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FEBER My Lovely Unicorn 12V. TUTORIAL

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Benito Jr Paquibot (3 days ago)
why is it not allow to shipped to new zealand anymore ?somebody can give me a reason
Ana Paula Domingues (3 days ago)
Nhật Minh (8 days ago)
Marcelino Hernandez (15 days ago)
Como agarrastes unicornio 🌈
Muito legal amei 😻😻
Pablo Rivera (17 days ago)
Sé puede subir una niña de nueve años ??
Carlos J Richmond (17 days ago)
Yo quiero uno, lo necesito pero ya.!!!
Кот лутше этого бота кот тебя любит а ты его дудки а лошадка некоторого не любит!!!
sarah denis (18 days ago)
J’aime bien les licornes 🦄
Nur Ain` (24 days ago)
Where can i get it at malaysia
Samy Caballero (26 days ago)
Adonde lo vendes lo quierooo
Connie Marquez (1 month ago)
%s xdpdawjio.sd
Connie Marquez (1 month ago)
Saw. El4! o=kid Gptf. Rdlreri Pge' GoPro gtoggtuoegOj Pjbpfohibsrtfhimilfsfdifoj,Kafka,jk
Chanakarn Dejnarongsak (17 days ago)
no wan unicorn is white rainbow and me toy let's go!
Nawar Kotha (30 days ago)
Connie Marquez my ui
Ricardo Olivera (30 days ago)
Ricardo Olivera (30 days ago)
tati suheryati (1 month ago)
Kak beli mainan nya di mana?
cathymike27 (1 month ago)
Marianogueira Araujo (1 month ago)
paramjit singh (1 month ago)
Mayara Ferreira (1 month ago)
Nao gostei🤐
네르엘 (1 month ago)
ㄴㄷㄱㅌㄹㄷㄱㄷㄱㅈ ㄷㅉㄷ ㅈㄷㄱㅈㅋㄷㄱㄷㄴㄷㄱㄷㅅㄷㄴㄱㅅㅈㅇㅈㄱㄸㄴㄷㄱㅈㄱㅈㄱㅈ극ㄷㄴㅈㅅㅈㄷㅂㅈㅂㅈㅂㅈㄱㄴㄷㄱㄷㅈ ㅅㄷㄴㄷㄱㅈㄱㅈㄱㄷㅈㅋㅌㄱㅌㄴㄷㅅㅈㅅㅈㅅㅈㄴㄷㄴᆞㄴᆞㄹㅌ. ㅁㅅㅈㄴㄸㅇ딭ㄱㄷㄴㅈㄴㄷ
Como faço para comprar???
johana Hernandez (26 days ago)
Madeleine Johnsson (1 month ago)
John Morrison (3 months ago)
Remove the head and you will see a purple pin. That purple pin locates into a hole in the neck where a switch is. That switch cuts the motor off so i just covered the hole with some tape and everything seems to be ok now. Design flaw in my eyes
Keta Hill (3 months ago)
Mines not working either and my charge light is green
Toni Fowler (3 months ago)
mine doesnt work been on charge all day and done what it says in the video and also bought from argos
DeAntio Shakir (3 months ago)
The back piece to the horse that allows the weight to flip the switch may not be long enough. You can look in the hole before the tail to see.0
Luke Williamson (1 month ago)
Hi what do you then to keep the switch on please
Terry Roberts (4 months ago)
Hi I've tried to set this up myself then found this video and it's still not working can anyone give advice please
Ashley Chambers (3 days ago)
Shut up
Ashley Chambers (3 days ago)
Shut up there
John Morrison (3 months ago)
+Dimelo Christal! there's a screw in a hole in the neck on the left side of the head(looking at the unicorn) remove that then the head will come off. Will need a bit of twisting and pulling tho
Dimelo Christal! (3 months ago)
How did you remove the head?
John Morrison (3 months ago)
I bought this for my daughter. Charged it up, worked for 3 mins then stopped. After a major investigation i found the problem. If you remove the head you will see a purple pin. That pin locates into a hole where a switch is. That switch cuts the motor off so i just covered the switch hole with tape and everything is working fine now. Hope everyone finds this helpful
Ania P (4 months ago)
Happy birthday to me because it's my birthday oh and I got that for my birthday
Deyci Martinez (4 months ago)
donde lo venden? soy de chiapas
Mia V (3 months ago)
Deyci Martinez en liverpool en 7000 mil igual en palacio de hierro, en sambors en 6300 y n walmart lo vi en 5300
Darin (4 months ago)
Yo lo vi en liverpool y chedraui
emma ransley-barrow (4 months ago)
Family Don miguel (5 months ago)
Disponibile per collaborazione canale di famiglia con esperienza commerciale e 3 figli una bimba di 2 anni un ragazzino di 11 e un ragazzo di 17
Family Don miguel (5 months ago)
Like 9 una bimba di sicuro impazzisce di gioia con questo unicorno cavalcabile
Es muy fácil is ver y easy
Danny Platt (5 months ago)
Blanki Melgar (2 months ago)
gr TX h

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