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Dick Murphree

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Coldtown is my castle and I am its castle gate. Without me, there is no gate.
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Zero Ships (13 days ago)
Uhmmm... Holy Shit?
Zero Ships (1 month ago)
Andrew Benzinger (5 months ago)
Never thought I'd be getting Killer7 vibes from a BalloonShop video :D
FontuneTheTeller (8 months ago)
Trigger Trigger He lives in an alley Adjacent to greed. Find this alley And you'll find what you need.
Blake Thoennes (9 months ago)
it feels like they meant to make a sequel from this now that i watch it 11 years later
FontuneTheTeller (1 year ago)
if I get 100 likes on this comment, Ill turn this into a webcomic
Walter Canon (1 year ago)
"Trigger uses Coldtown's night as an endless ocean. And that makes me more efficient." E-fish-ent. Surely this was intentional.
Jose Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Ok but which alley is adjacent to greed?
cosette onisuu (1 year ago)
Whatttt, i never saw this video before!! Yay! XD
Whensday (1 year ago)
Is this the final frontier of balloonshop that I'm just discovering now or have I briefly crossed over into a parallel universe?
TB3hnz (1 year ago)
BraxtonThePorcupine (2 years ago)
One of the top 5 Balloonshop videos for sure, ironic that's it's their least popular.
Darmodien (2 years ago)
Is that the same mask he used for Mcsluthburger at the end?
MiiMungus (2 years ago)
Christopher J. Abbott (2 years ago)
NateTheNerdy (2 years ago)
Trigger reminds me of a rather sleuthy ice-cream salesman.
Scarem Games (2 years ago)
+NateTheNerdy they call him McSleuthberger, or Zack
LegitGrantham20 (1 year ago)
"The environment around me has changed, it has turned black, black as ice, but what works in my favor is that I can see through it, because I am a detective, and black is transparent to me..."
Master Sethern (3 years ago)
Austin Stern (3 years ago)
That was actually extremely cool. Sweet!
Stefan Ptaszynski (3 years ago)
The Khaki Crusader.
SoCtaker (3 years ago)
The only thing I like shooting criminals more than me, is my gun.
Dillon Berry (3 years ago)
Can we all agree that josh did outstanding on this?
TheCrushmaster (3 years ago)
+Dillon Berry Yes.
windwirler (4 years ago)
This is like proto solo Olan. He mostly does this kinda stuff on his channel now. Pretty cool to see it at its early stages.
TheCrushmaster (4 years ago)
I wish that a sequel had been made. The ending was perfect for leading up to an epic supernatural mystery style follow-up, where Dick gets to display some seriously mad skills.
TheCrushmaster (4 years ago)
This video is unique among BalloonShop's excellent offerings because it mingles chillingly creepy, solidly serious, and cheesily comedic all in one delicious package. I like it.
mitch-bittens (3 years ago)
Exactly, kinda like Olan's other series on his channel: The Last Scene, New Prime, and Pop Rocket.
Myah Martinez (4 years ago)
Brocky1213 (4 years ago)
Very under viewed video for sure.
Max Thomas (4 years ago)
Damn, all of their performances in this video are outstanding. The ending also gives me chills. Frackin great 
Toastman (4 years ago)
the oh so humble beginnings of The Last Scene, New Prime, and Pop Rocket. still good.
MiiMungus (2 years ago)
better than all of those if you ask me
applewitheveryone (4 years ago)
Well damn that was pretty awesome!
DementedMADMAN (4 years ago)
Dick Murphree waited 4 years to go to Mystique for information on Trigger.......WHY????
My Word is Gospel: (2 years ago)
It's things like that that make this sketch comedically improbable on purpose.
Victoria Goodman (4 years ago)
rorschach, man
Chuck Boris (5 years ago)
There's not many things as enjoyable as coming back to BalloonShop and noticing a video that I hadn't watched before.
\Enthusiasm/ (9 days ago)
yeah, i've never seen this one
Kapitano414 (5 years ago)
Proof that you didn't need the most expensive camera or special effects software back in 07 to make a great sketch. Creative filmmaking techniques, good directing, and layered storyline themes seem to be lacking in alot of the popular "home-made" videos today.
Dethious (5 years ago)
(cough cough) Max Payne (cough cough)
Christian Bell (5 years ago)
Knowledge dick.
Mateo Balaban (5 years ago)
Even tho the ending scarred half the nugget out of me I still enjoyed it jolly good show
Ian Randolph (5 years ago)
I just found this! Wow!
Hannah Klaiber (5 years ago)
I'm just finding this After all this time of watching balloonshop for years.
MiiMungus (5 years ago)
The first, official Olan Rogers video.
Wyatt Swezea (5 years ago)
he's very sleuthy
Autogen (5 years ago)
the deepest balloonshop video, but the least viewed one too
Andrew Sherman (5 years ago)
Who would have known that the guys of Balloon Shop make amazing psychotic criminals.
