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TESTING VIRAL GIRL PRODUCTS : Female Portable Potty?! Natalies Outlet

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Natalies Outlet (1 year ago)
WHAT SHOULD WE NAME THIS NEW SERIES?! Comment below & if I pick you I will give you a SHOUTOUT IN NEXT WEEKS VIDEO! :)
Ella Payne (1 month ago)
I think “Yay or No Way” should be the name
Queenie Mars (3 months ago)
Pee Nuts
Emma Huang (4 months ago)
♀️Testing Time♀️
Roscoe Gray (7 months ago)
Natalies Outlet something Girly things
DeVonna Waters (4 days ago)
I can pee easier with go girl
Rosina Alejo (6 days ago)
Once I was sitting on the carpet and I was to scared to use to the bathroom and I just sat down and started peeing and then I got new pants a kid poked at it and smelt his finger and I got so embarrassed
Avante Jordaan (6 days ago)
At school. By squatting
Sophie Mckeen (21 days ago)
Worst peeing situation I was 10 and I was at school and really needed to pee so I asked my teacher if I could go to the toilet 🚽. She said no because recess was in 5 minutes I couldn’t hold it in so I peed on my self in front of the hole class but to cover it I opened my water 💧 bottle and spilt it on my pants 👖 😂🚽
Infinite_Memer (22 days ago)
She said *WTF*
Destiny Morgan (1 month ago)
I don't like it when people here me pee
HUNCHO (1 month ago)
Kaelin Sullivan (1 month ago)
*Ok so at school when I use the bathroom I will wait entill they girls leave because I'm so embarrassed about peeing in front of people*
Donald Back (1 month ago)
Cassidy Meinz (1 month ago)
I was 15 it was in the middle of class, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, because I had to pee really bad, she said no, I left a note on her desk saying "I really have to use the restroom, I don't care what you do bitch" and I packed my stuff up went the bathroom, and my dad came and picked me up afterwards.
musicaliris2510 (1 month ago)
what if you just have to pee A LOT ... 😂😂😂😂
MLP MINTY JOY (1 month ago)
Ughhhh tell me about it Natalie I swear I had to change my pad and the place was disgusting
RyanLand (1 month ago)
custerjessica (2 months ago)
Once, I was camping in the snow, and I had to pee. I peed in the snow and ice and I got snow all over my butt. The worst part; there was nothing to wipe.😱
panda toys (2 months ago)
I wish i had one
little luv31 (2 months ago)
Have one and it's the best
Emily Herrera (2 months ago)
Kara Kozloff (2 months ago)
I just started dancing
Sophia Wash (3 months ago)
Once I forgot my keys so I had to climb through the window, but I had to pee so bad. Half way through i peed a little bit and then I just started peeing and my neighbors were outside
Anudari Anu (3 months ago)
Omg !!
Queenie Mars (3 months ago)
I cant effort to have someone around while I pee, seriously it feels pretty awkward to release it and not to mention those airy surprises popping from behind with a nice sounds, lolz
Brittny Bin (3 months ago)
When I was seven I was in an assembly and I rly needed to pee so I hid behind that person and peed but eventually got caught I didn’t know what I was thinking 😂😂🤪💕❤️😅😊
Tina Bui (3 months ago)
Josie Stewart (3 months ago)
that was soooo funny
David Burrell (3 months ago)
If u need to pee just drink mountain dew
Gabby RB (3 months ago)
I wanted to pee after this vid! XD
Equ Libby (3 months ago)
1:54 me when I’ve just got home from needing the bathroom for 3 hours
Emma Huang (4 months ago)
I would use it while camping because what if you have to pee but no bathroom? Name the series ♀️Testing Time♀️ pls. P.S I love u
It’s Zoe Ballet (4 months ago)
I needed to pee and my brother also needed to pee so he peed and i can’t
Team Ashley 1 (4 months ago)
I cant pee in the same bathroom with other people .so i wait till they leave
Crystal Forrester (4 months ago)
EPBF1 (4 months ago)
Was in Yankee stadium and the women line was ridiculous...the men line was empty ...I walked right into men bathroom before I peepee myself got few strange looks but soon some other desperate women followed me lol 😁😄😋😊
Rleigh Harvey (4 months ago)
I peed on the floor
1971chunky (4 months ago)
Who's watching in 2018 leave a like if you are
1971chunky (4 months ago)
When I'm in school I hole my pee until every girl gets out oh and I'm in second grade
Gavin Hasse (4 months ago)
I love you testing products
Miah xX (4 months ago)
Once i decided to be healthy and try to drink two litres of water during the day. The day i did this the toilets at my school were closed. It was also the day that i had to walk home. my house is like a 30min walk away. My stomach was cramping up and i couldn’t even run because it hurt so much
Julia Rodriguez (4 months ago)
One time I had to go pee like REALLY BAD. But there was so many people in the bathroom that I waited in the stall for like 45 min for eveyone to leave. So yeah thats my worst having to pee story
Life as Yana (4 months ago)
When I was little I thought when I pee only a little would come out so I did it because I was too lazy to go to the bathroom..and I was surprised and shocked that I was in a puddle of yellow gross water 😷
Jordyn Ashe (4 months ago)
I had to hold it because I was on a 100 mile airplane.
