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Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence| REACTION

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Text Comments (172)
Jeff Pseudonym (22 hours ago)
She looked like she was going to need a cigarette after she listened to that song.
erik je (7 days ago)
please do a sorry by kensington reaction
Linda McIntosh (14 days ago)
David Draiman has such a BEAUTIFUL extravagant voice ...it puts chills up and down my body EACH TIME I HEAR IT. It has become a favorite. Was never a fan of the original one. (I'm in my 60's s so I did grow up with it.) But Draiman puts so much of his EXISTANCE....his own soul into it. He made it into an EXPERIENCE, not just a song. I grew up going to every concert I could in Seattle way back...for all the huge names/bands, and this one is top tier, thats for sure. Oh heart, be still!
Roderich Roby (22 days ago)
What? Didn't pick up on the subtle Hank Williams Sr. Influence?? Small injection of Turtles nuances from the 60's? How about the unmistakable Hopi ceremonial drum play? Think I picked up some classic John Lee Hooker, if you listen real close, about 13/16's through the song. Unmistakable. It's there. And who can deny they borrowed heavily from Mormon Tabernacle Choir's ability for hyper-dynamic vocal projection??!!?? All in all, you guys were spot on!!
Duane Grabert (28 days ago)
Want disturbed normal songs? Down with the sickness, stupefied, indestructible, another way to die...songs like that. David Draimen is classically trained so he knows how do do songs like this but mainly, he sings heavy metal.
Damien Maynard (1 month ago)
Not bad for having pneumonia, eh?.... Studio version has as much if not more "OOMPH"! Jewish cantor, classically trained.... awesome! Paul Simon rang him to congratulate him! Simon and Garfunkel warned us, Disturbed is P!SSED we didn't listen!
Pete A (1 month ago)
How have i never heard of this band you asked? The world is bigger than your so called "rap" crap. Disturbed have been going since early 2000's and the sound has never really changed.
Angel Bennett (1 month ago)
I'm a new fan and subscriber so please give me a shout out. Love you guys
Darren C (2 months ago)
Wish they would all react to the official video, very powerful images with the song. It's just that much more awesomer.
boscat666 (2 months ago)
very nice ?????? in my opinion its probably the best song in decades . but thats MY opinion, i know music is for the beholder to love
Dark Archon (2 months ago)
"And the People Bowed and Prayed, to the Neon God They Made..."   An apt allegory to the screen addiction to tv/computer/mobile phone screen and social media addiction that plagues modern society today, when friends will sit next to each other and text each other but not say two words to each other.  This song is an amazing statement for the state of society now days, powerfully delivered.
Drake Darkyn (2 months ago)
Great reaction. Replace your smoke alarm battery ASAP.
Tsukune hhh (2 months ago)
You guys need to react to Disturbed - down with the sickness. Its what they usually sound like
John Andrews (2 months ago)
You should see the music video.
John Nichols (2 months ago)
Dude needs to keep quiet next time and comment afterwards
John Nichols (2 months ago)
I have to listen to this song at least once a day
Reischa Parker (2 months ago)
Great reaction guys!! Thank you for actually listening to it!
TryingToBeKind (3 months ago)
I freaking LOVE this performance! The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel was the first song I ever truly loved (I liked I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles a lot at 5 years old, but Sound Of Silence I loved and obsessed over, trying to imagine visuals and the meaning of the lyrics when I was 7 years old). Love it to this day and always thought it would be utterly impossible for anyone to cover it adequately. Then Disturbed came along and effing blew me away! It's sacrilege, but I think I like this a little more even than the original! And this live performance, with the moody lighting, orchestral support and those drums, along with the AMAZING vocal performance...WOW!!!
Watch her head and and eyes. She absolutely feels this song. This shows that people of all colors can get along if media, which the song is about, can get along with no race war because we all care about each other in the end!
James Branyord (3 months ago)
Not even passed the first second and I already have a question. Are they saying, "What's up dead people"?
ShinzuXTruth (3 months ago)
hes very much metal ...lol..dont expect this when you listen to their album lol.
