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CIARA Breaks Down in Tears Over Michael Jackson

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 CIARA BET AWARDS Press Room at the Shrine in los Angeles June 28, 2009 http://www.maximotv.com ©Ricomix Productions
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Ciara so beautiful with her outfit I love you so so much CIara I always be your fan 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
I love you Ciara 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💗😍😍💕💗💕😘😘😍💗💗💖
Kathy Mesker (18 days ago)
vandi dandi (19 days ago)
2018 anyone still crying
Cc Bee Love (1 month ago)
I wish I could actually meet him
Dawn H. (2 months ago)
Who is she?
Danny Hughes (3 months ago)
She fine
crashbar77 (4 months ago)
and that folks shows just how much we love and miss him....true legend..RIP TKOP!
Zhanon Morales (5 months ago)
This man thought he was not loved.. boy was he wrong. My God was he wrong!
Mike in the mirror (6 months ago)
A true Moonwalker ❤
Wear Montgomery (7 months ago)
Yourassesisuglysbeing/@TMOBILE ILIKEDMETHERE:^¿[PDF.]
Wear Montgomery (7 months ago)
Diamond Windham (7 months ago)
Always Remember Michael Jackson Is My Favorite Best At All Times Back Now. it will not be another Michael Jackson no more Gone To Soon
Diamond Windham (7 months ago)
Always Remember Michael Jackson Is My Favorite Best At All Times Back Now. it will not be another Michael Jackson no more Gone To Soon
Diamond Windham (7 months ago)
Michael Jackson is my favorite all Times and the Best all Times
Steven Mcdowell (10 months ago)
Michael Jackson touched the rich and the poor,RIP to the Legendary King of POP!
i wanna die when is die
Tino Trivino (1 year ago)
Crocodile tEARS!!!!
Rappy Webby (1 year ago)
which music video was she on, on Michael Jackson's music video
aquariusmarika (1 year ago)
so many cried over this loss, it says something about Michael....
Raul DeSantiago (11 months ago)
aquariusmarika Why they cry in if back then they was making fun o him.
thank you much in ciara love me
Kitty cat Wilson (2 years ago)
She crying or laughing
Lori Jones (2 years ago)
BeautyLoveGoddess (2 years ago)
Awe thats so sweet, I love you CiCi and I love that jacket
Mariah Braxton (2 years ago)
Awe Cici.
Hope p (2 years ago)
Tatiana Scott (3 years ago)
Awwww Ci 😔😻
elmin82 (3 years ago)
she seems so lovely..
Shamara Craig (2 years ago)
seems she is
NA NA (3 years ago)
+elmin82 Exactly. Obviously, she's beautiful. But, she just seems like a genuinely great person. I haven't paid much attention to her over the years. However, I'm going to start.
Hello Patsey (3 years ago)
Ciara I feel ya gurl
Puro (8 months ago)
"ya gurl" lol.
Legin Reed (3 years ago)
Dam!! Shes so sexy. RIP MJ also
Jazz (4 years ago)
Her outfit is on point! <3
alexis davis (8 days ago)
I love it
DOMONIQUE STEWART (6 months ago)
Aleecia Rashaé (5 years ago)
So sweet.
Ria Dudley (5 years ago)
I freaking love her .
FreeStYLeMInd (5 years ago)
Tooo sweet and so down to earth u can clearly see the sincerity. Love you Ciara can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!!!
oscar thomas (5 years ago)
that behind the great Aaliyah rih Beautiful. #CIARABIGGESTFAN
GivinUNew (5 years ago)
SHe is amazing!!!
jewelscorbin (6 years ago)
Bless her heart! She made me cry too! Ciara, you have a kind heart!
Niveka J. Wooten (6 years ago)
Awwww its ok pooh, she so cute.. Aww i wanna hug her
muita linda a roupa amei
Fleur Bishop (6 years ago)
Wow I want her outfit. I love Ciara :)
shutavia nix (6 years ago)
not even funny so you need to shut up michael ic the best thing that happened to this world anyway's he had more talent in his whole body than u had in your finger
Mya Kay (6 years ago)
So freaking cute3
SNSDrulz (6 years ago)
Ciara is Awesome love her!!
