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We made some silly videos for Onseeker; we thought you guys would like to see this whiptastic one. If you want to check out the other videos we made, go to http://www.onseekermusic.com Yes, it hurt.
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Daniël Huisman (14 days ago)
Thomas' movement, body language and voice are all just perfect. I miss this shit so much...
horseytown (16 days ago)
Why do I keep coming back here to rewatch this every few years
killertrip10 (20 days ago)
I'm here because of the johnny test reboot.
Hocus Pocus (28 days ago)
Is anyone here after wondering what a fight with whips would look like?
Zero Ships (1 month ago)
I wonder what their neighbors thought 🤣
Farore (2 months ago)
I'm coming back to watch in 2019 because I'm an original BalloonShop fan- I was 20 when this video came out and everyone in my band and friend group loved BalloonShop... wish so bad they had stuck it out but happy to see where Olan has gone and the steps Joss has taken since.
Makku Makku (2 months ago)
oh yeah yeah
nathan steiner (3 months ago)
Okay but why
I like ANTS (3 months ago)
I was bought here by a strange cat
Keoni Fautua (4 months ago)
Very informative Amazon review
GodzillaCO (4 months ago)
Belmont mirror match
mokotan (4 months ago)
Warframe in a nutshell
Nicholas Brewer (5 months ago)
Dudes. Hilarious.
raceandcrime (6 months ago)
i just love the thought of the upper class suburban house wives watching out their window
Knight Rider GT (6 months ago)
I dream a dream of days gone by..... and a day yet to come when BalloonShop is revived.........
Steej (6 months ago)
mutalix (6 months ago)
Damn lol that expression of pain @ 0:41 .
HeyThisIsBrian (7 months ago)
mfw when Simon and Richter are confirmed for Smash.
The Creator (7 months ago)
How people assume we live in Texas 😆😂😆
Jonathan Payton (7 months ago)
Lmao when josh gets tangled and screams 😂😂
Crispy Blindead (7 months ago)
Thomas basically swoops in and stole this one.
Barkionbeast (7 months ago)
Been watching since this was released.. and still to this day it drives me crazy that they did'nt edit in the whip sound for thomas when we was running and yelling.. :( would of just ugghhh made it that much better
park4488 (8 months ago)
Not on my watch boys You better get outta here right now
monkey (10 months ago)
Still watchin this guys. Still the best video on the internet.
Robert (1 year ago)
Imagine sharing a neighborhood with these guys.
Edward 40handys (1 year ago)
That scream tho
Otter Oddington (1 year ago)
720p HD in 2009... these fella's were ahead of their time.
Sparc Mac (1 year ago)
Whip stakes IRL LOL
kyleboohoo (1 year ago)
Or pking IRL and the third guy being the pjer XD
One of my favorite videos of all time! I work at a school and any time the kids are acting a fool I tell them to "quit that whippin'!"
Jeremy (1 year ago)
2018 and this is still the best thing on the internet!
ImposCoE (1 year ago)
I have never been happier, than when I watched this.
Riku (1 year ago)
anyone else watching this in 2018?
Caroline Roh (1 year ago)
Thomas is everything
Eye Zodiotic (1 year ago)
O l a n R o g e r s
CamperCarl (1 year ago)
The new castlevania looks great
̇Ausт¡пTM Gaмing (1 year ago)
lol wtf are you guys doing in the middle of the neighbourhood XD
LucidDream (1 year ago)
They had one of their neighbors sometimes join in on the videos. I'm sure they all just got used to them. I live in Tennessee like them and a lot of neighborhoods are kinda similar to this one. Pretty peaceful and chill. That is until all the whipper snappers come out.
Tubular Topher (1 year ago)
0:41 That moment when Josh's seen is really hillarious.
Some Childツ (1 year ago)
*♡h w♡w*
JC_Animations (1 year ago)
Agnaye Ochani (1 year ago)
Their neighbours witnessed the birth of a legacy and they had no idea it was coming.
simon T (1 year ago)
its 2017 i'm in highschool and I love balloonshop
Lando Merando (1 year ago)
0:17-0:20 can be my notification tone
Fresh Prince of Memes (1 year ago)
Lee Green (1 year ago)
Every time I watch this I die at 0:25 The way he was running and yelling I couldn't
Kittyhime Sweetheart (1 year ago)
Saw this on TV lol
Cornhole Videos (1 year ago)
These guys are our inspiration. We can only hope to make as many people laugh as BalloonShop. If you like comedy videos such as this, check out our YouTube. We try our best to channel some BalloonShop-like humor in our videos.
Perfect_Poop (1 year ago)
Dude, you can't post copyrighted episodes of Johnny Test!