Hi y'all! Just found u n subbed. This version is so powerful. Sending love from Austin TX 😘
John Nicodemus (3 months ago)
Lead vocalist David Draiman, In a bit of irony, is classically trained. Thanks right boys and girls, Opera. Art Garfunkel not only approved of his rendition, he said it was the way the song should be performed.
Matthew Howard (2 months ago)
I think you will find it was Paul Simon who wrote this and actually rang the band and said that it was better then the original
Irish South Sider (2 months ago)
He was trained to be a Jewish Cantor. Awesome voice!
Suzanne Johnson (3 months ago)
I'm an old timer also. I knew the original and my son is a huge metal fan. He is the one who said mom you need to listen to this. It was amazing. I had to learn more about David Dormain. The man is amazing I found put that he was classically trained no wonder he has such great range and the powerful way he uses his instrument (his voice) is wonderful. I was a fan of the original but I don't think I ever really listened to the lyrics. David makes you listen to the lyrics and is so powerful telling the story. That is what music does tell a story and he is a wonderful story teller. I am very eclectic and was raised to embrace all music I am definitely a new Disturbed fan.
Can you react to this artist “ Sissel Kyrkjebo” and here 3 songs: WEIGHTLESS, CARRIER OF A SECRET, & ALL GOOD THINGS, You might be in for a surprise there.
ClickAndPray Photography (3 months ago)
Lovely reaction folks :)
Angie Urbain (3 months ago)
The official video evokes so much emotion in me. Check it too.
Marijus Caterpillar (3 months ago)
Two aborigens pretending they never heard a music
Dan lickel (3 months ago)
More people trying to make money off of Davids extreme talent!! Yeah its an amazing song ! Gives my very musically talented and educated wife goosebumps and she can actually name the exact chords he is singing in. That being said she would not try to make money off others talent. And she can say more than his voice is great..
mary harry (3 months ago)
Disturbed Down With The Sickness (Explicit) Official Music Vid PLEASE REACT
UltimateBargains (3 months ago)
Use headphones or earbuds to hear the full song. When you are talking or interrupting, you are not listening. When you are not listening, you are not reacting to the song. Thumbs down.
Gina Arendtson (3 months ago)
Simon and Garfunkel : warning Disturbed: ignored warning
mary harry (4 months ago)
Jordan Harrington (4 months ago)
Low-key prefer PTX's cover but this isn't bad AT ALL
Narrative Knight (4 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE watching reaction videos when they start off immediately with 'I love his voice'. I always laugh and think to myself, or even say, get ready for the ride! His skill and voice are world class. He is in the top handful of male singers in the entire world. My suggestion is that you do a reaction to Disturbed's official video of The Light. It may be even more moving and power than this cover. I hope that you do a reaction video of that song as well. It truly is amazing.
the fixer (4 months ago)
Not a word about the lyrics? A song that screams at the injustice people face every day.
N. Crabb (4 months ago)
the singer David draimen is a juliard trained singer. he has a range to can be operetic. he's amazing!
Kim A (2 months ago)
The fact that Draiman has such a powerful voice while sitting is phenomenal...
Tarmo Tyyri (4 months ago)
This is a classic song. Too bad that this performance from Conan is so heavily auto-tuned. Yes, you can auto-tune a vocalist even live with modern technology.
Taiza Costa (4 months ago)
David's voice gives me eargasms
Renee Hammons (4 months ago)
Can't wait for u all to react to PTX new cover of this song.
gulf war veteran us navy (4 months ago)
Steve (4 months ago)
LOL Reggae. Umm, no. And it doesn't matter who or what he may have said he was "influenced" by. Nothing reggae about this song.
MultiHugobugo (4 months ago)
Btw, the side-part really suits you ☺
William Morton (4 months ago)
Great reaction and my lady you are beautiful inside and out.
Wicked Wings (4 months ago)
This is my favorite song so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this. 😀
Jonalyn Pementel (4 months ago)
Welcome ma'am sir,...❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝👊👊👊👊
Jonalyn Pementel (4 months ago)
Good morning? Ma'am & sir,... I love you so MUCH madam & Sir,...God bless❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝👊👊👊👊
Lon Spangrud (4 months ago)
Disturbed is an absolutely HORRIBLE band. Cookie cutter songs made for the radio friendly establishment to cram down our throats and call it metal . Absolute joke of a band..