Aliya Arora (student) (4 months ago)
wait... what if you have to poop
Cheyenne Mabb (4 months ago)
Peed in a cup
Ashley Døødles (4 months ago)
So um...once my brother he wouldn’t get out of the bathroom and I really needed it...so um I ran to the kitchen and used the garbage can. I hate my self for doing this.
Ashleigh Smith (5 months ago)
Honestly I really want to try this because I went to a music festival and the portapottys were disgusting but they had urinals in it and it would have been perfect because they were clean. And I might go this year so...
Bristol-Lee Vander Kooi (5 months ago)
I had to go pee and we were at the CBMF (Cavendish Beach Music Festival) and I had to pee so bad and they only had portal potties and I almost peed my pants in the line up it was so long
Yup im shy as Heck
Juan Magaña (6 months ago)
It was when I had to go and it was so nasty and i couldn’t event sit
Ella Murphy (6 months ago)
I have one of those 😑
Kaitlyn Koelber (6 months ago)
I hate being in the restroom and other girls here me go to the bathroom
Julia Burns (6 months ago)
Once I really have to pee but the women’s room was closed so I went into the men’s room
G Torres (5 months ago)
Once I was at the mall with my friends and the line was long so I had to use the boys bathroom cause I was busting. Luckily no boys were in there but the stalls are nasty so i used the urinal
G Torres (5 months ago)
OMG once,when I was 15 I was hiking with my friends, who shall not be named, and one of their mom's, and then I have to pee. I don need to go that bad so I said nothing. An hour later I was busting but we just got in a car for the 2 hour long trip back. After about five minutes I tell them and they didn't know what to do. I had a water bottle with a wide opening but it was half full. My friend said I couldn't wast it so I had to wait even mare and then with an hour left we were in the middle of nowhere so I asked my friends MOM (heavily embarrassed)if she could pull over so I could pop a squat and pee, and my other friend all of a sudden needed to pee so we had to WATCH EACH OTHER PEE. I didn't really care if she saw me but I could tell she was really embarrassed so it got akward. And another thing is that I drank a lot of water so I had A LOT of piss and it filled a Inch deep hole I dug, not knowing it would fill the whole thing but it was OVERFLOWING. (Mind you i had a liter and a half of water and half of a simply limonade) And my friend said WOW THAT IS A LOT OF PISS! And her mom heard and every body else in the car heard and they all looked and giggled. The whole thing was just so embarrassing.
G Torres (6 months ago)
I peed a lot
G Torres (6 months ago)
I like ur pee sound don't call me creep
G Torres (6 months ago)
Instant life regret
Baya Honorato (6 months ago)
One time in 1st grade my teacher always says that we have to go pee at recess before class , but I REALLY HAD TO PEE so I just pretended that I had to wash my hands and then I just peed on the floor. Ya I know disgusting right? But I had no choice cause if I had to go pee when I just had free tie, I would have to miss a full break time. and I didn’t want that!
Jess Niel (6 months ago)
Ava Revollo (6 months ago)
i was at an amusment park and i kept hold my pee and while where going down i peed my pants
That bored shishtar (6 months ago)
And the series never continued😂👏
G S (6 months ago)
Omg wow ummm............. Ok....... This is kinda genius tho
Kiwibo (6 months ago)
Wait.. I am not the only girl who squats in the bathroom?! OMG I THOUGHT I WAS A COMPLETE WEIRDO
Tamara David (6 months ago)
Mystery gmr (6 months ago)
#natificaton squad for life Natalie you have changed my life you go girl❤️
cupcake zionwanga (6 months ago)
I've learned to pee quietly
Sophie leishman (6 months ago)
Sounds good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mikaela Dukes (6 months ago)
What if u have to poop 😅
G Torres (6 months ago)
Then u find a bush, pop a squat pulle down you bottoms, ur underwear and take a $h#t
Kimberly Benitez (6 months ago)
I destracted my self
Noddi Dk V (6 months ago)
Evie moore (6 months ago)
I literally cryed
Ava Dinneen (6 months ago)
Ok so one time I was at this camp and the counselor asked if you have to pee pee now because we are going on a four hour canoe trip so I was like the only one who didn’t go to the bathrooom I was like “ I’ll be fineeeee” so 1 hour in i was like oh I think I have to use the bathroom 2 hours in and I was like oof omg 3 hours in i was like crossing my legs weirdly and making weird faces 3 1/2 hours in i was like telling everyone I had to use the bathroom and 4 hours in i was bawling so hard I choked on my spit so if your wondering why I didn’t get out of the canoe it because it wasn’t an over night camp so I would have been wet the whole day and it was the first class of the day so yeah that’s my story on a scale from one to ten on how bad it hurt well it’s a 1000 so yeahhhhhhhh bye (click the likeeeee)
Kitten Cat Lps :3 (6 months ago)