Choco Mizzy (6 years ago)
@555sykzero I thought Janet Jackson was the closest thing to a female MJ... :/
vidaa82 (6 years ago)
ciara is so so beautiful and shes the best female dancer ive seen.
jaylyn broadway (7 years ago)
Beyonce pissed my off with that stupid avra Maria shit
teewoods (7 years ago)
This is the first time I have heard her speak, I thought she would sound more hood, she is very eloquent. Wow! I am now a fan for life!
Abigael Lincoln (7 years ago)
I was in tears :'( We love you Michael Jackson <3
BADShamone (7 years ago)
@ciarafan awww wish I could've been part of your mourning ceromony I really do it would feel so good to share the feelings of our loss with someone else bc whenever I cry for MJ I cry alone and I never get the chance to share my tears with another MJ fan :(
BADShamone (7 years ago)
LOVE her outfit :) she makes me want to buy that jacket now and I WILL! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
BADShamone (7 years ago)
Wow, this is so interesting to me because Michael Jackson & Ciara have always been my most fave top artists I've always loved my whole life :') Well okay I lied a bit; I DEFINITELY loved Michael a GAZILLION times more than Ciara but Ciara was the only other artist I admired in terms of talent and personality (and the only other artist I could actually put up with in other words she wasn't an elitist). All the other artists stink!!!!!!!! (compared to MJ ;)
the44118 (7 years ago)
love u Mike
200damary (7 years ago)
@Dukilein1984 FUCK YOU
Duke Duke (7 years ago)
@200damary Dead is dead, get over it kid.
200damary (7 years ago)
Duke Duke (7 years ago)
Come on people, MJ is cool, but to cry for him is a little bit much mh? I cant dis him, i mean he is MJ right? But i think there are more important things in live, and crying about someone like him is a little weird i think. You should better cry for child soldiers in Liberia i think. MJ is the greatest dancer and i love to watch his performances, but there are really other things you can cry today than MJ's death. Better cry for regular people who have nothing. Anyway, RIP MJ!
Loki Mirazita (1 year ago)
Duk ilein Honestly, people cry because he was not just a legendary performer it was his humanitarian efforts as well. There aren't a lot of big artists today that do what MJ did. And too many of us it wasn't just his music we loved, it was the fact that he cared. He loved all of his fans and broke down barriers concerning world issues. I cried too. I will admit that. Michael wasn't just the King of Pop. To the fans he was their hero. And always will be. His kindness and generosity is something wish too see in today's world but we don't. That upsets a lot of people. So, when people cry for him it's not just for his music. It's the fact that he was compassionate and we miss that. :)
MindlessChick143637 (7 years ago)
0h My Goodness This Almost Made Meh Cry !
Diane441 (7 years ago)
My fave female artist talking about my fave entertainer ... sad, but glad to hear her talk about how he inspired her.
HybridFlu (7 years ago)
Everybody crys when he died.they act like they didn't,but I know I did,I did closed my door lol.
Jonathan Speas II (7 years ago)
@deezypooh i really respect u for this and so agree
Marcus Wilson (7 years ago)
ciara is so fine and she like so beautiful when she crys
squirtstarz (7 years ago)
Imagine Ciara & Michael making a song and music video together! Only in Heaven could that take place.
SuperCHERISHED (7 years ago)
Thank you maximotv for posting this video "CIARA Breaks Down in Tears Over Michael Jackson". Ciara is a lovely young woman. Unconditional love is indeed a phenomenon! You don't have to know someone personally to love them. We are drawn to an energy, a spirit from a person. True love is respecting, accepting and supporting an individual without judgment. Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson was such a charming, exquisite, compassionate, benevolent, gifted & generous man. There is no perfection in mankind .
bluerachael1979 (7 years ago)
@4EverMJPopKing I can't say I felt the same way.. I never once thought MJ bleached his skin. Even before he said anything about it on Oprah in 93, I have always thought something medical was wrong with his skin. Once he said he said & I looked into it I understand what was wrong. I also never thought he did anything to a child. He loved children but loving children doesn't make him a child molester. Even as a child I knew a person accused of a crime is still innocent until proven otherwise.