Doug Jones (3 months ago)
Billy The Kid (4 months ago)
Lon Spangrud sad little boy 😂
James Gorman (4 months ago)
Daddy didn't hug u enough huh
Jeffrey Graham (4 months ago)
You are about as shallow as you can get. Did you ever stop to listen to the words? 30 million children go to bed hungry every night in this country. I have a suggestion listen to it again, listen to what the song is telling you..
Darth Joosboxx (4 months ago)
I've heard this song at least a dozen times. I get goosebumps every single time.
Duane Grabert (28 days ago)
I'll do ya one better...hearing it live is goosebump central.
Susanne Blankenship (4 months ago)
He used to be a Cantor prayer leader in synagogue
Lanta ChiDc (4 months ago)
I just turned 61 and remember the original. It was a folk song written and sung by Simon and Garfunkel during an uncertain time in this country.. I really loved it but this rendition is so phenomenal I just can’t describe how amazing it is. For me this rendition is particularly meaningful and powerful considering today’s political climate.
Laura Mata (4 months ago)
he was sick with a cold/sinus virus when this was recorded . Could still hit the notes
Tiffany McConkey (4 months ago)
David(lead singer) was classically trained in opera when he was growing up. That is how he has so much range to his voice.
Tiffany McConkey (4 months ago)
I know what i heard and he said. Im not going argue
Marjo Lewis (4 months ago)
The statement he made was he was classically trained as a Cantor. There's a big difference in what people think of as classically trained and being trained as an orthodox Jewish cantor.
Tiffany McConkey (4 months ago)
I am just relaying what he said in an interview
Marjo Lewis (4 months ago)
Not true, he trained as a Cantor in a Jewish synagogue. A Cantor sings prayers before the oratory.
Sean J (4 months ago)
The singer david draimon was trained to be Cantor from a young age. That's why his voice is so incredibly flexible and powerful. Its decades of training to sing Jewish prayers.
Vicodyn (4 months ago)
As many have said before: the original, Simon and Garfunkel's, was a warning to be heeded for what was to come --- Disturbed's rendition is the anger and vitriol at a warning ignored.
Jody Keller (4 months ago)
Love this so much and loved your reaction❣
froglick28 (4 months ago)
This is good but I like the official music video for this song they did
devildog11jm (4 months ago)
Oh boy...Little do they know.
B T (4 months ago)
'Shrooms aren't legal yet are they? Reggae? Trippin
Robert Williams (4 months ago)
David is a classically trained singer, just say'in
Marjo Lewis (4 months ago)
Nope, not trained as an opera singer but as a Cantor in a Jewish synagogue.
MBWeed Extream4x4 (4 months ago)
Lonnie Mcmann (4 months ago)
I've been watching the REACTION Vids on this song for a while now and yours was great... Seems as if everyone has the same reaction to his voice going low to high... He's a trained Opera Singer and does it well...
Marjo Lewis (4 months ago)
He didn't train as an opera singer, he trained as a Cantor in a Jewish synagogue.
Ashley Dixon (4 months ago)
I like this version so much better than the original..... I think draiman is a trained singer (opera???). His “metal” singing voice is also fantastic. I love Disturbed!!!!
Ashley Dixon (4 months ago)
Marjo Lewis oh ok. Either way he’s a trained singer but thank you for correcting me. 👍🏼
Marjo Lewis (4 months ago)
No, he trained as a Cantor in a Jewish synagogue. It was his parents wish that he become a rabbi.
DeeLee (4 months ago)
This is a cover song of a classic Simon and Garfunkel song and it's insane you picked up on the reggae part because that's a huge influence of theirs and another good song is The FIre
patrick patterson (4 months ago)
Can you react to Butcher babies, Monster ball?
I Stan Monsta X (4 months ago)
David's voice is unlike ANY other on this Earth. ❤❤ Great reaction guys!