Here's my embarrassing pee story: so once I was at school and I told the teacher during P.E. I had to pee so bad and my bladder would explode and my vagina would burst with pee and so I couldn't hold it at all and I was running down the hall and a group of boys ran into me and they were raising their eyebrows! And I was like awkward gtg and they stayed and talked to me the hole time and I couldn't hold my pee it bursted out my bladder couldn't wait much longer cuz these boys just kept talking to me so I bursted with pee and they're like omg!!! They yelled A GIRL WITH HER PANTS ON SHE BURSTED PEE ALL OVER!!! So then they saw blood all over HOLY SH-- I WAS ON MY PERIOD even worse can't stand but to cry and see all the boys laughing at me UR VAGINA EXPLODED WITH PEE U HAD UR PERIOD and I couldn't stop but to buy one of these urination products for girls when I got home I did and went to school the next day tried it in the school bathrooms and it worked just fine no urination All over still on my period toilet had blood all in it OMG I can't believe I'm still on my period but luckily no boys are allowed in the girls bathroom And yes! This urination product is what I always use don't gotta sit or pee goes on the toilet see so thx to the urination product I'm all prepared! 😁 Hope I don't run into boys again 😨
Kitten Cat Lps :3 (6 months ago)
Uhhhh... So I'm gonna use that??? Lemme get this straight I put my vagina into the pink thing and I start peeing?? Am I right I'm not a boy I'm a girl so I can use this that's weird why they make these I wanna pee how I pee without using a weird urination thing i think it's so weird what the world comes up with for girls... And I'm surprised I'll have to use one of these! 😱
Chryssi meme :3 (6 months ago)
Whoever sees this follow my Instagram @chryssi_clause
YoGirlMackZ F (6 months ago)
I don’t like when people here me pee
light and darkness (7 months ago)
If I need to pee I pee in a cup
Eliza Hogan (7 months ago)
one time I was at a track meet and I ran while basiclly peeing my pants!! I could have gotten 2nd but because I had to pee I got 4th..
Mercades Clarke (7 months ago)
I'm so like the
Aleena Bashir (7 months ago)
I love Natalie
Hailey Clarke (7 months ago)
I would buy this And try it can you please send me one and give me a shout out I am Subscribed and I have your notifications on #NotificationSquad
TopHat Turtle (7 months ago)
question 1. did you hold it right? question 2. did you flip up the lid?
Danika Judge (7 months ago)
I had to pee in West Virginia and we stopped at a gastation and the women’s bathroom was out of order so I had to use the men’s bathroom and it was gross
Abigail Squibb (7 months ago)
I want own
Abigail Squibb (7 months ago)
Starlyn Wilson (7 months ago)
I was at school my first day of a new school and I was nervous and the bathroom were getting renewed and I had to pee really bad and I looked like I had to poop really bad and I was like “ can I use the bathroom “ they said “ do you have to go really bad” I was like “ umm no” and I was like to pee my pants so I was like “ i need to be excused I need to go talk to my sister really bad” so my teacher let me and the bathroom was on the other side of the school so I ran and all teachers were tell me to walk and I said “ I HAVE TO PEEEEEEEEE” and one of the teachers told their child that went to the school in the same grade and she was jealous of me and call me the pee pee girl but that I was called that for a month but they fixed the bathrooms so I never did that again
Abigail Squibb (7 months ago)
Lol i made my own 💦💧💦👙
Abigail Clark (7 months ago)
Abigail Clark (7 months ago)
I was in Market Basket when I was younger and I had to pee so bad I was crying so one of my older sisters took me to the bathroom but the line was long (there is only one toilet) and the there wasn't a line for the men's bathroom so I think you can figure out what I did. Yes I went to the men's bathroom.
Itdoes Cosplays (7 months ago)
I hate people hearing me pee
Hannah Copeland (7 months ago)
This video made me have to pee... XDD
Jolene Summerson (7 months ago)
i dont like other people to hear me
Andrea Alba (7 months ago)
5:51 u guys will freakin laugh 😂😂😂😂
DIY Devyn (7 months ago)
Natalie's testlet
paulo Salgado (7 months ago)
MaliaHaleOfficial 21 (7 months ago)
Same i just walk around the school and wait till they are gone
Allison Ramos (7 months ago)
When I was little I rlly had to go and I didn’t wanna go to the toilet(we were visiting someone) and I litteraly went outside and peed Behind a car. 😂😂
Josie Radachy (8 months ago)
I once had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the woods. The worst part was I was wearing a romp her. It was horrible
Adi Lynne (8 months ago)
Road Trip😬😬😬😬😬 I had to wait until we got close to a pit stop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭IT WAS A NIGHTMARE 😱😱
Taylor Brown (8 months ago)
Taylor Brooks (8 months ago)
I'm the same
discodolly one (8 months ago)
A toilet that was a drain that flushes
Scarzella Gurls (8 months ago)
#ThePeeStruggle Once I was camping and I had to pee, so I dug a hole and put rocks around it (Ya know , for that decoration) And I just peed. :P

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