Weston Dennis (5 years ago)
that fight scene filled my heart with warm black ice
silently judging you (5 years ago)
man.. dick was in such a pickle
Maracachucho (5 years ago)
Lindsay Green (5 years ago)
The end was kind of hilarious
TylerZed (5 years ago)
The medicines mutated his DNA? I'm sure it's not, but this could easily be a prequel to the Olan Rogers scifi epic...
Bluehawk2008 (6 years ago)
This is what Max Payne would sound like if Sam Lake had Alzeimers when he wrote the script.
lieutenantpacker123 (6 years ago)
I keep watching the end over and over. It's amazing.
Emilia Lemmon (6 years ago)
Oh sweet honey biscuits, this is going to give me nightmares. D: :P
Emehlia N (6 years ago)
The end gave me the creeps
bri savage (6 years ago)
Get back together and make a part two for fun
AlexIsAbridging (6 years ago)
OH god, the quality, the quality! So, so, SO amazing. Begawsh, I miss you guys dearly.
TheGreatMerlin24 (6 years ago)
Coldtown is my castle and I am its castle gate. Without me, there is no gate.
Vander Salad (6 years ago)
Olan needs to make a number 2.
Daniel (6 years ago)
The ice cream salesman!
Chad Moura (6 years ago)
I think The Dark Knight Rises took ideas from Dick Murphree. "I want to know the whereabouts of Trigger" sounds a lot like "Where's the Trigger Man".
jmgiambalvo (6 years ago)
Oh my Reese's.
Daniel Goins (6 years ago)
Uploaded on ma birfday
Samuel Van Kemp (6 years ago)
Wow..only 49992 views...
Animal Mother (6 years ago)
Allyson Yost (6 years ago)
was he messing around with your gal? your sweet winds ?
Kirk Bailey (6 years ago)
Lightwave actually!
Clifford Close (6 years ago)
I have been a fan of BalloonShop for years--just a months before they stopped making their videos. I thought I had seen all their videos. How is it that I have not seen this one?
Stephen Sarver (6 years ago)
You've just been McSleuthburger'd!
XxGuardian337xX (6 years ago)
they invented a new genre here
Hayley Thorne (6 years ago)
Uhhhhhhh that was.... Interesting :D
Peyton Padaca (6 years ago)
"i grabbed his thunderstick" wtf lol
Matt Richardson (6 years ago)
this bears a striking resemblence to many of Olans videos on his channel, im willing to bet hes the mastermind behind all this.
thecomicreject (6 years ago)
It's McSleuthburger!
thecomicreject (6 years ago)
Mystique? More like Lightwave. Should have tied in Dick Murphree into New Prime and/or The Last Scene.
thecomicreject (6 years ago)
Benjamin Scott (7 years ago)
Dang, even with the humor, it was super intense.
Reichukey (7 years ago)
Simply amazing
bemusedsalmon (7 years ago)
Somebody. PLEASE make a graphic novel out of this
EyeballPainting (7 years ago)
RKW Games (7 years ago)
This is the most well made Balloon Shop video, hands down.
Robbie McGee (7 years ago)
Mystique looks a bit like Lightwave. I wonder if they're related.
R4zE (7 years ago)
@joebert423 It's 7 minutes long, some people don't feel like watching a video that long.
Nanishilarh (7 years ago)
Holy. Shit... amazing!
Andrew Kanous (7 years ago)
Balloon Shop is no longer. the members split up :( Coldtown is my castle... and I am it's castle gate, without me, there is no gate.
bouncycomix (7 years ago)
My name is Dick Murphree. But to wrongdoers, my name is Dick Murphree.
Avery Benter (7 years ago)
How have I never seen this?!?!?
JBTheMovies (7 years ago)
howbout a feature-length Dick Murphree?
Alon Katz (7 years ago)
Pixelatedude6 (7 years ago)
That was intense.
Chris K (7 years ago)
black as ice?
CallmeCaptain (7 years ago)
@LambOfJesus360 lightwave too
Eghlieght (7 years ago)
dick murphree has gotta appear in new prime 5 :P trigger will be the phantom i bet
Jessie Willard (7 years ago)
Wow! Now that was epic! Seriously one of your guys' best videos! :D
Aaron Drenter (7 years ago)
@shadowstation no, im the batman!
Buttered Toe (7 years ago)
he took the medicens and they mutated his d n a
Justin Johannson (7 years ago)
what soul-less monsters could dislike this?? Must be softies...
346soccerchick (7 years ago)
You guys are so close to becoming real actors and directors. Work a wee bit on the storylines and dialogue. Seriously great though.
supermenten123456789 (8 years ago)
you've just been mcsluethburgered!
Shadowstation (8 years ago)
I am batman.
CabanaCaseda (8 years ago)
Cosmic Banana (8 years ago)
the last scene is like the sequel to this cause it looks like trigger turned into a gargoyle which are in the last scene
Trevor Ege (8 years ago)
This is awesome!
Just an old acc (8 years ago)
Fund it.

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