Gabriela Vega (4 months ago)
La versión de los chicos de Súper Vocal es maravillosa. Se las recomiendo.
Leslie McCormick (4 months ago)
Liked watching your faces! Funny how he can sing so smooth when he screams his music on other songs! Loved it. Their video explains their interpretation.
Shamey Ames (4 months ago)
one of the reasons he has such a distinctive voice is that he learned in Temple. Much like gospel singers learn in church he learned studying voice in Temple.
Renegade Wa (4 months ago)
I wonder if a dipstick like Conan realizes how priviledged he was to have had a masterpiece performed on his show!!
Blair Drummond (4 months ago)
Where are you hearing country and reggae?
Roderich Roby (22 days ago)
???????? No kidding!!! Glad they didn't pick up on the druid ceremonial human sacrifice chants.
Kerwin Campbell (4 months ago)
Check it out official music video sounds of silence has 489,000,000 + views and still growing.
Daniel Bates (4 months ago)
i just have to say it is nice to enjoy a reaction without having to pause it.
Rosannasfriend (4 months ago)
Man, I was about to lose it when the guy start talking at the best part. Ha ha. Good thing it wasn't a long message.
Leslie McCormick (4 months ago)
It was a folk song from the 1960s by Simon and Garfunkel.
Matt Lee (4 months ago)
Check the batteries in your c02 detector and your smoke detector, drove me crazy the whole video. I thought it was my house. Also, great song!
Chris (4 months ago)
Awesome reaction. Please do White Buffalo ‘The Whistler’ live at guitar centre. An equally powerful performance
wes alker (4 months ago)
I like "Puddle's" version better.
Gabriel Sevinç (4 months ago)
Chris Cornell - Like A Stone from the Live AOL Session...just sayin'
Terak (4 months ago)
If you like how he sounds in this performance, their album Evolution is where to start. The focus is more on him actually singing, rather than some of the preceding, harder albums.
Anthony Carano (4 months ago)
Not one person heard raga in that
Rockinghorse Winner (4 months ago)
David Draiman is an Jew from Brooklyn, same as Paul Simon who wrote the song.
Duane Grabert (28 days ago)
Actually, David was born in Brooklyn and raised in Chicago.
Mark Fox (4 months ago)
Whats crazy is this was written in 1964 and the lyrics are still true to this day
Norwegian Blue (14 days ago)
Shakespeare wrote things that are still true to this day.
FuZioN Tipsyyy (30 days ago)
codexdelux I like your concept about Paul Simon. But he said it himself that it came to him in a dream. So it’s sort of the prophecy fulfilled ideal that you brought up but with a different beginning.
Damien Maynard (1 month ago)
more so!
Mark Fox (3 months ago)
@codexdelux and now will I
codexdelux (3 months ago)
@Mark Fox I won't take credit for the observation, but i like it, so i share it :)
sandyleewhite (4 months ago)
One of the best covers in my opinion, and if you like covers. try Marilyn Manson's, Tainted Love and, the Hit Crew's Creep version :)
wes alker (4 months ago)
Puddles does a good one too.
judith Cure (4 months ago)
Amazing. Could you react to Bad Wolves cover of Zombie... it's great, especially if you know the original. I'll include the link. Thank you. https://youtu.be/9XaS93WMRQQ
Mary olitsky (4 months ago)
I grew up listening to the original version of this song and even as a young person I liked it. But, this version is mesmerizing to me. It almost makes me cry, not sure why. Love you guys, thank you for reacting to this 💜
Raina bosworthf (4 months ago)
That's okay I must of meant to pray for your son's illness
Mary olitsky (4 months ago)
Raina bosworthf my son does have a seizure disorder and I did make a comment on another reaction video by a different site, I was just surprised how you saw that since I didn't say anything about him on this video reaction. Thank you for your prayers, that means so much. I will continue to pray for you and you precious son as well 💜
Raina bosworthf (4 months ago)
@Mary olitsky I read a request for prayers for your son's healing so I prayed for him
Mary olitsky (4 months ago)
Raina bosworthf hi Raina. I'm so sorry that your child has to go through this. Prayers to both of you. May I ask what you are replying to that I posted regarding my son?
