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Girls Wet My Pant funny Pee desperate // Best video compilation Subscribe vesves join the BRO A

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Watch this awesome Episode ******************************************************************** Watch interesting and Entertaining videos here @ Every week, . Watch this awesome Episode ******************************************************************** Watch interesting and Entertaining videos here @ Every week, . Watch this awesome Episode ******************************************************************** Watch interesting and Entertaining videos here @ Every week, . If you thought this video was funny, check out my other videos :). Thank You Girls Pee Their Pants Compilation 2017 (Funny) Credits /or recommended: Girl pees .
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Text Comments (694)
Mihai Toma (20 hours ago)
I. Love. Your videos
T F (22 hours ago)
Michael Botros (1 day ago)
Wayne Potts (2 days ago)
Wear diapers if you need to pee
OctoKid 11 (3 days ago)
I am going to tell u my pee story So I was in class and i was writing. I suddenly have to pee so i asked the teachet if I could use the restroom, And she said no. I kept asking and then I start going. It was satisfying but also embarasing. Hope you enjoyed!
GachaKez_ YT (5 days ago)
I use teen "diapers" Get it?😂 When pee doesn't come out from you...but blood😨😭 The pain😂😖
Angela Solorzano (5 days ago)
The girl pee herself in the parking lot
Gacha Daisy (6 days ago)
I found the second one the funniest!
B G (6 days ago)
This is probably weird but I love seeing someone pee themselves:)
B G (6 days ago)
I'd love to be with someone anyone who would want to wear a diaper
Ronin 1011 (7 days ago)
Why do they not care that there is a guy with a camera following them
Midnight The Fox (9 days ago)
666 comments and I’m the 666th
Midnight The Fox (9 days ago)
GreatDude12 Gaming (10 days ago)
It wets at 1:53
Unicorn Girl (10 days ago)
People in this vid I get you
Lala Vlogs (11 days ago)
If you mover your waist in a circule and cross your legs, youl ser how it feels...IT FEELS SUPER DUPER AWSOME YOU JUST WANNA DO IT ALL THE TIME
ConfusedTuber (3 days ago)
I think that's only works for girls.
Lala Vlogs (11 days ago)
Im in the car and I need to go pee pee so bad... Never mind Im peeing right now and it feels so good...HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
ConfusedTuber (3 days ago)
Lacey Yoder (14 days ago)
I have a friend who did not me!!
Cutie Panda23 (16 days ago)
Anyone elses audio messed up
Amara Atugbokoh (17 days ago)
Darko Family (17 days ago)
Hey stupid girl
Etheral Balance (18 days ago)
my diapers wetted so much this time lmao
Ajah Ward (19 days ago)
pastel kawaii unicorn (19 days ago)
chelsea fan (20 days ago)
I have story about peeing yourself in class so me and my freinds were outside playing we had 5 minutes after lunch which was 30 mins we done maths about a quarter of maths left we moved to English that's when pee started as usual we wrote the lo then we reading something I hear a noise of pee coming from another table I thourt it was someone spilling something I looked at the guy pee was coming out of is grouse I took another look he was peeing his pants the pee was half his table so the teacher and the called noamon go out every one started to laugh I said pee pee pants peed his self in English everyone is drooling of laughter Mrs Roberts are teacher comes in she didn't know we were laughing so she said thx to us for not laughing she didn't here any way it was like 14 weeks ago
maisieplatt (20 days ago)
Zayd Afroze (21 days ago)
Heath Harris (21 days ago)
You know in dreams win you spill hot water you wake up and you peed
Lps FudgeMaster (21 days ago)
Ok I have a funny story from when I was on roblox. So I was playing roblox got talent and I was the host and a server host joined and was helping me out (and of course it was a guy) and I was like "um, server host" he was like "yeah?" I was like "Can you open the doors?" He was like why I was like "Not to be gross but, I really gotta use the bathroom.." then he was like "let me check" I was like "HURRY" then he said "cant" then I was like "what am I supposed to doooo I have to go really bad!!!" Then he said "Just go quickly." Then a few people asked why the host (me) was afk then this is the embarrassing part. He said "OH she went to the bathroom, she said she really had to go. " I DIED THERE it was so awkward .-. Sorry for so many "he was like" and "I was like" But that's my story!