Julia K (7 years ago)
Michael was the Muse of the World...so true......
Felicia Shanta'a (7 years ago)
(CC)is a real person,a real; person sheds real tearz just like me man we lost sumone truely special and beyond incrediable R.I.P Michael Joesph jackson<33
jaila brewer (7 years ago)
awwwwww!!!! :)
MzYumYum69 (7 years ago)
that is so sweet. she obviously has a big heart.
Julian Stanley (7 years ago)
@r4chl93 girl\boy dont talk to her like that doggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
Stray Dog (7 years ago)
Michael Jackson was Entertainment...
Yayoisdope (7 years ago)
people are f'd up. how can u not like this vid? smh HATERS EAT A DICK
jaspower (7 years ago)
i started crying after seeing this
isaiah (7 years ago)
awwwwww that is so cute
cici michelle (7 years ago)
ayee peeps my name iz ciara 2!!
michie cortez (7 years ago)
@UnCyniciseMe lol, oh okay
michie cortez (7 years ago)
is she black?
SUPERBluegum (7 years ago)
i lovee her jacket i really need to get one of thosee ;))) RIP MY love
Flowergirl95 (7 years ago)
Totally understand love yu ciara!
Malcolm Brown (7 years ago)
@majesty76 I can and I am just so proud as well.
Rainbow Glue (7 years ago)
go CiCi
Blakmajik78 (7 years ago)
She's always seemed so genuine in public and a really sweet girl. I use to somewhat prejudge her (which was really unfair and something we do too much to a lot of stars) before I saw a lot of her interviews. I do like her as an artist because she reminds me so much of Michaels brother .....MISS JANET. :) i'm sure they both were a big inspiration to her. Much love to Ciara....
majesty76 (7 years ago)
@Nilyentaraka THANK YOU
ShAySlIm130 (7 years ago)
i respect u for this ciara...everyone else was acting like they were afraid to express their emotions about him.
ShAySlIm130 (7 years ago)
@sharpi22 i ask myself that all the time my friend.
juncodelrio15 (7 years ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ..... ¿ where ciara buy this outfits ? the shoes and all
EZserenity (7 years ago)
no pictures...just a video camera :p
evahill38 (8 years ago)
@jayjay273 yeah the bet awards came on about 3 or 4 days after his death
BreMiller (8 years ago)
@prettybrowneyes541 that's what it sounds like she said
prettybrowneyes541 (8 years ago)
@Bremillz Huh? She met him?
BreMiller (8 years ago)
@prettybrowneyes541 it sounds like she said she did get a chance to.
Chrissy Ozioma (8 years ago)
I really love Ciara after this :)
Darkwaveduck (8 years ago)
aww ciaras really honest.
prettybrowneyes541 (8 years ago)
She had the chance to meet him but didn't? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Rachel Stein (8 years ago)
seeing this made me like her
Nellie K. Adaba (8 years ago)
shelby sorrell (8 years ago)
love you cee!. rip to thee best.. MJ.
Destiny Wilson (8 years ago)
aww ciara
JayDrummerBoy (8 years ago)
this is the best ive seen ciara look in a while. she looks beautiful here.
MiamiPush2theLimit (8 years ago)
@Falisia11 you're a moron. there were haters of all colors even before Michael's skin changed. But everyone in my BLACK family ALWAYS adores Michael no matter what. Take your racism, and shove it up your bigoted ass, punk.
majesty76 (8 years ago)
@sharpi22 they where to busy making money off copying his moves none of the stars came to his defense.

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