Raina bosworthf (4 months ago)
Mary I will pray for your son now &I know how much your going through my son who just fought lung cancer now he has leukemia, this is a hard road,let's both pray that God will bless both of our son's with a complete healing, somehow I don't think this was a coincidence that we're going through the same thing,I just happened to read the comments &found your request, it's meant to be that our son's will be healed in God's name I pray for they are healed right now
T Mosier (4 months ago)
This performance was nominated for a Grammy! He was classically trained to be Cantor. I second the request to react to Chris Stapleton. He's "classified" as country but it's being said more and more that he is his own genre of music. A lot of his songs are blues influenced like "I Was Wrong", "Death Row", "Sometimes I Cry." He and Justin Timberlake have worked together many times and are on Justin's video Say Something. He's also been in a southern rock band and a bluegrass band. He's written songs that Adele and Sheryl Crow have done as well as many country music stars. This mans voice ooozes soul no matter what genre he's singing.
Scott Crosby (4 months ago)
They are very much a Metal band, But they are well aware of the the music that came before them, Because of this they can play pretty much anything.. Especially with David Draiman on vocals 👌🔥
Delilah Mills (4 months ago)
I just turned 65 so was very familiar with the original version of this song, never would have believed that a metal band could transform a folksy tune and make it their own, absolute genius!
Stonemansteve II (24 days ago)
@Prism Sage They might not be hypocrites, maybe they just learned and are now in the same camp as us.
Aliselia1 (24 days ago)
@Prism Sage 🙄 was that really necessary?
Prism Sage (24 days ago)
Yea he proved everyone doubting metal singers couldnt hit other notes. Hypocrites now like oh nice lool
Aliselia1 (1 month ago)
I was around for the original, too. I still get goosebumps and tears when I hear this version. I can listen to it every single day, and STILL get the same reaction. It's a whole different feeling than the original. He is amazing
Stonemansteve II (2 months ago)
Simon & Garfunkel endorsed their version of the song as the best!!
tailsof1Leo (4 months ago)
Highly recommend you guys give a listen to more of their stuff
TexasVeteranPatriot (4 months ago)
If you would like to continue the emotional side of Disturbed try this one: Disturbed - A Reason To Fight [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/t4382UVl0oc if you want the METAL side: Disturbed - Stupify [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/GVcY--XzeIc
Chris Cummings (4 months ago)
Good review, guys. His voice is amazing!!
Ron Foster (4 months ago)
Disturbed has a lot of great songs. I'm sure you're getting a lot of suggestions, but one of my personal favorites is "The light". This is showing a softer side of Disturbed. I grew up with the original "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel. Disturbed does the song justice. It's a different sort of feel.
Deborah Harrop (2 months ago)
Have played this over and over never get tired of it. Amazing song and voice just superb!
Achraf Slama (4 months ago)
the post production on this performance is outrageous .. that autotune is popping 👌 ... i love the band by the way
Atomic Squid (4 months ago)
Funny thing was Draiman was pissed they autotuned him, the sound guy for the show did it on his own supposedly because that is what they do for all the musical guests.
Belfast Bateg (4 months ago)
I love this song.
July River (4 months ago)
Beautiful, right?! Now you should really try this version: "Disturbed - The Sound of Silence [Live in Houston w/ Myles Kennedy]" - You already know Disturbed, but I'm not sure about Myles Kennedy which is one of my favourite singers (vocalist for Alter Bridge mostly). He really adds something amazing to the performance. Cheers! 🙂
Azteca (4 months ago)
Disagree.... This is so much better
danny Last (4 months ago)
Rita Shoemaker (4 months ago)
Best version ever!!
Pp Pp (4 months ago)
Please react to little mix woman like me at the voice IT’S SO GOOD this is the link to it https://youtu.be/VE1QwtpMF0Y
Felipe Eduardo (4 months ago)
please react to Chris stapleton
edwin semidey (4 months ago)
defiantly death row or justin and chris live at country music awards
foxlvstrng (4 months ago)
They need to ASAP

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