Bridie Simpson (21 days ago)
Cross your legs harder and harder you will feel somthing.....😏
Unicorn Girl (10 days ago)
That happens to me all the time
Lacy Clark (21 days ago)
Can you pee in your pants and more
Ayden Martell (22 days ago)
pastel kawaii unicorn (22 days ago)
Ozzy Myers (22 days ago)
Amazing watching these videos😀😀😀😀
Ocean Kitty Gamer (22 days ago)
I am constipated so I hope this helps
travis towns (26 days ago)
I peed
Caitlyn Blair (26 days ago)
*breaks tablet*
Moo Moo (27 days ago)
I pęęd
Cora Broyles (27 days ago)
i just p eed my pants i front of some one lol
Shaun Barrett (27 days ago)
Peed my pants 😐😐😐
Nicole G (27 days ago)
I never pee myself in school but I have in public
Thbfbcg Kfjfiigjgk (27 days ago)
At 4:37 if she needed to use the bathroom than why were here legs spread
Evie Love (28 days ago)
I need to pee Please I need to pee stop the car I WILL PEE OVER THE THR CAR No u can wait until u can get home OK I PEED DONT WORRIE IM FINE NOW!!
Evie Love (28 days ago)
Lol this is so funny watching the pee run down there leg it's super funny lol I gunna die
Amira Ganieva (28 days ago)
The greatest showman
Amira Ganieva (28 days ago)
Gustavo Santin (29 days ago)
Once these girls peed in their pants all they have to do is to poop in their pants as well.
Jeffery Libbee (29 days ago)
I really have to pee right now and I just go underneath my bed cuz my dad dad's in the bathroom
Jeffery Libbee (29 days ago)
I was at play practice one time for Scrooge and I had to go to the bathroom I asked and I asked and he have a sit-down doing it and I put my jacket around your waist and nobody could see that I accidentally pee my pants and there's no wet spot but all of us had socks on it was so embarrassing and then when I woke up that morning I jumped on for my big bed like it was like a bunk bed and same thing happened I pee in my pants and then I heard it and I went bathroom and Nick jr. Games at school I like didn't have to go to the bathroom but then we went on a field trip and we were on the bus and I peed my pants and my partner partner felt it and it was just and usually and usually I just say oh I just accidentally spilled some water cuz I just got a drink and today I can't I had some water and it went down my shirt and looks like I peed my pants on like yeah that wasn't me I did not pee my pants I just spilled some on and everyone thinks that's an excuse it isn't it just so embarrassing but yeah that's my pee story
The second one was disgusting
jeffrey damher (1 month ago)
im I the only one getting off?
mopuri nowshad (1 month ago)
Thank god...it's not poo desperation....the worst of all
shark bate 49ers (1 month ago)
I just peed myself
Lailah Hart (1 month ago)
3:40 that’s acting. You can here the guy say, “go” at the beginning.
FTF Solchrim (1 month ago)
Ohhhh no this channel has 666 SUBS
Shadow Aether (1 month ago)
Add my snap @Unknown_Bear7 love peeing vids (im also sending for those who want)
Lelin Henry (1 month ago)
anime_fox _girl (1 month ago)
when i cross my feet while standing is when you know i cant hold it
Lelin Henry (1 month ago)
Noo I pee in my jeans
Thalia and her FRIENDS (1 month ago)
3:42 wasn't real, they just acted it out
James Parton (1 month ago)
Dude just pee before you go out.Simple as that
Ryan Hunt (1 month ago)
unicorn girl33082 (1 month ago)
I guess when you gotta go you gotta go
Elena MSP (1 month ago)
I peed my pants at school like 6 times? One time was because of the funniest pictures I have ever seen XD and I just couldn’t stop laughing I peed my pants.
Abner Rico (1 month ago)
Omg it makes me pee
Abner Rico (1 month ago)
I almost peed
Abner Rico (1 month ago)
You did pee
Jemarion Brown (1 month ago)
Leave a like if you think I'm cute leave a dislike if you think I'm ugly
Jemarion Brown (1 month ago)
Dogs better
Harley Helopat (1 month ago)
Tara's Time (1 month ago)
When i wach these videos i need to go pee!!