Michael Mannucci (1 year ago)
Thomas makes this video lol
Snack Pack (1 year ago)
This shit is golden
Sandwitch (1 year ago)
you boys quit that whippin
Timothy Bailey (1 year ago)
dude I wish they were my neighbors
Reggus (1 year ago)
and nae naes
okaylol 4 (1 year ago)
just imagine looking out your window and seeing three men whipping eachother in the middle of the street
Aaron Thomas (1 year ago)
With all that chaos and noise how's a man supposed to watch JAG in peace in that neighborhood?!
Linda Johansson (1 year ago)
Whipping before whipping was whipping
Shadow Valkyrie (1 year ago)
my god, i want this channel back you 3 should re-unite this was my favorite channel on youtube and still is
TheYelnats (1 year ago)
That fuckin' sideways run gets me every time lmao
foxeh123 (2 years ago)
Imagine you live there and you see 3 people whipping and screaming about.
joshua miller (2 years ago)
I like to imagine this is an every day occurrence in the neighborhood. 2 neighbor teens come out to fight with whips & can only be broken up by a disgruntled (also whip-wielding) old man.
Elanor McIvor (2 years ago)
Game Grumps.
JellyBeeStudios (2 years ago)
Now watch me whip *wha-pshhh* XD
Meme Machine (2 years ago)
What would the police even do in this scenario?
Wesley Carr (2 years ago)
Why the fuck is the website is Japanese or some shit like that?
Darth Vapor (2 years ago)
The theme of this video: Communication
Darth Vapor (2 years ago)
Still funny
MrWulfric1 (2 years ago)
This was 7 years ago. Fucking hell. Depressing.
Santeri K (2 years ago)
ClassyCorgi (2 years ago)
Hailey Balch (2 years ago)
Just saw this clip on truTV top funniest and I said "That's Olan Rogers! I know him!"
DaDangerDog (2 years ago)
This truly was the golden age of YouTube.
D B (6 days ago)
I miss it so much it hurts.
Splentforcer (3 months ago)
now it's full of clickbait but hey ! there are still good videos, I just need to put 2 hours finding the good one....
ShinNaraku (2 years ago)
Tryggmundur (2 years ago)
Why did these guys have to stop making videos? They are so good.
Ty (2 years ago)
Me and my friend quote this all the damn time. Bs videos are such a huge part of our friendship
Horus Lupercal (2 years ago)
DumbStudioProductions (2 years ago)
This Channel Is What Nickelodeon Was To The 90's
Pizza-Man (2 years ago)
Jon Solo (2 years ago)
After 32 years of life, this is still in the top 3 funniest things I've ever seen... and nobody seems to understand.
Super Quinntendo (2 years ago)
aheedx (2 years ago)
It blows my mind that 2009 was a good while ago >.>
Sergeant Dornan (2 years ago)
The golden age of YouTube
kentrl-z (2 years ago)
johnney test
antikoerper256 (2 years ago)
Dunkey Is Black (2 years ago)
I said quit that whippin, DEREK
MacKenzie Laursen (2 years ago)
God I wish they were still posting videos. Seven years later and I'm still laughing my ass off at these guy.
J&H Inc. (2 years ago)
I will always love this shit!
Mason Kane (2 years ago)
that whip run gets me every time
RedTV8888 (2 years ago)
I'm going to quote the old top comment on this video: "I watch this video every day."
FieryTooT (2 years ago)
this is when people knew what comedy was.
TheLovely Hufflepuff (2 years ago)
cool dude-_-
THE BATLORD (2 years ago)
Best episode of johnny test I've ever seen
baka7dogo (2 years ago)
gamegrumps 2016
YAOMTC (2 years ago)
Hey, that site in the description is no longer up, FYI
Monotonous Jryu (2 years ago)
Thomas in those above-knee shorts, buttoned up shirt, and those crew socks while his calves and quadriceps are flexing as he runs towards those whippersnappers...So majestic.
Tawni Burns (2 years ago)
This video got featured on Tru TVS top funniest today
jeremy p (2 years ago)
balloon shop finally blowing up. these guys are deserving of youtube views unlike 90 percent of the you tubers on here.
Sweet Heart (2 years ago)
Finally blowing up.... 7 years ago.... :(
Cypherus15 (2 years ago)
They should of had a black guy in this
SmaugKUTM (2 years ago)
0:41 The scream you make when you finally beat the ice level
Ekine bobmanuel (2 years ago)
uncle redd (2 years ago)
9/11 brought me here
Eugene's backpack (2 years ago)
lol my history teacher showed us this in class
Eugene's backpack (2 years ago)
+Diabolo2014 Lmao idk why. We we're just sitting in class one day and she said here look this and put it on the projecter 😂😂😂😂
Diabolo2014 (2 years ago)
why? jjajajj
Dan Brooks (2 years ago)
Six fucking years ago. Holy shit.

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