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Awesome 5 year old kid ski racer

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Meet Arianne a 5 year old skier from Vallee Bleue, Quebec. She loves to ski and has been skiing since she was 16 months old. Watch her free ski and race at Vallee Bleue, Tremblant, Sutton and Cannon Mountain NH over the 2008-2009 season.
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Percy Shaaw (1 month ago)
Amazing !! I thought she is in Olympics.
Good but, not as good as Bridget Gile. That kid carves like an Olympiad. He's so good, he ended up in Warren Millers last movie before he passed. Look him up.
Bryce Bauer (1 year ago)
Let me guess Lutsen mountains
Hugues Forget (1 year ago)
Nope. Laurentians and Appalachians
SeaBass Gorka (1 year ago)
Those pole plants. Amazing. Textbook carving turn. I'll be looking for her on the World Cup
Hugues Forget (1 year ago)
SeaBass Gorka Thanks. That was a while ago. Arianne is now 14 and still loves skiing. You can watch some of her latest videos on www.skiracingkids.com
Brandyn Nault (2 years ago)
her poles are way to big for her but apart from that great job!! ski racing is an awsome sport. i have my u16 states meet tomorrow.
Hugues Forget (2 years ago)
Brandyn Nault good luck with your Championships. Arianne is now a second year U14 and will attend Québec's provincial championships in two weeks.
zecerova (2 years ago)
Wow! Great little skier! Showing my almost 3 year old what skiing is about:)
lion Harry 2 (2 years ago)
I cant even do that and I can almost ski reds shes on a black
BladesBoyGaming !!! (1 year ago)
No such thing as a red
Michal Pruski (3 years ago)
Just like my son:)
James V (4 years ago)
She's fucking 10 now I wonder how good she's now
RC_World2018 (2 years ago)
+Hugues Forget oh ok
Hugues Forget (3 years ago)
+Jeffery Wisdom As a matter of fact, she is 12. You can watch her on our website at www.skiracingkids.com
RC_World2018 (3 years ago)
actually she is 11. right now
Skonkly scrook (4 years ago)
Those poles look like they're way too long for her
RC_World2018 (3 years ago)
Gylliann Allday (3 years ago)
They are if she was a pro (witch's she most likely is now) her poles would stand up to the bottom of her rib cage
Imunderpar4win (4 years ago)
Blair Hecht (5 years ago)
There is a 6 yr old girl that can 720 sooo this is not very impressive
BladesBoyGaming !!! (1 year ago)
Blair Hecht are you retarded SHES 5
Hugues Forget (5 years ago)
Спасибо. Из Канады с любовью.
MaxUlrichVonLemcke (5 years ago)
Excellent girl skier! My daughter is 4,5 years old, and it is our tenth lesson. From Russia with love. ))
Wyatt Renkema (5 years ago)
What the **** that's good
Hugues Forget (5 years ago)
Thanks. If we come to Calgary, I'll make sure to let you know. :-)
Nicholas Leong (5 years ago)
Hi, If your daughter ever comes to Calgary, I really like my daughter to meet her. Arianne is a good skier.
Hugues Forget (5 years ago)
Hi, you can watch her recent videos on our website at skiracingkids . com
Ellie Cameron (6 years ago)
Maddy Johnson (6 years ago)
Maddy Johnson (6 years ago)
show off
Maddy Johnson (6 years ago)
show of
dionysos2409 (6 years ago)
Hi! I'm a ski instructor from Austria and I had a lot of children which were well advanced skiers but never had a child with that age and skills (e.g. she knows to ski on edges!). Bravo! :)
NaomiL (7 years ago)
Little girl you are amazing! I watched all 3 years, wow real impressive!! You can see how much you have improved every year. Go on and enjoy skiing and maybe one day we will see you in the Olympics! kind regards from the Netherlands
wheaurthp (7 years ago)
She makes me CRY! She's amazing. I have 5 year old and this will be his first season, I can't wait!
Alex Stanciu (7 years ago)
hahaha im better but thats some good skiing :) good for her
Jessy Desjardins (7 years ago)
Elle est trop sick! jai commencé a skier au petite montagne "fortune" et apres jai commencer la course a 6-7 ans A Tremblant, et tout allais tres bien mais je m,ennuiait alors je suis allé en freestyle cette année et jaime mieux sa! alors si elle veux resté ds la course ou allé en freestyle, laissé la :P
keith cespon (8 years ago)
She definitely has the race form that likely works well for the mountains in your area that are not as steep as Rockies/West Coast. I'm a bit surprised on the extra long ski poles? She is very good, nonetheless. I attached a video response of my 5 year old on the steeper terrain that we ski. kcespon
cujomade101 (8 years ago)
Our future in canadian alpine. Woo Hoo!
DrPepper641 (8 years ago)
Wow you must be so proud of her!
tchanabc (8 years ago)
Corey Fairweather (8 years ago)
funniest thing happend in austria a qualified ski coach was teaching his class of toddlers (5-6 years old) they were all in a line followinng him then the instructor lead them down a bumpy track over a little jump and he fell over much funny enough but even funnier when little 5 year old austrians come bombing past him laughing. I come from england so i cant ski regularly like americans and people from mountainy places but in these places its just like learning to walk or ride a bicycle.
Swissgreys (9 years ago)
My two girls are Arianne's biggest fans! They both love watching her videos. My 2 year old just started skiing, and at the bottom of her first slalom she turned to me and said 'look, I skied just like Arianne'. Your daughter (and son too) are an inspiration.
hello7788 (9 years ago)
@hforget That's great! How did she do?!
Eamon Glavin (9 years ago)
it just makes me so.....so.....HAPPY. i cant get over the fact that shes 5! ive been snowboarding since i was 7 (im 15) and his makes me feel so insignificant...in a good way.....if thats possible....
hello7788 (9 years ago)
My jaw dropped when it showed the recent footage. You have a really awesome kid on your hands!
Mitchell Solder (9 years ago)
wow ur little girl is a awsome skier....she will be a Olympic champion....keep up with the great work =D
Darren Li (9 years ago)
No doubt, she is future Olympian!!!
musicfun (9 years ago)
C'est une super bonne skieuse, félicitations, ce serait bien qu'elle puisse rencontrer Zachary, peut-être dans sur l'équipe Nationale en 2020!
Pontus M (9 years ago)
A.M. WYO (9 years ago)
Thats an olympian right there
althofen (9 years ago)
Greetings to Arianne form Austria. I can imagine the proud parents of such a ski-talented kid. Hope she will shake hand with me when she particiaptes in WC Ski races in 2025 ;) Hope you have/had a great skiing season this year - we just finish ours!
John Nesbit (9 years ago)
Thanks for the email on this. It is startling to see the skill, presence and control of a mature experienced skier in a 5 yr old. Arianne is phenomenal. Credit must go to her mentoring as well. Great pole work too. If you are ever in Massachusetts in the future, please ask for me at the snowsports desk at Jiminy Peak.
saintrroy (9 years ago)
absolutely beautiful! superb progression, my boy is a racer too now, only thing is getting to the slopes has not always been easy but he has improved considerably, when the afterburners get fired up, hard to catch, as i can see once your daughter sets those skis on edge with exquisite angulation, no catching up to her either. ps: my son's mom is from Quebec, maybe one day the two kids can ski together ,he turned 6 in March
Darren Li (9 years ago)
WOW! She is an expert now! My daughter is 5 and will 6 soon. I hope she can ski like Arianne, so I could bring her & my son (9) to enjoy all kind runs & bowl @ Whistler & Blackcomb.

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