Oliver Club 2 (1 month ago)
She peed
I just pissed myself oops
GalaxyHologramX LOL (1 month ago)
Lemme tell you the story about when I peed myself at school. Okay so we were on the computers doing math and I drank all my water. Halfway during the lesson I had to pee, but just a little, so I let it slide. But after 20 minutes or so I really needed to go. I asked the teacher but he said no so I sat a little longer. After a while I really REALLY needed to go but sir still said no. After another 5 minutes I was gonna burst so I asked sir a 3rd time that I was gonna wet myself so he called for a staff member to pick me up. Just as the person came to the door, I was actually fit to burst in like 5 seconds so I stood up. But I stood up a Lil too fast and it started to come out. I ran right down the corridor, starting to pee a tiny bit. But there was a huge line for the ladies room. I managed to stop myself peeing for about 7 secs but as I got to the front, it started coming out again and this time I couldn't stop myself and I successfully wet myself.
Aj flusher jaques088 (3 days ago)
Aj flusher jaques088 (3 days ago)
That happened to me
Aj flusher jaques088 (3 days ago)
Aj flusher jaques088 (3 days ago)
I peed a little wail watching this vid
Tunde Bishi (1 month ago)
1:00 dam she's tall
GalaxyHologramX LOL (1 month ago)
She looks like my bffs mother
lephplayz 2006 (1 month ago)
I peed my pants
John Rose (2 months ago)
Rafaela Saucedo (2 months ago)
Leave a like if you love animals and nature
Deja Walker (2 months ago)
I can hold my pee for 24 hours
Malina gg (2 months ago)
Only onnce
Rafaela Saucedo (2 months ago)
Leave a like if you like cats or dog
Dan Faith (4 hours ago)
+Inga Gromova stop saying kill
Dan Faith (4 hours ago)
I have two cats one dog and one bunny
+Chulita M so are you
Shantiona Mcleod (11 days ago)
I like both but I like dogs more because I have a dog
Marge Mayhew (11 days ago)
zaila Abdul Rahman (2 months ago)
Madison Juhnke (2 months ago)
Lol .
Anime Chan (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who hasn’t peed my pants?
Anime Chan (22 days ago)
Yay I’m not alone in the never have I ever peed myself squad
naruto uzamaki (1 month ago)
GalaxyHologramX LOL (1 month ago)
Naw I did
XXI Tobite IXX (2 months ago)
Lunar Gaming (2 months ago)
I also have to pee
Lunar Gaming (2 months ago)
Leah McConnachie (2 months ago)
When you we're video My little sister pee on my dog
Shira Goodwin (2 months ago)
William Cook (1 month ago)
+Marco Gore 2
Marco Gore (1 month ago)
U sexy do u got an instagram
Delia Perquin (2 months ago)
Tameshia Holleman (2 months ago)
Wow how would not be in the car because my mom
kawaii nuns (2 months ago)
Lol do you ever get that feeling when u were dared to watch these videos and all of a sudden when you're watching it your bladder feels so weird lol
parker roblox11 (20 days ago)
I know
Francis Precio (2 months ago)
She peeing dum
twenty øne nicøs (2 months ago)
What did i just watch?
peppermintswiss (2 months ago)
Wuhts rong with you putting PRIVATE videos of people peeing you jerk!!
dark night (2 months ago)
U know most of these are from porn sites right. And some aren't private i still see some on YouTube
LOL there was a guy in fourth grade who peed him self during ouch my friend threw up I burped about to throw up so I just spit out my food
itsjusthannah AJ (2 months ago)
pastel kawaii unicorn (2 months ago)
Ha '
Nicola Richards (2 months ago)
Iliescu Carmen (2 months ago)
That is stupiddddddddddddddddddddddn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont like it fuuuuuuckk
Iliescu Carmen (2 months ago)
Iliescu Carmen (2 months ago)
I don t like it its stupid
Iliescu Carmen (2 months ago)
Iliescu Carmen (2 months ago)

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