you go for a swim or will it just go back to straight thin hair
Mighty Hex (8 months ago)
What shirt are you wearing?
Karl Angelo (8 months ago)
How do i make my hair softer
Iced Narcotics (8 months ago)
he looks like he could be a brother to the Martinez twins
DREz GamER123 (8 months ago)
I already have wavy hair to get better wave I use cantu
Suman Devi (9 months ago)
I try
monkeypolicd (9 months ago)
dude my fucking hair is so heavy its such a pain in the ass to get them to style. even if try to use hairdryer. bcuz i m trying go for more of natural look.
ItsAndrogamer ツ (9 months ago)
You're wavy by nature, you're not straight...
Patrick Chen (1 day ago)
+Your spicy little boi dammmmmmmmmmn
luis 0806 (5 days ago)
Wait wut
RGBLighting (14 days ago)
+Rich Patootie its not meant to be dumbfuck, thats where that joke comes from
WJDM (23 days ago)
So he’s gay?
Michael Winston (9 months ago)
i sometimes have wavy hair and sometimes not, idk why
Nel Sun (9 months ago)
My hair never looks this good ahhhhh
Nuhmbz (9 months ago)
Didn’t work:(
RandomKEVIN H (9 months ago)
You have any tips on how to grow hair faster and longer? Using everyday things.
Jaime Prudencio Larong (9 months ago)
Wats ur hair color name?
Alan Lopez (9 months ago)
Dre Drexler (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching Alan

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